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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caution: the following contains an old codgers reminiscing

Lets get one thing out first...Today is my lovely wife's birthday!  Today She is 29! (for the eighth time) and I do so hope I can do something special for her this evening, as fate would have it bills came do yesterday (forgot ALL about them with the holiday) and left me strapped.  BUT that's not what I'm here to talk about! (I think I've beaten that horse 1 time to many).
"Tis the season" At this time of the year a young mans fancy turns to thoughts of....debt!  It may sound strange for a capitalist pig like myself to lament the onslaught of the Holiday season, but for me personally it takes on a whole different slant.  In the month of November we have 4 birthdays (7th, 20th, 25th, 30th) to financially support and 1 in December (the 17th...oh yea, he gets the shaft BIG TIME) as well as the overdone eating fest just past.  But Christmas....well as any parent who has had to go through "Is that ALL the presents I get?!" and "BUT that's not what I asked Santa for (sung to the tune of WHINE f-minor") can attest to the fact that Christmas has lost some of its yule time luster.  Perhaps I am looking to the past with rose colored glasses, but I seem to re-member my holidays of yore holding a wee bit more happiness.  Although  I can (with great shame) re-call a Christmas, at the tender age of 7, after opening my gifts, visiting my buddy Joey (who's father owned the local (and only) Toyota dealership, so was in fact LOADED) who had gotten amongst other things a bumper pool table (re-member bumper pool?) a pinball machine, an ATARI! (first in the neighborhood, ah the hours and hours of Pong!) and a bevy of other wonderful goodies.  Well after visiting I went home and promptly exclaimed "why couldn't I get cool gifts like Joey" (yep...I was a real prick!) well folks that's the first time I ever made my mother cry.  And I'll tell you I have had very few opportunities to feel that low ever since.  Needless to say, after that I realized that it wasn't the gift but the thought that counts!
Also, growing up in a small New Hampshire town the true splendor of the season is only magnified.  No offence to my new Florida home, but it's just SO HARD to get in the mood when your listening to "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" while your having a barbecue in your Bermuda shorts and the kids are playing in the pool!  I'm talking about carolers wandering the streets, SNOW! sledding, the neighborhood Christmas eve party where ALL the neighbors joined to sit on Santa's lap.  Going to get the tree (when dad would bring a saw and an axe) then dragging it into the house, making a God awful mess on the wood floors with snow and mud.  Dad putting it up (then realizes its to tall and has to trim the top as Mom informs him he's taking to much off! ) Fending off the cats who believe it to be a new climbing post, whilst father attempts to unravel the ball of lights.  Then as mom removes brother and sister to the kitchen under the guise of Holiday cookies (but really an attempt to keep the kids from learning colorful language from Fathers "potty mouth" while expressing his disdain for the unyielding "Ball of lights!")
Oh yes, good times, good times.
But as much as I whine about i (if you haven't figured out yet, that's my shtick) I DO have many fond X-mas moments.  Like when my Grandparents (VERY GOOD gift picker-outers) purchased the ENTIRE "Star Wars"  line of toys from Sears for me (remember the little cardboard cut out "rain checks" that then came in the mail a couple months later!  And "Big Trax" (remember that "pre-programmed" remote control "futuristic truck"?)  Oh I could go on and on...
My wife and, to some extant, I have attempted to retain some of our holiday traditions (I defiantly have continued the patriarchal tradition of the holiday lights!)  But I don't know.  After so many Christmas's of having to throw away more then half of the gifts Christmas night 'cause they are in pieces, it just looses it's appeal.  This year we have sworn (I say it now but a couple days before C-day the whole "Gift giving bug" will get me and I'll go NUTS) that we are not spending more then $20 a kid!
 Does a lump of coal cost more then $20?
I'm sure in the month to come I will spend more time either complaining or reminiscing about the season.  In the meantime (the whole inspiration for this bit) please enjoy some photos from my hometown...Exeter, New Hampshire!
the "bandstand" concerts at dusk in the summer

coming into the center of downtown

the "string Bridge"

best damn soup and salad!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ode to Greed

Oh, woe to those who service bikes,
with one wheel or two, or that, a trike!
When your tune-up cost exceeds the national debt,
or  cost to change a tube makes one sweat,
when thy only concern is gross and net,
along comes us, and your match is met!
So put away your spoke wrench, sprocket et all,
for folks, who are smart, would rather pay a price
that's small!

