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Saturday, April 30, 2011

300!!! (almost)

WOW!!! You People ROCK!!!!  296 hits on the Blog today!  RIGHTEOUS!  I'd like to send  a special shout out to our newest buddy (whomever you may be0 going by the pseudonym  "BentNotBroken" for putting up a blurb about us on Reedit (like that name!).  "Gritty Charm" Oh i do like that, ALOT!  It warms the cockles of my heart to know that folks "Get us"!  That the word is getting out about what and who we are.  Yes "gritty" fits the bill just as well as "Backyard Scab"!  And I'll tell you after that blurb went up the Hits just kept on coming!  I hope you all got a kick outta of our ramblings, and even better come into get your next ride from us, or re-pair your current one (insert shameless pimping plug here!) Today was a hoot even though I did enter BRIEFLY into my grumpy old geezer mode.  Look, I will fully support any ones right to destroy themselves with alcohol.  It's their body and as much as I would not choose that kind of life, it's their prerogative.
This is a FAMILY shop, with kids and parents out to enjoy the day and the LAST thing they want to SMELL is the wafting stench of stale beer! And on top of that, if you are a less then pleasant drunk, best to keep it at home.  And RIGHT OUT!  I broke one of the cardinal rules of retail today.  The use of colorful "Daddy Language" to a unruly drunk who came in with his friend, who was AT NO FAULT mind you, actually very apologetic about his friend, but to come into our shop (thankfully no one else was here) and just start b&^%$#Ng about nothing...LOUDLY.  Un unh!
That dudes got ta GO!  AND...he did.
Some people!  and at 12.30 in the afternoon?
ANYWAY, other then that unpleasantness, today was a KILLAH!  Sold over HALF the kids bikes we had in stock.  One of our regulars came in and filled up his truck, and got a SAWEET deal to boot!
Sold the GT Timberline to a dad son duo who appreciated the look of it so I gave them a great deal as well!
And two more kids bikes went out to a belabored father with his three little one who were NOT letting him leave without them!  (heheh kids are the BEST salesman!) And even though we were the busy little beavers we STILL managed to put out four more newbies, and get started on a couple more.  Although Jose' has been a second day no-show!  Things that make you go...hummmmm?
Well I DO need to get it in gear as I have Spaghetti and Meatballs awaiting!
Y'all have a GREAT night!!!
ONLY $160.00!!!

ONLY $85.00!!!

ONLY $45.00!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011 Butt.

So, I'm busily working away at my day, when I realize my stomach starts grumbling (surprisingly, even through all the insulation I STILL heard it!) So I call the wife to see what she may want to share.  No answer, went to voice mail.  I make the decision on what to get, then deliver hers to the house.  Come to find out that she missed my call as she was engrossed in the "Royal Wedding".
Now, I know my wife is quite the romantic.  Hearts and flowers and all that.
Me? Not so much.
But in my defense my total, unabashed, heart felt LOATHING of the whole GROTESQUE proceedings has NOTHING to do with the dreamlike "every little girls fantasy".  OH no, it's all dollars and SENSE folks (or lack thereof!) If you haven't already heard.
34 million!
YEP! Now I will try VERY HARD not to intertwine colorful four letter euphemisms in my diatribe as I attempt to express my feelings.
BUT (T) I think that there are ALOT more pressing needs for 34 mill.  I mean Give the Prince and his main squeeze  $75.00 for the licence, $20 for the cab ride a couple grand for a REAL nice honeymoon and  use the remaining 33,999, 998,005.00 (hey it''s late my math is off, so sue me) to maybe do something IMPORTANT!!!  Now with all do respect to all the ladies who may be reading (my wife especially as I value my personal safety) I have NOTHING against marriage, ceremony or the romantic ramifications of it.  But When my bride and I tied the knot we did it ALL ourselves ( I even baked and decorated the bridegroom cake (carrot, YUM) ) Now THAT"S romantic!  I could ramble on with an ENORMOUS list of "More Important" things to do with the cash, but you make your own.  In the end I think any such WASTE is not only gaudy but in EXTREMELY bad taste.  It's like telling all those suffering that their plight is pale in comparison to the world shattering importance of a $380.000 wedding dress.
And don't get me started on American Inaugural Parties.
Today was another re-pair fest!  Thanks to all for the trust!  And we tried real hard to pump 'em out as fast as we could.  O use the "we" in the royal sense as I was working ALONE for the most part.  Jose' if your reading this "WHERE WERE YOU TODAY!"  No call, no show.  Bad Boy. No donut.
Managed to get out one new one.  A single speed Motobecane 62cm.  Real SAHWEET looking!  Also got in a Bevy of new (soon to be nice) goodies!  Sold the Ladies "Daily Banger" and the 20 BMX to one of our regulars!  VERY nice to see them today and hope they enjoy there new rides!
Well, I think I have wasted enough of your time tonight as I am sure you are planning on getting some sleep to be in tomorrow FIRST thing!
NIGHT!  and check out the latest from http://www.wartscomics.blogspot/ and also the latest rough i got tonight.  I usually wait until I get the finish but this one is just WAY to cool to wait!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the?

