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Thursday, September 29, 2011

God Really Does Work In Mysterious Ways

Things happen for a reason.  Don't pine box me in with the whole "everything is up to fate" crowd, but seem things really do occur with an agenda!  A couple days ago we picked up the black and red ladies cruiser in trade.  A slightly odd looking bike with an even odder color scheme.  Black and red.  Not your typical (if you'll pardon the chauvinistic term) girl color.  Right off I knew this bike was meant for a very specific owner.  Then after completing the rebuild I posted it and moved on, without a backward glance.
It's purpose struck me today like a sledgehammer.  In the middle of rebuilding a Schwinn, got a phone call.  A very shaky, timid voice on the line introduced himself in a very formal manor.  Announcing his name he proceeded to recite a short plea that apparently he had done several times before.  Elderly, living alone, fixed income, having to supplement his food budget by visiting the local soup kitchen, an eerily familiar condition in America today.  Recently he had to sell his car as he couldn't afford to keep it, but lives a mile and a half from the nearest stores.  As he requires the aid of a walker getting back and forth is almost impossible.  According to him he has spent the better part of two days calling around to local bike shops inquiring about the donation of a bike to make the trip easier.  Then he got to us.  And the first thing that popped into my mind was this cruiser.  Perfect for him!  Masculine color but a low step over, comfortable seat, wide tires for balance with a basket for his groceries!  I mean, I couldn't have built him a better bike!
My family and I have found out first hand that there are times in life when you need to rely on the kindness of strangers.  Quite frankly, our little enterprise here is due in part to such kindness.  And I mean beyond the welcome patronage of our customers.  Prior to us becoming "legit" we went through a real rough patch, and folks we didn't even know sent food, money, clothing a wealth of assistance, love and compassion that helped us all to get through it.  Well in the crazy hustle and bustle of getting through the day I  guess I lost sight of that.  But I'd like to do something a little more.  If anyone reading this has any supply of canned or boxed goods (and Thanksgiving Yams.  Who eats those things anyway?) canned meat, soup dinners what have you.  Angi and I are putting together a care package and I'm going to see if I can arrange it with the lady from his soup kitchen, that's giving him a ride, to come down in a week or so to pick it up for him.  So if you have anything you can donate (no cash please) please drop it off at the shop, and we'll make sure it gets to him!  Thanks so much and God bless!

playing fair!

Throughout the day we get bikes in, trade out, sell, and buy.  We keep the highlights for the end of the day but as soon as a bike gets finished we post it on Craigslist.  Well the below bike is so sought after that I wanted to be fair to the crowd that bypasses Craigslist and come straight to our site!  Yes, i know, I'm amazed too!  There are folks out there looking for bikes and they find us, and keep up with it.  kind of makes me feel all warm and tingly!  Kind of like when you put on a soft pair of nylon  I mean kinda like when your favorite football team makes a basket!  Yea...that's it!
Anyway...I digest.
here ya go... A LIKE NEW! (Genuinely...he rode it maybe 10 times) Schwinn Jaguar 7-speed!  The GEM of the comfort cruisers!  A LONG lineage behind it of FINE bikes! 
ONLY $110.00!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Just a moment.

I think head phone should be outlawed.  Ear beads, or pod's or whatever they are, they are retarding a generation.  I have been doing a impromptu scientific observation of family members (mine) who are habitual headphone users (not to mention cellphone Internet connections)  Currently there are three.  And what I have found out is apparently that I say things, I don't say, and don't say thing's I do say.  That when the obtrusive distraction is present, conversation is lost.  Important information is given, but not absorbed.  Only to be lamented at a later date, as to say "you never said that!"
So folks!  Remember the lesson of the Borg drones, and put the technology away!
Am I alone in this?
ANYWAY!  Had a busy, bustling day at the Dungeon.  Many a re-pair, as always VERY welcome!  Sold the little magna we put out to another "tired of walking" sale.  And managed to get out two more cuties!  A nice Ladies 26" Schwinn MTB.  And a rather unique looking ladies cruiser, coming complete with a nice front basket!  SWEET!  And tomorrow will finish up the vintage ladies Schwinn cruiser, and a Kool Kustom's low rider (although I'm swapping out the senseless 20" rims for 24"!) so keep an eye out.
Good night y'all!
ps.  Angie's been sending me more little snip pic's. Below I share a few.
ONLY $80.00

ONLY $75.00!!

Hunh? Who 'Dat?.....Who De're?

Forgive me.
Remember in your youth when you could sleep deprive yourself....for days.  With the only necessary motivation being simply to do it?  While only mildly requiring the assistance of a 2 litre bottle of Jolt.  Or No dooze.  Remember No Dooze?  Do they still make that?  Or did they take it off the market when one too many truckers drove their rigs through a residential area? (visualize the sarcastic pun)
But why is it when you're older and have need for an unending source of energy, none exists?  Or is it me?  Well, Izzy has hit the FULL-ON teething battle!  Poor thing looks like the remainder of her bottom teeth are coming in all at once and she is understandably miserable!  Which needless to say, after Angie's been dealing with it all day, I do the best I can to tale over, however...I'm not Mommy.  And Daddy's torso, while amply cushy and pliable, is not mom's!  So by the time Pumpkin' nodded off, Mom needed to unwind.  So we plopped in front of the tube, and there we foolishly sat until 2.30 am (re)watching the Pretender series.  (It's so funny watching a show from the 90's, that relies on technology, but the cell phones are as big as a Buick, and e-mail is a high tech form of communication)  Well 5.00 am came real quick. And even though it wasn't I who had to wake up the high schooler, I got up at 7 as normal with the elementary kiddo's and promptly passed right back out on the couch.  Which is not always a smart thing to do, as it makes you vulnerable to Owen waking you up. 
Wow!  That was a lot of rambling about nothing!  ANYWAY!  Put out two newbies yesterday 'midst all the re-pairs!  A nice 24" dual-shock 'bangah!  Also a total re-furb on a sweet!!!! Schwinn World road bike!  New tires, the works!!  Also thanks to the young gent for choosing the XR-75 for his latest mode of transport!  Got a cool cruiser in trade towards it too!
All right, I'd best get back to it!
ONLY $45.00

ONLY $175.00!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still A Little Off.

