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Saturday, November 28, 2015


So, today is "small business Saturday " which means, by law, anyone caught patronizing any store OTHER than small local businesses, they will be taken out and summarily shot.
Hey, I didn't make the law!
Just trying to save your life.
Yesterday was quite busy, given we are normally bored and chatting with neighbors equally unoccupied.  No, sent three to new homes and had six repairs come in! Thank you to all you grand folks for paying us a visit and for all your help.  Met one nice lady from up home, recently relocating to Dunedin.  Originally from Portsmouth, all New Englanders are drawn to the quaint "old World" small town appeal.  She's looking for...something, but not sure what.  I settled her search for a comfort hybrid, perfect for the Trail.
Also had a gent come in with his daughter, ten and growing fast.  They recently acquired a great condition 24", but as we had talked a couple weeks back about finding her a lower 26", he was concerned that maybe he should trade it in towards something larger.  I watched her ride it, and the fit was perfect.  Then, giving it a good going over, stated it was in great shape, so no reason to spend money, as the bike was free.  He appeared rather incredulous I wasn't trying to sell him something.  Hey, the WHOLE idea of RE-Cycle is to just get people out and riding!  Whatever way possible, and if you can save yourself some cash?  All's the better!
Needless to say, with all the repairs, nothing new got built, but we did at least get through all the teardowns, freeing up some walking space!  Not to mention a bevy if new goodies for the wall!
Anywho, I'd best get at it and do some building as its etting a wee bit thin on the line!
See ya soon!

Friday, November 27, 2015

You gain fifteen tons, what do you get, another day older and heavy in weight.

Well!  We hope y'all had an excellent Turkey Day (or to our Vegan friends; "Turkofu Day") and you were surrounded by friends and family (without any "family holiday baggage" issues).  Angi and I did the traditional feast, six hours cooking, half an hour eating, ALL night recovering!  WOOF! With our schedule over the last few months...we DO NOT eat that much in one sitting!  But...of course, she made her world famous pearled onions, and this year, made GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!  'S funny...for some odd reason she and I both were  under the impression that neither one liked it, hence why she never made it!  I think it was the last time we had it, elsewhere, the cook made it different than we prefer, hence, neither of us ate more than a few bites, out of courtesy, but Angi made it perfect with an ample amount of fried onions!  The kids dug in as soon as their plates hit the table, so by the time we dished them all out (and several of "the Lost Boys" had joined us) Angi and I were able to dine alone and in relative peace, as they were all finished.
Waiting for the kitchen to be cleaned, and fending off the continuous barrage of "when can we have pie?!" (Which we deftly averted to "when your brothers finish cleaning the kitchen" the hope being they would speed up their efforts).  Once all sweet tooths were satiated, we settled down for some jawwin' on the front porch in an attempt to rest our swollen bellies. Oddly enough, the old wives tale about Turkey making you tired, does not seem to apply to our children (except for Elijah, who promptly passed out on the couch after having his fill) so after the wee ones finally gave up the ghost, we all flopped on the couch and watched "Vikings" (Angela's latest fave) until about 2AM.  Even then, i had to make the declaration that the remaing children (and guests) "go to bed!"
Hence why...I was a wee bit late this morning. far, it's been a busy day, and although the feed is still weighing me down a bit, thereby making me a tad bit klutzy, I gots me plenty to do!
Working on a couple of 24" cruisers, as well as some tear doens of donations earlier this week.  Oy speaking of which, in a true show of just how backward thinking and dispassionate Florida is to bicycle riders, here's a sad picture...

This could easily be another cautionary tale of why it is SO unsafe to ride WITH the flow of traffic, but it would be greatly disrespectful of what this poor man had to endure.  Traveling with the flow of traffic IN the bike lane he was struck from behind by a truck that veered full on into the lane.  The bike is obviously, gone.  But it's what happened to him AND HIS LIFE, that is REALLY  horrific!  He was in a coma for six months.  In that time, with no family, he lost his job, his house and ALL his possessions wete sold off and the State euthanized his dog!!  To top it all off, the driver of the truck got off with nothing more than a TRAFFIC TICKET!?!?!?  And of course, Florida being a "No Fault insurance state, and a cyclist can't get insurance, hes SCREWED!  Some folks from his church are trying to help him get back on his feet, and brought it in to see if we needed any parts.  Angi was half tempted to just hang it up, as is, as a warning to watch your back, becausethis state sure as hell ain't!
Our prayers are with him for a full recovery.
Ok, yea, not a great note to end it on, but it had to be said.
Be careful out there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Usefull Cold Weather Survival Techniques!

