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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.
Nope. No significance to today's meanderings, just in a particularly jaunty mood!
Perhaps being punch drunk is due to ignoring my own proclamation last night that I was "Going to bed EARLY!".  Yes, once home, with dinner cooking I answered several children's inquiries regarding the evening plans with the identical response (I have to answer several of the same question EVERY evening SIX times!  "What's for dinner being the most popular"!) "Daddy's tired, I'm going to bed early!"  But, in their normal fashion, they always make the final plans.  Miranda fell asleep in her chair just before dinner, had a power nap, and awoke with renewed vigor!  OY!  Nothing would sway her determination to stay awake and wreak havoc in the household.  Dozer, as she has become known as, was her standard "tenacious" self, bound and determined to get into everything.  So, with Wa Wa Wubsie on in the boys room (do NOT ask me!  This show looks like a cross between a bad dream and a Pink Floyd acid trip!) the rest of us tried our best to keep busy, and stay awake.  After cleaning, and meandering about, Angi was poking around on her IPhone, and I took over control of the Wii (NO zombies that night!) and played Olympic sports. Yes...that's the closest I'LL ever get to competition!  I don't think they have an "Overweight Middle Age" classification of athletes at the Winter Games.  Eventually (about 1 am) Miranda gave up the ghost...But I STILL continued to play until 2.30!
Angi's last comedic question as we shuffled off to bed was "I thought you were going to bed early?" with her best faux look of impish curiosity!
My wife...EVER the comedian!
Yesterday was another humdinger of a hoot a nanny!  Sold two right off the bat with another three smattered throughout the day!  Not to mention all the blessings of repairs.  I did manage to squeeze in one ride, finished just before closing.  And this one is a DANDY!!  In eight years we NEVER had one of these, and now, in the past four months, we have TWO!  Yes folks, ANOTHER three wheel recumbent!!!  SAH-WEEEEEEEET!
This morning is off to another good start (regardless of the fact that a real nippy cold front blew in last night!) with the Schwinn Aluminum Comp mountain bike FINALLY finding a new home!  Any bike here after a week is WAY old!  This gorgeous ride took close to two weeks to go bye, bye.  No idea why, she was a peach!  BUT, it went to one of our oldest customers, with this making the eighth ride he has bought so far (no, the others didn't break down, he and his wife would buy rides to donate to school kids who needed transportation.  They are crossing guards) and this one was for his son to replace the other one that was unfortunately stolen. 
Today, I have a couple kiddo rides to put together, and that cruiser, then time permitting, I'm going to do a little redecorating.  All the chotskies and pictures on the wall need a good cleaning and switching around.  Some additions will be coming in, as I have been digging through some of the stuff at the house I'd like to find room to put up.  Anyone a fan of Smurfs?
 Hee, hee! 
OK, so I best get at it! 
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $725.00!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Garfield was SOOO Wrong! Mondays Do NOT Suck!!

Yesterday was a blissfully blistering busy day!!  Sent SIX pretties to new homes, with four of them outfitting a wonderful family in from the outskirts of Chicago!  They'd only been in for a couple of days when a benevolent benefactor turned them on to us when they inquired about the "best" place to get bikes!  SAH-WEEEET!  We also "traded up" for a couple cute young ladies who had outgrown last years Christmas present WAY to quickly, according to Mom! 
And the repairs?!  WOW!  Thanks to ALL the folks for their trust, patronage and keeping me jumping!  I NEVER get tired of the look of pleasant shock and exclamation's from folks when they find out just how cheap it is, and how quick they'll get them back!  Better then candy!  We had TWO full re-furbs and seven more random repairs, with another three picked up right before closing!  Folks, I gotta tell ya, beats wandering around the shop looking for something to do!  And spare time on my hands and access to EBay is DANGEROUS!  Although I have been able to accumulate several new decorations for the shop, currently en route via USPS!  Hee, Hee! 
Ahhhh.  The joy's of PayPal! 
Needless to say, did NOT get much built yesterday!  Did manage to put together two more little kiddo bikes.  As you would expect, this time of year we become depleted of bikes under 20".  About the only time of year that happens!  SOOOO, gotta build up some new ones! 
 I do have two more cruisers to work on.  One being my old motorized ride, and the other a long since abandoned repair that I have been holding now for a few months.  Don't ask me why, but sometimes folks bring in repairs and then just seem to forget about them.  In this case, he left it for a couple minor tweaks stating he'd be back later that afternoon.  I never saw him again, and his number has been disconnected? 
Things like this give me pause to ponder his fate.  Was he abducted by aliens?  Super Secret Spy done away with by foreign agents?  Lost on Zombie Island? (OK, blame the kids for that one!  All their Zombie video games are giving me nightmares!)
Sorry....I digress.
A special thanks to Angi for finding a new venue online for getting the word out about us.  "Offer Up" is an Iphone type "seller to buyer" forum that hooks you up locally to folks buying and selling anything (legal).  All you do is snap a pic, post and your golden.  Sure, means a wee bit more time out of my day, but it will be worth it if folks can find out there is an alternative out there to high priced "Boutique" bike shops!  Which there is NO shortage of in Florida!  WOOF!
On the home front.  Angi just got back from the doctors. Sadly, her collar bone is not healing right, as it appears the break is coming back together misaligned.  The doctor is giving it another month and then checking her again.  If it turns out that it doesn't correct position, she will have to go in for the surgery to put in metal and screws.  I really hope it doesn't come to that.  Anytime she goes under the knife, I do worry for her.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!
All right peoples. I've rambled enough!  Now back to work!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Any Given Sunday.