Oh today was fun and I'm sorry to see it come to an end (for me) as I am back on night shift this week at the house!  Home made chicken soup (with left over Turkey substitute) AWAITS!  if you've been tuning in today you'll know we had some excitement earlier (check the last two entries) Well we were given the opportunity once again to help out a young couple (via the church) who have fallen upon hard time (unfortunately not an unfamiliar occurrence...HOORAY for the NEW economy!) and will be hooking them up with some transportation!  Thank you for the chance to help!
Had a young gentleman give us a call today.  Seems h purchased a 03 specialized Hard Rock at a flea market...that was in a box.  Got a real sweet deal and figured what he couldn't reassemble he could take to a bike shop and they'd rebuild it for him.  Good plan...until he called around and found out it would have been cheaper just to buy a NEW Specialized Hard Rock!  He checked out craigslist, called a few of the guys who advertise on there...but he was hesitant.  In his words they seemed "a little squirrely"  Then he stumbled onto one of our adds, and thought he'd give us a call.  Well once he found out the whole assembly, plus two tubes would cost less then $50.00...Well he got here in about 20 minutes!  That's what we're here for!
Several part sales today for the do-it-yourselfers, and a young lady "talked herself" into purchasing the Raleigh road bike.  Had another young lady come in to look at the Peugeot we put out, but it was just to big, but luckily enough the "haunted Road Bike" fit her perfectly!
Put out another couple goodies today! Matt's working on another "Daily Banger" should be ready tomorrow, Jays....well currently he's either doing his "Mikey Mouse" or "Yoda" impression...can't quite tell.  But he's got another special in his bay (one at a time Jay, One at a time!)
So with that in mind, and my lovely wife urging me to "Stop Writing a BOOK!" I gotta git movin!
Talk to ya tomorrow!

ONLY $90.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!



Unbelievable find!  2, His and Hers matching 2002 Trek Navigators.  LESS THEN 20 MILES on them!  Purchased on a lark, they got sweet talked into them (by an unscrupulous bike salesman) and after ridding them for a couple days realized they were WAY to much bike for them.  So they've sat in the garage for the last 8 years! They Now finally see the light of  day and grace my showroom!  I am not one to really drool over everything that comes in here, and wouldn't give up my '77 Schwinn for anything...but...ohhhhhhhhhh I am so sorely tempted (be GONE demons!) We have ALL the original documentations including receipts! 
Oh some lucky persons gonna love these...SO MUCH!
This one equipped with back rack, cats eye computer, helmet, travel bag w/tool set and 2 extra tubes

This one has air pump, back rack, cats eye computer and Helmet!

Ready for the Trails...In STYLE!
$275.00 each/$450.00 pair

A breath of fresh air!

Akin, I presume to the feeling a lone soldier experiences as  the crack of gunfire subsides , a hollow silence settles  above the smoking battlefield. Slowly he rises up, ears alert the hair prickling at the nape of his neck.  A coating of sweat, dirt and gore sticks to his skin as he surveys the tragic scene.  Watching for movement, listening for the slightest sign of life.  Nothing.  An odd peace seeps in.  He has survived, bruised and battered for sure, but alive.  All about, destruction. The beginning of decay assails his senses, and on trembling legs he shambles out, transfixed an overwhelming urge to leave the scene.  To live again!


(I'm dancing a jig!)

Oh the walk to school this morning...Heaven!  I was in such high spirits I gave 'em all a buck for ice cream at lunch!  And back for morning coffee with momma, Ambrose!
And what a day it will be!  Much to build, and heaven knows we need it!  So hope to see ya all soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vacation Day 6 (I think someone spread a rumor that Marlin Perkins moved into my house!)