So...we go from summer to the heart of winter in under twelve hours?  Yea, that's gotta be a record, even for Florida!  86 on Saturday 49 on Sunday!  What the hey!?  I'm not complaining, mind you, just unprepared!  Had to dig for my favorite 40 year old flannel to fend of the chill!  Only trouble is...I forgot its so worn, the button holes are stretched and it won't stay closed!  Oh well...found a NEW use for zip ties!

Sweet!  No draft!
Very helpful when you have to leave the hanger doors open at the plant! BRRRR!
I bet all the people up North reading this are saying  "oh  SHUT UP!!"
Sunday was a busy one this week!  Angi and Elijah sent home two new rides, one of them being a quick turnaround on the gorgeous Schwinn Tourist we got in Saturday night.  Didn't think that gem would last. The other was one of our El Cheapo AS-IS  specials.  No, worries, though, put another bargain basement special out today, as well as a banger BMX we got in on trade (love it when people realize sometime it's cheaper just to pick up one of our rebuilds than fix their own!  Tells us we're doing something right!) and also added a SAH-WEET Giant Sedona to the roster.  This one was a donation, but for the life of me I have no idea WHY?!  The only thing aside from some scratches in the paint, was it needed a front wheel, tube and tire.  Other than that?  Couldn't find anything a basic tune up wouldn't cure!  Oh well, more's the better for some lucky folk in picking up the bargain priced ride!
Ah...happiness IS a warm puppy!  Sitting out on the porch, capping off my day, and Suzzane is cuddling up.  Either out of unconditional love, or need for warmth, but it's those simple moment's of unadulterated joy, that make everything else one must endure just a little more palatable.
Tomorrow, I have house duty, and with all the kids on vacation time...should be fun.
Alright, I think my pooch is getting cold, so i best go.
See y'all soon!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

we LOVE our friends!

Well!  Yesterday was more active than a chocolaholic on a bender!
What a blessing!  It was one nice folk aftah anuddah! We had two repairs from the day before, then another eight came in, one on top of the other!  Thanks so much for all the trust  folks!  Forgive me the moment of self aggrandizing, but it sure feels good when a new friend comes in, slightly trepidatious, concerned about the presumed HIGH cost of repairs, only to break out in a pleasently surprised grin when they are informed just how cheaply they're going to get away!  By the time we're done, they're insisting on snagging up a couple business cards to hand out to friends, pimping us out with gusto!
Speaking of "promotion", a very flattered thank you to our returning snowbird, Dave.  His welcomed face marks, for us, the beginning of the GOOD season!  As I have touted many times before, Dave was one of our first customers back in the old garage days, and holds the distinction of single handedly inspiring us to start offering repair services!  Yes, believe it or not, when we first started doing this, we just sold refurbished bikes.  He came by one day inquiring if we could take care of a few things on his bike, we said sure, I tweaked it, than handed it back to him, and he asked "how much?"
Honestly...I just stared dumbfounded, wondering what he meant.  Yes, I was THAT sharp!  We talked, he liked what and how we did it, and suggested we should start charging for service.  Who knew?!
Anyway, Dave and his wife have gone out of their way over the years to help and promote our business within the snowbird and retirement communities (not to mention bringing by all the leftovers from their functions...come on, LOADS of home cooked goodies?  Who could resist!) and always prints out his own promotional flyers for our efforts.  Yesterday, he came by, and spoke to me about a short article he wrote about our shop and family and what we have gone through over the years, and apparently, after reading it to some folks, has been asked if it could be printed up in the Dunedin Beacon!  Cool!
He brought it by the house for Angi to proofread, and I think it was given a go!  Thank you, Dave for thinking of us, yet again!
Oh, yes, we also sent home three rides yesterday, as well.  One of them, the Genesis road bike, caught us a SAH-WEEET TRADE!  The gent recently bought a 2015 Schwinn Tourist sport hybrid online, only to ride once and discover it was too small!  Hey, he's thrilled with the trade, and someone is going to get one heck of a goid deal on a brand new go-go ride!  Check out all the newbies below.
Ok, now, i gotta get to work!  Hope to see y'all soon!