Yesterday could be summed up as predictably peculiar.  The rain came early and stayed...with a vengeance!  Elijah, having the greater distance to travel home from school, had to camp out in the schools library until it let up...a little.  I got a call 10 minutes before the little guys were getting out to inform me that he wasn't going to be able to escort them home and had to scramble.  Thanks to Justin for lending me his ride to go get 'em (and "no" i have no problem getting wet, but I don't want the little ones to get wet.  Although having soggy britches is not the most appealing eventuality)  So having my day broken up in such a way (I am a sad creature of habit) threw me off.  Obviously the customers and looky loo's were at a minimum.  The upside to this was we managed to get the re-pairs caught up with and put out five new rides!  Oh Yea, we're good....we're good! Have another SWEET looking Mongoose XR-75, this ones like new!  Also a nice older Free Spirit "Daily banger Special" Full re-furb, but left the paint alone.  A real nice ladies Quasar MTB, a beginners BMX and a Haro Fox BMX, that is a steal of a price!  Nice components, and mechanically solid, but no paint.  So she has a few chips, but we priced accordingly!
And the real tell tale sign that folks around here are serious about their rides?  As soon as the rain let up around 6.30 folks started pouring in (like that little humorous play on words?  Wow!  I'm witty!) So needless to say I was here past my curfew.  'Twas cool though, helped out a couple of  "I need  my bike for work tomorrow!" 's, and got two sweet trades!  A nice ladies Schwinn MTB and a (soon to be) GORGEOUS Schwinn World road bike.  This one obviously sat in the elements for a while, but after a FULL restore will be a PEACH as the body is pristine!
Taking this all into account, leaving late I packed up the computer and headed home.  Once there and doing the shower and traditional "filling in Daddy on their day's" dealing with the stubborn teen angst (oh, yes...and the fact that Kaleb had another bike stolen from school (the re-built Redline that Mom gave him as a reward for good behavior at school...two weeks ago!, that he didn't lock up 'cause he lost his chain, 'cause he wore it as a belt, and lent it to a friend...etc.etc. et al, adnauseum....) ARRGH! And oh yes, the great "Cheesecake Debacle"!  Bill Cosby once said that "Parents with only one child don't qualify as parents"  I don't necessarily agree with that sentiment entirely, however, there is some truth to the fact that when that is the case, and something comes up missing or goes awry, you pretty much KNOW who did it (unless you have a father who sacrifices up his kids, when HE is the one that did the refrigerator pillaging.  Not that I would know of anyone like that.  *ahem* let's move on...)
So, solely on principal we had a half hour long "It wasn't ME!" fest on how the pieces of Mom's cheesecake got the middle of the night. 
in the end, you'll understand why i didn't blog last night.
I bet you though that this was all going somewhere....
ANYWAY!  Here are the pic's of the new goodies.  Now I am off to work!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Out Of My Element

My usual routine was somewhat thrown askew today.  After finishing my morning computer work, I sent the computer home with Kaleb, as the kids have become aware we have Internet.  Well at the end of my day is when I do the blog, while the day is fresh in my head.  Once I come home and are exposed to children for more then a few minutes...well my brain turns to mush.
 HEY!  No fair!  I tell the jokes around here!
Anyway!  Once showered and in my jammies I sat down to yak about the day, but with the handicap of elapsed time as my erstwhile adversary!  So if I neglect to thank anyone, please accept my apologies.  Sold the ladies Condor to a sweet family searching for their daughter.  Apparently she is the last remaining family member without one.  Well now she has the coolest bike in the homestead!  Also thanks to the dad who picked out the cool XR-75 for his son.  They test drove a few and were very thorough, and settle on the cool looking one!  ALSO!  finally sold the Japanese Humpty Hump bike!  This one is hard to describe.  Has offset wheels and when you pedal the bikes rolls up and down.  Goofiest thing, but a young man and his dad came in, and once he rode it...wasn't leaving without it!  Had many a repair as well, and some long stored repairs picked up as well!
And a VERY Special shout out to the gent who, after 40 years donated his College Raliegh to us!  WOW!  Apparently was doing some garage cleaning and instead of pitching it to the curb, gave it to us to "do as we will"  Well, we will be paying this giant gem a great deal of respect with a full re-furb!  And will be giving some lucky person another 40 years of joy!  Thank you very, very much sir!  Also, a special Kudos and a "RE-Cycle No Prize" to Justin!  He finally figured out the problem with the vintage ladies Schwinn "World Tourist" 5-speed he restored!  Turns out the difficulty with the 5 speed FFS system was a misalignment in the shifter.  And it had me stumped!  The student has now become...the Master.  Very good Grasshopper!
Also put out a gorgeous full re-paint on the Ladies Diamondback 5 speed cruiser we got in a couple of days ago! She looks like a real peach! 
Well, hope you folks have a great night.  I have some wired children I need to put down.  I mean that in the "Putting them to bed sense".

The Fall Birthdays Have Begun!

