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Friday, October 31, 2014


Well that was a humdinger of a day!
Thanks to all the folks for coming in (especially the referrals...even the husband dragged in by his wife insisting that HE buy a bike now that SHE got one from us!  HA HA!!) not  to mention the steady stream of repairs!  Oh we LOVE doing them!!  And a special "SHOUT OUT" to Jeffrey!  He brought in the old, well worn road bike last week that needed all the TLC to get her up and running again after a few decades of languishing in the deep recesses of his garage.  Thanks for all the kudos (not to mention the tip!) for bringing her back to life! He was leaving the shop after picking her up, eager and excited to take his first ride after a LONG absence!  Hope she does well for you!
Ended up sending the "Rocketeer" Giant simple to a new home (the aforementioned reluctant husband!) and the Raleigh Cadent didn't last past the morning before it located it's new owner.  Sadly, had NOTHING new to put out!  And please, don't think it from a lack of trying!  I just have nothing to work with!  Boo Hoo! Thankfully, today, I have plenty of repairs to keep me occupied until near to early closing!
Oh yes, tis one of only three work days in the year where we either close, or close early!  And that's "HALLOWEEN!!"  Angi has been working diligently the last couple weeks getting the kiddo's costumes all set out (I picked up the last couple pieces of Logan's "Leatherface" interpretation) and Momma is working, presently, on Owen's evolved "Velociraptor" mutant costume.  Don't ask me, I'm just exited to see how it comes out!
I toyed with the idea of going a "Bicycle Repair Man" (you tube it.  CLASSIC Monty Python skit!) but couldn't find a pair of repair man coveralls! 
Now, I need to get at repairs, and start the day rolling!
See y'all soon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SO many thanks for yesterday!  Was a cornucopia of repairs in and out, so I send a hearty SHOUT OUT to everyone for their continued trust and patronage.  Have a run over of a few that I will be jumping on shortly, as they came in at the relative last minute. 
I also managed to put out another two goodies as well.  The gorgeous Giant Simple Seven is a real treat to behold.  This one is the ultimate pub crawler!  Check out the pic below.  The other one is a 20" three wheeler!  We DO NOT get many of those.  It took some work, as it was in rough shape.  But after a few hours of scrubbing, degreasing, cleaning and a little still isn't all that pretty!  HA HA!  SOOOO, someone is going to get a REAL good deal on this one! 
Today, after the aforementioned repairs, I think I finally got a relatively good set of tires, to get the old Schwinn MTB hard tail up and running!  YAY!  'cause MAN, I SOOOO need some more men's bikes out there!  WOOF! 
Had an epiphany last night.  After closing up shop, I jet home, make sure dinner is cooked, kids are served and baths and showers are done (with a little help from Kaleb, Elijah and Jesi) then around 7.30 I head out to meet Angi at work and escort her home.  Yes, old fashioned of me, but I don't want her riding alone at night.  So sue me.  She works on Drew near US 19, the usual way is down Keene to Drew ad out to 19.  The other option is to go Sunset Point to Old Coachman, but as it is VERY dark through Coachman Park at night (NO streetlights) and Angi doesn't have good night vision, we always take the brighter path.  However, for the last week I have been traveling there alone down Coachman.  I LOVE the dark!  Last night, while having left a wee bit earlier, just to have a leisure cruise, I came to the realization that Coachman Park, at night, is a metaphor for life.  You travel it relatively blind. It is filled with twists and turns, hills and valleys, perpetually littered with unseen obstacles.  The darkened woods surrounding you could potentially be filled with dangers, but at the very end, there lies a raised bridge and as you reach it's summit you come upon a light marking the end of the trail!  So in effect, each night I travel that road alone I am reenacting the course and eventual end of life.  Very profound feeling to come to that light unscathed!
Best get moving, as the course of ones life never stops!
See ya soon!

image 1
20" TRIKE!!!
ONLY $75.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Apparently Not ALL Brains Are Dead In Hollywood!!!

It would seem that my, and many, many other folks pleas have been heard!!  Just checked on my Yahoo news and was greeted by the most WONDEROUS of good tidings!
Not since the brilliant castings of Wesley Snipes as "Blade", Brandon Lee as "The Crow", or the most obvious success of Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine" has there been a more PERFECT actor cast for the most suited of roles.  Yes folks, as I have been occasionally ranting about, ever since hearing they green lighted the production of "Doctor Strange: Sorcerror Supreme" there was only ONE actor right for the portrayal, and that was Benedict Cumberbatch ("Sherlock" and Star Trek 2, Kahn!!!).
Yesterday it was made official, he is in final negotiations with Marvel to take on the mantel!!!
Oh I can express the level of excitement and joy I feel in anticipation of diming lights, and being precariously pearched on the edge of my seat for this thrill ride! 
I wonder if they will have Dormammu?
OK...I'm waiting.  Release the movie already!!

More and More, Into The Fold!