OK, so on the work side, today was JAMMIN!  Got out four full builds, and picked up 4 REAL nice kids bikes (sorry forgot to get photos of those) but other then that we were CRAZY BUILDING!  Getting ready for the weekend. Also got visits from real neat folk.  Sold the Mongoose banger to a very astute couple looking for a ride for her.  Now they can ride together!  We always like helping out couples get a little closer!  Sold the other Mongoose XR-75 to a very meticulous gentleman who KNOWS what he likes!  That's always a PLUS! 
The Dungeon was alive with the sound of cackling laughter today as Jose was in rare form and Adam is starting to lighten up and get in on the playful banter.  Oh the "pole" and "crank shaft" jokes abound!  And don't get me started on the "Rusted Stuck" seat post...
That went on for hours!
Now on to the "What The?"  as a sure sign of the continuing questions regarding Americas appeal.  Seems our computer buddy, the one who sis the systems purge and upgrades on the computer, has been offered a real appealing job offer.  ran into him today and he filled us in.  He's been offered a teaching position, that will pay for his housing, moving expenses, a car and a decent salary.  The only catch?  The job's in Brazil.
I mean is this what it's coming to?  Our brightest minds, most skilled people can't make a living here so they have to head out of town.  I know it may be an old story, but doesn't always seem real until it hits home!  Well I wish him the best!
All right self righteous rant over.
So anyway take a peak at the new pics and I gotta go.  Law and Order Marathon tonight!
Yes.  I have no life.
ONLY $75.00

ONLY $65.00

ONLY $70.00

ONLY $90.00!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He Choose...poorly.

Ever have a bad sign that you ignore?  A foolish twinge of ego overriding your common sense?  What was that old saying " A sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."
Welcome to my world.
I'll be the first to admit (only to beat all others who know me to the punchline) that I'm not always the sharpest tack in the box, And this latest bike was NO exception.  I should have known when it came in and the seat post was frozen in the stay, that i should have just written it off as scrap fodder and moved on.  But those GT Timberline frames are SEXY, and i just couldn't let it go.
Lord have mercy on my soul.
It was a problem each and EVERY step of the way!  I could list it all but suffice to say that all my accumulated knowledge of how to make the impossible work came into play, and in the end (two days) I was victorious!
 But not without a price.  I did the unthinkable.
Something so vile, so horrific, i shudder to think of the ramifications of my action, or should I say RE-actions...
I left the shop early!!!!
Yep, after completing the object of my obsession I (and all at the shop inflicted with my colorful language and temperament) I thought it in every ones best interest that i should take off a little early and chill.
NO ONE argued. (actually Angela INSISTED)
So I took the motorized the LONG way home and let the wind blow in my hair for a few moments before re-turning home (not a good idea to come home frustrated)
But other then that, it was a good day!
Sold the Raleigh to a very cultured gentleman with an eye for beauty, under the EXPLICIT instructions that should he tire of the bike he MUST sell it back to us, and that he make NO alterations to this FINE piece of bicycle history!
He readily agreed.  Saw many fine folks in looky looing, unfortunately didn't have much to show, unfortunately.  After last weeks repairs-a-plenty, we didn't have much time to do any building!  Getting back to it this week, though and should have a bevy of beauties for the weekend!
Also was blessed to be able to help a young lady who's previous bike was stolen get on a new one with the help of her church leader.  No worries, we cut her a SUPER deal (hey, I DO have to pay the mechanics) but she was happy, and had fun in the process.  Apparently the insanity of the place is infectious.  And who can resist Jose' running around pinching my but?  I know I CAN'T!
Speaking of Jose', he put out another "Banger" in the form of a nice older men's Mongoose MTB, and is working on a couple more (the aforementioned "littering" of projects) hopefully he'll dig up the necessary parts ASAP!
Well, I am tuckered out and am in search of chill time.  Below is the finished projects for today plus the newest installments of !

ONLY $70.00

ONLY $115.00

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ah, the Wisdom Of Youth (or Brass balls the size of Volkswagens!)

