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Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Thank you Andre'...I'll have the Veal picata.

I love days that leave my head reeling!  And i don't mean in a bad way, either.  I want to thank all the wonderful folks that came in today!  You Kept us HUMMIN"! 
My deepest thanks to the gentleman from (sorry...somewhere far from here) who had all the nice words today and was quite happy  with the Free Spirit rolling outta here that he saw on this Blog.  WOW!  My face is blush, and we are immensely more excited because he's another CONVERT!!!!  YAY!!  And he's going all the way, listing his car on Craigslist today!  AWESOME!!!  That's one more who have come to the light side of the force!
Had a cool dude pop in and pick up the Murray cruiser 'cause (say it with me)...HE WAS TIRED OF WALKING!!!  I'm sure it'll give you days of fine riding!  (Oops, did I say Days, I meant YEARS!)
And thanks to the gentleman who knows what he wants!  And we'll be building him up the three speed three wheeler quite nicely thank you very much!  Hope he loves it!
The Last remaining (although I'm sure there will be more) 24" ladies MTB to an excited young lady today, who was just tickled pink her Daddy splurged (and my condolences to her sister who "already had a bike at home"  Maybe some other time)
And a Shout out to one of our resident "frequent Fans" working on a plethora of concepts!  He had a real unique one today, A motorized Huffy Cruiser, with another female cruiser hooked up by the front forks on the back wheel!  Looked real cool, to bad it didn't work out.  But I applaud his efforts to get his wife out and moving.  He was so inspired that he decided to have us build up the '68 Schwinn Tandem we have back in the garage, guaranteed to be a little more "safe" for his beloved and himself!  And he wants it in her favorite color, Purple!  Now THAT'S a man who loves his wife!
And to our favorite resident inventor, welcome back, getting more parts for his tandem 3-wheel creation which apparently NOW will have disc brakes!  (I came to that through intensive deductive reasoning, and him buying the rotor and brake caliper was the deciding piece of evidence!)
And to the Group of Inventors from the University, your order will be filled post haste, sorry for the delay (and my "scattered brain")
And as ALWAYS, so much great thanks to all the re-pairs we saw today!  We do so appreciate the trust you place in us!
The work was a blur today.  Jose' put out three more (just In time as the last three days have been almost a sell out!)   And they are BEAUTS! 
Zombie-Boy, back from the dead is almost done with his twin Schwinn's, and the Redneck 3-wheeler, then tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have 'em on to specials.
And me?  Well between answering phone calls (and thanks for that too!) and talking with folks, and TRYING to get Kaleb on Virtual School (their system kept going down.  Oh THAT'S not a good sign!) I managed to finish the MONSTROUS Panasonic DX-2000.  No kidding folks, aside from the clown bike, this is the BIGGEST bike we have EVER had here! 70CM center pipe!  Standing next to it the seat is almost at my armpit!  I test drove it and had to change my position in the choir from Bass to High Alto!  WOOF!  This is the perfect bike for someone 6"4' or above.  But MAN does she look sweet!!
And Hiddey Ho to all the cool Looky Loo's coming in to "see what we're all about!"  I LOVE it when I hear that!
Below are the new goodies, and I am gonna git, take a shower and macrame my butt to the couch!

Gorgeous Ladies Hybrid

Always a Crowd Pleaser

As I Said...
Vintage, Rare Panasonic DX-2000
ONLY $190.00!!!

Lovely Ladies "Daily Banger Special!!"
ONLY $70.00!!!

Post Sunday!

I figure out something yesterday.  Apparently one of the reasons I had NOT taken a day of in three years was not only due to my dedication to work, but the fact that I really couldn't stand to be in our old house that much.  Every time I was there I would always be looking around at the mass of projects that really needed to be done, but couldn't be.  And it was depressing.  Now, I get up, we do our cleaning chores then hang and enjoy one another.  I think that's called "Family Time"  (although we still have a But-load of laundry!  Special tip O' the old chapeau to miss Lisa for the Washer and dryer!  We now have 3 sets, with one set working!) And not to mention, being with the kids one on one as My lovely wife has HER day off watching the store gives me MUCHO material for the comic strip! ( wrote 8 yesterday alone! 
And speaking of my wife, I must really love her, ALOT as I found myself sitting and watching the Oscars last night.  She wanted to see if mention was made of Twilight.  And let me tell you, I CAN'T STAND award shows!  Why?  I enjoy the work of actors, I'm a movie buff, no lie.  But I fall in love with the characters, and stories.  The actors are vessels, becoming the characters.  I don't want to know these people personally!  I've met a few "Famous" people before, and the fantasy was shattered, so I shy away from this stuff.  Not to mention the cheesy musical numbers, stale, poorly rehearsed banter and jokes!  EUCH!  The day they vote an animated film for best picture...then maybe!
Yesterday was a flurry of activity here, as it was a beautiful day!  The SWEET Raleigh Road Bike sold to a very astute gentleman with an eye for the finer things in life!  And I was called up to the shop a couple of time to access some purchases.  got in a couple little kids bikes and a really nice ladies Hybrid that as we speak is being worked on by Jose', and a (soon to be) sweet Haro F1 BMX!
Whatever else may have occurred, I have no idea so if I fail to send thanks, please forgive me.  Although I do know that many re-pairs came and went, so I thank you all, deeply for your trust and patronage!  KEEP EM' COMIN'!!
Today is shaping into a good day and we have many projects on the racks to go!  So I'll be visiting with you later!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A brief Pause.

Zombie Boy needs my bay.  Really messin' with my Zen thing, Man!  All ready done 5 re-pairs, and trying to continue on the BIG Panasonic!  Not to mention watching the COOL box set of Wallace and Grommit i picked up earlier at the thrift store. FIND!  So I thought I'd take a sec and check on my E-mail, and Lo and Behold Paco has sent me two more finishes!  WAY!  If you're new I write and Paco renders his artistic flair to a comic strip about the biggest influence in my life...My family!  So check out to see all that has come before, and check out the newbies below!

IT's Saturday!

AS PROMISED!  A beautiful, Sun Shiny, Air Freshy, Nice and Warmish Day.  NOW is the time to be out and enjoying it!  Your skin pallor, appearing somewhat grayish, eyes dulled by the artificial light of the indoors, go and regain your HUMANITY!  RIDE A BIKE!! 
 You don't HAVE a BIKE?!!?
Get your Butt down here STAT!  and we'll Hook you Up!
You know, odd observation, but one I must relay to you (as a SUBTLE amplification of my point)  Over the last few weeks (and in general the life of our business) we've had folks coming in to sell us bikes (no that's not the observation, DUH!) and the reason for their relinquishing their bikes, most commonly is they need gas money. 
Now I have never been accused of being sharp witted, so it comes as no surprise that the Epiphany did not come to me until the other night "Why sell the bike for GAS?  Why not park the car...and RIDE the BIKE?"  Perhaps it too did not dawn on them that a bicycle, while making a lovely addition to any garage wall, or back porch also doubles in some instances as...TRANSPORTATION!
I mean color me crazy, but if your low on cash, ditch the money guzzler and start peddling!
Just a thought folks, but a wise one (hey, it happens to me from time to time, even a blind squirrel gets a nut ONCE and a while!)
It has been said that you can't live without a car.
To that I say "No, you can't be LAZY without a car!"
All right on to...
MOVIES!  Friday night movie night came and went, and for the kiddies it was "MegaMind"  Will Farrel, Brad Pitt.  Nice twist on the superhero Genre.  Very Cute.  And for Mom And Dad, "Going The Distance"  Folks, i haven't laughed this hard in AGES!  Awesome cast!  Justin Long (can NOT go wrong with this guy!) Drew Barrymore (LOVE HER!!) and amongst others in the supporting cast. Christina Applegate, WOW!  was I ever surprised with her performance!  She Plays a neurotic mom AWESOME!  Check this one out ASAP!
And work!  Well the Zombie-Boy watch is over, he has once again returned to the roost after an unannounced hiatus to recover from...I don't know what.  So we are back at it, with gusto!
Come On IN AND ENjoy the FUN!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Middle Age