Funny thing!
First, thanks to all the peoples coming in to visit and peruse our wares yesterday!  SO wish I had more to show them, but slowly newbies are trickling in!  We did manage to pick up a SWEET Big Boy Giant Cypress DX yesterday in gorgeous condition!  As well as the rare and elusive three speed cruiser, this one in the form of a Caloi!  Oh YEA!  A CALOI!!  Still have the Giant Simple Seven I will be putting in my rack shortly as well! 
Also, as we always do, thanks to all the folks for bringing in their repairs as they get into the swing of the riding season!  Bless you all!
So, had a gent come in yesterday morning looking to get back on a bike after a short interlude.  Unfortunately his bike was stolen a couple of years ago, but now he was interested in getting back into it.  He'd been riding an old Mongoose, a little heavy (yes, it was a WalMart Mongoose) and this tie around he wanted to upgrade a little.  As he looked through what I had to offer, and we talked (I like to get a feel for what the customer needs before I try and pitch them anything) he looked at the sweet Schwinn I had, then turned to me and asked "So why are you not trying to sell me this one?"  It was said with a certain air of expectation. He'd been to a few other shops that day, and apparently they pounced on him from the get go trying to sell him the "latest and greatest" but he didn't want to spend a years salary on a bike.  So when he came in here he was fully expecting me to push.  Well, I don't roll that way.  I'm not into high pressure, and quite frankly, I don't want to sell someone a bike that is not right for them just to make the sale.  The idea is to get people to ride and leave the gas hound t hoe, and I felt, given his height, the Schwinn was not right for him.  Well, he liked the look of it, so I suggested he take it for a spin, thinking that once on it he'd realize it was a wee bit small.  Lo and behold, after taking it for a spin around the block, he loved it, and felt it fit him perfect.  No problem!  The bike always finds it rider!  As long as the customer is happy and wanting to ride, who am I to judge!
Today, have a few repairs to bang out, then it's on to new builds!  Also, picked up a 20" three wheeler.  A little worse for wear, but it will be up and running soon! 
OK, so back on it!  See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $130.00
image 1
ONLY $260.00!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

"If you live in Florida you should NOT be reading this right now!"

Seriously.  Woke up this morning, went out to have my morning coffee and was astounded by the beauty of the day.  Brilliant blue skies. Not a wisp of clouds to be seen.  Temperatures in the mid sixties with just the slightest hint of a constant breeze!  THIS my friends is riding weather!  Once finishing my go-go juice, I mounted Greedo, grabbed Suzanne and headed off to the shop.  By the time we were coming up on the plaza I was struck with the overwhelming desire to "just keep going".  Any true rider out there KNOWS what I'm talking about.  In possession of the "prefect day" and you just want to forget everything, point your front wheel arbitrarily in some random direction...and just ride.  No time frame, no destination, just you, your bike and freedom.   GOD I miss being able to do that!  Last time I took any real run I was having to travel a distance to pay a bill, but on a day like today, you all need to develop amnesia, except for the driving, undeniable urge to get on two wheels and just GO!  Sure, I LOVE the fact that you folks tune in to this blog each day, but it will be here this evening (or tomorrow....or a week from now, depending on how far you ride) when you get back.  Hit the road, dare to head in a direction foreign to you.  Brave the unknown and just get lost.  You never now what fate may have in store for you around each and every bend.  Rid yourself of the constrictors of responsibility or conformity.  Don't let anything stand in your way of the blissful experience of just not giving a $#!+ about what is "expected" of you today, and do for YOU!  And when you get back, all your worries and concerns will still be there.
Just tell 'em all you need a day!
As far as me, well, I can give advice, just not very good at listening to my own sage wisdom.
I'm here working.  But that's OK.  The majority of the time (except when fighting the urge to just "escape") I love what I do, and coming here is rarely a chore.  That is especially true when I get to talk to such wonderful folks, everyday, expressing how thankful we are here.  Each and every time I have a repair come in and the customers response, when I give them the total of their fix-it's, is "Is that ALL?" or someone see's the price on one of our bikes, raises an eyebrow, asks "how come so low?  What's wrong with it?" and I tell them "nothing" and mention the 1 year warranty, and they smile, that's ALL the motivation we need to keep coming back for more!
Well, as predicted, the Gary Fisher didn't last long, about ten minuets.  Actually, it sold before the prerequisite of 15 minuets Craigslist allows before posting it!  WOOF! 
Did manage to get in...and out another men's cruiser!  Simple single speed jobby!
Today, I'm back on the full restoration which should be done shortly, and will keep my fingers crossed that a trailer FULL of prospective new rides pulls up in the parking lot!  Oh, please, oh please oh please!!! 
ALLRIGHT campers! It's "Saturday going to work time!"

image 1
Men's 26" cruiser!
ONLY $70.00!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

We Love The Newbies and Converts!