Friday, November 20, 2015

And now, this public service announcement...

So....I'm thinking...I'm thinking maybe I'll start a Facebook page, or maybe another blog dedicated to an open forum for people to submit their whines, complaints and tribulations during their everyday lives.  You know, a kind of support group so when you're feeling like life is an 800 pound silver back gorilla, who has successfully pummeled you to a pulpy mass and is now playing double dutch with your entrails, you can read about how miserable someone ELSE'S day was, and maybe not FEEL so bad!
So, in what may very well be THE perfect public service campaign for why you SHOULD wear a helmet while riding your bike...
Can you say "ER visit on a Sunday morning"?
With my abnormal schedule, found myself this past weekend, unable to sleep, having the brilliant idea to go for a bike ride...
At One o'clock in the morning.  After a wee bit, found myself on the Pinellas trail heading towards downtown.  Now...I'd forgotten how freaking dark some patches are, and soon enough, a tree branch stretched out in front of me, camouflaged in darkness, urged me to veer sharply to the left, only to have my front wheel find the one niche in the tarmac to completely cancel inertia!  Well, for the bike that is.  No...MY mass continued it's forward momentum using my head as landing gear.  At first, i counted myself lucky my noggin hit the grass.  Well, that was until I felt something warm and wet trickeling from my left ear, and came to the sudden realization, I couldn't hear out of it!  Oy.  The soreness I felt in my neck, and sharp pain over my right eye (Where Greedo decided to land) compelled me to take a detour and seek medical advice.
Wish i hadn't.
Minor skull fracture.
Ruptured outer ear drum.
Now...if that wasn't bad enough...three days later?  I have a WICKED head cold.  That part was inevitable, of course, as Angi, fresh off recovery from bronchitis, ended up catching the same thing!  Poor lady, she hasn't had an unsick day in almost a month but STILL gets up each day, first thing in the AM!
Me?  I just want to crawl in a comfy hole for a week!
So, yea, been a hell of a week!
Like I  said, think about all you had to put up with today.  Now doesn't that story make you feel a little less stressed?
Today, again, was quiet, and I had my house day while Angi manned the shop.  I did nothing all day but lay on the couch with Miranda eating chicken soup and drinking two gallons of OJ, and watching movies.  Been awhile since I watched "Paul".
Tomorrow, though, we have rides a plenty to build, and new schedules to work out, so should be another interesting day!
Alright, now its shower and sack time!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

oh, don't get PITHY with me!

So, monday was a blur of activity! Sent three rides to new homes, and picked up some SAH-WEET trades!  Check them out below!  I mean, the two we put out are PRISTINE!  The day, of course, as always, a batch of mixed blessings.  Sunday nighr, we took Kaleb back in, on probation, ONLY for the fact, that while bombing about on his long board he shattered his wrist.  To let him coalesce, we gave him space, but less than 24 hours later, the fighting started. Oy!  Him and his brother, him and a friend, him and anither brother....needless to say, i had to rush home from the ship and play referee until Angi got home from another decorating gig, which of course made me late for my other job.
I'm just REALLY getting tired of teenagers BS!
As i was saying (at this point it's the next morning) today(wend/thurs) was quiet. TOO quiet. Had a few repairs to do, but that was about it. wasn't uneventful, but not in the goid way.  Nothing Earth shattering, just the usual annoying things thatt crop up like an evil rabid Monkey sporting thigh high Nazi boots, leather halter and a large wooden mallet with "Wack-a-mole" written on it. of THOSE days!  The strangest thing was, i was running a tad late this morning, so I left Suzanne here at the house so I could get there faster. Shortly after I left though, she got out and took off into the neighborhood, and even though everyone else went out looking for her, she had all but dissapeared.  It wasn't until I came hone with Izzy at 3.00 did Suzanne come strutting around the corner!?
At least my baby is oj, and currently on a leash!
Tomorrow, I have house duty (sorry...later this morning) but will be back in and banging away on bikes come Friday.  Got in some more goodies I can't wait to sink my teeth into!
Ok, so, now updated, somewhat, i gotta get some rest for Miranda duty tomorrow!
See ya!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Aux grands maux, les grands remedes!