SO, I'm trying to prepare my protege for eventually taking over the family business.  Not that I'm going anywhere anytime soon, I
m looking 20 years down the road (or more if he keeps up the current learning curve!) and i am trying to not only teach him how to work on bikes (which he's getting pretty accomplished at0 but I'm also trying to teach him customer service and interaction.
This he is greatly lacking in!
There are many do's and dont's the least of which is not "DON"T argue with a customer"  as well as "Don't use alot of techno-jargon when simple answers will suffice!  Well he broke both of those today.  The techno-jargon one was bad enough as he sometimes feeds on the ego boost when he knows more then someone else (hey THAT doesn't happen hardly ever!) but it was when he argued with a customer that it was really bad (comedically so) I just happened to have gone next door to get my lunch when a customer of ours came in to check the progress on a motorized bike he brought in for re-pairs (waiting on parts...Why does THAT sound familiar?)   It's not his bike but belongs to his 14 year old son.  Well My son thought it was important to point out the laws regarding motorized bikes, and the limitations thereof in the state of Florida, versus that of the Federal government.  Now truth be told I am STILL not clear on whats legal and whats not, but err on the side of caution.  What other people do, is their business, but my son obviously does not agree with that sentiment and proceeded to, in his opinion "good natured" about law with,
A Police officer. 
yep!  Full uniform, "Police- Cruiser- parked- in- front- of- the- store", police Officer!
Of course i find this out AFTER he has left from Jose, But I mean MAN!  They must CLANG together like the Liberty Bell when he Jogs!
Well another fun visit from Chip today, bearing even more wonderful gifts, plus a NEW stencil for t-Shirts (I'll have 'em done in a day or so!) And we yakked about a "prone" bike that hopefully Someday we'll build!
We picked up a few new goodies, in the "Banger Bike " vein, and We are almost through with a few new ones.  We just seem to keep hitting road blocks (it happens) and move on to other ones while we wait to accumulate the stuff we need to finish the others (hence the plethora of semi-finished stuff we keep tripping over) But well have a couple decent mongooses, and a retro GT Timberline out tomorrow morn, then on to who knows what?
So y'all rest easy, and we'll see ya tomorrow!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Live imatates art! (Or. Fun and profit In Genetics!)

Without  a doubt the child that most emulates me has GOT to be my little princess Rozy!  She makes me SO proud day after day!  It's not just the sarcastic facial expression and the smart ass attitude.  Nor the Sardonic sense of humor or the straight forward brash manor of speech (you know, "to hell with what you think, here's MY opinion) But it is her wonderful almost artistic flare of manipulation!  Oh it makes an old man's heart flutter!
Example.  Yesterday, after a day of gorging on candy, we had the egg hunt after Mom and Elijah got back from the shop.  Little basket's in hand this wily bunch swoop onto the playing field and cleared it of eggs in about a minute.  Now mom insists on filling these things with goodies, so it was left to me to inform the children that these new goodies were for the following day as they had had enough!  Well, as with so many things these orders had to be repeated several times prior to Easter dinner.  I had them all put the baskets on the counter and instructed them that "THEY WERE NOT TO TOUCH THE BASKETS UNTIL TOMORROW"  And Dad had spoken.
Well after a sumptuous dinner of Ham, corn and potatoes, we sat around the table, mom and dad with coffee, yakkin' and cutting up with the kids.
Whilst out of the corner of my eye I noticed Rozy inching closer and closer to her basket, and with it behind her she CAREFULLY began to remove the remaining candy.  I let it play out, to see how far she'd go.  After  a few moments she had gathered up the majority of the candy into her shirt when I snapped around and said "what are you doing didn't I tell you not to touch the basket?!"
'To which she responded " You said "Don't touch the basket!" so I didn't!"
OH MAN!  She is already learning the art of Loopholes!  I am SO impressed!  Brings such a surge of pride!
Anyway.  I'm not going to dwell to long on the day, as it was quite quiet.  Although with the influx of stock, we spent the better part of the day reorganizing to make room, so at least it wasn't a wash.  needed to be done!  The GT BMX did go out to a nice young man and his wheeler dealer mom!  Always LOVE to haggle!  I'm sure tomorrow will be a busy one, as i know you are ALL dying to come by.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well we have done thew traditional fueling of the children annual sugar fest, second only to Halloween!  And the children have been surprisingly conservative.  I think they remember the last time they binged and the stomachs that followed.  I got my EXTRA Easter gifts in the form of the opening of the Mystical realm of the "Skunk Works".  After receiving a rare visit at the shop by my contemporary Bullet, he invited me to scour the crevices of his "shop" to purge it of anything I wanted, as what was left would be hitting the curb.  Well who could resist, so a couple of truckloads later and we have a treasure trove of fresh goodies for us to play with this week!  Amongst the stacks are a Townie Electra, a NICE Mongoose MTB, to Higher end BMX's a couple Raleigh Road Bikes, and a Plethora of wheels and tires!  OH I was a kid in a candy store!  So be looking for all new stuff next week!
Y'all enjoy the ham and hard boiled eggs and I'll talk at ya tomorrow!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunnies are coming, Bunnies are coming!

It's Easter already!
And of course it lands on my day off, so I get to deal with the Chileans AFTER they've had all the candy!
But seeing as they RARELY get any candy around here, when they have a sugar crash, they crash HARD!  So I should have a peaceful afternoon.
Yes, we will be open tomorrow, but only noon till six.
Then Easter Dinner.
Well i will talk more about today tomorrow as it is late, and we have to do all the "preparations" for tomorrow, still!
ONLY $80.00!!!