SO!  For the last couple a weeks we've had an uninvited (but not entirely, unwelcome) guest in our house.  Or more specifically on our Lanai.  Explain?  Well, our cats (all 6) are outdoor cats (baby=potential allergic reaction.  PLUS I hate the smell of a cat box!) Needless to say the are fed outdoors.  Well about a month ago we switched to dry food.  Serving 8 cans of moist food twice a day is not only expensive, but hazardous as they are quite ravenous and can mistake fingers for sausages!  Well once that was done we leave a hug plate of food twice a day so thy can eat when it's convenient for them.  Well as an unexpected side effect several of gods creature residing in our neighborhood apparently had a conference and circculated memos, because now, you HAVE to pay attention when you come out to have coffee or play pool as you have NO idea what may await you (pic below) and this merry little guy has NO qualms about saddling up to the snack bar, regardless of who may be out there.  Well last night as I was sitting out after my shower having a cup a Joe and a smoke starring off at nothing in particular I hear a LOUD crunching behind me.  I lazily turn to say hi to which ever cat is gorging itself and realize about two feet from my feet sits a BIG Raccoon, sitting on its hiney with hand fulls of cat food just a munching away.  Now when I say BIG I mean the size of a small dog!  Without a care in the world.  When he notices me noticing him he stands up...and waves!  I can't do anything but laugh!  Apparently he felt no threat because he just sat back down, watching me and continued to munch away as I continue to giggle away.  Well once he had his fill he began to meander out the door.  As fate would have it Raptor, the largest of our cats (we nicknamed him puppykitty) was coming in.  It was hilarious!  They past each other and just at the last second they both dd a double take and Raptor was like "WHAT THE HEY!"  and hissed, back up and all.  Well even though the Raccoon outweighed him 2 to 1 I guess he got the point and took off!
OK!  Onto the meat of the matter!  Today was a BLAST!  It was Momma and me flying solo today, and BOY HOWDY!  You folks were AWESOME!  Love seeing all the familiar faces and a lot of new ones!  And don't worry Louis it was an honest oversight, simple mistake.  Anyone could a" missed it.  I won't hold it against you, just listen to your wife next time.  She's wicked smart!
And to Daniel owner of the "Haunted Road Bike"  Hopefully the next bike you get here won't be possessed!
And to big man Johnny, I see a Blackcomb in your future!  And hopefully you'll love it so much you just won't BOTHER driving a all!
And to the lovely young lady and her very supportive (and possessing  impeccable taste) I am sure you will love the '64 Raleigh you so wisely purchased!
And the wonderful parents who bought the "Daily Banger" for their son, Thank you for choosing us to get him up and running!
And to our opening time sale (HA HA!  ANOTHER CONVERT!) Bless you sir for backing away from the gas pump!
On the "WHATS NEW" front.  Got in a FRICKIN! gorgeous Haro Del Sol SPF6!  Today.  Did some modifications (took off the 42 tooth front sprocket and put on a 58 tooth!  MAN does that thing FLY!  Lightweight, only 6 speed but boy o boy that's all it needs!
Also got in a couple more candidates for nice "Daily Bangers" and a Schwinn High Plains that when done will be a BEAUT! 
Well tomorrow promises to be a busy day!  All "should be" in attendance and lord knows we need to hustle and get some of these "Ladies In Waiting" ready for sale!
So you all have a real goodly night!  Me, I'm gonna go home grab a shower make a fire and chill!
ONLY $115.00!!

You would not believe how ugly this thing looked when it came in!
Now she's the bell of the ball!
ONLY $110.00!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vacation Day 6 ( My Face RED!!)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! To all the folks that made today such a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!!
If I knew all I had to do was speak up and in the words of one lovely young lady "Motivate you to get off the couch" I would have done it a long time ago!
Where do I begin?  OH YEA! first and foremost, a couple of you wonderful folks were kind enough to point out that in all my blogging (and incessant rambling) I fail to mention our store hours.  Allow me to remedy that and if I can figure out how I'll permanently post it to the right.  Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm Sunday 10am-6pm are our posted hours, however, if your a gambler most days Zombie-Boy comes in around 8am and most nights I work until 11pm or midnight.  So there's a good chance if you need us we'll be there!
OK on to the Fun, and relevant to the tittle, I would like to thank you all so very much for all the kind wonderful words many of you gave today (and days past that I failed to mention) about us, what we do, and our blog!  Wow, if I was prone to ego (stop laughing, Yes I'm a Leo but that doesn't mean ANYTHING MOM!) My head would not fit through the door!  I mean..."Hallowed ground"?  WOW!  Granted it was tongue and cheek, but I'm flattered they came all this way just to meet us and see our operation!  And the Awesome young lady who showed up at 9.15 am this morning (hence the hours thing) because she really wanted a bike and in perusing Craiglist had the misfortune of stumbling on to our listing and decided to check out the blog.  And READ IT!  Turns out that among other things  she blogs professionally, and keeps up web sites, check out her link t the right.  And she liked our stuff, so wanted to wheel and deal with us! COOL!  So she i now the lucky owner of the Jamis Cruiser that went out last night.  Thank you for all your kind words, I just can't say it enough!
Oh and my "They Are Such AWESOME folk" award goes to "the Bird People", and at the same time also qualifies for MY "Bone head Move Of The Day" award (to me) yes I know there are so many each day how do I choose?  Well "the Bird People" (So named for their operating a "Bird Sanctuary") Had come in today to trade in a 3-wheeler they bought from us last year an the Green 3-wheeler that went out last week.  Well They came, we talked and talked then I loaded it up in their truck, and unfortunately a small part fell off the rear end (yea, I know "good Omen!") but she found it, I put it back on (and re-inforced it) and then we talked a little more and they left.  I came back into the shop, went back to work and then about 15 minutes later a little light went off in my head, DING! Oops, I forget to collect the balance! DOH! Well I called, but got there answering machine, left an embarrassed message, and went back to work, well even before they got the message they realized what happened and came back to pay. SEE! THAT"S why I have faith that humanity will survive!  To HELL with what Fox News would have you believe, it ain't as bad as it seems!
Thanks, to you OH grand and glorious Bird People!
And a special "we Appreciate Your Trust", to a very Swell Gentleman whom came in today for a rear end lube (his three wheeler folks...keep up) and in seeing the work we did, and discovering how CHEAP it was decided to treat his wife (her 3-wheeler) to a full re-paint/restoration on her bike.  Yep!  This is the guy that makes all us other husbands look like Crapola!  But, it is someone worth aspiring to! (hint, hint)
And to the young couple who saw the Power Climber on line and wanted to check it out, but ended getting the Schwinn instead...good choice!  Not that there was anything wrong with the Power climber, but if they hadn't bought it the young lady from Tampa would not have been inspired to "get off the couch" and come in and get it for herself.  Her boyfriend, an avid Mountain Bike enthusiast wants her to ride with him.  Now she can.  And she did it smartly, buy something simple first, decide if she likes it then trade up.  No sense in doling alota scratch out if'n ya 'aint gonna' keep up wid' it! (Another semi-CONVERT!)  Saturday's good fer 'em!
And people patience never ceases to astound me.  A Nice young gentleman came in (potential CONVERT) to pick up a bike to start banging around with.  He looked at a couple and was quite methodical asking all the well thought out questions (side note;  I always get a real tickle when folks ask me what bike I think they should get.  They must be used to salesman directing them, my answer; "whichever one FEELS right, to you.  Oh don't get me wrong I love to visually create the perfect bike for the persons who ask (hence the custom orders) and will build it at the drop of a hat, but for something already in stock?  That's between you and the bike) choose the Mongoose XR-250. Turns out, though the front derailleur wouldn't shift right, and instead of fretting about it, let us know, just call me when its right, and paid for the bike in advance!  SEE, Trust!  Gotta love it!
Several more re-pairs came and went today, and a special Hey to "momma" who has slowly been bringing in all her kids bikes to have them fixed up (she wants them to get out of the house more) we love to help!
We were short staffed today, Matt and I flew solo, but it all went surprisingly smooth.  My lovely bride needed a day to re-connect with the kiddo's, Zombie-Boys in Daytona for the long weekend and Mike...hmmmm, not sure.  But that's cool, it's a weekend for family!
So gather yours up and come pay us a visit tomorrow!
"Till then!  Love Ya!