Yep.  Without a doubt, I have hit it.  Somewhere along the way that which is attractive and appealing to the younger man, no longer seems to hold importance.  Now I realize that when some men go through their "mid-life" crisis they turn to fast sporty cars, younger women or other such trappings to rekindle the spirit of youth.  I, apparently (and thankfully) seem to have taken another route.  Gardening. 
I went to bed last night genuinely excited for the morn, as I had made arrangements with Angi to open up so that I could get the yard in order.  Oh believe me when i say, that the house we have taken over had a shame full mess for a yard, back and front! And i was bound and determined to turn it around.  And with the Help of Kaleb (on Daddy Day camp, remember) and later Owen and Rozy, we weeded, pruned, planted, raked, mulched, tilled soil and in the end came up with 33 bags FULL of debris!  But Boy and Honkin what a GORGEOUS YARD!
Now I gotta hit the backyard!
BUT, that will have to wait as tomorrow I'll be back in the saddle here!  I have the SWEET 67cm Panasonic DX-2000 in Primer and want it DONE!  As well as several more SWEET projects I got off a Salvage truck yesterday! 
Apparently everyone else was quite busy today with ALOT of re-pairs, but no sales!  LOTS of Looky Loo's though, which is always welcome.  And as tomorrow IS Saturday, well most of what is here will probably be going home with some lucky folk!
So, as it promises to be ANOTHER lovely balmy day I expect y'all to come and say, HEY!
"till then!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe I have a secret identity, and don't know it.

All is right with the world.  I had thought I lost it in the wilds of the Dungeon, but I have once again regained my copy of "The Bourne Identity"!  So I am a happy camper once more.  Now, if I could just find the second one!
*Knock* on wood, today went off without a hitch!  No material for me to curmudgeon about, but I can deal with a day of boredom.  Day 5 of the Zombie-Boy watch.  NO idea!
Jose' had us in stitches today with his whole "no speak English" bit, and unfortunately i was on the phone with a customer at the time, they probably think we are insane.  not a leap of faith I would guess. 
FINALLY got in most of the parts we ordered about a week ago.  I feel so professional having tubes again!
I would like to thank all the folks coming in to visit, and saw a few RE-Cycle Old timers hadn't seen in awhile, just poppin' in to say HEY!  Sold the Ladies Schwinn, without batting an eye.  I love a customer who knows what they want when they see it!  You will have years of enjoyment from that little gem, I assure you!
And the Gentleman who does not question his masculinity whom needed a ride to the construction site, he picked the purple and pink pacific.  Good choice!  Well, doubtfully anyone will steal it.
Got about three new gems today, the show room is getting full once again! 
Thanks so much, to Lisa a good customer and a great friend for all the help she has bestowed upon us during the move, and IZY (and mom) LOVE the high chair!  Comes in REAL handy! 
The cats are having issue with adjusting, although Little Miss, Maxie, and Willamina seem content, TC is kinda in and out (at least to eat) but Raptor and Mamma cat keep going back to the old place.  Hopefully that stop.
Well i gotta get going as Logan stepped up last night and cleaned the kitchen when no one else will, and as a reward he wants to play a game of Battleship with Daddy!
Y'all Have a good night and we'll see ya tomorrow!
ONLY $70.00!!

ONLY $80.00

ONLY $105.00!!

Why Oh Why, Firefly?

I think I have proven that I am not necessarily HIP on the newer manifestation of modern Pop culture, so it should not be a surprise when i tell you that i did not become aware of the existence of the STELLAR Joss Wheadon, Fox aired masterpiece "FireFly" until a few YEARS after the release of Serenity.  I was working on a home remodel in Saint Pete back in '07, and helping to install a flat screen tv when the "lady" of the house, Wade (it's Saint Pete folks, get with the times) wanted to test it out and put in "Serenity".  Now I Love Sci-Fi (big shock, hunh?) but I had heard nothing about this, He gave me the rundown and that it was based on the Fox show.  Jump ahead a year my wife and I are poking around the Library and find the DVD of the series.  She rolled her eyes as if to say "ANOTHER sci-fi show".  But when we sat down to watch she became as engrossed as me.  Imagine my dismay when I realized that it was only aired for half a season.  Like SO many thought provoking, original, well cast, entertaining programs, it was given the AX!  I guess they had to make way for another mind numbing, brain dead reality show about somebodies Boobs or something.  Well fast forward to today, as I was opening up my home page on yahoo and in the little box to the right under "hot topics" or what have you was "FireFly"  OH color me Interested, i jumped on it. 
The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the cult-hit and will air the series in its short-lived entirety, plus some new extras. Science Channel will wrap each episode with interstitial segments starring renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show’s sci-fi concepts.
(ABOUT TIME)!!  So hopefully this may show SOMEONE with pull that this show has an audience and appeal!  Before the actors become to old to reclaim their roles!  Here's hoping!
So on to Work!  Jose' AL:READY has two more in the bag and working on # 3!  I will be moving my bulbous butt shortly there after to get a few done! 
Speaking of Butt's Check out this scene from "Firefly" (nice segue, Hunh?) Then rush out BUY the DVD compilation AND the Movie "Serenity!"

ONLY $95.00!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parts is Parts!

WELL!  Puddles is really earning his keep around here!!  Not only does he keep the place clean (and can get in the rafters a HECK of alot easier then this Old Man, But My lifelong (those are shop years!) dream of having parts cleaned, and organised and on the showroom floor is COMING TRUE!  YAY!  Gone are the days of hunting for hours to find a top load derailleur, or a set of cantilever brakes!  Then spending time cleaning and assembling!  Now it's as simple as going to the bin grabbing a CLEAN AND ASSEMBLED part and putting it on!! WOW!!  At the rate he's going the entire stock should be complete by months end!!  AWESOME.  And Jose' has been POUNDING out the rides left and right!  3 to 5...a DAY!!  And they don't fall apart when you ride them! BONUS!!  Zombie-Boy is STILL MIA, but I did hear from his roomy that he's been quite ill with a stomach virus.  Yea OK, you can stay away with that, thank you very much I have NO need to share that bug!
Jose' put out three more today (one gave him a run for his money...BIG TIME!  Those pic's will be tomorrow, and yes I haven't forgotten the pics from yesterday are below. 
Thanks to all the folks coming in today, being such a GORGEOUS Florida Spring day!  Sold the Banger from yesterday, as well as a little girls bike (SURPRISE) to a wonderful lady down visiting, and I'll tell you if you have to haul bikes get a Sonata!  We fit both in the back and were able to close the trunk!  UNBELIEVABLE!  Many curious Looky Loo's today, ALWAYS welcome! And thanks to the gentleman who came in to buy bike #3, this one for his other daughter, I do hope she enjoys, and we have put the trades to good use already!
ME?  I Cleaned the front of the shop to make room for our WALL 'O PARTS! And to condense all the clutter!  Thank you as well to the gentleman designing and building a three wheel multi-speed tandem.  WOOF!  quite an undertaking!  I'm glad we could help with parts, and stand ready to do so again when needed!
NOW before I close out for the day, what blog would be complete without an observation of the "Pains Of Youth!" (I think that will become a regular segment here...sadly)
I do so wish that I could become a teenager again, not so much for the youthful body and strength, but more so for the fact that I then too would KNOW EVERYTHING!
Whatever do you mean by that? you may ask.  Well my oldest teenager, forever knowing better then his father had been bugging for quite some time that he needed a new bike.  The Nishiki he acquired from his younger brother in a "questionable" trade last summer was far to small for him.  He's 6"1 and weighs 200 pounds.  A BIG boy.  Well recently we purchased a SWEET Takara Big Boy framed bike converted to a hybrid to sell.  he saw it, fell in love with it and to stop his incessant whining I acquiesced on the provision that he care for it!  Well at our new home we have a semi enclosed vestibule, but still open to the outside.  I had told him NIGHTLY NOT to leave it chained outside, but apparently opening the garage was FAR to much work and he chained it to the wall, against my advice...of course.  Well guess what WASN'T there this morning?
WOW, you got it on the first guess!  Good for you!
Keep an eye on the blog and I'll update you on when he asks for another one!  Should be funny.  And a genuine challenge to remove his moms size 8 an a half's from his backside.
Y'all have a great night and we'll see ya tomorrow.
THE "Wall O' Parts!!" Begining!  I'm SO GIDDY!!
(no the robo-dino is MY toy...NOT for sale!)