'Tis the season in our household! 
You would have thought Angi and i would have been more fiscally sound and staggered the births of our children.  As there are twelve Months in the year, and we have only 9 children, I think we could have charted the gestation period for a targeted month, pre-determined for optimum financial outcome.
I blame her.
Walkin' roun' lookin' all fine and $%!+!
But seriously.  We have 1 birthday in May, 1 in June, then 2 in September, 4 in November, and 1 in December, a week shy of Christmas (this one worked out ok for the first few years, we just told him his birthday was special!  And that in celebration of his uniqueness, he got a tree with pretty lights, instead of a cake!  And because he got so many more presents we felt bad and gave the other kids gifts too.)
But if you think about it, it would solve alot of problems!
Yesterday was Logan's tenth!  Had the cake and ice cream (with the industrial size spatula to scrape Owen off the ceiling) the gifts (he's back on Bak-u-Gan) and then movies.  After which the kids hit the sack.  Now Momma has a new toy in the house.  Got wireless Internet for the house. (we gave up on cable a few months back.  Over $100.00 a month...and STILL nothing on!) And she was in hog heaven!  Not only does it work on the computer but her 4g phone is now lightning fast!  She can Facebook at the speed of light!  I watched my contractual obligatory episodes of Family Guy (just finished downloading season 4) and then hit the sack.  her and the older boys must have stayed up real late surfing the web, for when I woke up this morning they were all passed out so deep, i had to check for a pulse! (Ba-Dum-Bump!)
Managed to put out one yesterday (I know, it seems like we're slipping) however, once again had many re-pairs as well!  (thanks to all!)  Also sold the Hyper to Marc, for his little girl.  he took several pics for approval.  And as a dutiful father, waited here while she checked the pics via phone to make a choice. 
Ahhh, technology!
Also traded out the Mongoose BMX for an "Old Skool" custom low rider.  Needs alot of TLC, but she'll be Sharp When she's done. 
Today we will hopefully get these paint projects together.  The bloody humidity back in the Dungeon makes it slow going!  So here's hoping!
ONLY $65.00!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oop's...I did it again...

(NOT sung to the tune of Brittany Spears "Oops, I Did It Again (unless you want a serious injury)
Well, Not sure HOW I did it, but I burnt out another cell phone!  This makes three in the last 60 days!  ARRGH!  So once again had to shell out another $70.00 for a bloody phone!  Not how I wanted to start my day!  but at least things got better!  Having a wonderful rainstorm!  OH yes!  Hot And Wet! Great if the shower!  But it 'aint no good in the jungle!
Anywho!  STILL had many a nice folk coming in to check us out!  Sold the Triax Aluminum first thing to Greg who's been checking us out on the blogger!  Glad we could make him happy!  Also, Thanks to Josh for picking up the Haro BMX!  Originally he was steering towards the Hyper, and even though it's a nice looking BMX, as he is a bigger teenager, i cautioned him that it may not...hold up.  Thanks for taking our advice!  Also, Thanks to Jeffery for making the trek up from Saint Pete to check out....the GARAGE!  That's right!  This adventurous soul braved the wilds of our garage (remember, we cleaned and organized it last month? didn't last!  The kiddo's have been doing their normal bit and have trashed it ONCE AGAIN!  But he's on the search for a couple of vintage bikes for him and his bride.  And as he has recently moved here from the North (New York) he knows the value and longevity of the classics!  Picked out a gem of a three speed to rebuild for him, and was enamored with Angie's vintage Ross, but will have to settle for another re-build for his wife.  Was very nice chatting with him, and hearing his appreciation for what we're doing here!
Managed to put out another nice dual shock MTB, but that's about it.  Sorry.  Have been VERY busy with a multitude of re-pairs keeping us hopping.  PLUS have several re-paint projects which of course take a bit of time!  ALSO  picked up a few real cuties today as well!  A ladies Diamondback cruiser (now in paint) a men's cruiser (in primer) an older ladies Schwinn cruiser (lots of rust but the bodies nice!) a 24' Honda racing bike, a simple Free Spirit MTB, a 24" men's "Daily Banger" and a Schwinn Jaguar (now in paint) 7-speed cruiser!  So MANY new goodies out soon!
So as it is now past the closing hour, I'd best get my tail in a hustle!
Mongoose XR-75 21 speed!
ONLY $75.00!!

hopefully the police will be able to flush out this stain on their fine community and wipe out the crime spree!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The New Phone Book's Here! The New Phone Books HERE!

Wow.  I wish I could get that excited about nuthin'!

Sorry.  Was watching Steve Martin in the nigh on classic "The Jerk"  and that's been stuck in my head all day.
Well it was a bluster of activity earlier today, until the humidity reach like 1,000,000,000 percent and rained JUST enough, to get worse.  Several re-pairs in, and a few upgrades.  Got further on two more bikes, with one other finished.  Hitting some re-paints so they take a LITTLE bit longer!  Also picked up a nice aluminum Mongoose (well it will be nice when I finish) Finally have got my butt into gear on a couple of specials as the parts FINALLY came in!  So check for courtesy pics on those!  Here below is the two new gems out today!  One is the Wal-mart Hyper BMX.  A nice little package with a 3-piece crank, small tooth drive, and orbital brakes.  What we did was replace the cheesy wheel set and fragile (brakes in 30 place within three days) chain, with a tougher gauge, and the seat (which got tore up when the for mentioned chain snapped and pitched the rider) The bikes about two weeks old.  Also a Nice Aluminum frame Triax, we bought originally for the seat that was on it...but i decided to save the whole bike in spite of myself.
ALSO!  Finally have some new stuff from Paco!  Yes we are still working on the strip, but as we are STILL searching for a publisher...well the boy has to focus on what pays his bills!  So check it out!
ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $70.00!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

So much for the bell curve...