Although yesterday was a tad bit quiet, we did have a couple milestones.  Well a few.  FINALLY got the SWEET 2000 Gary Fisher Sugar 3 finished!  YAY!  Definitely made the price of a new chain tool worthwhile!  OK...yes....I would have had to buy one anyway, but you get my point.  Also was able to get all the repairs done, except for the full restoration on that old road bike.  That got stripped down and almost completely cleaned before close.  Took a wee bit, as many of the nuts and blots were rusted frozen!  WOOF!  Also, had to replace several components that were just so far gone!  The COOL thing about being having SO many used bikes parts was, even give this bikes advanced age I had EXACTLY the same vintage Shimano rear derailleur that came on it!  SAH-WEEEET!!  And thankfully I was able to rebuild his rear wheel AND had EXACTLY the same skip tooth rear free wheel!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!  Needless to say, that one will be up and running again shortly, and a good thing too, as we have taken in a few more repairs this morning to get on! 
As I said, was a tad quiet in the earlier part of the day, but around five the after work looky loo's came in.  One gent, having been trying to ride a bike too big for him, also had a problem with his nuts and bolts each time he came to sudden stop or tried to get off the seat!  He needed something smaller and was quite happy with the 24" MTB we had.  Also, a very nice lady came in search of some exercise, and was drawn too the Kaluna 7 speed cruiser, which did not take to much time to convince her to give it a new home.
Now, at this point comes the tricky part.  Once again, as I finish up todays repairs, I have NOTHING to build!  ARRGH!  I need some of you nice folks to start digging through the sheds, garages, laundry rooms (or if you have a teenager like our Kaleb, check in their bed.  No, I'm not kidding.  After having his BMX stolen twice then recovered in the last month, he now sleeps on Elijah's old bunk and his bike rests on his. Yes, I stopped trying to point out how silly it is!) and bring us some old rides!  We NEEEEEEED them!
OH, before I forget, read on my Yahoo news this morning it has been officially announced, Paul Rubens WILL be making another Pee Wee Herman movie!  YAY!!!!  Looking forward to that!
OK, best get my mosey on!

image 1
ONLY $240.00!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ready...Get Set.....HOLD ON!

Fit's and starts.  A day of fit's and starts!
Had REALLY wanted to get that Gary Fisher up and running yesterday.  Stripped it down and started a point.  Until I discovered my LAST remaining chain tool was BROKE!  And OF COURSE, the chain on the ride was not only badly rusted BUT was too long! SO, in despair, I cleaned the rest up, hooked it up with new tubes and tires...then put it back in bone row! 
Fun, fun, fun!! 
BUT, had Kaleb hit the supplier and he'll be back soon with the goodies I need to get some of these projects DONE!! 
And a tip of the hat to determination in the guise of one of our long term regulars!  Henry has been visiting our shop each week for the last year or so looking for the PERFECT bike for himself! Yes, folks, you heard that right. With all the options for NEW bikes in this town, he refuses to patronize them.  Apparently, after a few "bad" experiences at some of these "boutique bike shops" he has determined that he will wait until WE get him the perfect ride.  Only trouble is, he has know idea what kind of bike that will be.  His theology is "I'll know it when I ride it".  For a few moments there I thought we had finally found it in the Giant Simple Uncle Chippie fixed up for us last week.  It was the longest test drive he had made to date.  His final judgment?  He'd "think" about it.  So, like when I tell the kids the same thing, pretty much a no.  Oh well, I do know I'll see him next week!
Well, the prodigal son has retuned with tools and parts, so it's back to the rack to get some stuff done!
Y'all come on done and see us, ya heah?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Healthy Mid Life Crisis or A Boy and His Bike!

Yesterday was your typical Tuesday.  A tad bit slow paced but with a variety of looky loos.  Managed to get out FIVE newbies, though!  We did have our fair share of pleasant visits.  A young gent, having recently relocated to Dunedin, near the trail, saw the benefit of getting his ride up and running.  He made a point of stating that his new landlord, a very nice lady, had made sure he understood that "Re-Cycle was the only bike shop in town to go to for bike repairs!"  Thank you Miss unknown lady for that WONDERFUL compliment!  The opportunity was even doubly sweet when I called him back two hours later to inform him that all the work was done and she was ready to go.  He was quite incredulous (not to mention working all the way in Tampa) and dumbfounded, wondering HOW we could have finished it so quickly.  Past experience left him to believe it would be days!  Again, I have to ask, HOW do other shops stay in business with that kind of customer service!?
As the day wore down, all repairs done and everything that could be built was so, settled in to absentmindedly watching a movie and puttering at trying to organize the desk, when another gent came in to inquire "do we work on any kind of bike regardless of condition?"  Simple answer "yes", long answer "depends on how far you're willing to go"  See, unlike most shops around here, you bring us in a rusty old banger, we're not going to lift our noses to it, sniff self righteously, laugh at you and tell you to spend six months salary to buy a NEW bike.  OH, NAY, NAY! We inspect it, give you a realistic repair price, and in SOME situations, if it's, say a "Box Store" brand bike that is just way to far gone, we may suggest you consider a replacement only because in most situations it will be cheaper to buy a replacement!
(anyway, sorry about the interruption of shameless self promotion!)
After affirming we would fix ANYTHING, I went out to his truck and was introduced to a very old, very heavy no name brand ten speed.  Given the shape of the body, the rusted solid components, and tore up tires I had my doubts.  BUT, not looking to be negative, I asked for it's back story.  Apparently this gent of, I would estimate, late 50's early 60's had purchased the bike on his own when he was sixteen, and by his own recollections, had rode it everywhere for years.  Then, as life when on, he married, got responsibility, and his old ride was relegated to the back of the garage where it sat for decades.  Now, at a moment of change in his life, he decided that it was his time!  He not only wants to start riding again, he want's to start riding HIS bike again!  Life choices he made and the unexpected outcome some of those choices created left him feeling a tad lost and hollow.  I can only imagine, while adjusting, he spent some time rooting through old memories, and upon rediscovering that old rusty hunk of steel, rubber and plastic saw his salvation.  I can empathise with the almost assured rush of fond memories of a time less confusing and a lot less heartbreaking where things seemed so much more simple and certain.  He NEEDS to feel that simplicity again.  My heart went out to him in such a way as to ASSURE him we would get his old ride running as SMOOTHLY as I possibly could!
It will SO be a labor of love!
Today, we work on repairs, and hopefully get out the SWEET Gary Fisher MTB we have had sitting here for FAR to long!  Finally got in a set of tires worthy of it, so it's top on my to-do list!
Hope to see y'all soon!
Check out the newbies!!