ONLY $180.00

Beutiful Stylish lug Work and Wrap around Seat Stay and full chrome forks!  WOW


ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $55.00!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breath...just breath

I'm a little better now, thanks for asking!  I'd like to thank the wonderful folks that came in today.  The young lady bringing in her bike (bought here several months ago) for a conversion to single speed.  She'll look like new, once again.
And the young man who's been following the Blog and came here all the way from Sarasota, not only to have us re-furb and re-paint a REAL SWEET Diamondback RB, but to also bring us two Gems!  A Vintage Raleigh Road bike that has some of the most lovely lug work I have EVER seen!  And a (soon to be) Nice GT MTB Cross!  As I had said , my last entry was cathartic, allowing me to free my mind to concentrate on the important things, and get some bikes out!  Paco's put out two bangers!  One a bugger of a challenge Magna dual shock MTB, and a real nice looking higher end Road master...YEA, No Kidding, v-brakes and everything!  I put another Dual shock Magna in paint, and working on the aforementioned Raleigh, as well as prepping two others.  So we are filling up once again!
Pics will be posted tomorrow (my camera does NOT take good pics after dark, sorry!
And Kaleb and I had a heart to heart (I'm a sucker for that Brad Pitt pout of his) He is a good kid for the most part, just has a few loose screws needing tightening!
And I leave you with one of my favorites, probably overplayed in its heyday, but it is my theme song!

Caution: The Following Contains A Highly Volitile Rant!

As I say, the times they are a changing!
As so often on these pages I lament (and whine) about the state of parental rights and childhood behaviors and the utter feeling of powerlessness us parents feel, verging on the precipice of despair, I try and maintain a strong (sometimes overbearing) Patriarchal position within my family.  I do not want to give the impression to MY children that the behaviors of some of their piers will be tolerated!  UNFORTUNATELY some people within our society make that stance QUITE difficult!  As I'm sure you are well aware (if you've been following this blog) that my wife and I have been having difficulty with our 13 year old, and he has in fact been removed from school and placed within Daddy Day Camp!
Well today being the first day, TRULY tested my resolve.
I'll back up briefly.  Today was Mommas spa day (and by the way her hair looks SO SEXY with the awesome red and gold highlights RAWR, RAWR!).  And as always when Momma is out of touch, everything inevitably falls apart!  My High school er was SUPPOSED to pick up the elementary kids from school after reporting to the shop.  He no-showed.  in his defence he was helping a friend on the way home fix his bike, but instead of calling ME to give me a heads up, he TEXT his mom, who's phone had run out of charge.  So here, with Kaleb and Izy and NO help (mechanics, OF COURSE...MIA) and Not knowing about Elijah's side trip, I had to RELUCTANTLY send Kaleb to get the young ones (not enough time to break down and close up shop and get them myself at this point) with the caveat that he be back here, WITH THEM in the proper time! 
Well the proper time came and went by 30 minutes and I was freaking out.  THEN Elijah walks in to get Izy as if nothing is amiss!
"Where's Kaleb?"
"he's at the house"
"Send him right back!"
45 minutes later (remember we live half a block away) At this point, a little after 4 pm, Jose comes in.  So I, now seething, race to the house to find...
"Kaleb left ten minutes ago" Back to the shop, not there, back to the house, see him strolling up the street from the bottom of the hill.  NOT where he was supposed to be.
OK, I lost it and when i loose it, I'm a yeller!  And as my wife is fond of reminding me, I'm not the most...tactful person.
3 police cars later...
OH yes.
After beginning my Verbal Tirade about responsibility, and accountability and being where I know he is AT ALL TIMES I removed him from the driveway by the scruff of his shirt, unfortunately in the process tripped on the 3 in lip on our threshold and we both flopped into the door.
Now folks I appreciate the concerned some may show for the welfare of children, but perhaps you should now the facts first!
As we are back at the shop and working once again in walks officer number 1, then car 2 and 3 pull up!  OY!!
BUT!  I will say to the officer credit he did his job.  And he did it with a clear, uncluttered straight thinking mind!  I explained the occurrence and what we have been going through with Kaleb, and the fact that he was arrested last week, to which he responded
 "oh HE"S your son?"
GREAT!  As I said yesterday (haunted by my own words) is nice to know you are known!
Realizing what was the facts, he said that "even though it's his job to investigate every busy bodies and crackpot claims, all he saw was a concerned parent taking responsibility for their child, and doing his job as a parent. An all to RARE occurrence!"
And after a brief inspection of Kaleb's body, he stated that "we're done here"  And that was that!
I do so LOVE that there are at least SOME rational people left in this world!  It does help to unburden my heart. 
I'm sure I'll have more to say on the remainder of the day later.  This was just one of those "aftermath" get it off my chest so i can work things!

Monday, February 21, 2011

OH, they may be cute and cuddley, BUT cats have TEETH!!