Sorry, but our normal witty banter, or scathing rants just seem inappropriate today.  Yesterday, for some odd reason I was in a "mood".  A foreboding, dark mood.  I chocked it up to "Friday the thirteenth " but awoke to the sorrowful news, it was much worse.
I join a worldwide chorus of prayers to the people of Paris France, who have fallen prey to the insanity, and blood thirsty caranage of a hellishly moronic ideological fueled war with the ass backwards demons, ISIS.  Cowardly, they stage six cordinated attacks on the city of lights in an attempt to wreak the highest body count on "soft targets".  Honestly, i hate the term.  These were innocent people, just living their lives to the best of their ability, oblivious to the rampaging stupidity of these  back world wastes of flesh. 127 dead. 200 injured, 99 of those critical.
For what?  So they can have their "war with the west"?
Well folks...believe it or not, here's where i state the unprecedented ; give them their damn war!!!
Yes, at this point, conservative Republicans are going to start grinning, but I'm not talking about succumbing to any contest of whos God is bigger, I'm talking about utter annihilation of a "worldwide threat"!
Bush foray into Iraq was a misguided mistake, but I'm talking about taking out a REAL threat.
Here's a couple suggestions ; I'm all for civil liberties, freedom of speech and religion, BUT  these scum...had friends, supporters, allies, and French authorities have over 1200 of them on a watch list.  Here's an idea, drag them out by the scruff of their neck, strip them of their citizenship, pack them on a cargo plane, and dump them in Syria.  Same goes for our shores, and any other country with an infestation of these vermin.  No lengthy court cases, or arrests.  Anyone supporting or inflicting violence against any population does not have the RIGHT to civil liberties, as they are by NO MEANS, CIVIL!!
Secondly, and a young lady interviewed on NBC, gave me this idea.  She was in a restaurant when the attacks began, rushed into the basement of the building, and using social media, tried to find out what was going on, but it took over twenty minuets to find anything out.  Look, we now have a nation wide Ambet Alert system that flashes on our cell phones if a child is abducted.  VERY usefull.  How about something like that for terrorists attacks?  One for possible threats, one for actual attacks.  Worldwide.  With the coordination of these, how long will it be before they strike more than one continent at the same time?
They seem to have no shortage of brain dead idiots who are more than happy to sacrifice their meaningless lives to their misguided pursuits!
I will say, the scenes of solidarity, even during the heart of the crisis TRULY showed the strength and indomitable spirit of the French people.  From evacuees leaving the football stadium singing a proud chorus of the French anthem, to those escaping the chaos on the streets making sure to help get others to safety.  And one would expect the streets of Paris to be empty, its population seeking the safety of home and family, but Instead, spitting in the eye of the fear they tried to instill, the city was packed with a full compliment of citizens steadfastly refusing to acquiesce their lives!
Again, our prayers are with you.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Heh. I pretty much posted my opinion of the day in the comment section in yesterdays post, so we'll skip another diatribe.  BUT, i will add...a couple weeks ago the family sat down and watched "Tommorowland" for movie night.  No spoilers, the movie is to "IN YOUR FACE" good to ruin it. But, at one point, Hugh Laurie does his best "House" irritated, sarcastic "preachy" speach about the stupidity of humanity.  It is SOOOOO to the heart of our arrogant ignorance, I almost almost wept.  Check it out!, on to today.
Nah...I got nothin'.  The day was a resounding dud, nothing going on at the shop, and I  slept until 2pm before having to get up and head to work.  Angi did say they got a nice Jamis in on trade, so I'll check it out in the AM.
Tonight went by incredibly fast, as I had a full workload to the pount of not being able to finish!  Woof!  That only the second time that happened!
Now, just chilling before bed on the porch until Suzanne comes back from wherever she took off to.
Yea, I know, not the most interesting of posts.
Maybe some folks will take advantage if the somewhat cooler weather tomorrow, pay us a visit, and give me something to write about!
Ok, best sign off!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So...WHEN do the space arks leave?