ONLY $70.00

ONLY $65.00

Note To Children:

It is NOT a good idea to make so much noise at 7 am on a Saturday as to wake Daddy!  Things become rather unpleasant after that.  Me, when I was young, I'd quietly sneak downstairs grab a heaping mixing bowl of whatever cereal was available pour in milk to capacity, and turn cartoons on at a very modest level, to the point of sitting a few inches away in hope that I WOULD NOT wake my folks, as they were more inclined to ADVISE me to "Go outside, It's a Gorgeous day, you need fresh air!" (parental translation:  "we are aware of the sugar levels you have absorbed.  Get outside. Now.") and I had NO desire to miss The Bugs Bunny Hour, herculoids or Schmoo!
So you';d think my kids would learn.
Nope.  I have to blame 24 hour access on several channels to cartoons.  Want to help parents out?  Regulate Cartoon Network to Only be available Saturday mornings from 7am 'till noon.  Then we'd have something to hold over their heads!  I mean could you imagine the power?  "Clean your room quick or your going to be stuck trying to entertain yourself with boring outdated nature shows, or local community programming!"  AHHHH, feel the power flowing through you!!!!
No, we have spoiled our natures youth with on demand entertainment.  All this technology and we use it to watch "animal Bloopers"  And the latest Lady Gaga twitter.  Sheesh!  I'll say it again, I'm waiting for the computer hacking genius that comes up with a virus that crashes the net.  Wouldn't that be keen?  People, white and pasty complexion,  trepidataouisly exiting their homes to interact....personally with those they once only texted!  You family!
Yes...I am aware of the Irony of utilizing the Internet to make this statement.
Today is Saturday, and we have much on our plate!  Have a bevy of goodies we have accumulated over this week and EVEN THOUGH we have been met with an abnormally high amount of "throwing things across the room, frustration" but we are trying hard to persevere!  Ah the things we do to ensure safe, reliable really cherry rides!
But I digest.
I gotta get, as i am in need of more paint!  so hope to see you all today!
Just come in shifts, it's a small store!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Yes, I do lament my advancing age frequently enough to become repetitive, however it is a gnawing truth that continues to make itself far to apparent.
Yesterday, after noshing with the wife, I sat back in my chair briefly to digest and unceremoniously passed out!  Middle of the day in a bustling shop, and I PASSED OUT asleep.  Only to awake after an indeterminate \amount of time to everyone standing over me grinning.
Yes apparently my s
"Senior Moments" are a source of humor for the group!  Glad I could entertain!
So needless to say at the end of a somewhat frustrating day (three projects in the works and have hit walls on all three as I await one thing or another) I went home had a light dinner turned on an episode of X-Files, and promptly fell asleep while watching.
So hence why NO ENTRY last night.
So you got a break for the night!  And now, I must make quick work of this as I have to get to the hardware store, and parts supplier as I need to finish the aforementioned project!!
SOOOO, you all get up, get out into the gorgeous morn' and come pay us a visit!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Was today a Tuesday and I missed it?
Although we were treated to a midweek Chip visit!  And thanks for the bag of Lag bolts!  Theres a lot of bling in that baggie!
Also got treated to a visit from an old customer from back in the garage days who dropped off a bevy of re-pairs and some donations to the cause!  Thanks to Mary for the treats and the bikes will be ready tomorrow!
Speaking of bikes ready, I feel SOOOO bad for one of our local saints, she works as a crossing guard and helps the kids in need keep there bikes running.  She brings 'em to us to keep them rolling and one such child had their rear axle blow out Monday and we got it fixed up.  Then the next day the poor kids chain broke, so she brought it in yesterday.  Well when i went to put on the new chain last night my chain breaker broke so first thing this morning I opened late so I could go get a new one from my supplier only to find that he was out!  So I tried in vain to Jerry rig one, but in the end failed.  SO SORRY that the poor kids gotta walk another day!  But no fear have a new one coming in and will be up and running tomorrow!
Well as all things grow, Izabella is now not only crawling but exploring!  A scary proposition in a house of tile and glazed concrete!!!  But at least she has decent balance, and if she's anything like the other kids...a REAL hard head!
The Submissions to the syndicate FINALLY went out today!  HERE'S HOPING"!
Well in all the hustle and bustle managed to get out only ONE new bike today and two more in paint, PLUS picked up a NICE (soon to be) Big Boy Motobecane Road bike, and another three wheeler (now if I could get just ONE of them finished!  Also a DK BMX frame, and some bangers!
Well That's be it from me tonight as i am preparing to watch RED again!