Well with all the activity of the move we felt it best to wait until the house was in order to bring in the cats.  They have been staying at the old house (don't get me wrong there OUTSIDE cats) and we go down to feed them twice a day and let them know we are still around.  So today was  the day, after emptying out the garage (OY! Terry is going to love me when he sees how much scrap is in the back of THAT trailer!) and I started to collect the cats and walk them over to the new house.  Not to bad until we had to cross the street.  They DIDN"T like that!  And after each trip it got harder and harder to collect cats. I guess they figured out what was going on, so when it came time to get the last two, Willamina gave Kaleb and I a run for our money!  It took the two of us to corner her and when I went in for the grab...? OUCH!!! ALL teeth and claws!  I mean...shes just a frekin' KITTEN!  She wouldn't even scruff, and I've never had a problem with them going docile after that!  But she was having NONE of it! I ended up sticking her in a laundry basket, but boy she got me a good four times before that! 
And I STILL have to get Momma cat...OY, That'll Be FUN!
So as I said the deed is done.  The two garages have now become one.  It was not an easy thing to scrap so much, but we did part 'em out (THANKS Puddles!)  And Thanks to Jose for useing your truck to cross the street!  I could have only imagine how tired we'd be if we had to hump 'em back and forth!
And we we're busy on the store front as well!  Thanks to Momma Angi for holding down the fort, and Elijah for holding down the home front.  OH, Mommy and Daddy screwed up today, BIG TIME!  Seems we are not the bright and "On top of things" people we'd hoped we were.  Somehow we got convinced there was no school today, it being a Holiday.  Don't ask me, I just work here!  We checked it on their Daily Planners, but at closer look, it was LAST Monday that was a school holiday!  By the time we figured out it was to late, so I'm sure we'll get in trouble for that.
As I said had many a visitor today, and I was somewhat privy, although I was more out then in today! One in particular I was very flattered to meet was the lead mechanic of one of those "OTHER" shops in town.  What a HOOT!  He was looking for a few things, as he is building his own projects and wanted to get some goodies from us!  It's so cool when you know, that you are "known".
 Did manage to get a few things accomplished though (hence why I'm here so late).  As Momma is having a "Spa" morning tomorrow (Oh I know, she won't be in until WAY later) I will have little Izy here with me, and she don't like Daddy to work when she's here!  SO, I had to try and get things done tonight!
Speaking of visitors, thanks SO MUCH to all the awesome folks with all the SWEET buys for me to make! WOW!  We got three bangers, a NICE "like New" Hyper BMX, A GORGEOUS ladies Schwinn "Clear Creek" hybrid, A really well kept Free Spirit MTB (CLASSIC!) and my fave Little lady bike wheeler and dealer brought me a FANTASTIC Panasonic DX-2000 MONSTER road bike!!!  AND to top it off we got in, on consignment a Motorized aluminum Sun cruiser!  We built this thing special for the customer 6 months ago.  We order the bike for him Brand New, out of the Box, and installed the engine (when we were doing that) and now he's looking to sell!  It needs to be cleaned and tuned, then we'll negotiate price, so keep a look out for that!
So check out the goodies we got through today, and know they're will be WAY more coming out tomorrow!  Now that all the moving is FINALLY done, it's back to building bikes!
Hope to see y'all tomorrow!

Beautiful Ladies Schwinn Hybrid
ONLY $130.00!!

This is TRULY a very WELL kept Bike!
A STEAL AT $75.00!!

Pretty Little "DAILY BANGER"
ONLY $55.00!!

Lets Get HYPER!
ONLY $70.00!!

And so it goes...

This weekend was a BUSY one!  Sold out down to three bikes (and one of those we bought on Sunday) so we are hitting it hard this morning!  Have bought several sweet additions already, Including a gorgeous Ladies Schwinn Clear Creek Hybrid!  As well as several bangers (but nice looking ones)  Add that to all the goodies we have in the works and it's shaping into a rather nice new wave of stock!  Zombie-Boy is MIA, but we have Jose' and Puddles working away, and about to be sent to Garage #1 to start the arduous, thankless task of breaking down and moving everything there to the newly condense Garage #2!  Trust me, it'll mean having to sacrifice some of our "GOSH, these bikes need ALOT of work" stock, But I think enough is enough!!!  Besides it'll help to know what I actually have.  Angela is up and watching the shop so you'll get to see her lovely face when you come in!
And speaking of lovely, last night was our 10th wedding anniversary, and she was quite stunning in her black ensambe' and her newly acquired "Vampire" perfume! (grrrrrrrrrr...) we went to downtown Dunedin (love that spot) and had dinner at "Sea Sea Riders".  Let me tell you if you're looking for an AWESOME eat, GO THERE!  Main street Dunedin, right by the water "" DELICIOUS!!!  OH lord, after two appetizers, a salad, Main course "seaside saute" and dessert (chocolate torte, Remember the scene in Matrix 2 when they are in the restaurant, and he sends the cake to the girl?  THAT'S how good it is!) and 2 Homemade sangria's ,  WOOF!
Well, Kaleb has, a I promised been enrolled in Daddy Day Camp!  He is now no longer a free man!  Hopefully we'll get his course list soon, and can begin.  I don't think he's all that happy. 
Yesterday was a productive one at the homestead, as is always the case, when we move we always put all the other rooms together first and end up sleeping amidst boxes and whatever, so after moving the last few remnants from the old place, I put our room together.  Wow that sounds so weird, Momma and daddy haven't had "their own ROOM" in over 3 years.  We were sleeping in the dining room at the old place.  Wow, I guess we're moving up in the world!
Well I gotta 'git, and do and stuff...I guess.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chaulk off another Sauturday!

It's not as negative as it sounds.  I am just DRAINED!  Very busy, busy, busy. Just what we love!  The engineering students were in today, and well on their way to a good start on their project.  I am so thrilled every time I get to play a small part in these undertakings.  I don't get to use my brain that often (alright...stop giggling!) so I always jump at the chance!  Had many of the Saturday Looky Loos as usual.  Thanks to all and their wonderful words and compliments!  Although it pains her to say so, Angela let's me know when they were here driven by morbid curiosity derived from the pages of this blog.  But can you blame her, I'm a Leo and she has to live with me and my "smirk"/ (heh heh!) I thank you all for stopping by and it was great to meet you, don't let the fact that I'm running about and don't stop to talk deter you from that thought.  I am, according to my wife (whom is big on social graces) not always the most...personable. 
OK, I gotta give her that, BUT at least nothing got thrown today...Oh no, wait...there was the Lineman's pliers that got stuck in the paneling.  Oh that was a GOOD shot, too.
Finally finished the "left on the boat twin treks".  Note to anyone listening DON"T store a bike on your boat for a lengthy period of time, PLEASE!  Talk about ROT, rust and disintegration.  WOW!  They basically had to be fully rebuilt.  But he was happy to finally have them back, so Happy trails sir, to which ever port you are headed to next!
And to the young man who was just DYING for the Custom Haro!  Hope you love it!
To the awesome trio of Retro buffs, i didn't get a chance to say, "Hey" but I hope you enjoy the Univega Metro 5, It looks good on ya!
And to the gentleman whom purchased the Road master "Mutt", I hope you keep it up and we see you in a few days for bike number 3!  We LOVE re-peat customers!
And I am SO happy that we are able to fulfill a young mans dream of owning a tandem with his wife.  After a 20 year wait, it's time!  And we will have that old Columbia looking SHARP when it's done!
Speaking of re-peaters, i love it when past customers bring in friends, and they don't hesitate to buy themselves a ride.  The Sweet little Mongoose BMX will be a fine addition to your circle of friends, Man.  that makes 5 so far.  Thank you VERY much!
And i know I'm missing some folks I didn't even get to meet, But I thank you all for your patronage!
On to work!  Zombie-Boy has a his and her vintage Schwinn set in paint as we speak, and another vintage Columbia about 90% done.  Hopefully they'll all be wrapped up Monday. i gotta be fare though, he's spent alot of time running around for us the last few days, as we are having trouble keeping some materials in stock, until the big order comes in next week! 
And River was initiated into the dungeon today, and I gotta say, I don't think the shop has been this clean in some time!  And he made real progress in getting parts cleaned and organized.  It's great when at least one of my ideas seem to work out.  And he was quickly dubbed with his working name "Puddles".  Hay he's a youngin'!  And me?  Well aside from the Treks, and a few minor re-pairs I put out a Gorgeous Schwinn Jaguar  Man I love these bikes!  7 speed comfort cruiser, men's.  You can't go wrong.  Add that to the Murray cruiser we put out yesterday, very sweet!
Well tomorrow begins a new chapter in our lives.  I begin to take a day off.
The crowd hushes. 
Yes it's true.  My Dad's coming to hang out for the day, and we are doing yard work!  I need to get the front of the house looking sharp!  Bring some of these weed beds into flowering shape!
AND speaking of "the New House" Thank you so much to Keri and her Church group for all the Wonderful house warming cards!  the kids did an awesome job!  We Love them!!
So I'm off to relax, and I'll see ya all Monday!
Comfort Cruiser Style
ONLY $110.00

Old School Murray
ONLY $85.00
Thank You So Much For The Kindness!