Oh!  We REALLY like compiments like that!  Had a couple come in today, down from Canada for the season (thanks for laughing at the "stupid monopoly money"joke! Not mine, mind you, line from a Weird Al song) and when researching the area, came across us, and said they KNEW they'd be getting a ride from us!  Seems they're quite green up there, and said they love the concept!  AWESOME!  This world SOOOOOOOO needs more people like them! Sad reality is, i've been listening to the news more and more lateley (NPR is the only Florida radio station that has interesting content and not the same forty songs over and over and over again) and the scary thing is, while world government STILL debates what should be done to fight climate change, and people STILL choke about in their gas guzzlers, the condition they were predicting would be here by the late 2020's?  ARE FREAKING HERE NOW!!!!  Even the top scientists are scratching their collective heads muttering to themselves; "uncharted territory".
Well, with no shortage of vitriol, thanks SOOO MUCH to all the poison spewing factories of post industrial revolution societies, not to mention the wide thighs that squeeze into the Suburban to drive the two miles, rather than walk or ride, so they can cram as many Bic Macs into thier faces as humanly possible!  Seriously, not only spewing toxins into our air, but helpping to fund the clear cutting of Amazon rain forests so the cows they're scoffing down have clear fields to graze on before their date with the skull malet!  DON'T FORGET THE EXTRA CHEESE BUDDY!
Oh...yea...I'm in a bloody mood!
I mean, just look at all the refugees from so many stupid, ideological wars across the globe.  Hundreds of thousands of people, they've lost everything, and the huddle in nake shift camps in the dead of winter, and i hear today that some SCHMUCK from Hong Kong just purchased a freaking diamond at auction for 48.5  MILLION!?
IT'S JUST A STUPID ROCK!!!  Dabeers has air plane hangers FULL of them!  Don't believe me?  Just Google "the diamond conspiracy ", if they released a quarter of all the stones they have stashed away, the market would be so deludged, they would be worthless!
A better legacy would have been to take the cash and do something actually HUMANE with it! Some people just make me want to "kull the herd"!
I may whine sometimes about business being slow, but at least I KNOW, that Angi and I and ALL the folks we have serviced over the years are at least doing SOMETHING to give back to our world and wipe out some carbon footprints!
What are YOU doing?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

the NEW 52!

Well... this is fun. schedule.
Both Angi and I are seeing vapor trails!  Up at seven AM, kiddos at the ready, rumbling and grumbling the older boys get up an hour earlier to escort the girls to school, then either mommy or I head to the shop (alternating days) and the other stays home with little miss Miranda.  Today was my day for house dad. And I gotta admit...i have NO idea what they mean by "a handful".  Miranda was a PEACH today!  Oh, mamma has been working on the potty training, and each time she had to go, I quickly adapted to the ritual.  She needs her dress and diaper removed, than I have to sit guard outside the door, but other than that, she gave me all the time I needed to do house cleaning with the promise of playtime.  After i finished wr played ball and tag, which quickly devolved into a free for all chase and wrestle, then, tuckered out, she wanted mivie time.  Than lunch together then she layed diwn as if ti nao, but instead became facinated with playing with ny beard.  It was a great day...
Then I had to summon a here to fire unknown reservoir of energy and gather the gumption to go to work.
Mamma made it home with Izzy (who regularly stoos her bike every ten feet to complain her legs hurt, urging her escort to carry her) in record time, so at least we had ten minutes to catch up.  That part REALLY SUCKS! Looks like Monday thru Thursday we'll see each other fir maybe a half hour each day!
Oh well, distance makes the heart flounder!
Elijah seems to be enjoying working at the plant.  Hope that lasts!  If he sticks with it he could build up a good future there.  Plus, now...he can pay rent!
The shop was pretty busy on Monday, sending two rides to new homes with both parties quite excited by their finds, not to mention repairs and parts for DIY'ERS.  But Tuesday landed wuth a resounding "thud!"  Hooe tomorrow is better!  Hint, Hint!  We did get in sime more repairs, though, so I'll check 'em out in the AM.
We also put out two more goodies on Monday, a real sharp looking Diamondback MTB was the pick if the litter, followed up witj an el cheapo ladies cruiser.  We have a lot more pickings out back i'm going to dig through as well, and see what I can come up with.
Update on the wayward son, Kaleb.  He keeps in toucj, but you have to wade through the BS and manipulative banter to find the truth.  Seems he claims to be attending church and finding God.  Hmmm?  Well, personally, i think that would do him some good!  Remains to be seen how far that commitment goes.
Ok, yacked to bed!
See ya in the morning!