YEP!  Another one, this one needs a tad bit more rustication, but I got lazy.
ONLY $60.00

Daily Banger Special
Only $60.00!!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Vacation: Day 4 & 5

Yep! No rest for the wicked back in the saddle again today!  Black Friday!  Doesn't that name strike you as slightly...morose?  I Mean Why not... Happy Day!?  Or Big Sales Day!?  Or "Gimme da Cassshhhhhh" Day?  But "Black Friday?"  sounds like I should be wearing an eye patch.
Turkey day was its usual merry bliss! (denote sarcasm)  Spend half the day prepping and cooking and fending off children trying to climb into the stove to get at the bird (Owen) then set out the spread only to realize that after a day of sampling you're really not all that hungry.  So you try and stuff 300 lbs of food into a small refrigerator so you can live off table scraps for the remainder of the foreseeable future!  Then try and scrape children from the ceiling who indulged themselves (at the 1 of 3 days in the year when they are allowed to do so) in a plethora of cakes and pies!  OY VEY! (do I whine to much?) Then of course my oldest boy and daughter in law come by for pie and coffee, he has his then passes out on the couch while watching Avatar (no confusion, the Cartoon NOT the Blue people) only to wake up JUST in time to go home! YEA!
But all in all as much as I witch, it was still fun, and the cats love left overs.
Well as a side note we were actually open yesterday, as Zombie Boy showed up at our door at his traditional 8 am that morning completely dumbfounded as to why we were not opening.  Well his plans were for today and he didn't want to sit home and be bored so much to the chagrin of my lovely wife who proclaimed "We are not working on Thanksgiving!"  I got away with it on a technicality!
Well everyone must have been at the malls today, or recovering from overeating because this whole strip mall was a ghost town today, but hey that's cool was able to finish a couple of new goodies and start on two more!
Had a couple re-pairs (thank you my kind folk!) and some looky-loo's, but other then that it was rather quiet.  But don't let that happen tomorrow folks, you got one day to relax, and that was today!  SO looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday "Creature Double Feature Day!"
Now I'm off, Love Ya!
One Of The More Popular Rides We Get!
The Jamis Boss Cruiser

Only $95.00!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vacation: Day 3 (Turkey Day Countdwn!)