image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $45.00!!
image 1
MEN'S 24" MTB!!
ONLY $50.00!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why So Picky?

This time of the year, as the cooler weather set's in (and STAYS!) I go into nesting mode. Well, more cooking mode.  I love to cook, but during the summer it's just to darn hot to be running the stove.  At that point I am more the Neanderthal cooking outdoors over a fire!  "Unh, uh, uh!".  But fall is when I do my most kitchen work.  Baking (apple squares, carrot cake etc.) And meals.  REAL meals!  Portuguese Soup (kale, beans, sausage...and more) stuffed peppers, roast, New England boiled dinner and my personal favorite...LASAGNA!!!  So this past Sunday, after sending Kaleb to the store for the many needed ingredients I spent two hours in the kitchen preparing my nine layer "Spaghetti Cake" as Elijah calls it.  Yes...NINE layers!  Seasoned hamburger, sautéed peppers, mushrooms and onions, fresh spinach, ricotta cheese (made in the time honored tradition of the Italian restaurant I worked at as a teenager (I'm not telling my secret) and of course lots of Mozzarella and GARLIC!!  Oh, yes....LOVE garlic!!  Now, in anticipation of a lot of hungry little tummies I made a BIG pan of the stuff.  I thought I was good. 
We currently have a LOT left!  Apparently, somewhere between last season our children completely lost their taste bud.  Seems that if it isn't chicken nuggets, mac and cheese or corn dogs, they may as well be eating drier lint!  Logan, upon hearing we were having lasagna, got excited...until he saw what REAL lasagna was.  Apparently he had had Lasagna at school.  A PALE excuse for some Chef Boyardee inspired, wafer thin slop consisting of tasteless sauce, a few strips of pasta and American cheese!  YUCK!  So once the plate was put before him, he wrinkled his nose, moved it around and went to bed hungry.  The other kids (except Kaleb) did little better, pretty much picking there's apart to get at the hamburger.  Of course Angi and I loved it and Kaleb ate all his, but that was more due to the fact he is a teenager and once food is placed before him he inhales it.  Of course, last night (with so much left) I gave them another round.  To no avail.  At least Suzanne ate REAL well two days running.
So tonight, after they all wasted such a perfectly good meal, I'm serving them plain oatmeal.  Yep, I figure, they don't like it and don't eat it I'm only out a couple bucks of ingredients! 
SO!  Yesterday was primarily repairs (thank you all SO much for your continued trust!)  One of our new regulars brought in another batch of road bikes, a nice carbon fiber Trek and an older (yet still sweet, Cannondale!) for some tweaks.  Well, they turned out to be more then tweaks, as one problem lead into another.  But the young man is an enterprising sort. H picks them up at yard sales and such, refurbs them and sells them off.  HEY!  More then glad to help!
I did manage to get out two newbies though, as the afternoon allowed.  A very clean 7 speed ladies cruiser, and a really sharp looking mid 70's ladies three speed, complete with wicker basket!  This one was a toss away!  Have NO idea why!  Body is in great shape, and had NEW tires on it! 
Today...kind of a split day.  I have to close between noon and two, as our baby sitter bailed on us, last minute, and I'm going to hang with the babies so Angi can get to work, until Kaleb shows up to take over.  So, sorry in advance for any inconvenience. (SCRATCH THAT!  SITTER MADE IT AFTERALL!)
BUT, I'm taking the morning to get started on some more of the goodies we have kicking around.  I need to get some guy bikes out!
All right!  Y'all have a good morning and hope to see you soon!

Monday, October 20, 2014

That's More Like IT!