If you have a bike you should be riding it.

If it's broken, bring it here, we will fix it, and you can ride it.

If you don't have a bike, come here and we will sell you one, and you can ride it.

It's just that simple!  Today after SO LONG we have wonderful spring like(riding) weather. You shouldn't be cooped(stretchyourlegs) up inside(outsidegood) watching TV(thedevilswork) or playing on the computer(evil) but rather find a more useful(fun) and relaxing(starttoloosewinterflab) outlet(BICYCLING!)

All right that's enough of that.

Have alot to do today as I have been jerking around most of the week.  We are (relatively) settled in the new house.  At least we have places to sit!  The kids are going through the "Transition" into our new home life.  It's really Mine and Angie's fault.  As last year rolled on and we realized our old Landlord was not going to do anything to fix the old house as promised, we pretty much stopped worrying about how the kids treated it. (BAD MOVE!) because NOW they are going through a rather painful realization that NONE of that behavior is acceptable in the new house.  Well should be interesting!
Have 2 new victims in the Dungeon.  Jose, a skilled mech from up North, just has to be a little more refined in the "RE-Cycle way" and River, who will be doing the cleaning and organizing!! 
It's a long time in coming folks, let me tell you!  The great Master Plan is to actually be able to work on a bike WITHOUT undertaking the "Search" for parts!  A daunting task I assure you!
Today I will be focused on banging out the few re-pairs that came in yesterday (thank you SO MUCH or your continued trust!) then on to building up the goodies we have been getting in!
I'll leave the yard work 'till tomorrow!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes I HATE being right!

I'll get to that in a moment.
Today (knock on wood) went much smoother then the last.  Kaleb is in Daddy Lock down!  For the remainder of the week he's here and not in school.  No point.  Next week I have to bite the bullet and get him in home school.  Obviously if there not going to strap his ass to a chair in school, I have to!
Interesting story brings me to the Way back Machine.  Back in junior High (in the dark ages) when I wasn't the model citizen I am today, I was, lets say....? Unruly.  And in Shop My teacher had warned me that if I didn't remain in my seat he would handcuff me to my heavy metal stool. I called his Bluff the next day.
It was NO bluff.  With a satisfied grin he reached in his desk drawer and produced a set of REAL handcuffs, and with the help of two other students holding me, handcuffed me to my stool.  And furthermore, he informed the office of this action and for the remainder of the day I had to lug that heavy steel stool around the school with me.  Have any IDEA how hard it is to square dance in gym...with a STOOL?!  Well, at least I had my own partner!  Now what was the outcome?  Well my mom did NOT threaten to sue the school, I didn't have CPS converging on the administration, Nor any Lawyers climbing out of a BMW's trunk threatening litigation, nor was the local news crew swarming over the building shouting about the "negligent, and hateful abuse of a poor innocent child.  Nope, what happened was a light realization in MY head that maybe I should sit my ass down in class and stop being such a (if you'll pardon the expression) DICKHEAD!
So my son shall NOW be learning the SAME lesson!
OK, I've beaten that horse, to death!
Swinging a different direction (hold on)
I'd like to give a special shout out to Rick Warner, from Warner Tree Service !  I responded to an add he had on Craigslist for free stuff.  His company provides folks with organic wood chips, from tree clearing.  Instead of putting it in a landfill, he'll DELIVER it to you For FREE when he's working in your area, and he dropped off a load of it for us today, put it right where I asked, and I'll tell you this stuff smells GORGEOUS!!
check out his words describing what they do...

 "Reducing" and "Reusing" our waste for the betterment of the earth is a key element in the success of our service, but more importantly, a key factor in our happiness levels. Thank you in advance for your interest and help with this"

Awesome or what!  Folks THIS is the guy YOU want working on your trees from now on, OK?
And another special "shout out" to our new Landlord for bringing in that Honking BIG, NEW water tank.  My wife thanks you, I thank you!
NOW as far as work and the title of this little diddly "Sometimes I HATE being right!"
Earlier today we had a lovely young couple come in and check out the two Mongooses we had.  The DXR and GSX.  They really liked them, the look and the ride, but wanted to "Check Out" a few places.  I'll admit I get no small pleasure from a statement such as this as I know once they do...they come back.  Wide eyed from sticker shock realizing just HOW MUCH of a good deal we offer.  Well, I do always warn folks (at the risk of sounding like a high pressure used car salesman) that if you really like something HERE, GRAB IT!  'cause it probably won't be here when you come back.  They were VERY gracious and said thank you and left, saying if they were here in the morning they'd get them.
Hummm.  I do feel sorry, they did so like them.  But 10 minutes after they left a young gentleman who has been scoping the blog saw the DXR and jumped on it.  You have a good time hitting the trails with that one sir!  And about half an hour after that Wade, who holds the distinction of being our first ever customer came in and wheeled and dealed the GSX out from under me (don't worry...he was gentle) with the aid of his lovely wife and Mackey the cutest friendliest little Pug you'd ever want to see.  My kids LOVE HIM!
So folks the moral of the story is "Never second guess that little voice in the back of your head"
I know I never do.....

Just one More...
Our newest (and first in what I'm sure will be a long line of Pop Culture Parodies) strip!!

PLEASE tell me, was I EVER that stupid!?!