Sit back grab your coffee (or beverage of choice) and relax.  This may be a long post.
Cover the obvious.  Well vacation (and a soft heart, my wife's, not mine) won over and the video game is back in residence.  So I am serenaded by the dulcet tones of "IT"S MY TURN!"  "I hate that game!" and "DAAAAAADEEEEEEE!!!!" Hooray for me!
I just hide on the lanai, drink coffee and play pool.
Still waiting to find out if we are going to get the house on the hill, we want.  Cross fingers, toes and eyes!  Heaven knows we need the room (not to mention a functioning kitchen!)
Eldest son made an appearance last night with lovely daughter in law in tow.  They won't be buy for dinner tomorrow, just pie and coffee later (OH that went over well! Just like the last Linkin Park album!)
Very busy in the shop today, lots of re-pairs, and sold the Avalon we posted yesterday and the Green "Bling" Mongoose from a couple days ago.
Ever have one of those projects you "think" you had planned out well, and you go to great links and hard work to finish it only to come u[p a piece or two short?  Yea, that was my day.  Several weeks ago got in a "Mongoose Black comb" frame from one of my scrappers.  It was a wreck!  No tires or wheels, or major components in tact, but I LOVE the design of the frame!  So I stashed it away in the garage waiting for when I could collect all the parts I needed.  See it  has front AND rear disc brakes, by I have no 6 lug disc wheels, I got every thing else but not those.  Well couple days ago bought a bevy of used parts, someone called in on my Craigslist adds.  Low and behold NICE set of 6-lug.  COOL!  So brought the frame up, sanded, primed and painted slick Cast gray, and black paint scheme, gathered up and cleaned all the parts and today when I came in I set about to assemble.  Mike went down to Bullets to get me a nice set of thick streets to top it all out, and it wasn't until 6 hours into the project that I realized I had NO rear caliper!  OY!
So here I am wanting to get some more goodies ready for Friday ('cause if you think my lovely wife will let me out tomorrow....well you don't know my wife's adherence to tradition (more on that later)) and I basically work to a halt at the 11th hour.  Oh well, I posted pic's below just to show it 98% complete!  Gonna have to wait 'till Monday to get the parts I need!
Zombie-Boy has FINALLY finished all his specials and started on two more (I'm taking odds on how long THESE will take to get done) Matt's been hummin' away on re-pairs and put out nice 20" Schwinn today in between.  Mikes been playin' errand boy most of the day, as well as a couple re-pairs.
OK, on to the story i promised from yesterday, which by the by also doubles as a "What I'm Thankful For" story.
My tale is prompted by a couple of comments I re-cieved in re-gards t a re-mark I made a few posts ago about my children and comparing them to homeless beggars.
First...folks (most) of you seem to "get" my humor, to those of you who do not?  Well I will not insult your intelligence with a false apology.  I am who I am and I make no excuses.  My daddy has taught me since I was 15 (some day I'll tell you why it took HIM that long to learn this lesson) "as long as you keep your sense of humor, you'll be OK" It is that wisdom, once learned that has gotten me (and to some extant, my family) through some pretty harsh times.  But in all fairness, I try not to indulge in ethnic or personal slanderous humor unless of course I myself can fit into the category I am "funning" about (LORD, can I tell you some Polish jokes! Why? Because I'm polish!)  Same can be said for my making an occasional Homeless snipe.
About 5 years ago I and my family fit that bill.  You see my anger (as any long time readers can attest to) towards inconsiderate and oblivious drivers stems from personal experience.
In September of '05, while on my way down N Fort Harrison from Dunedin, headed into Park Street Station at 5.30 am to catch the bus to work, I was struck by one of those Honkin HUGE 4X4's with the big side mirrors for towing a trailer.  The mirror struck my left shoulder blade and threw me several yards, head over heels ( I held onto my bike a LITTLE to long after being hit) and the driver never stopped! 
Trip to the hospital later, nothing broken (surprisingly) but severely bruised and a couple torn ligaments.  Well needless to say my job was with a drywall company.  And if you can't pick up a piece of drywall, a bucket of mud or even hold a drill gun are useless.
Fast forward 2 months.  I'm trying to earn the same money I was by doing telemarketing to no avail.  SO by December we are  more then broke!  And our Landlord, not a patient person, opts to have us removed.  SO, 1 week before Christmas, we are making like Nomads.  No family in the area, no money to travel, we spend what little cash we have to get a hotel for the night and try and make plans before check out the next day.  Her Mom steps in and offers to take my wife and the youngest, while I offer to stay behind with the oldest so they can stay in school and I can look for work.  Not the best plan, but all we had.  A friend offered to let the older ones stay at her place, but it was small, so most of the time I camped in the van.  Well for the next few months it was a combination of living in the van (after a week at the friends it wore thin) and cheap motels when we could afford it.  Well it took some doing , but by March of the following year we had managed to save enough to send for Angela and the babies, and get back into a home.  But it's been up and down, and believe me when I say even to this day we are still playing catch-up.  But through it all (with a few exceptions) we've managed to keep our sense of humor.
At times of year like this it;s that kind of reflection that makes ME Thankful.  Given everything I'm thankful that all my kids are with me (even when I may crack wise about it, its all in good Yankee fun) and Especially, Thank you for my wonderful wife.  I don't know of many people who would have gone through what she has gone  through and still have stuck by my side!  And I am also  very Thankful for all the wonderful folks we have met and served doing this little shindig we do, and for their continued desire to help the little guy keep on pluggin!
So Please I tip my goblet to you all, and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  And re-member it's OK to pass out after you eat, no matter what the wife says!
LOVE th elook and ride of these things!
Mongoose Black Comb
Only $190.00
(when finished)