Just when you begin to wonder where every one has gone, they show up on your door step in droves!
PRAISE the Saints!  Several of the erstwhile looky loo's over the past week were good to their word and did come back!  Obviously this blog is good for something other then me ranting.  They've been watching it faithfully and picked out some gems!  And for true it was the ones I knew wouldn't last!  Thanks to Kelly, looking to get back into the groove of things picked up the Specialized Hard Rock first thing in the AM.  Her timing of course was perfect as a couple more folks came in wanting the same ride after she left!  And welcome back to the Bird Lady as she came in on Sunday to have a tube fixed on her hubbies three wheeler (that they bought here) and she saw the three speed three wheeler we've had for surprisingly too long, and fell in love.  She picked it up today!  I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did!  I mean a $400.00 bike EASILY and we were only asking $185.00?  WOW!  And to David, glad we could outfit your little girl with a ride as sweet as the one she left with!  Good to see that gem go to a nice home~!  Also to Rock, who got a killer deal on the Giant Dash!  He knew EXACTLY how much of a bargain he was getting!
Also as always, thanks to all the re-pairs for keeping us jumping!
We did manage to put out three new ones through the break neck day, but I forgot to take pics, and I'm already late for dinner, so I'll hit it in the morning!

You're Never To Old To Start Anew!

First day of the week started as any other.  Re acclimating myself to the shop after being off for a day.  Checking the blog stats and e-mails, visiting with Chip on his normal Monday "Humble Day" when I got an unusual call from me mum.  She was calling me to let me know "What was going on up there".  Her and my sister live (still) in Sommersworth New Hampshire.  As with so many families nowadays they live together to share on expenses but apparently things have changed.  Something I'd long ago stopped thinking would happen, has happened.  My mother while attending a family function reconnected with an old family friend.  And apparently old embers were fanned, and as of recent plans she will be moving in with, in her words "the man I will be spending the rest of my life with"
Knock me over with a feather.
Mind you, I warned her I'd be blogging about this!
Truly, not what I'd expected when I came into work this morning. I am however very happy and excited for her. It has been awhile since I heard her so uplifted!  And I am also happy for my sister, as she too can start a new chapter in her life.  Congratulations folks!  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of another inning!

Very busy day!  thanks to Lauren for the very wise choice of the Vintage three-speed Free Spirit!  Wear it in good health!  And to Ben for taking the time to Really check out the Hyper BMX!  Very glad it fit his needs!  Also sold the Trek 220...briefly, until she realized it was to small.  Sometimes people have to find these things out for themselves rather then take someone elses opinion.  SO, it now sits back in the showroom for the next lucky person!  Sold the banger Magna 24" to the friends (or family) of someone who apparently needs to get out and find a job.  
Also had MANY looky Loo's finding us on the blog, via Craigslist.  thanks for all the compliments, and if i only had about twelve Beach Cruiser could have probably sold them all!  However, we did get in quite a number of new pretties today!  WOW!  Got a '10 Giant Dash!  Needed some work, but once done she looks BRAND NEW!  Check out the picks below!  The MSRP on this beauty was $550.00, but we're putting it out for ONLY $310.00!!  Also got in a NUMBER of bangers and parts bikes, plus a REAL NICE Specialized Hard Rock (pic below) that we stayed late tonight to finish up for tomorrow!  AS well as, get this all you vintage BMX fans..A 83 Redline, 24" Race inc 5-speed BMX Cruiser!  WOW!!  it's rough now, but in the process of cleaning and repainting this all original gem!  Will be ready for Monday!
Well, as I said we worked a little OT, and now I'm gonna hit the showers and pass out!
ONLY $310.00!!!

ONLY $135.00!!!

"This is what we DO...!"

(Sung to the tune of "This is what we do" from the TMNT soundtrack)

For, like a WHILE every time we get in an old wreck and before we give it new life, I have that momentary voice saying "You should take a before and after picture"  but seeing as it's the same voice that tells me to do "Bad Things" I ignore it.  Well this time i listen to the voices..(.no not when it tells me to where the Chicken suit and hand out at "Chick Fillet" and postulate on the Christian treatment of poultry) but when it told me to take a before pic!

We got this gem at the bottom of a scrap trailer along with some other better shape bikes, and was about to scrap it out, but upon lifting it noticed "WOW!  this sucker is light!  With closer inspection, under the layers of crappy paint laid a real sweet set of diacomp alloy brakes, and a set of grip like I have NEVER seen! High end Shimano Deore derailleurs, and shifters. Alloy crank set with biopace rings (lending credence to the estimated date of around '86-'87).  And most of all was a couple exciting tell-tale signs that this bike may indeed be an early Cannondale.  First is the squared of rear brake hold, the oval tubing and the seamless aluminum.  But even if it's not this is a gorgeous lightweight aluminum frame with some AWESOME components!  So Now the beautiful....AFTER
stripped it down to bare aluminum, lightly sanded then coat with several coass of anodized blue, then clear coated the bajeebuzz out of it!

Shimano Deore drive system with diacomp stamped alloy brakes with alloy on alloy crank and biopace rings!

new meat on the tires, check out the formed and stamped alloy brake levers!  SWEET!
ONLY $225.00!!!