ONLY $80.00

ONLY $110.00!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Mighty Bi-centennial has been reached!
Nope not years.
That's right, our little blog is just about a year out and yesterday we hit over 200 hits in one DAY!  ALL RIGHT!
It's surprising how many people are out there with NO lives!
JUST kidding!
But seriously, thanks to all for helping us hit that milestone, and in so many corners of our little elliptical habitat.
I mean it is something to be sitting in my skivvies at the kitchen table while my babes are all nestled in their widdle Jammie's, rambling on about totally random nonsensical streams of obscure sentiment, and realizing that someone in India, or Pakistan, the UK Outer Mongolia or HoBoken are sharing in my life.
But in a way, comforting.
No if we could just get our freaking governments to get along we'd be GREAT!
LOTS AND LOTS of goings on today at the old mill!
The biggest most freakin' awsomest thing HAD to be one of the GREATEST compliments I think we have received to date (and I'm not trying to overshadow any other) in the form of a gift.  An anonymous gentleman walked into the shop today brandishing a somewhat disheveled road bike with the sentiment "Here I have something for you.  Some friends of mine had this collecting dust in their garage and i told them I was going to bring it to you"  Seems he's been tuning into the blog and "really liked what we do, and thought we made some neat stuff!"  I thanked him (hopefully graciously) and he was on his way.
Then i took a CLOSER look at the bike.
I am not sure what make the bike is, as there are no defing marks or emblems or head badges, but it's a REAL nice cro moly frame with some GORGEOUS lug work.  If i had to guess I'd say it was a hand made frame.  But that's not the topper.  EVERY.....SINGLE component right down to the wheel skewers. are CAMPAGNOLO!
Every one.
WITH Mavic rims!  Hand made Italian Kevlar tires.
So then I took it out back and gave it a bath.
It's GORGEOUS!  Maybe 2 small nicks in the paint, but other then that FLAWLESS!
We have yet to decide exactly what to do with it.  Lets be honest, we are business men, and THAT little voice screams SELL!  But for how much?  We've come up with a figure we think is more then fair for a machine of this quality (lets face it the rear derailleur retails for more then we are going to ask for it) But possibly,  we may put it in a lottery.  We'll have to see.
Time will tell.
Had many looky Loo's today and we thank you for stopping by and visiting!  Sold the Beach cruiser we picked up Sunday to a wonderful lady whom had bought the other one the day before.  Her and her husband, unfortunately have had to replace the two that were stolen.  (May the thieves suffer various forms of festering sores on their nether regions) I do so hope and pray they do not have to deal with any such misfortune again.  'Cause the bikes a real SWEET!
We sold the beginners Road Bike to a very nice young gentleman whom apparently travel SOME distance to get to the shop (and we are very sorry that the CVS obscured your first attempt at finding us, HOORAY for cell-phones!) He to apparently stumbled upon our web presence!  Thank you for visiting us and I again am sorry that your motivation for a new bike was due to theft as well! (Same curse, different thieves) 
And of course, as always we thank all the fine folks bringing us their chariots of joy in for their needed repairs!
And my OFFICIAL apologies to Ben.  A very understanding yet justifiably frustrated customer.  We were in the process of building him a custom three wheeler (truth be told this is the 2nd 3-wheeler we have been working on that this has happened to) when we hit a few snafu's.  And the project was dragging out FAR to long.  Sometimes it happens that we don't have all the parts we need and have to "order out".  You'd think it would be easy.  It's not, unfortunately and as we have been waiting and WAITING for a couple of parts to come of back order, he had to, understandably back out.  We are VERY sorry we could not finish it for you in a timely fashion.
Well, as all things must end so to does our time tonight.  I still have to get my OTHER work done.

ONLY $240.00


Monday, April 18, 2011

Hurry, Hurry! We have so little to do, and so much time...scratch that, reverse it!"

Starting with yesterday first!
Terrific the shop.  Sold the Fuji Road Bike in a BLINK shortly after opening, as well as the ladies cruiser.  That one went to his sister. And let me stop here just to say I was QUITE impressed with this family unit!  A Mom and two teenage kids brother and sister, both looking for bikes.  They were polite, courteous and appreciative of their mother, and us.  TEENAGERS?!?!  And when the tally came up we wheeled and dealed but the mom was afraid she might come up short, and what do the kids do?  Offer to dip into their pockets to help.
They were quite happy with their buys, always HAPPY to help out folks like them!  Sold the White Road master and the little Orange BMX as well.  Did some horse trading on that deal as well.  Always GLAD to do that.  I like getting more goodies!
Yes I was at the shop briefly as I had to go to the Hardware store to get the material to start work on the tree house "Fortress of Solitude" 
Oh, don't ask me how much i spent on THAT!  LORDY...I had no IDEA lag bolts cost THAT much!
How did it go? you may ask?
It didn't.
Got all set up, All my tools in place, Materials in place, took my measurements went to load up my drill (the one I bought last week) to find out it was broken.
Seems when SOMEONE (think coffee grinder...same kid) took out the bit in the key less chuck he over torqued it, and have the blisters on the palm of my hand from where I TRIED to get it off.
SOOOOO, I'll be back at it again later this week ( I think I'll take a day when I don't have so many HELPERS around) and try and get the frame up at least.
So I spent the remainder of the day (after the brief stint of colorful "Daddy" language) hanging with the kids, which is to say we hung for a little bit, then they watched their cartoons while I worked on getting my submissions ready for the syndicate!  Was going to mail it out today after I printed it out, but was reminded last night that I had to go to "truancy court" with (think coffee grinder)!
SOOOOO...That brings us to today!  Yes, Norma Jean....
A total of a 4 and a half hour commute for an 8 minute stint in court.
Let me say that again....we were there for 8 minutes.
As I had already pulled the Coffee Grinder Kid out of school and put him in Home School, they dismissed the case.
I'll say it again...they DIS_MISSED the CASE!
Like, you couldn't call us and say "Hey, no prob, no need to come in as we have DIS-MISSED the case!!!"
That's 5 hours I'll never get back!
The upside to the whole ordeal is not only did it give me ample time to dive into Chip Haynes book "Peak of the Devil" (a real entertaining and informative narrative, let me tell you!  If you want to know where we are this book.  Then go right out and buy a bike!) but while we were at Park street terminal I got a pleasant shock as the usually barren bike rack was FILLED to capacity and then some!  Seems aLOT  more folks are taking the bus/bike route!  Loving IT!
And i got to have a Black bean Burger for lunch.
So then we finally made it back to the shop, and a good thing too, as the re-pairs are flowing unabated!  Momma kept things rolling all the while with Izzy in tow (as well as the other 4 after school let out) and they got some goodies in as well!  The least of which is NOT a BEE-U-TI-FULL  August 1968 Schwinn Varsity, Men's!  I mean GORGEOUS!  And complete with the original dyno light kit and it WORKS!  Doing a full clean and mechanical restore and this one will be the bell of the ball!  I am SORELY tempted to keep it for myself!  But I can't be greedy, can I?
Sold the Men's Beach Cruiser we Picked up yesterday, as well as another one we had gotten later in the day today, needs work but she thinks her hubby will LOVE it!  Also got a nice (soon to be) tall boy road bike i hope to have on the rack in the AM!  Gonna work late tonight to get the Varsity done and some last minute re-pairs that came in after "closing" time (and I use that word loosely).
Well momma started her (subtle hint at me joining as well) Pilate's classes today next door at the salon, which she is very psyched about.  Yes I know, i should do SOMETHING to exercise, maybe some lifts (like out of the chair) which is what I'm gonna do now.  So y'all have a good night!
ONLY $55.00