Stealth V-brake shifters

New Meaty tires, front and rear disc brakes

opted to change standard spring shock with fluid shock for stiffer reactionary ride

Cool Schwinn Falcon!
Only $40.00!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacation: Day 2

I have no idea how it happened, but I didn't wake up until almost noon today!  The kids we're actually quite enough for me to sleep.  But apparently I was out of it, 'cause Angi couldn't even wake me with the promise of coffee before she left to open!
So needless to say didn't spend all that much time with the kiddies as I really needed to get into work, to restock!
Now I was going to regale you all with a story, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, sorry!  I worked later then planned tonight and have family in waiting for me!  (oldest son, with pool cue in hand, waiting impatiently)  SO until tomorrow
Love ya!

This one is a real piece of work
(it was in pieces and took some WORK!
Only $80.00!!

Can you believe?  This one came in on a scrap truck!
ONLY $80.00!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vacation: Day 1

Sounds like a good concept for a National Lampoon spoof (or the latest from Wes Craven!)
But we escaped...unscathed!  Well truthfully I have day watch this week (funny how that worked out, I wasn't planning well) so I get the "I'm hungry! every hour on the hour.  Really, I mean they only feed them twice at school, no snacks.  How in Heavens name do they make it through the day!?!?  Lord its like trying to walk through down town St. Pete, constant hands out "please sir, may I have some more?"  And Owen?  The boy is a stick! he weighs like 20 lbs soaking wet and he's CONSTANTLY in the kitchen!  Good thing we don't keep much food in the house, and buy our meals each day, my food budget would go through the roof!
But Momma thought ahead and picked out some good film entertainment to keep them occupied.  They wanted me to sit down and watch this "Super Hero Squad".  I don't know, its cool to see my kids interested in the same kinda genre' I was into, but its weird seeing the Superhero's I grew up with looking like little kids?  At least the "in" jokes were kinda funny.
But it being the first day we were just lumps, really.  Plopping on the couch, and making like broccoli.
That'll wear off and soon they'll want me to "entertain" them.
Well it was another FAB-U-LOUS day here!  The MGX that went out yesterday was gone today, and the Jaguar didn't last the morning.  And our re-turning friend, bought a bike from us last year came in today and bought three more (isn't that cool he can outfit his WHOLE family with bikes for less then he'd pay for 1...AT WAL_MART (a gratuitous plug, fer sure!)) And we do so appreciate all the re-pairs and make readies that came in today. (thanks for the trust, folks!) And boy it's actually starting to run smoother around here as we got them in and out rather quickly!
And thanks to all the late nighters that stopped by this evening, me and a couple of my boys were working late tonight so folks were poppin' in to see what we had!  The more the merrier!
Well below are t he two gems we put out today, not as many as I wanted to get done, but as I said, re-pairs come first!
So, I'm off to have a shave and a shower...two bits!!
Pre Wal-Mart Cheap Mongoose!
Only $55.00!

Check out the "bling!"

Gorgeous Raleigh Road Bike
Full restoration
Only $145.00!

hand painted de-tail

hours and hours of hand work done on this one!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

to game...or not to game?

I find myself in a perplexing conundrum, wrap in an enigma laced with a query.
Several weeks ago in response to our children's incessant need to continue to wreak havoc in our home and refuse to clean it, mom and dad pulled the plug on the video game, going as far to remove the infernal contraption to a hidden locale in the store.  Well they've been trying (a little) but always with the drill Sargent Dad or Mom hovering over them exclaiming "GET IT DONE!" Well, today they took it upon themselves to clean not only the house but the yard as well (talk about a picture postcard from Jeff Foxworthys "You Might Be A Redneck", that was our yard) Now, next week is (shudder) vacation week and ALL the children will be home...All day...everyday...for a week!  Thank you for your sympathy, BUT my question light of the oncoming week and they KNOW they are going to be home bound is this a thinly veiled attempt to regain the game to while away the hours of solitary confinement, or are they genuinely convinced that keeping the house is the right thing to do?
It's alright I'll wait until you compose your self.
Have a good laugh?
Yea...that's what I thought.
SO...being the big softy I am I'm leaning towards rewarding them for the attempt (don't think to little of me, please, but when they do that whole pout eye thing...OY!)
TO-day, was 1 busy, busy, busy Sunday.  WOW!  Usually Sunday is for putzin, but not so today (YAY!)  Soon as we hit the door we was runnin'!  Sold the Puch, and a bike I bought yesterday for scrap but the young lady who was looking for a road bike was perfect for it.  This gem just needs (ALOT) work but will be a real looker when she's done!
Sold the Trek 20" BMX to a LUCKY young man with a very conscientious father who made SURE it was in top shape.  When all was said and done they went away happy!  The Giant Acapulco found a good home.  The young lady and her Beau who bought it are...dum, dum, DAAAAHHH! CONVERTS!!  Given up the petroleum teet and bike commuting!  YES!!  Another one has come to the light side of the force!  he Rebellion grows stronger young padawahn!
SO, where does that leave us, am I forgetting anything?
OH yes, thanks to our returning friend, Toni, shes brought us 3 (?) bikes so far to upgrade and re-build, picked up 1 today and brought in another (which we promptly got finished and back to her) Her whole family are becoming (YES!) Converts!  WOW! 2 in one day! gotta love it!
And to our re-turning couple who came into pick up the  finished  Haro, Thank You for all your kind words...and the hug. 
And the young man who picked up the finished GT, the smile was all we needed.
Well, with that in mind we gotta git movin, as apparently, dinner got burnt, and we gotta come up with something else.
Just in!  A sweet Mongoose MGX!
ONLY $70.00!!

