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Friday, August 31, 2012


Wow!  Some of you folks have caught on!  4 X 4 Friday got an early start today and an equally quick finish!  Had a trio waiting for me when I got there at 5 ta 9, and they walked away with the ladies Schwinn MTB at the 30% off.  The young men with her were going to each buy a ride as well but have to wait due to our "Cash Only" policy.  The Mongoose BMX was second to go at 25% off, and was picked up by a re-return customer for her son who unfortunately had his previous buy swiped at school.  Bastards!  Quickly thereafter a couple came in and picked out the "funky Custom" from yesterday for their son who ALSO had his bike stolen this morning.  However it was Dad who was out for a ride on the bike this morning and had it pillaged from in front of the local  mini-mart!  They were getting it for him before he woke up this morning.  Next was the ladies cruiser for a gent to bring back up North!  Our rides are going everywhere!  We also found a home for the "unique custom" to a young gent and his mom.  They came in to look with no intention of buying yet but he fell in love with it.  Side note:  has anyone else noticed that political discussion have become much more civilized of late?  This Mom and son were Republican converts, but even though our ideologies differ we were able to have a very civil exchange of perspectives.  Perhaps it's the decimation of the middle class in today's economical climate that is finally forcing both sides to realize that we are ALL in the same boat!  Just look at the progression of the RCN.  Even though many protesters were in attendance there were ONLY 3 arrests!  No riots, not even so much as heated exchanges.  And I don't often get an opportunity to say this but I must give kudos to local law enforcement as they behaved themselves very respectfully and with a great deal of restraint.  If nothing else this experience should be used as a model for all other states!
And last but not least another returning customer looking to upgrade their sons ride (clearly outgrowing the one they bought for him a few years ago) and got lucky with the Trek 3700!
Managed to get out two new goodies today!
this first one is a simple sweet 3 speed Classic Columbia!  Keepin' it on the cheap we didn't do a repaint but did a FULL refurb with new tires!  Nice comfortable ride!
ONLY $80.00!!!
 Then we go on to the first of two vintage road bikes we picked up yesterday.  Smooth riding Peugeot 10  speed complete with new tires and a 10" neck extension.  Few ticks in the paint but completely refurbed!
ONLY $140.00!!
So as you can see we still have plenty to choose from and more to come.  Saturday looks to be clear and sunny so you have NO excuse!
See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Quick Fly By

It's been a couple days but forgive me this will be quick.  As the month winds down been pushing big time to catch up on everything.  Have had to take a few nights off the blog but have no fear been keeping busy putting some new sweeties out.
First is a real nice mid 80's Schwinn 7 speed Cruiser.  Fully re-furbed with new tubes and tires plus we threw in a new mouse trap on the back!

This is the one we were talking about last week!  A real unique custom someone started years ago but then let sit to rust in their back yard.  But after some TLC and a fresh coat(s) of paint we gave her a new life!

Here's a real slick "Big Boy"! Schwinn 7 speed fully refurbed and one REAL cozy ride!
OK!  Ever have one of those "not what a really intended" projects? This is one of them.  Started as a two tone but the masking tape screwed it up.  Sanded it back down and primed it, then it started to crackle.  After some daddy language I was about to repaint when I took a close look.  And it started looking cool...and cooler.  So I left it alone,clear coated it and Wow custom!
Really pimp!

Sweet hunh?

Now don't forget tomorrow is Four by Four Friday!  Have had MANY people calling about it and what will be available for sale.  Some are waiting for Friday to get the goodies at a discount so don't wait for long!  be there EARLY!
Good night y'all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yellow Shirt.