ONLY $45.00

ONLY $80.00

ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $30.00!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sorry, that wasn't directed at you. 
At midnight on a Saturday, after working for 15 hours and counting, while for the last 6 hours half watching half listening to a mini Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie marathon my mind has turned all squishy.  Currently we're watching "Aliens From LA" starring none other then Kathy Ireland!  Boy can she act!
NOT!  And while trying to come up with a tittle for today's blog, I heard Crow say that line out of the corner of my ear as he was responding to the sound of her voice.
She sounds like scrapping glass across slate while simultaneously flicking a flea directly at your eardrum, while Lady Gaga sings a duet with Ethyl Merman of a Vegas style melody lounge act of Barney songs!
Yes...That annoying!
Today was a HUMDINGER!  Thanks to all the folks whom showed up and kept me entertain and accompanied as NONE of my helpers hung for long at all!  (and now for a dose of fatherly guilt!) Jose' cam in to work for a couple hours (!?!?!) but ended up having to spend the time rebuilding his brake line (# 187 why I don't own a car!) Momma showed up briefly for lunch then for dinner, Adam took the day off, and Kaleb showed up later on to help out build.  He put out three which WAS helpful.
But its OK...I guess.  I mean EVERYONE needs time off now and then.  I mean it's OK that it was REAL busy and we had A LOT of folks in, and I was REALLY working hard with very LITTLE break time...
but that's OK...really. (hows THAT for passive/aggressive?)
Seriously, it was a wonderfully busy day, thanks to ALL the folks for the wonderful words of support and encouragement, and we're so happy that you guys get a kick out of our meaningless ramblings.
Thanks to the dudes from Tampa, And we hope you enjoy the vintage Schwinn, and no worry, I'll be checking out the garage tomorrow and sending pics of more.  We'll have you ALL riding real soon!
And thanks to the gent from Saint Pete for taking a drive by again.  I'm psyched that you lucked into the Giant at just the right time.  Now you and your son can take your new rides out on the town!
And to the gent from Apollo Beach.  Now that was one of those pre-ordained visits!  He came in to do a meet and greet from this her blog (thanks for the good words!) and he has a 24" Redline Mini he wants us to convert for him to keep up with 9and beat0 his kids, other BMX'ers.  In trade he brought us some neat parts and an Old School mongoose Lightweight!  No sooner had he taken off, that another gent came in with his son looking for a BMX upgrade...and saw the mongoose and fell in love!  Well it needed some clean-up and work, and they went back home to grab dads new9ish) cruiser to use as trade, and BOY is it a SWEEEEET Full size men's BC with a CLOUD 9 SEAT!!!  BONUS!!!
I LOVE deals like that!'
And re-pairs?
MAN!  i am LOVING" seein' more and more folks pullin' their rides out of mothballs and fixing them up!  Getting outta the car line into the bike line (when you can find one) And even better they've realized they can fix up their old bikes cheaper then buying a new one!  WHAT A CONCEPT!  glad we could come up with it.
Oh I'm sorry.  Was the shameless self promoting?  My bad.
And Buying?
WOOF!' Many MANY goodies to be had today!  To many to list!  But we got MANY of them done and out today.  Check out the pics below!
And now on to exciting news!  We (Paco and I) have finished strip # 24!  Why is that one so special?  "cause that's the magic number for the amount of strips you need to submit to the syndicates!  So as of Monday the Manila envelopes hit the mailbox on there way to New York!  PLEASE, cross your fingers and check out and show us your support (or distaste).
All right, i gotta hit it, got a few more things to finish before I head home, as we begin construction on the Atherton Family Tree house tomorrow!
ONLY $45.00

ONLY $65.00

ONLY $70.00
ONLY $85.00!!!

