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Thursday, October 13, 2011

So, Is This What We're Coming To?

So our shop sits in the Sunset Square Mall.  We share the space with an assortment of shops, such as an auto parts store (where we buy most our paints and tools) Subway (coffee, and Breakfast) The Chinese restaurant (lunch) and Sweetbay (multi-purpose).  At the back of our shop our door opens up into the rear courtyard, where we wash our bikes (do painting in the cooler months) and test drive the bikes (bumpy enough to give them a good rattle test.  Also, as with most plaza's, here is where you will find all the many dumpsters.  Well, while testing out the last creation of the day (another sweet ladies GT Timberline) I was buzzing back and forth, testing the shocks on the speed bumps when I caught some movement up behind Sweetbay.  Someone was by the dumpster and I didn't think to much of it at first, thinking it was just an employee throwing out produce.  Continuing my drive by, as I passed I noticed three ladies, with the dumpster lid open.  One middle aged woman and the other two being older teenagers.  As I passed headed around the corner I noticed that not only were they not wearing uniforms, but they held bags in their hands...that they were filling.  Well, I'm not that quick in the awareness department so what I saw didn't register in my head until I rounded the front of the plaza, so I whipped around and headed back.  I really wasn't sure what I intended on doing, perhaps offer help, or a better alternative, but when I returned, apparently spooked by my presence, they were gone.  At times like this you can't help but feel thankful for the blessings you have, but you also feel a twinge of guilt.  See, I remember what it was like a couple years ago, when the older boys and I would travel, via bike to the local food pantry to help supplement our meager food budget, and at that point, they were pretty slim pickings, and long lines.  I can only imagine how much worse off they have become.
What's my point?  Well, I ask any of you who are making it nowadays, find out where your local food pantry or soup kitchen is, and the next time you stock up your pantry, put aside an extra bag and drop it off.  Trust me, these folks are good at figuring out who needs, and it will get to the right folks.  In Clearwater, look up the RCS Food Bank, at 700 Druid rd E, downtown (727) 443-4031.  These folks are SUPER good, with a LOT of volunteers waiting to help!
OK, so today we had another quite day, but pounded out some SWEET rides!  I'd like to thank Micheal for the wonderful donation of the GT Timberline.  He'd brought it in last a bucket to have us assemble it and do some new part install.  He'd been planning to fix it up and sell it, but after completing the rebuild, we discovered the majority of his drive train was shot.  Once we let him know what it would take, cash wise to replace it all, he opted out (wisely) and donated it to us.  So, not wanting an otherwise fine bike to go to waste, we put her all back together, and she's ready to go home with you!  We also put out four more BMX'ers and are working on another two!  Got in a couple more bangers as well, and they'll be hitting the floor tomorrow, as well as an old school Specialized Hard Rock (in a bucket) that I'm dieing to dig into! 
And, as always a special reminder to anyone scoping out the blog, if you see something you like and are serious to buy please call first!  ESPECIALLY if you have a distance to drive.  But if you don't, PLEASE don't verbally abuse the help!  As we've said many, many times, bikes this good, priced this low are a bargain that people are looking for, and they DON"T last.
OK, I'll stop stomping the equine!
Well as tomorrow is another "No-School" day, the kids are waiting to watch a movie, so I'd better close the book!
ONLY $120.00!!

ONLY $45.00

ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $35.00

ONLY $45.00!!!

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