So that's what we do folks!  Most all the bikes that come through here go through the same treatment as most of them come in in roughly the same shape!  We don't always paint 'em, but Ohhhhhhh they look HOT when we do!  Also, here are two more that went out last night, just didn't have time to post 'em!  All right, back to work now!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

UPDATE: "Daddy Boot Camp"

As some of you may recall from installments earlier this year:  During the previous school year do to some shenanigans from the two older boys at school (some of which resulted in me pulling them from school and putting them in Daddy Home School.  Well, apparently for once my ill-conceived plan worked!  Exposing them  to the harsh realization that they would have to spend all their time with dad, either doing school work, chores, or work at the shop (where Daddy is not, shall we say, understated when he is dissatisfied) seems to have paid off.  They returned to public school this year, with the caveat that should any of the ill gotten behavior continue they would be returned to the salt mines.  Well, I'll be the first to express my shock and awe when I received their first progress report.  Not only has Elijah not missed a day or even a class, but he is only a half a grade away from making the Principals list!!  WOW!  And even though Kaleb had a couple minor slip ups in the very beginning, he to has been receiving c's or better!  Color me impressed!!
Here's hoping for the future!  (please mark the date on your calender to refer to in the event that this current information becomes null and void.
Where did all these lizards come from!  No kidding.  I have about 14 little gecko's in various locals in the store just hanging out.  They don't seem fazed by us at all.  I get right up to them and they just blink at me.  We used to work out doors in our garage for crying out loud and I don't think I saw this many!  Oh well, at least I'm not lonely!
Well managed to put out only one today.  Sorry, have been very busy with repairs, THANKS so much! And many, many, many a looky loo coming in to see what's up.  Nice to see you! But the one we put out is way overly nice!  Some real higher end goodies on this one!  21 speed Shimano equipped, with shift indicators (I've only seen these things on Trek Navigators!  SWEET!  Also got something of a treasure in a scrap buy we did the other day, and didn't even realize what it was until i was about to scrap it out.  Check out the pic below for a before view!  It has been completely tore down and ground down to bare metal.  We're treating it to a candy blue paint right over the bare aluminum, gives it a real unique patina.  It appears to be an older Cannondale MTB!!  WOOF!  Check our pics tomorrow, we should have it all done up!  Well, I'd best be on my way home for dinner and story time!  Logan's reading "Holes"
ONLY $90.00!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kevin Smith is All Grown Up!

For those of you not familiar with his work, Kevin Smith has directed such celluloid treasures as "Clerks" (a project made after leaving film school early, receiving rave reviews at Cannes) and "Chasing Amy" (arguably my favorite, centered around two independent comic book creators acted by Ben Affleck and Jason Lee) as well as 4 more in the "View Askewuniverse" (a Post-"Good Will Hunting" Ben Affleck and Matt Damon" play two fallen Angels in  "Dogma", another great one)
But most recently (as Angi and I viewed last night) was his latest project "Red State"
Based on the Baptist Zealot Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church, it is a riveting, although graphically disturbing representation of the dangers of rampant adherence to fundamental religious theologies, and the post 911 governmental policies regarding them.
Caution, several SPOILER ALERTS!
Self distributed, this film purportedly marks the beginning of the end of Kevin Smiths film directing career.  Sighting many reasons, in short he seems pretty fed up with the film industry machine, and  the fact that marketing a film should not cost four times as much as the film itself, a situation he has described as "both decadent and deadening"
released on "Video on demand" we picked it up on Zune.  On Angi's part, she did not like all.
Very much a switch as the film is billed as a horror movie, but quite frankly I cannot see the reason.  I'd have to categorize it as Action/drama/comedy.
The film relates the tale of three high school boys, utilizing the Internet to "get some".  they hook up with a "next town over"  stereotypical middle aged "trailer trash" Southern girl.  That's when things get creepy.
Seems the old preacher has set up his "followers" to use the latest incarnation of "wanton sin and degradation" IE; The Internet, to ensnare "Godless Homosexuals, and Fornicators"  Well, it's a system that seems to have served them well, as they have ensnared and executed 19 of the aforementioned "insects" (just as a side note the words in " " are there words NOT mine!) and you are witness to the 20th.  and the 21st...the 22nd....etc, etc.  After a series of happenstance set forth from the beginning of the film, law enforcement shows up at the compound, and in turn so does the ATF.  That's when things REALLY get intense!  I'd tell you more but why spoil it.  Suffice to say  The actors give exceptional performances, the writing is filled with Kevin's thought provoking diatribes and wisdom.  The direction and editing borrow from many sources.  The intense pace of a "Bourne-ish" style chase scene, fish eye POV, steady cam, Still cam wide shots that lull you into a sense of tense inactivity, occasional cut and paste editing to quickly move through shots!  WOW!  And in the end a completely surprising, out-of-place, in bad taste but otherwise darkly HILARIOUS climax!  In the end clearly a man of deep opinions regarding religion, government intrusion, and a clear commentary of the innocence of "collateral damage" in any conflict, I have a great deal of respect for this film maker considering how much hate mail he received from the religious sect after filming Dogma (and three death threats) to have the courage to not only go there again, but several paces beyond!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maintenance Tip!

If you are one of many unfortunate bike riders stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire DO NOT use Fix-a-flat on your tire.  For that matter stay away from that Wal-Mart Goop stuff to!  Fix-a-flat is meant for "tubeless" automotive tires.  When it comes time to replace the tube (which will be quickly) you will have to have the tire cut off!  Spare yourselves unnecessarily spending money.  Carry a spare tube, a tire lever (DO NOT use a screwdriver) and a small tool kit with you when you go ridding.
I mention this as our shop currently smells of burnt rubber from just such an endeavor.  Cutting blades and an angle grinder.  There is no substitute!
Well what today lacked in visitors (although much thanks to the many re-pair drop offs!) we made up for in production, and buying!  Picked up quite a few goodies!  And put out four more gems!  Check 'em out below!  Nice (albeit, heavy) Free Spirit Road bike!  Use this tank as a trainer and when you get on a light weight you'll leave the competition in the dust!  Plus you'll have calves that look like Popeye's forearms!  Also put out a Banger mens MTB, a full-rebuild Old school Huffy MTB (can't kill 'em!) and a GORGEOUS SUPER CLEAN, garage stored find in a ladies Huffy MTB!  As well as a couple more bangers on the racks!  So we are DEFINITELY filling up!
Would like to thank Justin for coming in for a while today.  Fresh off the baby assembly line with barely a few hours of sleep, he still came in and helped out.  Although his real motivation, was to get away form it all for a while I'm sure!
Why do you think I work so much!  JUST KIDDING HONEY!!!
All right, I'd best be getting home!  Night ya'll!
ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!