ONLY $40.00

ONLY $55.00

ONLY $170.00!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Definition of DUHHHHH!

A story bandied about at almost any of my family gatherings  involves a family trip to Boston.  At the tender age of 6 or so, my mother, father, sister and I were strolling through the Boston Commons.  For any non-initiate think Central park lite.  As we strolled we came upon 1 of many park benches set tastefully facing the main thoroughfare, nestles amongst flowering bushes.  The standard wooden and wrought iron affair, done in traditional forest green.  This particular one, though was adorn with bright yellow warning tape set across the metal hand rest cordoning off the seat, at the center of the tape hung a bright cleanly calligraphic sign "WET PAINT"  Now to and adult this was an unquestionable truth.  To an 8 year old somewhat more mature 8 year old girl, words to read, understand and clearly avoid.  BUT to a "curious" 6 year old boy with a penchant for "learning from experience" it was an open invitation.
WELL, seeing as it was an oil base paint, and my father had forgotten to include mineral spirits in his travel plans, I was forced to face the remainder of the day with green hands.  I say "hands" because apparently 1 hand was not a sufficient enough tool of discovery!
I would like to say however, that as I was only 6 reading was not my forte.  I'd "LIKE" to say that, but unfortunately both my mother, father AND sister had forewarned me PRIOR to my investigation.  One launched when all other parties were otherwise engaged!
So I'm sure many of you might question WHY to this day i am surprised that the curse my Mother place upon me at a tender age when she would shout in a fit of frustration "I HOPE that some day YOU have children that act the same as YOU!" works SO well!
Now many can attest that i am the first to point out when i do something stupid, or "inadvertently" (I LOVE that word) screw up.  So you'll forgive me as i regale you with tales of other peoples S.N.A.F.U's.
First (I'll save the funniest (and scariest) for last) To Jose' whom today has discovered a lesson best learned by experience, as he struggled three days to complete...a $45.00 bike.  Believe me I fully understand Vendettas!  I still remember Damien (a green $50.00 Huffy that took 5 days to finish.  i just WOULDN'T let it go) a struggle valiantly fought, and won.  But now he understands the statement "pick your projects...wisely"
Hopefully tomorrow will bring him better fortune.
Now on to the fun part!  Upon returning home tonight i was greeted by my wife's plaintive screams of panic "NO!  NOT IN THE SINK!" 
See, we recently acquired a small electric coffee grinder.  Not battery operated mind you,  but a plug in (don't beat me to the punchline) and our "son" (i will save him TOTAL embarrassment by not mentioning names) wanting to help clean was Washing said grinder UNDER a running faucet.  The worst part was still plugged in.
Let that sink in for a minute.
Again no names, but he's WAY old enough to know better.
As I said, it's scary to think that these kids are swimming in the same gene pool as I.  And trust me, some of ';em are treading water in the shallow end!
Work today was once again blissfully brisk!
SOLD THE VINTAGE SUBURBAN!!!  And got two SWEET trades as well!  One is already done and out!  Needed quite a bit of work but was WELL worth it!  this one a Men's Giant with all the trimmings!  Also got ANOTHER (GOODIE) road bike!
The Ladies Schwinn went out to one of our regulars (very happy!) and it was cool to boot.  She shopped with us WAY WAY back, when we were still at the house and still had a credit slip from when she did!  one of our OLD receipts!  A real trip down nostalgia lane!
Had a PLETHORA of re-pairs today as well (thank you so, SO much!) that kept us hopping!  Managed to get the Fuji road bike part-cleaned and through paint, and she'll be together first thing tomorrow!  Put out a real nice ladies banger as well!
So as tomorrow is Saturday we expect to see you all there with sun shiny faces!