Saturday was a lot more akin to what we are used to around here!  If this keeps up we just may become 2047!  HA HA!!!
Seriously, thanks to all the folks for coming out, not only to wipe me out of the last few remaining rides that I had, but also the BEVY of repairs that came in!  We SO love to keep folks riding!!
ESPECIALLY the young Mom and her daughter!  They came in, after what was clearly a LONG summer hiatus of NOT riding, to get their "garage keeps" up and running for the new season.  The little girl was SO cute, chomping at the bit to hit the road and explore on two wheels.  The pouty face she gave was PRICELESS when she learned that what the bikes needed to get rolling was going to take a couple of hours to get done.  Mom had to bribe her with the promise of lunch out while they waited!  Good to see they were both eager to get riding, as when they returned to pick them up they already had their helmets on!!
Also, got in some more goodies!  Yes, some folks have already begun the seasonal purge and we are reaping the rewards in the form of slightly used (and sometimes NOT so slightly) gems in need of some TLC and new homes!  THAT is what I am working on today!  I SO need to get the ranks full again, but please don't think for a minute that is all I need.  OH NAY, NAY!  Bring me MORE!!  Now is the time to make hay while the sunshine's!
So, with that, I'd best get my butt on the lamb and work me up some beauties!
Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

OH....It's Been A While!

Yes, it has been quite some time but it is definitely high time for a good old fashioned "Old Codger" rant! 
Oh, believe me, there has been SO much going on the last few months I could fill the Internet with sounds of my indignation, frustration and rage (but it will only serve to get me in MORE trouble, so I choke back on the huge lump of righteous bile, grin and say "no problem" just to keep trudging) but today I figured out something I could bitch about without TOO much fear of violent backlash!
Cell phones, I phones, LG's and the like, not to mention the whole wonderful world of all the distractions afforded by instant access to the Internet.
Ever try and talk to a kid while they are immersed in You Tube, some new game or a burning text conversation?
Ever try and carry on a conversation with a significant other having one ear bud in (the ear closet to you of course) while simultaneously listening to Pandora while reading the latest inane banter on Facebook?
Then of course, as you are prone to engage in conversation in "Real Time", face to know...CONVERSATION, when two (or more) people...REAL people, sit in a "SOCIAL SITUATION" and ACTUALLY TALK TO ONE ANOTHER, and you are attempting to do so, and as their eyes NEVER leave the tiny screen, they give you that half hearted, dismissive, ineffectual, noncommittal "un huh" and maybe they glance at you for the BRIEFEST of half seconds before returning the entirety of their attention BACK to the little screen.  THEN,  hours or days later you refer BACK to the conversation, that you FOOLISHLY thought had some importance and they were ACTUALLY paying attention to, and they look at you as if you were, at that moment, sprouting another head, and emphatically state "YOU NEVER MENTIONED THAT!!!"
Or you have to engage in a battle of will's (that you either turn red face or eventually just give up) with a child, attempting to get them to perform some menial chore they themselves are responsible for but as they are SO engrossed in the latest lame "prankster" video on you tube, you first have to send out a continuous barrage of their name at an  increasingly higher volume each time until FINALLY, after eight or nine times, and your throat is INCREDIBLY hoarse from yelling, they look up at you and go "....yea" and once you inform them of their obligations, they ignore you, and then after the third chorus of their name they, with a flourish of righteous indignation, they huff "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!?!?!"
And the REAL sad reality is, almost everyone I know has a cellphone PERMANENTLY attached to their hands from the moment they wake up in the morning to well past the time they go to sleep.  Yes, it's "Linus's New Security Blanket"  Lovingly cradled on their beds, for a quick easy fix, but TRY and CALL them on them!?  FORGET IT!!!  ANYTIME I try and reach someone I have to call half a dozen times, usually taking roughly 1-3 hours to get through!!! 
OH YEA.  Welcome to my world!  My most earnest wish is that some master hacker would devise the most insidious of viruses that would quickly and irrevocably wipe out ALL of the Internet!  I envision a scene from "Dawn of the Dead" where every drone and slave of technology comes staggering out of their self imposed isolation, blinks in the sunlight, looks at all the other sad, pathetic victims of technoHell, and says....who are these strange humanoid creatures?  Then each one meanders about wondering how they can "Update Their Status" without the digital screen! 
Would be interesting to see how these wretched, brain dead creatures actually would survive having to communicate with their mouths! 
SOOO!  Never think me rude or inconsiderate, but if anyone comes near me with headphones in or cradling a cell phone in their hands lovingly...I ignore them.  I do face to face, and when I talk to someone I want their attention and respect.  I give it, I expect it.
Yes, I do use a cell phone...for it's intended purpose...a phone.  But when I get home at the end of the day, I shut it off and toss it on my bookcase. 
Personally, I would rather interact with the people in my life, not someone I have never met overseas!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh....The Nip Of Autumn!

OK.  So the busy season started yesterday afternoon as 5:22 PM.
Having had to endure a most HORRENDOUS summer (I mean, "white knuckle" on the dashboard wondering if we are going to crash, kind of summer and not all the votes are in as to whether we truly HAVE made it!) yesterday started off as another "I'm going to take a nap" day.  BUT, around 5pm, I went through our Craigslist ads for the rides we had left and renewed them.  Mind you, a few of these bikes had been on there nigh on a month!  That is a LONG time for a bike to go unsold around here!  About 15 mins later the calls started....and didn't stop until 9pm that evening.  Yes.  I bring my phone home with me and usually shut it off before dinner.  I never got a chance.  Ended up selling three rides before closing, and had no time to delete the sold bikes from the listings, so was having to go through a slew of "I'm's sold"  A FEW folks were a tad bit peeved!
SO!  That means NOW we are in DIRE straights for stock!  Seriously.  This happens EVERY year!  One big day of "SLAM!" and we are looking at an empty show room.  Sad part is, as it always comes at a different time each year (depending on whim and weather) and right after a major lull of no buying OR selling, and there is NO way to prepare for it!  We have been through it eight years now, always the same thing! 
BUT, that means, if you have ANY ride to sell, you got me over a barrelhead!  COME ON DOWN!!!
I built up two more yesterday!  A nice ladies cruiser, and a mens "Banger" cruiser.  The men's was gone in ten minuets so not going to bother with a pic of that.  Below, check out the ladies.
NOW....I'm going to see if there is SOMETHING I can do!
Talk to you soon!!

