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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If Today's Media Covered The American Revolution.

Dateline London!  1774!  The Empires Colonies, a prosperous extension of our Kings benevolence seem to be having a spot of trouble with a scant few unruly dissidents.  An unkempt, unshaven and all together unruly lot representing a "Marginal" special interest group seem to be completely unappreciative of the blessing bestowed upon them by our magnificent King.  As their message is somewhat befuddled and drowning in rhetoric, and none can agree on even the slightest point or directive  it is all together lost on their more intelligent counterparts in Parliament.  So in an attempt to appease the rather contemptuous sot's, our beloved governance has dispatched a small contingent of "Peace Keeping" troops to sort out this whole Hul-a-baloo.  Of course their presence, as completely well meaning as it was, has been met with unjustified and all together "un-sportsman like" resistance by the unwashed rabble!  And  we are informed by Parliament, an incontestable source has provided "secret" evidence that the colonists have been stockpiling "weapons of Mass Destruction"* And although they can not, for National Security, divulge the source, or evidence, or information, or so much as a momentary looky loo, because our Government says it's so, it MUST be!
Film at eleven!
Yes, yes I know I have once again been sucked in to world events!  Can you blame me?  This is beyond the realm of "fixed and rigged" elections or the forgotten promises of our elected officials, and extends beyond the realm of a scant few controlling financial interests.  This is a bottom floor movement.  It's like the foundation of the worlds largest building, every pillar, every bit of re-inforced slab of concrete crawling out from under the oppressive weight and saying to the pent house "we are SO tired of holding you up, being crushed by your presence, walked on, ignored and pumped full of refuse (hey that's where the sewer pipes end up) You try and stay up there without us!  This thing is MASSIVE!  World Wide.  And what does the media show for it.  You know, the Rupert Murdocks of the world.  Well, google it.  See how few news agencies are actually covering it.  Well yes, a few more NOW are, but check the date stamps on the reports.  This thing started in mid September for crying out loud.  Will it amount to anything in the end?  I'd like to think so, but if history is any marker, and forgive me for saying this as I am NOT a revolutionary, but the past has shown that only armed revolution brings about substantial change.  The only other choice we have, the more SANE choice I might add, it economic revolution.  Think about it, what will the high muckety mucks have if EVERY one of us pulled all our cash out of the bank's?  Closed up our accounts, paid cash for everything.  Cut up the credit cards.  Look at how terrified Bank of America got when just a small group of account holders in New York tired to do this.  They CLOSED THE BANK!  And posted guards at the door, denying their OWN customers access.  They even shut down the website!  Claiming "hacker" interference. 
Food for thought.
On to more personal stuff!  Finished the Panasonic as promised yesterday and MAN is she a PEACH!  New tire's, tubes, FULL re-furb and a nice new set of double sided clip less pedals.  Sold one of the GT to a wonderful "horse trading" couple!  Hope you enjoy!  And as always the bread and butter of our little enterprise, THANKS for the re-pairs!  We do SO appreciate your patronage! 
On today's slot!  Another ladies "Daily Banger Special" that Specialized Hard Rock I keep wanting to tackle, and if time allows a men's "Daily Banger Special" as well!
You all have a great day, and please brave the impending rain and come give us a visit!
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