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Friday, August 26, 2016 aint much of a much!

Slacking off as usual! 
it's been a bit of a bit since I poked my head in.  The summer is slowly grinding to a "done and done" but things are still quiet.  We have been mainly focusing on staying current with repairs, but as it has been, with this bloody heat my evening work is taxing!  the unfortunate by product being, that during the week, my tail is a lot less perky as it should be!  Apparently many out there are suffering fro the same kind of malaise as we just haven't had many folks looking to break into the Veloist lifestyle.  I, begrudgingly, can't blame them as going outside leads to a quick case of "melting". 
Come ON Old Man Winter!  Get your keister in gear!
We have been trying at least to keep a stream of newbies out.  And yes, I am going to try and get everything up to date with what is still in stock. 
Plus, we have had a trickle of new stuff coming in, and I have a Mongoose Blackcomb in my rack, calling my name. 
Not to mention a plethora of cruisers have been flooding in lately. 
Jeeze...really wish I had more to chat about, but this is the cost of a Florida summer!  Here's hoping I'll have lots to talk about tomorrow!
See ya soon!

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  1. Cheep up, man! I'm starting to get questions from my friends along the lines of "When can I bring my bike by before the weather turns? I want to be ready!

    It's a comin', brother...