image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


So at least the weather is holding up!
Came in yesterday to get a few things done, as we are finally starting to get more new goodies in! YAY!!  More and more folks taking advantage of the mild weather and cleaning out their yards, garages and sheds!  And yes, I will show pics of the finished project!  And I have more to work on as well!!  Not to mention, a nice, older Gary Fisher MTB, and three BANGER MTBS!  Now if I could just get in some cruisers, hybrids and maybe a three wheeler! 
The first one finished is a GROGEOUS men's 7 speed Schwinn comfort cruiser, complete with a bag of goodies and a helmet!  Next, is a 24" "Honda Racing" MTB. 
On to today, have a nicer Mongoose MTB on the rack then on to "who knows what"!
On to another of those "why the HECK do they do that to people?" Stories!
On Saturday, had  very nice lady come into visit, but sadly, she was on the verge of tears.  Here's why.  She has a Giant Simple cruiser.  Nice looking bike (I LOVE the style of these things!)  Only a few years old, and in relatively good condition.  Recently it had developed a wobble in the rear, and her chain kept slipping off.  After a few days of riding it like this she went to one of the "other" local bike shops for a fix.  She was flabbergasted to say the least!  They had informed her, her rear wheel was "shot" and her crank bearings needed to be replaced and it would cost her over $150.00 to fix!?  OK.  Yes, when you are dealing with NEW parts (and truly DO replace them) I can see it getting up there, plus their "shop" fees.  It was the fact that AFTER quoting her the price, they were a bit snide (or as she said "extremely rude") and degraded her bike and told her she was better off with a NEW ride, then started trying to push a few on her.  She left, downtrodden.  A neighbor, hearing her plight, suggested she come here.  Reluctantly, expecting more ridicule, she decided she had no other option.  After hearing her story I offered to check out the problem.
At that point I was disgusted!  Turns out, her crank was nothing but loose (bearings were fine) and the wobble in the rear wheel was only because the lock ring that held the rear cog in place broke.  I had to gently pick her jaw off the floor when I told her the whole repair was going to cost a whopping $8.00.
Needless to say, ANOTHER happy, life long customer!
ALLRIGHT!  I best get a move on.  Bikes don't build themselves.
But wouldn't that be cool?  You know, like that scene from "Christine" where the kid sit's down in  the garage and says " me"

image 1
ONLY $45.00!!
image 1
ONLY $130.00!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Buckets Doth Reveal Wealth!


image 1
ONLY $110.00!!!!
Was able to find a good set of integrated shifters so the SWEET Trek Antelope 800 Classic is DONE!!  Check it out below!  And ACT FAST!  This lightweight beauty is going to go FAST!!  It'll sell quick too!

Guilty Pleasures

So, as with every year this time of the season is filled with fits and starts. 
I'm either neck deep in repairs (and that' a GOOD thing) or I'm trying desperately not to nap!  Yesterday...I almost took out my blankie and Teddy Bear!  I did manage to send two rides to new home, the automatic shifting hybrid and the ladies Schwinn MTB I put out that morning.  But that was in the latter afternoon.  I puttered in the morning (hitting a wall on the Trek MTB, as I don't have a set of appropriate shifters) but found little to keep me busy by around noon.  SO, after looking for something to do, I started cleaning and organizing behind the counter, and lo and behold I rediscovered a stash of something I had all but forgotten about.  A few months back while hunting and pecking on EBay one night, I won a bid on a large collection of dime store novels, or more like pulps.  My "Guilty Pleasure"!  None other then a bevy of old Mickey Spillaine "Mike Hammer" crime noir, hardboiled detective novels!  Oh I have ALWAYS loved these things!  (also got a few Ellery Queen ones as well) So, originally thinking I would just read a few pages to pass the time, before I knew it I had digested most of "The Big Kill"!  Had it not been for the influx of folks coming in around 5 pm I may have lost total track of time and finished it! 
At least I know I have something to occupy the slow times!
But NOT today!  It is such a gorgeous day out, I have HIGH hopes more folks will be getting off the couch and taking in some "outside" time! 
Managed to get one ready to go this morning already!  A real sweet riding hybrid-esque comfort cruiser!  A 21 speed, unisex jobby! 
I'm also going to do a little digging through the buckets of parts from the last major tear down party I had, as I MAY have a set of shifters buried in there for the Trek!  Fingers crossed!
So, take advantage of the day, pull out the rides and dust 'em off and if they need some tweaks, bring 'em on down! 
See ya soon!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Almost There!

