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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bird In The Shop Are Worth Two In The Bush!

Have had many a unique visitor in our little shop.  The Newest one this evening has me stumped.  As we were preparing to shut down for the evening Kaleb pointed out that we had a new patron, that stood about 6 inches tall.  The cutest little green and blue Finch sat proudly atop the rim rack suspended from the ceiling in the Dungeon peering down at us.  As fall in Florida allows us the Luxury of leaving the doors open (and the AC OFF!) it also invites visitors.  We are used to the lizards but this would have to be the first bird.  And try as I might, I couldn't entice it to fly out.  So, with no other recourse I was forced to pick up some bird seed and a water tray to leave with it for the night.  I have no desire to starve the poor critter.
Well, thanks to Bill for referring Dewey to us.  He came in and picked up the flashy Raleigh M55 for his new ride!  Also thanks to Gabby and her Mom for visiting and picking up the 12" little Princess.  As well as the other nice family who picked out the purple 12" Princess pearl.  A shout out to our new friend from Cape Cod.  He does the same thing as us up their in the summer months then vacation here for the winter.  Yes, prices are that much higher up there as to afford a winter retreat down here.  Also a thanks for all the "Anonymous" referrals we've been meeting lately!  Seems a lot of folks looking for bikes and re-pairs have been told about us from all corners of life!  Thanks so much! 
Well Justin's about 80% done with another three wheeler.  This one's a classic European model.  Full re-paint and refurb on this baby!  Metallic blue and chrome, Looks REAL sharp!  The Specialized Old School Hard Rock fought me most of the day but looks to be WELL worth the effort!  She'll be up and running late morn tomorrow!  Well tonight I bid an early good eve' as Last night's bout of sick babies has me a tad winded!

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