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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Good Day, Good Day.

Well, yesterday was a hoot!  Twas the kiddos annual "before they go back to school" physicals!  Everyone passed with flying colors, but unfortunately, the doctor informed me that medical science STILL hasn't come up with an anti-annoying medication, and we were just going to have to get used to Owen. 
But...we still love's that.
This time around we opted NOT to deal with the two and a half hour bus sojourn, and called a friend at Uber Cab, Jackie.  She hooked us up, to and fro for almost the same price as it would have cost to take the bus!  We got back to the house early enough, that I could put all the kids to work helping me get it cleaned up.  Summers are ROUGH on your state of cleanliness! Once all was set and done, the place made livable again, I decided to make a special dinner as reward for all our efforts, so opted for slow cooked homemade beef stew. Sadly, trouble was, you have to give that about four to five hours to cook, and started to late!  BUT, gonna have a heck of a tender meal tonight!  Ended up polishing off the "bubble and squeak" instead.
Whilst winding the evening down, we were outside relaxing, and after having rained for a bit earlier, the sunset was AMAZING!!  Also, we discovered as it slowly set, one cloud mass looked strikingly like a lumbering Godzilla.  Of course, the inspiration for movie time became...Godzilla!
Once back inside and with snacks in hand, movie popped in, within a short period of time, even before any of us got to SEE Godzilla, we all promptly passed out on the couch!  WOOF!  Full bellies, and hard work for the day, I guess we were all just too tuckered out!
 Elijah was running the show for the day, but it was basically dead.  Got in a few repairs though, which I will be jumping on shortly! 
Even with the storm outside, today has been a flurry of activity!  I am SOOOOO happy to see that TWO rides have already gone out to folks "GETTING OFF THE OILGARCHY'S TEET!" and using them for commuting!  YAY!  MORE CONVERTS!!   And many, many more looky loo's! 
SO, with that, I REALLY better get a move on, on those repairs!
Hope to see you soon!


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