So, I didn't get the three finished I had hoped to!  Put out the Specialized Hotrock BMX, and the ladies Schwinn MTB, but the Trek is still in the rack.  Got busy the tail end of the day with some "Must Have" repairs, and we like to keep folks riding!  Especially when they need them for work the next day! 
BUT!  as all was done up and finished last night I am getting back at it and hope to have done SOON!!  Then on to the next one...whichever that may be! 
OK...this was short.  Not much more to say as I plug along like the Little Engine That Could!  Check out the newbies below while I go hit the wrenches!  See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let The Games BEGIN!!

It's about bloody time! 
Well, seems that the worst of the rainy season is behind us (knock on wood, cross our fingers and wave a dead cat over our head under a full moon!) after three weeks of almost perpetual wetness!  Since Sunday we have been enjoying dry skies and lower temps and it has compelled some folks to start bringing out their rides to trade or sell!  YAY!  Have picked up four in the last two days and will be working like a man processed to get them out! Finished a REAL sweet Specialized 20" BMX!  This one is in like new condition!  Have a ladies 26" MTB "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" in my rack now, then going on to really nice, mid-nineties Trek 800 MTB!  Slowly but surely filling things back up again!  YAY! 
All right.  This was jut  quick pop-in as I REALLY need to get back at it!  SEE YA SOON!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OK, So That Happened.

At this point it's just becoming comical!! 
So, the other day (slowly recovering from ending up on someone's hood) I went to pick up Angela from her new job.  Well, "pick up" isn't the right word.  She had her bike, I had mine, was just there to ride home with her.  She has to come up Keene from Drew, and it's a stretch of road, a little dark, with swamp on one side and woods on the other.  Don't feel safe with her riding alone, in such an area ripe for ambush.  As we were traveling West on Drew, with her in front (she's much quicker on her road bike then I am on Greedo) for some inexplicable reason Greedo decided he was tired of being upright.  Either the little bit of sand on the sidewalk, or a divot but the whole front end just went out fro under me propelling me sideways off the bike.  I aimed my body for the grassy median, but of course it was on the same side of me that landed on the hood earlier.  Once I came to rest, Angi rushed back to see I was OK, but all I could do was chuckle.  Getting up, I dusted off my ego, and climbed back on, gingerly, and we made the rest of the trip without incident.
Then came yesterday.
First, the upside.  Lots of folks coming in with repairs, ALWAYS appreciated, and was able to get them done in relative ease.  The Jango hybrid that has sat here for close to a year, was bought a week ago, and I finally got it done and ready to go.  The very excited young lady who bought it is coming in today to pick it up.  Now of course, I'm still a little light on stock, as there has been next to no one selling bikes lately.  Oh, that will change, always does, this time of year is just slow.  But, I kept as busy as a bee getting folks back on the road.  And, as always, I get a real rush of "happy" when many folks tell me not only were they referred to us by so many good folk, but the few (and  feel bad for them, really) who come in with horror stories of recent experience's they had at "other" shops.  One gent went in to a local shop a few weeks back to have two tubes replaced on his sons bike.  Apparently, he's not a small guy, and keeps doing damage to the ride.  Well apparently, when he brought it into the shop, the owner told him it needed a couple tweaks, and tubes and it would be $50.00!!??  For two tubes?  Well, sadly, not knowing any better, the gent agreed.  But when he returned to get it (three days later?) the bill was $120.00!?!?!  No call from the shop for confirmation and the owner would not budge, and gruffly told him, "if you don't pay, you don't get your bike."  Honestly.  He should have left the bike.  It was a used Next Avalon, and really, only worth about $60.00.  But, his son loves the bike so he did it.  He brought it here (being recommended to us) for the same thing.  Both tubes were bad, and the "tweaks" that the other shop did, having NOT helped at all, needed to be done again.  His jaw dropped when he realized that the total cost we were charging hi was $18.00.  Yep.  Another customer for life!
As I was saying.  Once the day winded down, and got near close, I noticed some rather ominous looking clouds coming in from the East, and as it had been quiet for a bit, opted to head out a few minutes early and beat the down pour.
Didn't work.  Got a quarter of the way home and some mighty pregnant rain hit.  Hard.  Now, I don't mine riding in the rain.  My delivery bag is water proof, and so am I.  Suzanne, apparently, is a different story.  She does NOT like being in the rain and if she gets water in her ears or eyes, she freaks out.  Well, she freaks out to the tune of stopping with all her strength, with the added effect of pulling me OFF y bike!  THREE TIMES on the way home!  Of course, as she walks on my guessed it, SAME BLOODY SIDE!!! 
Needless to say, Advil was needed! 
I made it here alive this morning, and am going to get at it!
Hope to see you all soon! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Somewhere The God's Are Having A REAL Chuckle On Me!