So Hows your day been going?
OK, enough about you lets talk about me for a change.
The Parental curse is in FULL effect!  When my Mother used to shout at me "I hope you have children and they do to YOU what you do to ME!"
Wow! It's all true folks!  If your parents ever said these things to you and you are currently engaged in negotiations with you significant other regarding child bearing... remember Bob Barkers famous closing line "Remember, have your spouse spade or neutered!"
SO, I'm into a busy day yesterday, Lots goings on!  Trying to button up the household set up.  Angela diligently waiting for the cable guy (yes broke down there to!  Did I not predict that after a month and half of cable at the hotel, there was NO way I was gonna get away with NOT having it!) and I will not bore you with a far to passe' tantrum about the whole "we'll be there between..." routing.  Suffice it to say she waited until 5 pm, then went to the store for 15 minutes, at which point the guy shows up, and only the eldest boy is there and the installer "Can't work unless parents are home" and promptly leaves!  OH YEA!  Color US  annoyed!   She's also waiting for the landlord to get in there and replace the water heater (the current one is a 20 gallon tank!?  Allowing you a blissful 3 minute shower before your wedding tackle shrinks to the size of raisins!) and to finish the "Media" room.  Fancy hunh?  It;s not a family room, it's a "MEDIA" room!
But I digress
So I had made plans with Terry for the afternoon to go up to Spring Hill (50 miles from here) to pick up a living room set i found on Craigslist.  Sofa LS and chair, overstuffed, like new for $150.00 buck!  Couldn't beat that. I'm on the line with him, while helping out two customers, and I get a call in on the call waiting I DON"T switch over to.  Bad Move!  I hang up with Terry, put the phone down to finish with the customers when the phone rings again, it's my eldest calling me to inform me in a panic that Kaleb has been arrested!
The officer had been TRYING to reach me to inform me that he was holding him, and that I needed to come and meet with him up by the school.  GREAT!  Of course this does not come as a HUGE shock to us, as the boy has been heading in that direction (all of those who read this regularly will Know that) and of course excluding any Dad intervention, there is NOTHING offered by the School to help prevent such delinquency in children!  Lets face it folks it was OUR generation that screwed ourselves!  All the soft handed, lightweights who CRIED in the 80's and 90's and sued the HELL out of everyone who even thought of looking cross eyed at their kids, sowed the fields for the latest generation of violent, uncouth, rude, disrespectful little snots we have running around!  When you take the power away from the schools, the parents, and the authorities and the courts do nothing but GENTLY slap them on the wrists until they are 18?  What the HELL did you expect!  Well, I wouldn't say i go easy on my kids, but knowing the impact that a good beating would have on the rest of my family, I've had to stop short of TRULY putting the fear of God into this boy (and trust me at times I've drawn blood on my own tongue!)  Well once freeing up my time I headed up to meet the officer.
Here's the scene, Kaleb trounced up in cuffs in the back seat of the cruiser, the officer explains to me that Kaleb, with the assist of two of his IDIOT friends had a BB Gun, across from the school shooting at kids as they were leaving school!  Now that not be bad enough, my bonehead of a son decides when the officer shows up and tells him to drop the weapon and surrender, his moronic cronies tell him "Run, Kaleb!" and he does!  Hopping his friends bike he shoots off behind the Walgreen's and a chase worthy of a full hour episode of C.O.P.S ensues!  Lights and sirens blaring Kaleb attempts to outrun and out maneuver the police car!  Realizing he can't do that he ditches the bike and tries to do the "Compton Climb" Over a fence, at which point the officer, now in fast foot pursuit, grabs him and tosses him to the deck.  Wow, makes a dad proud (yes that statement is DRIPPING oozing sarcasm!) So now he faces a litany of charges that range from assault to resisting arrest. And what do they do?  Release him to my custody!  What do I say?  Do you HAVE to?"  Apparently, yes.  Because as the officer said (behind a practiced rolling of his eyes) they'll take him in process him and then call you in 2 hours to come and get him!  NOTHIN"!  Oh he'll go through the court thing, the probation thing, the stern talking to thing straight on to... NO-thing! 
Well after that bit of happiness, and the standard, useless "falling on deaf ears" speech from dad, Terry had shown up "On the scene" and brought us back to the shop, where we had to turn around and head out, higgley piggley to Spring Hill!
I'll tell you, I'm use to a half a block commute to work, this long distance stuff is BORING!  But the company was good and it gave me a chance to come down from my self righteous high and relax (even got a chance to hear the most AWESOME country song, I've never heard before! HonkyTonk Badonkadonk!  I love it when the white folk pick up on inner city slang, makes  for good controversy! (OK, I was just informed I am WAY behind the times as this song apparently has been around for a LONG time.  Shows you the size of the rock I live under!)
Well upon retrieving the SWEET looking set of furniture, we headed out back home (and found some nice bikes along the way being thrown out!) The trip back was quicker and pleasant.  I had calmed down and was feeling good about chilling out on the new furniture and enjoying my wife on our 19th anniversary.  We unloaded the furniture and then I received a phone call.....
Needless to say my brief moment of calm and relaxation, was entirely TO brief.
whilst working on a freewheel....
in  "line of sight" of the front door...
from WAY back in the Dungeon....
it broke apart (under the pressure of a hand held grinder with a wire wheel attachment)
and AS it was spinning in the direction of the front...GLASSSSSSSSSS door...
(Oh don't beat me to the punchline!)
a bearing the size of a dwarf PEA hit it *ting*, and demonstrated why they call it "safety Glass!"

A brief pause while you soak it all in.
AS the 24 hour emergency glass repair wants $500.00 to replace it, Zombie-Boy (wisely) offered to "store sit" for the night until I could have it fixed today.

But, as I've always said "Any day you can walk away from, is a good day!"
As faras work goes, We through it all have managed to get some work done!  Mainly re-pairs, but will have 3 new ones out by this evening!
And a special shout out to Chip!  Below is his "Leaf" commercial he e-mailed me.  Check it out folks and vote for it so he can win a REAL sweet bike! 
Alright, NOW I have to work!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Computer Got The Flu!

Or is it called the Bug?  Or Salmonella?
ANYwhat, it got sick, briefly and I got rather...ill tempered!
Have you folks seen these things.  When you our skiing (or is it surfing) the web and this thing flashes "your computer is infected!!!  ACT NOW!!!  I though it was a genuine warning, what do I know, so I clicked on the little thingy that says it will scan for viruses.  I mean what?  Is my computer a sailor?  Has it been sleeping around with loose toaster ovens or something?  Will penicillin clear up the unsightly rash?
OK I digress. 
But it was DAMN inconvenient!  Took like an hour for it to be it's old slow moving self again!  Do people have nothing better to do then screw with my PC?
Well, aside from that brief mid afternoon tryst, today went rather seamlessly.  Got ALOT done!
Unfortunately none of what I got done was building more bikes!  But hey, that's OK!  Got alot accomplished for the new house.  Had the landlord in to button up some of the things that need attention, got some of the furnishings we needed delivered.  And I spoiled myself.  Granted I did mention earlier that we did have an excessive amount of TVS, but none of them was a wide screen LCD.
Yep.  I broke down.  Our only true form of family entertainment is movie night so seeing as we got the tax return, and we paid ALL of our bills (OUCH, I hate paying bills) I splurged on a 60 inch.
I know, I know!  How frivolous of me!  But I REALLY want to watch my Star Trek collection in surround sound.  I mean when Praxus blows up in Star Trek 5?  WOOF!  you can feel it in your sternum!
Hey, I do very little for myself, I am a man of simple pleasures.
BUT, I did manage to get the shop re-organized...YET AGAIN, and in doing so came to a conclusion.  And that conclusion is...I don't want to have to keep doing that!  SO, I put an add in for a shop bit...I mean shop "help".  Someone to simply clean, organize, and prep parts.  So all Zombie-Boy and I have to do is make bikes!  And keep making bikes.  Speaking of bikes...
Ya ll obviously were listening, and realized that today was not a holiday and came into visit!
The Gorgeous 3speed men's cruiser left out of here with a real aficionado!  He already has 6 bikes but couldn't pass up this BEAUTY, and to top it off GAVE us a real sweet (to be) Old School Murray cruiser that his dad rode (rest his soul) and wants us to breath new life into her.  NO PROBLEM!  this one is a real sweety!
The Mongoose "Outer limits" went to a very wise Dad for his BMX'er son to ride to school.  Seems his boy does motocross and was looking rather hungrily at the SWEET Haro custom we have, but wisely took my advice and bought the less expensive (and therefore LESS tempting to would be bike-jackers) Mongoose.  I'm sure his son will love it!
The Classic looking single speed Ross ladies cruiser (minus the wheel set) sold to a young man looking to build it up for his girlfriend, and traded in a (soon to be) GORGEOUS '68 Old School Chicago Schwinn Ladies 10 speed!  Oh Zombie-Boy has already dug his greasy little eager hands into that one!
And a few minutes later the Vintage Ross ladies 3-speed left as well, to a lovely young woman who was "Just going to ride it out"  Happy trails young Lass!
And After working on the Redneck 3-Wheeler, Jay put the finishing touches on the Columbia ATB (pic below).  Yes folks, if you know nothing about us, just know that we have a soft spot in our hearts (not the soft spot in our heads) for Ugly stepchildren!  This was a scrap buy I ALMOST passed up, but Zombie-boy fell in love with it!  And he did SO treat it right!
So Tomorrow we should have us a new inmate in the asylum as I don't want to wait forever to hire help!  I'm sure whoever we find will have much to debase here, for you reading pleasure.
Seriously.  Would a SANE person work here?
Its a mutt, but it's SOLID!
Our first Vintage "Daily Banger!"
ONLY $70.00!!!