Henh...Not so much.
School get's cancelled.  The RNC gets cancelled for the day, heck, they don't even pick up the freakin' garbage, and for what?  A little drizzle and a gentle breeze.  I sure hope the folks in the pan handle and Louisianna are just as fortunate.
Well Kudos toour buddy Chip!  After hearing of the inequities heaped upon Mr. Lance Armstrong and him being striped of his titles Chip sent him his OWN yellow shirt.  Oh yes, in responce he mailed out a common yellow polo with the note,and I paraphrase "Mr Armstrong, heard about some cranky old men stealing all your yellow shirt.  Well heres one from us,and we promise we will NEVER ask for it back!"
A very nice gesture and a very nice slap in the face to those crusty old tyrants.
Well as the storm lead to nothing it still had the effect of keeping folks away from...well everything.  Had a few come in for repairs and some parts but we managed to keep busy with other projects.  One in particular, pic below was something from the "way to much work" pile.  It's been sitting in the Dungeon for close to two years.  As I stood in a daze yesterday I tried thinking of "what's next" and I figured 'what the heck, just for fun".  It'ssomething the previous owner did a haphazzard refurb on but never quite got it right.  So we just cleaned up, repainted and finished her.
So have a look and a great day and I'll see ya' shortly!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Sick of Issac

Alright. Not the catchiest catch phrase.
To all my peep's have no worries.  We picked up supplies just in case the storm gets serious but I don't expect it to be more then wind and rain.  However it is a real pain as whenever the sky clouds up or rain drop falls anyone thinking about biking...stops.  We did however field several repairs today and we thank you all so much for your trust!  Also finished up the Gary Fisher build.  This one would make a good downhill!  A little more weight in the front due to the addition of the suspension but she still can move!  And what a tight shift!  Very sweet.  Also put out another ladies cruiser, this one a simple single speed Daily Banger Special!  Haven't had enough of those lately.  Which brings to topic a need for a mild professional apology.  As much as we try and keep our prices down and put out an equal amount of inexpensive rides along with the higher price rods, as aforementioned it has been a trifle slow not only in the bikes leaving but new one's coming in as well.  We have found we have been dipping more and more into the "oh-these-need-more-work-then-we-have-time-for-now" stock.  These are the ones that require more then a refurb so obviously they cost a little more.  Hopefully once this storm clears more folks will be cleaning out their garages
Oh speaking about garages, had some folks bring in a unique little garage find, a genuine clown bike!  This one will make a cool toy for someone once we get it cleaned up.
So we are gonna wrap it up for the night as we wind down but we'll leave you with the latest goodies!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The USADA Can Kiss My Big White Ascot!!

Freakin' Unbelievable!!
Lance Armstrong has maintained his innocence at every turn.  He has NEVER tested positive to ANY Performance enhancement drugs and yet because he is fed up with decades of suffering the allegations and witch hunt form these......(oh this blog is family orientated.... expletive/deleted/expletive)  investigators.  Look I am about the farthest thing from an athlete you'll find, but I don't begrudge anyone else their abilities and gifts and I'm not going to stand by and persecute them. Seems like the guys in charge of this 'organization" looking to get to the bottom of doping in sports (which I DO NOT endorse) has an ax to grind with Lance. Perhaps it's because he was convinced he was involved but just couldn't get any dirt on him, so instead his "evidence" consisted of "eye witness reports".  Well apparently these "eye witnesses" were several other cyclist who HAD tested positive for PED"s and in exchange for a lighter sentence would "testify" to Lance's involvement.  In order to avoid a drawn out court room drama he choose to bow out.
I can't say I agree with him backing out but I can understand he was probably fed up.
But think for a second.  He NEVER tested positive.  How much of a problem would it have been for them to just let it go.  Think of everything this man has been through.  Everything he has meant to and done for the sport.  Not to mention everything he has done through his cancer charities.  I hope you weather this storm with the same dignity and strength you have your other tribulations.
Here's one rider who has your back!
Live hard, ride fast until you die....then coast.
Alright.  Quick quiz, who here remembers this wreck I showed you all yesterday?
Well after the full "RE-Cycle treatment" we have this....
ONLY $140.00!!!!
Oh man!  Is this gem more then I had anticipated!  We tricked it out with Shimano rapid fire 24 speed, with a new Shimano cassette.  It has a kick stretch crank as well!  She Gets out of her own way!
Next project we started is an OLD SCHOOL Gary Fisher!  Nice lightweight frame, although we have added a different front fork in order to give it front disc brakes, as well as upgrading to a 21 speed Shimano V-brake shifters so look for that one tomorrow!
So it's off to bed now, sleep tight!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Societal Nostalgia

The Cricket came back today.
Very quiet.  
Did have a few nice visits though when a few folks came in to drop off repairs.  And some great compliments too!  Seems we have some rave reviews on Angie's List,and I had no idea we were even listed! Way cool! 
Now for any of you who have frequented our shop may or may not have noticed for the last couple of years we have had a real sharp looking 20" Crupy frame kicking around the shop.  This sucker is LIGHT!  I mean in the ounces!  The frame itself sells new for $565.00 and we figured someone would jump at the chance to do a project out of her.  Well after that long, Kaleb came up with inspiration to do a rebuild on her when we picked up a Redline with good parts and a 3 piece that fit.  So check her out now!  We tricked it out with an Eastern 44 tooth front ring. 