ONLY $50.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!


Like many neolithic knuckle-draggers, I am unashambably a fan of Seth Macfarlanes "Family Guy".  Since it's onset I thought it was a brilliant concept of unapologetic brashness.  Not only stepping over cultural taboos but thoroughly squashing them under it comedic heel!  My wife, bless her heart cannot understand the appeal, and quite frankly refuses to allow me to watch it when shes around.  Granted there have been a few moments when even my iron clad constitution was put to the test (Check; "Partial Terms Of  Endearment") But by and large, I am in gut splitting guffaws whenever I get my turn at the DVD player.
But the latest news I picked up on yesterday has me in a bit of a quandary.  Apparently in a joint venture between Fox and Hanah-Barbera, Seth has gotten the green light on a reboot of....The Flintstones.
I'm not to sure how I feel about that.  I know what limited tidbits I have seen regarding his using The Flintstones and the Rubbles in cutaway scenes in Family Guy as well as "Cavalcade of Comedy" (Where Seth REALLY obliterates ALL boundaries of good taste) and I feel trepidations in regards to his intentions.  Should the Flintstones just become Peter and Lois in animal skins I will be insulted.  (even though Peter and Lois are really just a modern version of Fred and Wilma) And as it is planned for a nighttime "Fox" time slot...well it's anybodies guess!  Now that's not to say that the original Flintstones didn't skate the edge from time to time...OH NO! Check out this subtle little jab at male genitalia that seemed to have escaped the sensors way back when.  And NO, this has not been doctored, It was how it was written and ran....
Not to mention that all that time ago, when people were convinced that smoking wasn't a bad thing, they would run cigarette commercial on TV....
Ahhhh, the innocence of the 60's.
Anyway, Seth whatever you do don't screw up an American Icon.
thanks for keeping me hopping with re-pairs yesterday!  Glad I could be of help!  And A shout out to Chip, for his paying his Monday visit and for cluing me in on a TV Show from WAY back in 1975 "When Things Were Rotten" A short run series (15 episodes) By Mel Brooks, Starring some of the alumni from "Get Smart" that takes place in Sherwood Forest.  Yep, I never new that Mel had done the whole "Men In Tights" things 20 odd years before!  I checked it out on You-Tube.  Yep, they have a couple there!  Check it out!
Now, i had better get busy!
Opps, almost forgot... Here's the male version of the Murray Condor I promised!
ONLY $70.00!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Birth!

Quite literally!  Congratulations to our newest family members newest family member!  Don't worry mom, we didn't have a new baby, Justin did!  he welcomed his first child, a little baby girl into the world around 4.30 am Sunday morning! (why do baby's always come so early in the am) The funny thing was, his wife was set to be induced today.  Apparently the little one couldn't wait.  Needless to say he's taking today off, so I will be flying solo.
But that's OK, I have plenty to keep me busy.  Angie had a productive day yesterday, two of the bangers sold out right fast, and she gave a lucky young man a sweet deal on the GT bump.  He was quite ecstatic to say the least (I'm sure he was well aware of just HOW good a deal he was getting) also have the traditional bevy of Sunday re-pairs to catch up on, not to mention the re-pairs from last week awaiting parts!
Yesterday was a lazy day for me and the kids not much to write about.
So I will just be getting a move on, and hopefully have exciting things to re-port tonight!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well it may have been rainy, but at least it was real humid!.

Nope.  NOT a misprint.
Well, as the rain wained some folks risked it and headed over.  Sold the DBS to a young gent in need of "getting to work" transport.  And Justin's sister came in and picked out two of the little princess bikes we have a plethora of!  And as ALWAYS thanks for the opportunity to help keep you all rolling!  But remember ALWAYS ride with brakes on your bike!  Are you listening kiddos?  I know it's the cool, hip thing to strip the brakes off and use your feet to stop (or shove the toe of their shoe between the top of the front wheel and the fork!  no....I'm not kidding.) but you don't always stop in time.
Sometimes, large, solid, rigid structures have a tendency to jump out in front of you at incredible rates of speed.
Such as the brick and concrete pillars outside the bike shop.
They're real tricky, and like to sneak up on boys on BMX's who aren't paying attention, thusly not being able to stop in time.
Yes...Kaleb is recovering from his minor injuries, nicely.
Oh, please....don't get me started.
On the lighter side of the news....
Seriously, he's OK.  Bruised finger, couple cuts and a nice but of brick rash on his face.  (trust me he gets off lightly with this stuff.  Anyone else would have been in traction)
Managed to get three new ones done today!  A real, real, real sweet looking vintage men's Free Spirit 3-speed re-furb/re-paint!  A nice little banger BMX, and the female in a pair of Murray Condors (the men's should be done Monday) Oh these things are SO precious!  They are spotted Condors!  Whoever came up with these paint schemes apparently was color blind and had free rein!  But I have to begrudgingly admit...I like these wild color schemes!  Very Retro!  (sad when the stuff you grew up with is now retro!
All right, Angela is asking me "How much longer" so i had better get a move on!
ONLY $35.00!!!


ONLY $65.00!!!

...Maybe I should sell canoes and rubber rafts?