A little later in the day...

Well Valentines went off without a hitch!  And yes I did get my lovely bride something!  Simple and traditional, but I've never been accused of being a hopeless romantic.  Angela can attest to THAT!  But we did get to spend a relaxing evening together, ate Chinese and watch a Gorge Clooney flick, "The American".  Reviews?
Ehh.  Poetic justice in the end, but a real slow moving film, one of those "Message" movies, Not your traditional Clooney hard action, or dry humor.  Gotta admit, he plays a tortured soul well.  We now have a TV in our bedroom.  Never had one there before.  I guess we're getting older. (Uhn Oh!) It's just that for some reason over the last month people have been giving us TVs, bless there Hearts!  I really do appreciate all the outpouring of generosity and care from folks!  We now have 7 TVs.  I'm thinking of putting 3 in the Kids playroom, that way they'll be able to have there 3 game systems going at the same time.  Reduces fighting, and we'll probably never see them until there 18th birthdays!  (heh heh!)
Momma is diligently going about the unpacking and organizing (Yay!) and I will be making room in the garage for some of the excess stuff we have kicking around the shop.  Just bought another truck load of goodies today, and it's getting tight in here again!
Sadly, once again, Matt has gone on semi-permanent hiatus.  He will be helping out his folks for the time being, so it's down to Zombie-boy and I.  We need to take a day to re-organize around here and get our bearings, as some projects have languished with all that has been going on. 
BUT, that doesn't mean we won't be putting out more Swag!  OH NO!  Jay's finishing up a retro Columbia MTB, and another three wheeler, and I've got a couple more bangers to bang out, so the norm will prevail!
We hope.
And By the By!  NEW STRIP!

Monday, February 14, 2011

What better Way to Say I LOve you Then with the gift of..

a bicycle?
Yea OK, y'all got a pass on this one, I'll let it fly.  I guess I can forgive the SLOW day!  I mean we only sold 1 bike!  NOT that I'm complaining, mind you!  It was funny too.  One of those "I'm just tired of walking, what do you have that's cheap" sales!  I can understand your logic for NOT wanting to give your significant other a bike for Valentines day.  I mean think about the inference "Honey, I love you. Here's a lovely piece of EXERCISE equipment to help work off that excess fat!  Big Kiss?
So OK.  I'll let it slide, but keep in mind TOMORROW is NOT a Holiday.  NO Excuse!
What are my plans for VD Day?  Well, I gave my honey a house.  Do I need to get anything more?  Yea I know, "If you want to retain peaceful relations you will, Dumba$$!"  But trust me it will be simple! 
We now have BOO COO bills with move in cost and all that, and after 19 years of marriage...practicality is its own romantic bliss!
Yea I know BULL....!
SO  anyway, as I said SLOW day.  I would like to thank the wonderful compliments we did receive today, and the wonderful; lady and her son whom brought in the XR-200, suffering from the all to common Wal-Mart disease "Raerderailuernotproperlyset-ittus" we do SO appreciate the wonderful compliment of telling us "Do whatever it needs, we trust you" because they were recommended to us by a friend. WOW!  We appreciate the trust! 
Our best to Matt, and his Dad.  Dude, I just heard today, I hope everything works out OK.  Our Prayers are with y'all!
Nothing new stock wise today.  As I said, re-pairs.  BUT tomorrow, we should have some goodies to show ya!
Speaking of showing my goodies....
Got a new strip! Yea, comic strip.  What were you thinking of?

No wonder....

After yesterdays heartwarming tale I was given some information from Chip, via my wife that explained the feeling of acceptance and comfort in our new home that I felt.  Seems that before the previous tenant the house had been occupied by and served as, for 15 years....a Buddhist temple!  WO!
That would explain all the Bamboo trees in the front and considering all the stumps in the backyard they must have been there to!
So Lets take a tally.  In Our lives together my lovely wife and I have lived in (not including the standard homes) A haunted house (no kiddin!  It has been documented) a refurbished slaughter house (YEP!  even still had the ORIGINAL meat locker, the companies ID plate said 1897, we used it as our daughters nursery) a Tennis club (don;t ask) a refurbished crack house (to bad the neighborhood wasn't re-furbished) a 1993 Dodge Caravan (Luckily for only about two months!) and NOW a Buddhist temple!  WOW!
SO anyway's last night was a real exciting treat!  We cooked our first meal at the new house!  And let me tell you, what a JOY!  I mean first the stove turned ON!  I mean it's so cool to not have to flick the breaker on 7 or 8 times, wait for the crackling noise to let you know it made contact, while some one watches the burner to see if it starts to glow, I mean this one...just turned on!  and WOW, it STAYED ON!  No repeated trips back to the breakers, and repeat the whole thing 8 or 9 times to cook a meal!
 AND BOY!  I cooked Spaghetti, and had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming because all I had to do to rinse the pasta was turn 45 degrees to the sink TO RINSE IT!!!  No more grabbing a towel to carry a boiling pot of water through the house to the only working bathroom, so you can rinse it off in the bathtub!  AND WOW!~ the has ACTUAL faucet handles!  I don't need to look for a set of pliers to turn it on!
 And when dinner was done...we could rinse the dishes...and put them in a DISHWASHER!!!  Oh be still my beating heart!  I feel faint!
And it;s funny, if the kids are in the bathroom and someone else has to go...we don't have to wait!  2 BATHROOMS!!!!  Lordy!  what'll them big City Folk think of NEXT!
All sarcasm aside, it just feels good to feel human again!
So onto work!  I am at this moment trying to figure out which direction to go in as I have alot of work that has piled up and neither of the other two mech's are here!  SO, Hope y'all find time to drop by and say HEY!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

90% and holding!