7 SPEED 20" MAKO!!!
ONLY $35.00



ONLY $180.00

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Proof of Age

Well today was the day of the "stress test"!
What fun.
First, NO caffeine for 24 hours before the test!
Well it wasn't all that bad.  It gave me an excuse to take out the motorized bike.  Now before you ball me out for not riding a traditional bike, I offer in defence:
1.  My bike is out of commission temporarily.  Ripped out several spoke in the rear wheel in an unfortunate trailer incident, and have not got around to fixing it.
2.  Were I to ride a bike I would have to had left at 7.30 to get there on time, and I am NOT a morning person.
And besides its fun to zip in and out of traffic, instead of waiting in line (heh,heh) AND I got to go up to the top of the parking garage at the hospital! WEE!
SO, being on time I QUICKLY walked past the coffee shop in the lobby (oh the aroma!) and sat dutifully waiting my turn.  First they check your vitals, then they put in a IV, then you wait.
Then they pump you with "radioactive material" (imagine my disappointment when the nurse regrettably informed me that I would neither be endowed with the ability to adhere to walls, nor would my skin turn green and my physique muscular when I became angry) Boohoo.
Then they put you in an open MRI in a VERY COLD room with your arms up for 15 minutes as this things passes over you.
Then you wait.
then they plug you with about a hundred electrodes and put you on a treadmill.  I should have worn my walking shoes.  That's the most exercise I've done in a year.  But I'm proud to say it took some time to get my heart rate up to 150.
then you wait.
then they put you back in the MRI for another 15 minutes.
remove and serve an a decorative serving tray.
But at least it wasn't a total loss.  While waiting and perusing the high quality "waiting room magazines" I discovered That Drew Carey has reinvented "Whose Line Is It Anyways" under the new tittle "improve A Looza" with ALL the original players!  Check it out online.  they do a bit with none other then Charlie Sheen!  Post Meltdown!
Upon arriving at work I was met with a plethora of re-pairs and phone calls from all walks of life!  very EXCITING!
Sold the Catapult without a blink and even got a (soon to be) SWEET Fuji Road bike in the deal!  look for that one tomorrow!  Also picked up a Ladies Schwinn hybrid, another ladies beach Cruiser and a couple more bangers! 
Sold the Schwinn Falcon (another one) to a delightful young man graduating from his training wheels who was QUITE smitten with the ride.  And yes Dad, we will find you one too.
Thanks Loads to our betstest buddy Chip for dropping off his latest creation an AWESOME catch phrase for home made t-shirts (check 'em out below, and me in mine!)  On SALE NOW!  for a paltry $5.00! (insert shameless plug here).
As mentioned the Ladies Schwinn, the Beach cruiser and the acid wash Murray went out today, all VERY nice rides!  Now all we have to do is get out more guys bikes.  A LITTLE thin in that department.  Would have had more done, but the re-pairs have been at an all time high this week (thanks EVER so much for that wondrous gift, folks!  Keep 'em coming!)
AND to make the day all complete upon returning home I was greated with the AWESOME treat of seein my baby Izzy...CRAWLING!  look out she's MOBILE!  Oh she is so DAMN cute!
So, as the night winds down, I'm packing it in to get some much needed R&R to be back at it again tomorrow!
Like Gangbusters!




Wednesday, April 13, 2011


First I'll say today was a real Hootenanny!  I Lost track of what was going on up front as the lovely Angela was running that, 'cause the inmates were having WAY to much fun running the asylum!  We broke out in our own reenactment of "the Birdcage" that had Adam blushing (not to mention a HINT nervous at least I think so 'cause he kept backing up everywhere) and then we got on a character dissemination of "Dora the Explorer" that would have raised some questioning eyebrows!  All the while watching The Godfather trilogy with one eye.
Oh yea, we were able to get some work done too.
Jose' put out (with a little help from yours truly.  Hey it's OK Jose's SPECIAL, and today was his helmet day) a Gorgeous GT timberline, raised from the dead of a scrap truck.  You wouldn't believe the transformation!
I cranked out a SWEET Catapult dual shock MTB (also a frame find) and a couple kids bikes we picked up today!  Adam did his bit (to hide out back) and to clean (a little) and strip down and start to clean and rebuild an Acid Wash Murray.  Yep, no fooling, in the 90's (you know mullets and acid wash jeans) Murray put out a red and a blue acid wash paint job.  Kinda cool though i always like getting them in.
The Dual shock MTB went out to a lucky young lady and we thank her mom for discovering us!  Thanks for checking us out and visiting.  We're very happy we had something she'd like (and more importantly fit!)
And on the "Folks are starting to listen" front, Had an AWESOME call (thank you very much) from A gentleman out on Indian Shores, looking for a bike for him and his wife (I hope it's for his wife or I may have gotten him in trouble!) who somehow got sucked into checking out our little blog site, and apparently enjoyed it (no accounting for taste) He was calling to see if the Peugeot we had listed was available, Surprisingly it WAS.  WAS being the optimum word.  Love our conversation Bill, and really DO look forward to meeting you on Sunday, but as is usually the case around here, you blink...and it's gone!
Shortly after that conversation I had another call from a gentleman in south Clearwater who also came upon the Blog and REALLY wanted the Peugeot and wanted it delivered as he didn't want to risk missing out on it before he was able to get in.  Well Jose was available to get it there so we were able to make a young man QUITE happy!  AWESOME!
And Thanks again to all the folks for bringing us their re-pairs today, ESPECIALLY the young couple who came in with their sons bikes and the youngest boy was SO excited to be getting it repaired so he could ride again!  I LOVED the look on his little face! PRICELESS!
All in all a FAB-U-Lous DAY!
ONLY $105.00

ONLY $125.00!!!

ONLY $145.00