Monday, November 9, 2015

And on the FIRST day....

Well....THAT could have gone a little smoother!
This morning was the first of the new schedule, where Elijah has started work, mom and dad are splitting shop/home duty and Tank takes over afternoon chores. Trouble was, with Angi working the decorating gig this weekend and not making it home until midnight last night...we never discussed WHO would get up in the AM to wake the kids and get them ready for school!
Needless to say, they were running a tad bit late.  Sheesh, and the week after i had a meeting with Rozy's teachers about her attendance!
So, ok, we cleared that up this morning.
At least I made it to work on time...relatively speaking.
Yesterday was kinda busy for a Sunday, especially with the rain later in the day.  I finished up the Raleigh mountain bike and it was gone to a new home ten minuets later, but i did manage to put out three more.  And one of them was a donation of a sweet 1963 ladies Rollfast three speed!  Definate patina of age on this one, and as i set it in my rack, intent on a full tear down and refurb, i couldn't help but notice that for some reason it just looked kind of cool with a little bit of rust and dings in the paint.  Giving it character, marks of where and how long it had "been", so i just wiped it down, checked all the systems (which worked perfectly!) and put it out.  Someone out there will surely appreciate its flaws as I do!
Once the rain hit though, it got quet, and i headed home to hang with the youngins, and had some good cuddle time with the wee ones as we watched Ren and Stimpy.  Yep...those kids are as warped as their old man!
Tomorrow, Angi is here and I'll be on Miranda duty and trying my best to enjoy some one on one down time.
Maybe a nap? on to workies!
See y'all soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

a brief pause of peace!

Well, today went a lot smoother, thank God!
Yesterday there was one heck of a hullabaloo, testing Tank on his first official day!  I had to step out to go to an appointment at the kids school, and no sooner did I leave did a small group of teens came in and tried to get him to do some free repairs. He politely declined, but they then became belligerent, and tried to enter my bay to take the tools to do it themselves.  Needless to say, he took the sanctity of my work station to heart and attempted to eject them from the store. Three on one he held his own, only to have to finally resort to chasing them out...
With the fire extinguisher.
Oh yea....
Took a couple hours to clean up THAT mess!
As a result we have implemented a SERIOUS no loitering policy!!
I sternly shooed away three teens today alone.  I hope for their sake they get the point, and wird gets out.  I've never liked them hanging out, anyway.
So, several repairs came and went today and sent three to new homes to boot!  Finally found someone who appreciated the classic Trek 820!  LPTS of looky loos as well!  Tomorrow should be busy as well, given all the inquiries as to whether or not we were open.
Managed to get out three newbies as well!  Vintage ladies ten speed touring bike,a real sharp mens mountain bike and finally finished the ladies Nishiki commuter conversion. Also have a real sweet Raleigh mountain bike in the rack about half way done. Once I finished that, on to a sweet old boss cruiser I picked up in trade today.  I LOVE those rides!  After that?  I have no idea what way the wind will take me!
So, until tomorrow...
Much love!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Another day older and deeper in debt...