Did they transport us all, en-mass to Washington State as we slept.  I saw this once.  Star Trek, Insurrection.  Where they were going to sedate all the inhabitants and transport them to another planet on a hologram ship.
The rain is enough! 
Granted, gives us PLENTY of time to build bikes, but I don't think we have had a dry day in over a month.
OK, OK I'll stop crankin'!
Well, thanks to the folks who came in with the donations yesterday.  The admissions nurse who was a HUGE help to my wife when she was being admitted into the hospital earlier this year remember us and our shop and while cleaning out their garage found an old pair of his and hers Murray's.  Cute little numbers, teal and black spots!
So if you have nothing better to do, throw on your slickers and pop on in!  Save us from our mutual boredom!

Friday, September 9, 2011

An Epiphany After More Than 33 Years!

We all have achievements in life we are proud of.  Some may change the world, topple Governments or earn gold medals, but by and large they are comprised of little, personal ones.
Mine may seem trivial to some, but beyond the birth of my children (which in all honesty I have to share a little of that glory with my wife.  She helped.) one of my greatest feats I am most proud of?  
I saw Star Wars 126 times.
Empire Strikes Back 87 times.
Return of the Jedi 112 times.
Yes I know, in today's day and age of technical marvels and on demand TV, but kiddo's let me tell you a secret (and my kiddo's can't fathom this reality) this was back BEFORE VCR's, Beta Maxes, DVD, or Blue Ray.  No downloads or Internet.  OH NO!  If you wanted to see a movie (edited films on TV not withstanding) you went to the Theatre!  So seeing a movie THAT many times, in the theatre not only drained your allowance (for several months of advances) but took some creative maneuvering!  Especially growing up in a town that had only ONE screen!!
So why do I bring this up? (desperate for writing material) Because today for the bazzilionth time I was watching my well worn VHS set of the films as we were working. Chip stopped in to say hi, and to drop off some goodies and as he noticed what we were watching told us he had seen a T-shirt at the mall depicting a Storm trooper with an angry face and the caption red "I had friends on the Death Star!"  Well for some reason that started le thinking...Luke Skywalker was a JINX!!
I mean think about it.  First his aunt and uncle get it.  Some guy kickin' it with his buds in some dive listening to tunes gets his arm sliced off,  Ben picks a bad fight and sacrifices himself after he just met the guy (OK you find out later on he helped hide the kid, but really).  He then toasts the Death Star and waste untold thousands of lives!  I mean could you imagine.  Here's some schlep who can only find work scrubbing garbage mashers (and how come if the Death Star is so new, the garbage mashers are SO rusty?) to send cash home to his family on Hoth so they can pitch in for heating oil and Taun Taun meat, and he get's toasted for it! Then Han gets pickled in carbonite just so Luke's dad can test the freakin' thing!  Then, all the folks working on Bespin are OUT of work, just because of some Shakespearean fratricide!  SO Now we got poor Yoda, wasting away (literally) and all Luke worries about is "Oh my god!  I wanted to bang my sister!? Then a bunch of shag rugs dressed in bones get burnt up cause they're only crime was covering for him so he could have a weekend at Dad's place!  And in the end, the son of the other poor schlep who now has to work on the NEW Death Star cause for some reason dad's checks stopped coming in, buys the farm as well!
Seriously, you see this guy coming. RUN!
Yep.  These are the things I think about while working on bikes!
Speaking of which (that's called a segue!) got three new goodies out!  The sweet tandem!  A really fine 2009 GT Bump, and another banger which quite frankly REAL sweet, considering EVERY component on that thing was rusted SOLID!
Must have been stored on the Death Star!
ONLY $185.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!!

Pummeling A Deceased Equine!

I mean no disrespect to the casual cyclist who still requires internal combustion to propel themselves to and fro.  Or the Occasional rider who would not relinquish there automobile for the same emotional reasons we Veloists anthropomorphize our cherished (albeit somewhat less then new) bicycles. But at times situations arise around the camp fires here that are a sad statement on current world affairs, and bear repeating.  Especially when it happens twice in one day.
First.  A wonderful lady visited with some treats in the back of her 2000 and something Suburban.  Three potential bangers rescued from the confines of their garages hidden nooks.  Her reasoning for the sale?  Cleaning the garage ostensibly, but the underlining reason?  Gas for the remainder of the week until her check comes in.  Hey, no shame there.  We have ALL been down that road at least once in our lives.  (I shudder to think just how many of my power tools now sit in someone Else's garage as I had to pawn them to pay a light bill, or buy diapers!)
Shortly there after had a gent visit driving a rather pristine looking little sports car (Hyundai I think)  Jutting from the sparse trunk space was a high end Specialized.  Appearing as though it had barely been ridden.  Looking to sell for a reasonable (although a little to rich for our blood) price.  We unfortunately had to pass.  I felt poorly too, as his reasoning was needing to raise capital to pay his car note.
The morale of our story?  Well, I do not wish to appear as if i am making light of these folks situations, I merely mention them to make a subtle (as if I can ever be accused of being subtle) point.  Perhaps, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you could pause a moment and take account of your dilemma.  Whereas selling your bike (or computer, TV or tool collection...whatever) may provide a temporary solution to your problems, if your problem is keeping and maintaining or running or insuring or fixing your car is your problem, is it worth the sacrifice?  Think of how much the current resale value of your vehicle is.  If it blue books for $10,000, could you sell it to a reseller for $5,000?  Or Craigslist it for $8,000?  And how much would your current predicaments improve with an extra few K in your bank account (not to mention all the green you'd save on gas, insurance, re-pairs etc.)  And how better would you feel shedding a few pounds by riding or walking to work each day?
Look, I know it's not for everyone, and some would have to be dragged, begrudgingly, kicking and screaming  away from fossil fuels. But give it some thought

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So...there you go.

I have a household of sickies I have to get to.  So tonight is a short.  Got three close to done!  A ladies 5 speed cruiser, another tandem and a vintage mens free spirit 3 speed.  We did finish a Mongoose Holligan, but no pic as that one sold before I could even take one!  Also finished another Big Boy!  This time a Riva!  So check out the goods and talk at ya soon!