Now for something completely different...

I completely lost my train of thought last night (I was tired, please forgive me) Couple things I forgot to mention last night; 1) Thanks to our buddy Louis and his lovely wife for stopping by yesterday, he inherited a real sweet Road bike and had us do a tune and some "modifications", Now he's riding in style.  See it's part of our master plan.  We like when they come to visit and check on the progress (or lack thereof) on his Western Flyer, so we just keep dragging our heels (LOL!).
And in response to our tittle yesterday (as some of you asked) we had a Monty Python marathon going in the Dungeon (Holy grail, Life of Brian, And the Meaning of Life) and Kudos to the few customer who were in the know who spoke along with the dialog.  See, we're not the only freaks out there.
And last but not least below are some candid shots of my near death experience yesterday whilst attempting to get a 3-wheeler wheel form its precarious perch atop the rafters.  As my erstwhile, and concerned employees viewed it as a photo opportunity as opposed to retrieving the down ladder!
And a special "thank you my love" to my wonderful (and much more technologically adept wife for demonstrating to me HOW to post a video on my blog!  Below are two I want to share with you. First is my pic for "favorite Captain" on the nigh legendary megalith "Star Trek"  And 2nd a BLOODY HILARIOUS cartoon shared with me by my good friend (and partner in comic strip crime) Paco aka. AfroMonKey!

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Monty Python Saturday!

WOW!   I love days like today!  What a hoot! 
Where to begin, (kinda in order I guess) Thanks to the gentleman who trekked down (or is it up...or over?) from Bradenton with a flatbed of goodies (OK it wasn't full, but had a couple choice pieces) to trade for misc stuff.  A fellow builder creating...something(s) and needed some odds and ends.  Sorry I couldn't fill the whole order (hey, Superman had Kryptonite, ya know?) even we fall shy of dream lists.  But we were able to come to an amiable swap, and I got a SWEET (or will be shortly) old school GT BMX Mach One! (but don't drool to much, I sold it a little less then an hour later, and am restoring as we speak) and a diamond in the rough Motobecane road bike (about 64cm) tats gonna be a streaker when we're done with it!  And yes ANOTHER Schwinn Stingray Chopper (that makes two more this week!)  Sold the GORGEOUS Specialized Stump Jumper M4, and the man got a KILLER deal!  It was in on consignment, and the owner let me go down a little on the asking price.  I'm very happy we could help the gentleman get such a sweet ride, having his old school Hard Rock Stolen recently he deserves the upgrade!  And on the "consignment front"  I think we set (or at least got close to) the fastest sales record in our history today.  A Wonderful young couple came in today looking for a good quality BMX for their son.  First one for him, and they'd checked out a couple other stores first (I love when folks do that), but they've been reading our blog (now, now, don't hold THAT against them, they are really quite nice people) and wanted to check out what we had to offer.  Well after they relayed me their sons needs (IE; WANTS) I gently encouraged them NOT to spend that much on a first time BMX, and that we could get him on a really nice high quality customized BMX for under $150.00.  Yes I know that sounds like a lot of scratch, but the equivalent they were checking out STARTED at over $300.!  so we was a bargain!  BUT in the midst of deciding on a direction to go, a young gentleman (who had come in earlier wanting to consign his bike) and his mom (we don't Buy from anyone under 18 unless their parent's know about it)  came back in to put his SWEET Haro F1 on consignment.  After setting the price, I showed the bike to the other visitors and they jumped at it.  I mean he was only looking for $150.00 and all I had to do was restring a rear wheel!  Everybody happy, in under 6 minutes! 
Boy I love my JOB! 
And thank you to the young couple for bringing us the gift later on, that was real sweet!
We also sold the Mongoose aluminum, the Huffy MTB and  the Purple Magna, SOOO surprisingly...we gotta make more BIKES (no DAH, you're..a bike shop!)
And once again, as is tradition Thank you all for trusting us with you re-pairs today!  We actually got 'em in and out right quick.  And to the one disgruntled young man,I do so apologize you are having to wait for your bike to be repaired but alas when we have to order parts, we give an estimated time of arrival, dependent upon our supplier, then its up to them.  And sometimes we have to wait.  So in the end getting mad at us for this is like taking a whizz on an electric fence...pointless.
Was that negative? sorry.  It's just we try and keep things light around here, and we try and keep it cheap, that's why we don't order new stock for in the store (except the basic need every day) we use our supplier as our warehouse.  That way we don't have to charge a HUGE amount for our re-pairs.
But other then that brief moment every thing else was grand.  Again thanks to all of you for visiting with us today.
Doors open, we'll keep the light on for ya!
The Cadillac of Cruisers
Schwinn Jaguar
Only $90.00!!