ONLY $125.00!!!
Also started another before and after project.  Not as prestigious as the Schwinn mind you but makes for a real nice extreme makeover.  This ones a a classic Peugeot Cross (pre-hybrid). Have already done the tear down and paint, cleaned all the components and started the re-build but ran out of time, but check out the "before"!

We got in a Trek 930 that had some real sweet components but the rust had gotten to it and the aluminum seat post was fused in the frame so we cannibalized it.  We are upgrading this Peugeot to be running rapid fire sifters with 24 speed. She's gonna be a big boy sweetheart. 
Well, tomorrow is 4 by 4 Friday, so if any of you like what you see here come on in and come early!!
night y'all!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High Five to Five-O!

Well in my children's normal fashion on the bike ride to school this morning they weren't listening and after narrowly missing a collision between Logan and Owen a few moments later Rozlynd, for some reason performing a serpentine maneuver caught her wheel on the curbs edge and did a hand plant.  As I (and the boys) rushed to her aide and were in the process of comforting her one of Dunedin's finest pulled up and came out to investigate.  He instantly realized what happened and very sweetly offered Rozy a band aid and comfort.  It was a very sweet gesture in what I am sure is a busy day.
Even though today was quite inhospitable weather wise we were quite busy.  Sold the Gary Fisher to a very informed buyer (hooray for the Internet!) as a gift for his sister.  As well as the usual influx of repairs I kept quite busy.
Yes, I finalized the last details on the Schwinn and she is ready for sale!  Check out the finished product below.
Once done managed to put out a sporty looking three wheeler as well.  This one is unique as someone took the frame for a ladies aluminum cruiser and mounted a three wheeler axle  and housing on the rear end.  Don't worry though, that's how many manufacturers actually build them.  They had just forgotten a couple crucial items such as the rear support struts.  But after some serious re-manufacturing she makes for a real lightweight and quick ride!
Oh and quick note regarding a news item I touched on yesterday.  Seems I'm not the only paranoid action film watcher out there.  Seems as they have yet to locate those stolen buses, they have contacted the RNC, and alerted Home Land Security.  So I'm not crazy after all.
All right that'll do for me tonight.
Y'all sleep well!

ONLY $400.00!!!

ONLY $130.00!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Once Again Onto the Soapbox Dear Friends!