What's the old adage? "God only gives you as much as you can handle"  Or something like that.  Well...I think he left the tap on, and has not been keeping tabs!
So, this morning, after a tense coffee time, I headed out to the shop early.  Acquired quite a few repairs on Saturday, and needed some parts, so wheeled off to our local supplier for some grabs!  Once complete, and overwhelming overloaded I wrestled the load back.  Wasn't easy!  Two sets of wheels, 6 tires and a bag full a goodies.  Having adjusted the load several times, I secured it for the final leg up hill on Highland.  Here's where it got interesting.  Having to hold the wheels and tires, slung over my shoulder on an old inner tube, with one hand and pumping furiously to make the hill, I came upon the back exit at Sabal Walk apartments.  A particularly blind exit!  There's a hedge that comes out right to the sidewalk and no one exiting ever bothers to stop at the stop line. have figured out where this is going.  Coming up to the crest of the hill, not to fast but as it turns out, fast enough that the sudden appearance of 3/4 of  car five feet in front of me did not give my one free brake hand enough time to stop.  Quickly I ended up on top of the hood and creating some cracks in their windshield with my head.  Thankfully, no serious injury, but by the time I got back to the shop, the adrenaline had worn off, and things started to ache.  Oh joy!
I think, for $#!+'s and grins, I'm going to start keeping score.  Buy a notebook, write all this down...and wonder when I'm going to get rewarded for all this.
Make me sound a little bit maudlin?
So, Saturday was definitely a little bit of a turn in a better direction, as we had the aforementioned repairs come in, plus sent a couple rides to new homes!  Thank you ALL for coming to visit the Bat Cave (yea...still waiting on the lights to be fixed!) And today has seen more.  I am SURE that is because of the GORGEOUS weather we have had last two days!  OH MAN!  This is the time of year I LIVE for!  Not to cold, not to hot with the perfect, almost constant breeze!  Slept with the windows open last night and that was GLORIOUS!!!   I do SO hope this keeps up!
All right, I best get moving before I get too stiff!  Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thankful for friends!

Yes, there are times in life that tribulations and drama prove who the good people are!
Well.  Don't let the darkness fool you!  We ARE open!  Was informed yesterday the workman next door (not an electrician in the lot) cannot rectify our loss of power...yet.  The only one of them capable of fixing it is currently on a job in Orlando and won't be available to get here for a couple days.
Really, I can deal with the no lights and even no AC (hey, I'm a Floridian!) it's the fact that s my cell phone's battery does not hold a charge for more then 10 minuets, makes getting phone calls impossible unless I can keep it plugged in!  ARRGH! 
So, yes, we are open until 5 pm today, just come on down and we will get you hooked up!
I gotta give a few shout outs to some folks who have availed me of some very good, heart warming and informative conversations over the last few days.  Of course, Uncle Chippie, always a stalwart beacon of compassion and support is doing his utmost to keep me going.  One of our regulars, Joe from South Boston sat with me the other day, and we compared notes on some similarities we share in relation to my current predicament.  It's good to know survival is a possibility.  And Anne, another long term customer, who herself buys and sells used bikes, but when they need more then a clean and light maintenance she brings them to me.  About a week or so ago she brought in an older Trek 800 (good bike) that she needed a shifter replaced on and a couple small tweaks here and there.  She was very clear that this was a special need, as she has two VERY special clients who come to Florida twice a year for two weeks at a stretch, from Belgium.  They have been doing so for several years, and she always treats them right. Once they have finished with the bikes, she buys them back and resells them.  Well, she picked the bike up at the beginning of the week (they arrived yesterday) an found that one of them needed a couple minor adjustments, so she brought it in yesterday afternoon and I had the privilege of meeting the couple and had a very pleasant and informative conversation with the husband as I worked.  Seems he is in real estate, and I learned a lot about Belgium and European real estate practices and laws.  Also about the current state of their government and Visa application laws and just how easy it is to travel from several European countries to the US. 
Yes, very pleasant conversation, indeed.
So anyway! 
As the rain has kept us rather non busy, I am hoping that the sun, currently burning away the clouds will continue to do so and at least assist in making today a busy day!
Remember, I have more then enough natural light to make repairs, and we still have a few bikes on the floor in need of good homes, so please, come on down!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

So...whats the size of the OTHER shoe?!

Are we having fun or WHAT!?
So, yesterday, whilst doing my computer work, my screen went inexplicably dim. I looked up, blinked, and realized the lights were out!?  Checked the fuse panel, all good, no visit from the light company, but as I stood in the back door scratching my head, I heard a flurry of activity in the empty shop right next door.  I had been vaguely aware of banging and such coming from next door, having been vacated by the tenants about two months ago.  As I listened, I could hear swearing and yelling. It took sometime for the workman to inform me, unapologetically "whoops."  Seems they messed up something and still today are "working on it".  I had NO idea, anything here was linked to there! 
SO, making it somewhat difficult to see in the work bay, I have become quite adept at working in brail! 
Got a truckload of rides in yesterday on donations, but sadly out of the two dozen bikes, I only got about a 1/4 of a bucket of salvageable parts!  Not to mention the added bonus of SEVERAL ant colonies!  UGH!
Today, with a few repairs to catch up, I should keep busy for a couple hours, and just hope and pray someone else brings in something more to keep me occupied!
SO!  Dig through your garage, or shed, or storeroom, dust of the 'cycle and bring her down to get ready for the riding season quickly approaching!
See ya soon!!