Thank heavens, another work week over!  Well, at least at the plant!  I aint complaining (well....much) but it's been a LONG one! See, it's been over a decade since I worked for someone else, and even longer with other employees and multiple bosses. You mix personalities, work ethics, and expectations?  Oy.  Me, i just want enough work to keep me busy and be left alone to do it.  No, I don't mind working with other people, because i get along with anyone...well, with some I can fake it real good than make an excuse to cut contact short.  It's when signals get crossed, and one higher up ain't communicating with the other?  That's when things go sour. For some reason, and it's totally alien to me, at this job the majority of the managers don't like confrontations with their subordinates.  Basically, if you screw up, they don't mention it, they just fix it themselves.  Case in point;  we have these custom made rolling racks for the big machines.  The fabricators are supposed to clean them, but rarely do sufficiently, so when it comes to shipping, its our job to do it.  Well, when I was trained, i was told to "just whipe it down with acetone (yea...we use a LOT of acetone so i loose about 70,000,000 brain cells each night!)  So, thinking I'm doing it the right way, over the last three months I've cleaned dozens....wrong!  Seems I was supposed to use a buffer with a coarse wheel to hit all the dirty welds, but instead of pointing that out, MULTIPLE times, they just finished it on the AM shift?  Well, last week, when the head cheese was having a friendly chat with me before i started work, he asked me how things were going.  I said fine, but that i wished there was more to keep me busy at night.
Seems he went to my boss, HIS. subordinate and chastised him for not giving me enough to do.
This apparently was simmering in his brain, when this week, the day after i had more racks to clean he lambasted me for NOT cleaning them properly.
I stood dumbfounded, and informed him i'd not been told that, then my Yankee came out and i inquired as to WHY this had not been brought
 to my attention?  He didn't have a good answer for that.  See, he came on as my supervisor after i'd been there for two months after the guy who trained me was fired (should have known at that point!)  Once he realized their were gaps in my teachings, he simmered down, but i just told him (as he's a fellow Yankee) if there's a problem, don't tip toe around it.  I'm not a little kid, just speak up and tell me i screwed up!
At least now I'm getting a heavier work load!
This morning Angi sent the Hercules to a new home...FINALLY!  That gorgeous ride was starting to get whiskers it had been there so long!  I managed to get one new ride out, after several repairs, then had to scoot to pick up Izzy from school.  Normally Elijah gets the girls, but Mirandas stroller broke yesterday. It was cool though. I had a nice ride home with her, and got to share her day.  Plus, it was so sweet, when she saw her Daddy was picking her up, she squealed with delight and ran and gave me a huge hug.
Oh, its moments like that, that make all the BS SOOOOO worthwhile!
I was so smitten, when we got home, and after she proudly showed me her work. and spelld some words for me, we sat down and played a little before I had to leave for work, and i REALLY didn't want to leave!  Sad face!
Tomorrow, I'm there all day as Angi has one of her seasonal decorating gigs this weekend and will be out of pocket for the duration. and I will be focusing hard on getting out newbies!  So check us out, have lots to work on!
Alright, time to hit the shower and sheets.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

these times...they are ah changin'

....and then wendsday happened.
Ok...i cave, this weather realy DOES suck!
November freaking fourth and it's 88 freaking
degrees!?  Where's the freaking fall, man!?
I mean, I'm trying to rehab a nice ladies Nishiki and the tools keep slipping out of my hands because I'm so freaking sweaty!
Seriously, y'all!
Some changes are coming to Re-cycle (skipping any preamble) I've mentioned over the last couple weeks that Angi has had several "appointments" with Miranda, well, our little girl, as sweet as she is, has needs. And we are going to be "rerouting" our schedule to meet them.  We have recently taken on a trustworthy (yet talkative) young man who we will be offering the post of "closer" for the shop.  I and Angi will be (for at least the nexy month)  switching off days, and hiring "Tank" to handle the afternoon until close.  One of us must be home to stay with her while the other one works until the girls get out of school (and i have to go to the other job) so be nice to him.  He's a good kid, and worthy of faith and trust (a. RARE commodity amongst his generation!) and eager to help folks.  I'll still be there Monday and Wednesday and all day Friday and Saturday so stuff will keep flowing.  And to all the folks keen on seeing angi's gorgeous face, she'll be there too!  Win/win for everyone!
Sitting out on the porch and Suzanne is pricked up at the rabbits! Hard to fight millions of years of evolution!
As i said, Miranda will be going into pre k HOPEFULLY in December, so things will get back to some semblance of normalcy, and we'll have no one hanging in the house in the day time, so hopefully our ekectric bill will be non painful!  We just want her to get the attention she needs!
Today, was all about parts, with several DIY'ers snagging up goodies, but no newbies left, sadly!  There's always tomorrow!  I just gotta build more!
Alrighty...i gotta destinkafy myself!
Y'all have a good night!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Time To Set The Ten Minute Rule Clock!