Before I get to that and to the Schwinn Chronicles I want to send a big shout out to Matt for a most excellent trade!  He got a set of MTB tires and I got...another TV!!!  YAY!!!  Thanks so much buddy!  Now I'm gonna need to get another VCR as this one is coaxial only.  But that's cool, been meaning to get another one anyway.
To tell the truth though the last few days of listening to NPR has been informative and entertaining, which leads me to my soapbox.
*ahem* Pardon me while I step up hear.
Thank you.
If your not privy to the content of NPR, some will call it the liberal bias radio (unlike say ANY OTHER radio program on) I'd rather label it as...informative.  I'd like to comment on a couple of things I've heard so please bear with me.  First republican Senate candidate Todd Akins comment regarding "legitimate rape".
In my life I have said some boneheaded verbal flubs but this one took the cake!  If you haven't heard it just google it,you'll get about a million hits and then come back and we'll discuss it.
I'll wait.
See, there is a long standing belief with some in the pro-life camp that there is no reason to include provisions in any abortion legislation allowing for the exclusion of pregnancies resulting from rape because (and I paraphrase) that a "woman can not get pregnant from rape, because in such a stressful situation  as rape the female body "secretes secretions" (that IS an ACTUAL quote!) that prevent her from becoming pregnant."
Now to the mans credit, if you listen to the tape you can clearly hear the brief moment of anguish and "what the hell did I just say, and I better pack my things and go home" in his voice.  But like any good politician he just kept on speaking and hoped that no one heard.
Well...they heard!
And also,in true political style EVERYONE on the republican side of the room BAILED on him.
But it gives one pause for thought.  There is more truth in ones verbal slips then there is in ANY carefully crafted speech.  So how much was a Faux par,and how much was proof of his generally low opinion of women.
Now onto the controversial subject of gay marriage.
My opinion on this is best summed up in the words I once heard a comedian say "sure I support gay marriage, why shouldn't they be just as miserable as the rest of us!"  Funny, but subtly true.  They have just as much right to enjoy the security and inclusion as everyone else.  So I was offended when i heard a blurb from some republican pundit (sorry didn't catch his name) That "marriage is defined as a union between man and woman.  It has always been that way.  It is traditional and natural.
Woah!  Hold on!  Lets break it down...
FIRST of all! There is nothing "natural" about marriage.  Marriage is man made and quite frankly goes against nature.  Men and women's "natural" tendency is to procreate.
And with as many partners as possible until they die so that the species continues.
Marriage originally was primarily for acquisition of wealth, consolidation of power, to ease political unrest etc.
The Earth is flat.
The Earth is the center of the Universe.
The Church WAS the State.
Women and children were property with no rights.
A man was expected to spank his wife at least once a week to "keep her in her place"
Line dancing was an acceptable social interaction.
So who's to say what is a tradition worth honoring, or needed to be regulated to history. Perhaps we need to revisit our priorities.  Love is love, and if two people know the most intimate secrets of one another and still want to share their lives together, they should all be allowed the right to share in the benefits and tax breaks as well.
Thirdly!  In all the hull-a-ballo about the upcoming insurgence of Republicans about to converge on our state a little news blurb that quickly came across the news yesterday has me a tad bit worried.  Perhaps I have seen to many action films, but there was an odd theft that gives me pause.  Seems that two school buses were stolen from the bus depot around 2 am on Monday and last seen headed North on rt 75 toward Tampa.
The RNC is being held in Tampa.
One can only imagine how much damage two buses loaded with fertilizer could do.
I don't care for Republican policies but I wouldn't wish that much carnage on anyone.
Thanks to the young couple who met me at the door first thing this morning and gave homes to two of our rides right off.  Have fun on your rides!
After that I was a good boy and did up my repairs first thing, and picked up a REAL sweet trek 3700 that I went right to work re-furbing.  Check out the sweetie!
ONLY $190.00!!!!
 Also banged out this little "like new now" baby (thanks Chip!)

ONLY $70.00!!!!
After that I returned to the project at hand.  The Schwinn Chronicles Part Five!
Finishing up some of the detail I realized I forgot the seat!  This, as far as I can tell is the original, so I wanted to  do my best to save it.  There's a minor tear in the back side, but once cleaned it'll be doable...

Yea, I know not the original pan color but I thought it looked cool.
Saving the hardest for last i sat down to trim the tank.  And yes, I chickened out and cheated.  I trimmed it out using some thin gold pinstripe in attempt to avoid the mess I would have made.

It ain't exact, almost looks a little cartoony, but kind of cool!
And Now the assembly!
First rule: "You can NEVER use too much grease on bearings"!  I prefer to use maritime grease...

And here's how she looks about 90% done.  Still need to put on the rack,and tanks (and a final clean of course) But I was just to psyched to wait!
 cleaned the head badge down to the original brass and left it that way.  Always LOVED that look!
And Here she is!!!!  And check out the vintage gold glitter grips.  Have had these suckers lying around for, like...EVER! Just looking for the right ride!

 Oh yes folks that's an original (RARE) Schwinn Diamond Skip tooth drive!!!
SO tomorrow we wrap her up and she'll go out for sale!  If you like what you see come on in and give her a good home.  Don't forget, if you got an old ride lying around in dire need of some TLC, bring her in and we'll give her the treatment.
Till tomorrow!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Phyllis!