ONLY $95.00!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Fun And Productive Day!

Put out three new gem's today!  And got the latest Tandem cleaned and painted and ready for assembly, as well as another Riva "Big Boy" ready for assembly tomorrow first thing!  Would like to thank a returning customer Diane.  picked up her third bike!  This time she chose the beautiful "Ike Bike" custom!  Her son is in LOVE!  PLEASE make sure you keep it chained up when in school!  And would like to thank Vicki for coming in to outfit some of her family.  They left happy campers with the ladies "Daily banger Special" the custom B<X, and the sweet Mongoose beginner BMX!  Also as always thanks for all the trust in your re-pairs!  And man were we FLOODED with those today!  WOW!  So check out the latest additions, as I swim home for my shower!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!
 And please check out the latest strip!  I LOVE what Paco did with the perspective on this one!

I Think We Could Do With A Little Less "Character Building"

As the old saying goes "Adversity Builds Character"  Hence the lessons of ABC.  However when that adversity come's from a combination of issues which we saw coming but choose to ignore.  
Due to time constraints and the organization of our household, I don't do much grocery shopping of late.  For a while to be precise.  I don't even pay much attention to how much my wife spends on preparation of meals.  The other day however my elder boy, Elijah did the customary stop off at the shop on the way to the grocery store to get that evenings dinner (in our home we shop each day for meals.  These are children that if you left butter in the house for more then a few hours, they would eat it!) So I handed him $40 for dinner, milk and soy for the baby and sent him on his merry way.  Several minutes later he re-turned, stating he needed $20.00 more as he was short.  Well of course in traditional "Daddy" fashion, I spouted off!  Accusing him of "getting to much!" and "Not Shopping wisely".  He stood blank faced until I finished my tirade, then took the twenty anyway.  Upon arriving home I questioned Angela, and she assured me that prices were going up.  WAY up!  
I was skeptical to say the least.  
Forgive me, as I am sometimes a little behind on the times, but this morning I caught this little news gem that has me a tad concerned!

4 Rising Food Costs That Will Hurt Your Wallet

Prices are on the rise in grocery stores across the country. You may not notice the changes right away; that loaf of bread may be only a dime more expensive than it was last year. The soda you buy may be the same price but it's now 1.5 liters instead of two. Many of the major cereal manufacturers, such as General Mills, have warned of impending price increases.
Why Are Grocery Prices Going Up?
While almost every grocery store aisle is affected by rising prices, a large part of the reason all comes down to two commodities: wheat and corn. Both food staples have been hit hard for the past two years - a combination of climate change, natural disasters and crop disease. Russia has experienced severe drought for the past two years and had stopped exporting wheat altogether to ensure enough of a domestic supply. They have resumed limited exports as of July 2011 but supplies are still short. A disease called wheat rust UG99 has wiped out crops across Africa and is spreading to other wheat-producing countries at a rapid pace.
There have been many corn crop failures across North America also, but the real culprit for corn is that it is being used to make ethanol, an arguably sustainable fuel. Hundreds of thousands of acres that once grew corn for people now grow it to power our cars.
At first glance, it may seem like these increases will only mean you'll be paying more for a few grocery items like bread and popcorn, but wheat and corn are included in the vast majority of foods that you may eat every day. Here are four areas where you will see rising prices.
1. Cereals, Breads and Pasta Products
Most processed cereals are made from corn and these will be hit hard by price increases in the next year. The commodity price of corn has nearly doubled since 2010 and is rising again due to the massive drought Texas is facing. Breads, rolls, cakes and cookies will all rise in price from the steep jump in the price of wheat. According to food manufacturers, the industry has been holding back from increasing retail prices but cannot absorb the costs any longer.
2. Sweets
Most processed "sweets," from soda to cookies to jam, are made with high fructose corn syrup. The lack of corn supply is causing prices in these areas to steadily rise. Watch out for shrinking packages, as well. Many companies will keep the same price point but drop the amount you get.
3. Beef, Pork and Chicken
Almost all industrialized meats fed on corn, mainly because it was the cheapest feed available. As the price of corn rises, there are still no cheaper alternatives, so the price of meat rises because of the higher input price.
4. Cat and Dog Food
Pet food contains grains in one of two ways: processed dry food often contains corn as one of its primary ingredients and canned food contains meat chunks or wheat-based thickeners. It's not just the cost of human food that will go up.
The Bottom Line
You might not be able to do anything directly about rising grain prices, but you can shop smarter. Look for loss leader sales on those groceries that you purchase regularly. Make more of your own food directly from raw ingredients, such as cookies and rolls. Pet food can be stored for six months to a year so stock up when you can find a good price. Paying more attention to prices in the grocery store will help you stretch your food budget the farthest.


 I can only say we have been a tad bit Polyannish.  I do recall warnings regarding genetically modified crops, that had not been suitably field tested.  Could that have had anything to do with the strain of crop killers?  Also In the Presidential debate in 2000 (remember that travesty?) the right side of the isle boasted the benefits of Ethanol.  MANY warned of the possible ill-effects of dependency of a food product for fuel.  Especially one SO important a staple in our current food chain!  So odd that all the warning and cautions the "Tree Hugging" alarmists that were so harshly marginized and ridiculed now seem to become realized.
in the end, it is definitely past time to make some harsh changes in our lifestyles.  Not wanting to sound like a profiteer, mind you but as I have stressed in the past one sure fire way of saving yourselves some green, while becoming green is park the gas guzzler and start walking or riding a bike to work.  But it here, or somewhere else, that's fine.  But do as so many are starting to realize is the wise choice.  Help save a corn field today!
The Taco you save, may be your own!