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Friday, October 7, 2011

And the connection is....?

You know you're hitting middle age when this..
Looks better then this...

So I'm perusing my Yahoo this morning and for some reason take notice of those annoying flashing messages and ad's that are ever present.  As I poke around the days news there they are again.  Everything from Penny stocks, to further education, car insurance etc.  But they all have one strangely familiar theme.  They all feature some scantily clad young female model.  My question is "What's the connection?"  Other then a pretty girl causing a fender bender because the male driver was rubber necking.  But penny stocks?  Further education?  Quite frankly (and no offense to any ladies reading) but it doesn't look to me like education is of a paramount concern to these vacuous individual.  And the thought of them being capable of making a wise stock choice, much less be able to read the NYSE info....? Not so much.
I just find the whole "Sex sells" mentality of the ad world to be rather nauseating.  And offensive.  Not that i have anything against the opposite sex, it's more so the blatant insult to our intelligence.  Hey, stock's are boring.  Insurance may be necessary, but it to...boring. Embrace your minimality!  Reminds me of an older movie about an ad exec that has a nervous breakdown, gets committed, but finds he needs to work.  So he enlists the help of the other patients to begin writing ad campaigns with such slogans as "Volvo: Their Boxy. Their Ugly. But they're safe.  And, Metamucil; "Drink it, or you'll die."  And it turns out to work like crazy!  (pardon the pun) 
In the end, keep 'em covered. 
Had another Fantabulously busy day yesterday!  Thanks to Justin's friend Shawn for picking up the dual shock MTB we put out yesterday.  Had a bit of a race to buy on that one!  As he was looking at it, had a gent from USF on text wanting us to ship it to him, as well as another guy looking to come in and grab it!  Yes she was a beaut of a ride!  Also, thanks to Jim for giving the "Rolls Ross" a good home!  She sat here longer then I thought she would for a "Big Boy" bike! 
As always, thanks to all for the continued trust in us for doing your re-pairs! 
Also thanks to the anonymous gent for the wonderful donation of the older 3-speed touring bike and box of parts!  WOW!  We've already re-painted and cleaned her up and will be reassembling today!
Speaking of GORGEOUS Vintage re-builds check out this SWEET Schwinn Continental 2 road bike from Dec of 1977!!!  Picked it up last week in trade!  She'd been sitting in a garage for the last decade or so and in dire need of a major overhaul, but the body was GORGEOUS!  And wow, what luck!  When she came in, both the front and rear derailleurs were shot!  (Sad face!) But after an extensive exhaustive search of the many forgotten nooks and crannies here at RE-Cycle, we found the EXACT same vintage!!!!  SWEET!  Not only that, but when she came in had no seat, or seat post!  AHHHHH!!  Anyone who has worked on a vintage Schwinn knows that trying to find one of them (due to their narrow diameter) can be a challenge, but once again lady luck was smiling on us, as we had ONE left!!!  SOOOO, everything except the seat is vintage (oh, sorry had to due a cable and housing replace as the original were WAY to far gone, as well as new tubes of course) and we were left, after two days work with one PEACH of a ride!!!
So, check it out as I begin my day anew!

ONLY $220.00!!!!

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