This is the one that only lasted 6 minutes.  Sweet Deal, Hunh?


Whilst running through my e-mail this morning I came upon some goodies my wife e-mailed me.  She knows my likes and sends me little snippets she finds on line.  After my entry the other day she looked for Green Lantern paraphernalia, and sent me some stuff (thanks sweety!) well along with it are links to various movie related sights so before I began toiling away on bikes this morning I decided to take a peak.  Well let me tell you, I have long been a closet Smurf fan.  OK not so much a "closet" fan as I have a very LARGE collection of the original figurines tucked away somewhere in my house (they used to be prominently displayed, but had to be moved to more secure digs, once Owen learned to walk...and climb).  So while going through the various "comic book" related films due out (notable other "Gotta see" "Captain America" Gosh I hope they get it RIGHT this time, "the Red Skull....Italian!?!!) Out of the corner of my eye on the screen was a picture of ...a Smurf.  Yep.  Hollywood has OFFICIALLY run out of ideas.  Due out in 2011 is a live action (although the Smurfs look like claymation) Smurf movie.  BUT, some notable names associated with it, Paul Rubens, and Johnathan Winters?  Oh it just has to be a hoot!  Also saw promo pics of the New Thor movie, and for those of you who sat through the credits at the end of "Iron Man 2" caught the final clip, new it was coming.  And I'll tell you they could not have picked a better actor to portray Odin, Anthony Hopkins!  But check out the pic of Thor and tell me that that actor DOESN''T look like Will Farrell!
OK enough blithering.  Finished up a sweet Road Bike yesterday.  This one was the true Diamond in the rough.  It came in on the back of a scrap truck (as so many do) and I was about ready to just scrap it for parts when I noticed the head badge.  Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't know nearly enough about bikes and I learn more and more each day, but I had never heard of a bike by this manufacturer "Puch", so I though to ere on the side of caution and hit "Bikepedia" for a little more insight.  Lo and Behold, Puch is an Austrian company that has been (among other things) making bikes since 1889.  Wow, no box store brand here.  Well I then decided to give it a closer once over, and beneath the rust and wretched paint job (Krylon take me away!) was Diacomp brakes, Sun tour shifters and derailleurs, and a frame that was quite light!  Yep you guessed it!  Full make over.  SO several coats of fresh paint, new cables, wheels, tubes, tires, handle bar tape, brake shoes later and out comes this black beauty!  And boy does she fly!
(sorry brief pause as the guys and I broke out in an impromptu rendition of the "French castle scene" from Monty Pythons "Holy Grail")
I'm back.
But I digress.
Worked mainly on re-pairs yesterday, but will be back to putting out more stock for the floor.  Which brings me to this which I keep forgetting to mention, which I will mention now, as I don't want to forget again, because then I may not remember to mention it until later, then I may forget again...
What was I talking about?  OH yea!
Christmas is coming.  Like the damsel in distress, trussed up to the railroad tracks waiting on some well hung Duddley Dooright to save her, there's no escaping it!  And if somewhere on your Little ones over abundant Santa list there is a listing for a bike...well now is the time to put n your orders.  Usually about two weeks before the big day we get a slue of requests for custom made bikes for the kiddies, but they take time to do.  And Unfortunately, the last couple of years some children had to get rain checks!  We don't want that to happen.  So if they are looking to see a nice personalized bicycle creation under the tree...get in your orders now, please!
With that in mind I bid you a good day, and hope we hear from ya!

Is it Clairese?  or Sersei?

Sky Rocketsin flight...An Afternoon Delight...
Tell me thats not Will Farrell?

From Rags to Riches!
Black Beauty Only $155.00!!