I first caught a glimpse of this lady when she did a cameo on Batman (Ok, I did see it in re-runs after school,I'm not quite that old enough to have seen it in it's original run) and then through out the years seen her in many different venues.  I always liked her style and secretly wished I had a crazy aunt just like her (although my aunt Mary came close).  And I always thought she breathed life in the stale game shows she appeared on.
Too many of the greats are gone!
Well today was also a sad day in the shop when alas our latest television died.  Yea I know, not quite the same magnitude of a loss, but as far as working conditions go, it sucks!  I have to always have something going as background noise and I LOATHE commercial radio.  No matter which station or genre you tune in to it's always the same thing, same 40 songs put on a loop with annoying, banal banter by pre-pubescent forty-somethings! Seriously, how many boob jokes CAN you fit in a four hour time slot before it becomes redundant?
This led me to the bottom end of the dial where I tuned into NPR.  At least it comprises some intelligent and entertaining conversation.
Well today was a relative return to household normalcy as the kiddos have once again reported back to school.  And I'll tell you they certainly don't get their love of it from my side.  They were genuinely excited to return.  Even the High Schooler!  Strange.  Very strange.  I always dreaded the end of summer and greedily held on to each day trying to squeeze more and more into each and every day of freedom I had left.
Well,at least morning coffee with mamma is quiet.
So today was comprised primarily of re-pairs but managed to get out one sweet 12 speed Daily Banger Special, which of course I'll remember to take a pic of tomorrow. Then in the last two hours it was back on the Schwinn!
Schwinn Chronicles: Day Four.
Went on to cleaning and repacking the wheels.  Didn't do a full tear down on the rear (as those older hubs can be a bear to repack) just pulled far enough apart to clean and re grease the bearings.  Then of course some elbow time with the wire wheel...

Some serious scrubbing and a nice new set of cruisers later we got these sparklers!
Also re stenciled the tank lettering and put on the first coat of white (I choose to do the letters in antique whit as opposed to the gloss everywhere else) Also did the trim on the chain guard.
And once again I veered away from the original design slightly on the fenders.  I did one up with arrow white tip but when it was done I was not happy with the results.  It muted the green a little to much so I opted for a simple dual gold pinstripe to accent.  The green color is really growing on me, and really makes her stand out!
Hopefully tomorrow I can start the rebuild and get this gem all together.  Still have the lettering outline to do and still doubting my skills on that.
We'll see.
Alright, enough for this evening.  Ya'll sleep well!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Serve And Protect (& Schwinn Chronicles; Day 3)

There is only one regret I have when it comes to being in the bike building business and that's the fact I never have enough time to actually RIDE them!  Oh yes,I do ride every day to and from work, but we live less then a quarter of a mile from work so it not exactly an exciting sojourn.  No, I mean REALLY go for a ride.  Like life it's not the destination, but the journey that counts.  It's with that in mind that this evening was a real treat.  Having to shop for "going back to school" I was surprised when Angi agreed to forgo the traditional cab ride in favor of taking our bikes.  Her on her vintage Ross three speed and I in our recently acquired vintage Robin Hood 3 wheeler.  She is a little rickety and has a slight bend in the rear axle (have not got around to replacing it) but not only does it fit my personality but we acquired it from Uncle Chips Garage!  So she will forever be a part of our shop.  We took our time getting there,enjoying the reprieve tonight's weather provided from the last week of stifling humidity.  Stopped off for coffee at the book store then headed to Wal-Mart ( much as I lambaste it for a family of nine our options for saving cash are limited).  Afterwards filling up our baskets we headed at a leisure pace home.
It was half way back that we had one of those National Enquirer moments.  Coming up on a darkened bank parking lot a police cruiser pulled out from behind the building and for a brief moment I had a moment of concern that they may be out to harass, but he barely paused before jetting out into traffic and lo and behold his cruiser was quickly tailed by a sub-compact  occupied by a single female driver sporting some seriously tussled hair and smudged lipstick.
Um hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
I had no idea the bank was open for after hour deposits!
I wonder if he was penalized for an early withdrawal?
The sweet three wheeler we finished the other day got snagged up this morning by a very astute couple that have been following the blog.  I didn't think it was going to hang around that long.
Spent the early part of the day getting caught up with repairs and then went on to the fun of trimming out the Schwinn.  And as always, when working on such a gem, there were some issues.  I'll take you through it with visual aids...
One of the best parts of the job is when you can quickly see the fruits of your labor like with a little PB Blaster and a wire wheel you can make your nuts and bolts go from this
 To this!
 And mind you it's this kind of detail we do to ALL our RE-Cycle refurbs!  That's what we mean when we say
Like taking this seriously ugly looking skiptooth crank and....