Well, GOLLY BOB HOWDY, you know the season is bursting in when we get TWO ten minute rules in one day!  And a Tuesday no less!
Yep.  First one was the sweet Trek 850 commuter.  Had a couple come in and check it out. Rode it, liked it, but wanted to "check out another place".  Sadly, whilst they were sniffing smelling salts after fainting from sticket shock, at "another place",  a pair of snowbirds flitteted in and snagged it up, knowing a good deal when they see one.  The first couple called back shortly after, and having found us on "offer up" (the bargain basement web site for "deal seakers") offered a woefully low price.  At least that allowed me to spare them the V8 face slap, and just politely declined.
The second one was a bit of a surprise, not to mention leaving me feeling sorry for the gent.  A regular looky loo of ours who has been coming into the shop looking for the PERFECT vintage road bike, made his biweekly sojourn to see the newbies and fell instantly in love with the Peugeot we put out yesterday.  It was EVERYTHING he wanted, loved the paint...but...he was going to have to think about it?
I pointed to the Uncle Chip provided "Ten minute rule" sign and thus explained its mandates, even cautioning  him of the one we had earler, but he humorously chuckled "I'll take my chances"
....six minutes later...
A young couple from Saint Pete strode in, RIGHT to where it sat, and with NO coaxing said "we'll take it!"
Thats the quality of Craigslist shoppers!
Hope our regular doesn't have to wait another year...
Also, we sent the ladies cruiser home with a gleeful young lady, clapping her hands enthusiastically as she finnaly found her perfect ride!
Work wise?
I got the plethora of parts buckets sorted, then my tired ass...umptions led me too the conclusion that i desperately needed a nap.  I got less than an hours sleevery p last night.  Chock it up to worry and not having ALL my kids under one roof!  Yes, we did the right thing...don't mean it don't weigh on ya!
I only hope tonight is different!
Angi finished the day out, after a morning apointment with Miranda, and kept busy the remainder of the day.  Definitely more quality to meet the visitors., i best get a shower and pass out!
Night y'all!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Days seem to get life gets shorter.

Today was a chipper sign of greener pastures!  Sent two newbies to new homes before the clock struck twelve, and several more looky loos to boot!  Thank you SO much to the three, count 'em THREE returning snow birds who deigned to visit us, amongst their first days landing on our shores, as they took advantage of our vacation package LAST year and couldn't wait to hook up with one of our rides again THIS year!
Hopefully....we'll have more for them to check out SOON!
Did manage to put out a GORGEOUS classic Peugeot road bike this am.  Sorry..only thing out, as she needed a FULL re-cycle overhaul!   But, i also did manage to sparse down the over flow out back!  A MUCH-NEEDED. task, to be SURE!
Terry came by and carried away the bones, so I'm sure our neighbors will be happy for the added breathing room.
Digging through the pile, i found another road bike Angi picked up a couple weeks ago.  Don't know WHAT make it is (due to a real bad paint job) but it's got classic Shimano 600 gearing on it, and very light!  I smell ANOTHER alleycat single coming!!  Already got the alloy straight bars from a quickie conversion we did earlier ...yesterday?
Oy!  I was going to say today!  Shows ya how long i have been awake!  7 AM YESTERDAY, Y'ALL!
Truly....been a LONG day!
The upside being, Elijah FINALLY got a fire under his buttocks and did ad I suggested and went to my job and applied.  My boss called him in for an interview today, and as long as his pee is pure...he'll be starting Monday!  Thankfully, it wont be TOO weird, as he'll be first shift AND in the other building!  Didn't stop almost EVERYONE in the company from finding out my son may come to work for them.  Word travels fast!
It's going to be say the least!
As far as Kaleb?
That's a whole different subject.  Yes, we stuck to our guns.  The outcome?
Jury's still out.  He has lots of friends. And regardless of what he has put this family through in the last few months...i hope he's safe. I prayed so much he'd see things rationally....but...he has to come to the reality of things on his own.  My concern is the safety and sanctiry of the children that remain.  I love him, but he has to sink or swim on his own.
Sad way to end the blog, sorry, but today has been incredibly taxing, I need a shower and few hours sleep.