*this is me dancing a jig*
OH LORD!  what a relief!  Spent last night there for the first time and I'll tell ya folks, being the impoverished Nomads that we are, we have lived in ALOT of houses!  Some better then others, but you know that weird feeling you have the first few days as you are unpacking and familiarizing yourself with the new surroundings?  Nope, not there! As we sat at the table last night having coffee and getting ready for bed it just felt natural, and at 3 am this morning when I stumbled outta bed to use the facilities, bleary eyed and punch drunk, I knew RIGHT where to go!  That's GOTTA tell ya something!  Special thanks to Dad and Anita for the help in trudging the stuff across the street, and a special thanks to "You know who you are"  for the wonderful "bags full of love" care packages that were dropped off yesterday!  Much Love back! 
OK on to work!
Well I really didn't do any at the shop, 've been preoccupied with the arduous task of relocating the clan, but Angela has been doing a bang up job of holding down the fort here and has been keeping me abreast of all that I have missed.  Now mind you if I fail to thank anyone, or brag about anyone, it's only because I'm a middle aged, portly white man with a piss poor memory, so PLEASE cut me some slack!
Thank you so much to all the AWESOME folks who have visited us and professed there hidden shameful fascination with our little blog here.  Have no fear though even though its a twisted habit it can be cured!  Just visit a NORMAL bike shop and you'll sober up REAL quick.
"come on man, there's edgy, and there just plain offensive!"
AND especially to all you wonderful people visiting us from Tampa BECAUSE of the blog!  Wow! You must be staved for entertainment over there! (yuk,yuk,yuk!)
And to Dave owner and proprietor of (if the samples he has dropped off are ANY indication) the best little coffee shop in Tampa!!  Dude, he makes his own BLENDS!  THAT is a TRUE coffee connoisseur!  So check out "Buddy Brew!", Next time we talk (or if he's reading ) feel FREE to pimp your place in the comments section, and shoot me a link!  I'll be THRILLED to put it up!  And he picked up a SWEET cruiser he's gonna use for deliveries!  How cool is THAT!  Apparently most of the folks working for him ride bikes to work so that's just RIGHTEOUS!
And sorry I didn't meet up with you Chip, but I'll be BACK in the saddle again, tomorrow!!!  And yes I am fully aware that tomorrow is Valentines day (since my oldest reminded me today *D'OH!*) BUT I will still be here to work!  Way to much piling up!
AND, with the fact that we have a big garage ALOT of the buys that have been piling up here in front of the store will be waiting at the house to be rebuilt, leaving us some space to BREATH!
And I would like to express my gratitude for the apparent crossover success as we are beginning to get folks who are checking out and stopping by to give us their opinion.  And aside from the majority of the women in my family, everyone else seems to enjoy it.  I'll be honest, I get a chuckle when I write them, more for the fact that I'm thinking of my kids when I do it.  But when I see Paco's interpretations of my poorly scrawled words, I go into hysterics!  The man is a GENIUS!
And thank you for all the trust in letting us handle your re-pairs this weekend, and I'll make sure any that didn't get done are taken care of tomorrow!
Well folks, I gotta hustle for now! 
All our Love!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Beavers got NOTHING on us!

And boy HOWDY have we been busy!!  Today we were bike making FOOLS!  See all the Pics below.
Well it seems as if the LONG wait is finally over, with only a couple small things to finish, we will FINALLY be moving into the new house TOMORROW!!
At least in part.  They still have the floor in the back room to finish but I think Angi, the kids and I have HAD IT with the hotel.  We can deal with a little minor work going on for the next couple days, we'll work through it!  It will just be nice to be able to say good night, close a door and climb into bed and not hear snoring, shuffling, thrashing, talking in their sleep, constant trips to the bathroom and the kids will be quiet to!
Today was a busy day with MANY look e loos, and the Ladies Murray cruiser went out to a very tasteful young lady, looking to become...TA DA!  A CONVERT!!! YAY!!!
And it looks like we'll be getting the chance to help another aspiring group of inventors.  COOL! I love a good challenge! 
The Huffy comfort cruiser went to an excited young man who can't wait for spring to get in more miles on his CHOICE ride!!
SO as tomorrow promises to be one HECK of a busy day, don't fail to come on down and pick out your next ride!
'Till then!
Look For Some "Sweet Jumps" with this Way-Cool BMX'er  ONLY $55.00!!

HONKIN' HUGE Hybrid-nated Vintage Raliegh Sprite!!
ONLY $165.00!!

"Daily Banger" Special!
Royce Union Conquest
ONLY $75.00!!

Mongoose DXR-AL
ONLY $95.00!!

"Daily Banger" Special
ONLY $45.00!!

WOW!!  3-Speed Sturmey/Archer
Aluminum Frame Mens Cruiser!!!
ONLY $95.00!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't Blink! You'll miss the GOOD Weather!

OK, maybe a LITTLE over exaggerated, but close to the truth.  Started the day off riding to work in the rain (it's ok I'm sweet but I ain't gonna melt) then about 1 PM the sun peaked thought he temp rose about 20 degrees and it was GORGEOUS!! 
aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd then?
Big honkin' ugly clouds rode in and it was back to sh...ick!
BUT!  We were pumping out bikes!  Matt finished up a couple re-pairs, then opted to do a special, as it was to humid and cold to do paint on the Redneck 3-wheeler (yes folks, customer order, camouflage paint, mountain tires, and....a gun rack!  Would I lie?) I put out a freakin SWEET Mongoose GSX 9.0!! O>>M>>G!! It was bought new in '05 for, like $400.00, ridden for a month and put in a SHED!?  only to see the light of day (along with three other WICKED nice bikes) last week, when they were brought here to be sold.  And once the grime, grease, rust and debris was removed? WOW!!  Like Bloody NEW!
and this is not your typical "Wal-Goose", OH NO.  High end this one!  with pretty much top of the line (for the time) Shimano components!  Fully re-furbed all new cables, shoes..the like!  Man o' MAN!  It's the Bees Knees!
Have done some MAJOR buying this week!  Have picked up SEVERAL sweet deals!  Many BMX's, some already done and out (sorry, I am about to test the air speed velocity of this FREAKIN PITA camera that refuses to work, so no pics until tomorrow) also have picked up a BOFFO Old School Raleigh Big Boy 10 speed that is going to be Hybrid-nated, a middle of the road Mongoose DXR-AL, Men's another TWO three wheelers,  two old school ladies cruisers, a nice aluminum frame 3 speed (with a freakin "Sturmey/Archer"!) Men's cruiser, and bangers GALORE!  So be watching the!  Zombie-Boy lost his muse and had to depart us early today.  I think he's recovering from to much hard riding this past weekend.  I mean on a bike...yea..that's it!
Angie has been hanging in the hood helping with the many interested folk whom paid visits today.  Thanks SO MUCH to the young man who upon learning of the K2, excitedly called and trekked all  the way here (via PSTA) from Saint Petersberg to snag it!  Smart Man!  Many, many miles of merriment to you, fine sir!
And the Young man whom Pounced on the Men's 26" Daily Banger, I bid thanks!  A fine mode of transportation for our newest....TA DA! CONVERT!!!! YAY!!
And to the fine gentleman in the process of having us re-furb his twin Treks, Please try not to store them on the boat this year (salty air and all that) But Thanks for all your trust and we'll have them up and running in FINE shape!  And As fate would have it, it pays to be in the right place at the right time, as the little man whom came into the shop after I tripped over the "Spider-Man" scooter for the umpteenth time, discovered as I excitedly gave it to him, with the promise that he take it from this place, to never re-turn!
OK, so I need to get my overly bulbous butt outta here, as tomorrow is Valentines day (for the kids at school) and I gotta do THREE! count 'em THREE! batches of "Be Mine..." cards for the kids classmates. JOY! 

a Brief Pause

No, I have not been ignoring you, our modem crashed and it took them a couple of days to get us back up. So now we are back, and have a lot to show you.  I really wish I could update you on all the goings on, but it has been a whirlwind, what with family coming in, TRYING to get into the new house (they are STILL not done with it) and keeping on top of things around here.  We have rolled over the stock twice in the last few days and have LOADS of new goodies!  Both bought and up and coming and out!  So take a look at the new goodies (and a look at the new strips HILARIOUS!) and I'll fill you in on more dirt later!!
Dual-Shock Daily Banger!!!
ONLY $65.00

So Beautiful!  And LIKE NEW!!  Cruiser comfort
ONLY $90.00!!

Gorgeous Full re-build/re-paint
3-Speed Coaster Brake
Vintage Ross Ladies'
ONLY $140.00

Vintage Ladies Ross Full re-paint RE-furb
ONLY $105.00

K2 Road Bike, Full re-furb
ONLY $160.00

WOW!! LIKE NEW Mongoose GSX 9.0
ONLY $160.00!!

SO FAR...this one is my favorite!