Turning it into this!!

Once every nut and bolt was cleaned I started the task of detailing the frame.  First attempting to reproduce (somewhat) some of the original graphics.
First the seat post tube diamond gets masked off...

and once the coats dry gets trimmed in gold.

The collar was a bit of an issue as shortly after the first coat of white was applied...

 it started to alligator!!!  AARGH!!!!  So the unfortunate truth is it has to be re sanded, primed and painted again!!

So giving it ample time to dry before I go through it again I went on to the other pieces of flare!  The tanks are gonna look sweet once the final touch of gold trim is added and the lettering is redone!

I know.  Doesn't seem like a lot to get done in a day, but trust me waiting for each coat to dry, then cleaning it to get rid of ridging etc takes time.  But we also kept busy between coats with other projects as well.  No rest for the wicked!
Well, OK there is time for the wicked to rest...and that's now.'
Until Monday when we rejoin our intrepid crew of bicycle saviors!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Schwinn Chronicles: Day 2

Sand....and sand....and sand....
Well 4 by 4 Friday was another fun Hoot!  Sold three right quick.  First gone a Mongoose BMX, then a Rockit went shortly after (folks last minute shopping for the new schoolyear) then a Rhino BMX.  OK now on to the fourth that also qualifies for one of the quickest turn overs we have had in some time.  A gent came in after discovering the blog looking for the Schwinn Racer we advertised about a month and a half ago.  Regrettably for him we sold it about two days after posting but undaunted he took out the classic Schwinn 5 speed for a test drive.  Once back he was smitten and getting the total went over to the local ATM.  Seconds after leaving a regular of ours came in with his pristine '81 Schwinn 5 speed cruiser, black and chrome.  This ride is CHERRY! We have been servicing his ride for over three years now and he is VERY particular about it's up keep but on this trip he was having to part with it as he is moving and can't take it with him.  I do so appreciate his words that he "could not imagine selling it to anyone but us" because he knew we would find it a good home.  Well as he drove away and I wheeled it in the gent came back in from the ATM and as he was looking for something more in the way of the cruiser I pointed it out to him.
Love at first sight.
So in less then 7 minutes she had a new home!  Check out this prime piece of American steel.

Very, Very Sweet!  And he got the discount to boot!  We also found a home for the Trek 830 (and yes we through her a little discount for the effort) that one sat around a lot longer then I expected!
So now on to the Schwinn Chronicles.
Had to start my day getting the repairs up to date as I was eager to delve back into the ladies Schwinn.  But as we are at the least fun part (sanding) my excitement quickly abated, being preempted by sore shoulders.  But I persevered!  And all of the components made it through sanding, priming and paint!  Check out some stages below...
 Here's the tough part. Trying to save the original graphics we mask them off ....

 and create a stencil. Spray paint over then remove after dry.  At which point we attempt to recreate by hand...I say that tongue in cheek as it has been SOME time since I have attempted such detail!  We will just have to see.
And here is the base coat.  We were looking to go with recreating the original paint scheme (they used the Key lime green in pastel on the Starlet for several years that I can tell) and while searching for a match we stumbled on this and I fell in love with it (I can be a tad bit flashy at times) but I think it's going to make the bike POP!  If all goes according to plan I'll have the finished product (at least finish paint) tomorrow!  But of course I gotta finish today's repairs first!
Before I sign off an impromptu movie review!
Tonight was movie night and the pic this evening was "The Three Stooges"!  Ah yes once again my children once again proved (to their mothers chagrin) they have my sense of humor!  While mom was rolling her eyes saying "Oh LORD!" the kids and I were rolling on the floor in hysterics!  They worked real hard at getting it right and faithful to the original hyginks!  And MAN!  the scene in the hospital nursery.....CLASSIC!!!  This is one franchise I could really look forward to a sequel from!  If you love to feel gut wrenching, pound your couch uproarious hilarity go rent this film NOW!