Back at it again! 
Sundays are quickly becoming our busiest days as many folks unable to visit us during the week, come in to say "HEY" and peruse our wares!  First thing this morning and already two minor repairs, a couple Looky Loo's and sent one ride to a new home!  keep it coming folks!  Got lots more where those came from!  But, as always, we could use some more!  Anyone thinking of moving some old rides they don't use anymore?  We're game!  Bring 'em in down! 
Yesterday was all about repairs!  Thanks to all for giving us your trust, kind words, and keeping me busy!  Nothing new went out, unfortunately, as I really didn't have anything to work with.  Well, that's not ENTIRELY true.  A couple of the rides from our purge of the shed at the homestead were still out back.  Tore down my old motorized bike, removing the engine, and will be turning it back into a simple single speed cruiser!  This one has a unique history.  We built it for a customer about 5 years ago.  Ordered the higher end Sun cruiser BRAND NEW, and installed the motor. The buyer then put a few extra on, ended up spending close to a grand.  He used it for about a year, then brought it back to us and donated it!  Seems he got his use out of it (and got his license back) and had no further use for it!  SAH-WEET!  I tooled around on it for a few months, but quickly realized... I wasn't getting ANY exercise with a motorized bike!  SO, she sat in the shed for SOME time!  Now, the engine and all it's components stripped (and listed on EBay) I'll be cleaning up the rest! 
Also, thanks to the gent who's daughter (a friend of Rozlynd) convinced him to bring in her old bike and donate it to the cause!  Yes, we will be able to give it a new life, and will try to do so today!
All the holiday treats and feasting have taken there toll on both Angela and I.  Suffice to say, has NOT been pretty the last 24 hours!  We are SOOOOO not use to that many desserts (donated to the household by our erstwhile neighbors) not to mention chocolates and a whole heck of a lot of starches!  WOOF!  My kingdom for a salad!!!
Or Pepto Dismal!!
I'd best get at doing something! 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Post Holiday Recovery!!
Yes, we were open yesterday, I just didn't have the strength to think, therefore didn't write.
No I needed the day to recover from the commercially exploited, Anglo Saxon usurped, Pagan holiday celebrating the incorrect day of our Saviors birth.
Yes, the day when you spend money you cannot afford to buy children gifts they don't deserve and you spend the evening sweeping up all the broken pieces, while mentally calculating all the money you are about to throw away, while you listen to them fight over who gets to play the video game next, and chase after them with a bucket because their tummies don't agree with all the sugar they just imbibed! 
Merry Christmas!
In reverence to the Holiday, I will regale you of one of the more redeemable facets of the season, Christmas Movies!!!
Yes, today I give you...


Proof that Henry Winkler could be more then the Fonz!  His transformation at the end is quite heart warming, almost as pleasurable to watch him as a maniacal old curmudgeon!

This one, although heavily saturating the air waves in the past, is always a joy to watch this time of year.  The epitome of the Holiday season, and what to be thankful for. 

OK, low grade animation, but anyone my age can remember the treat of staying up late that time of year being treated to  popcorn, and the excitement of the spinning "SPECIAL PRESENTATION" proclaiming the forth coming attraction!  Not to mention Schroder's catchy Christmas jam, and the resultant dance fest.

Although there are a few versions ("Scrooged" being a close second) in my opinion this one is the best.  Mr. Scott portrays  the crotchety skinflint with exquisite execution making his realization and transformation at the end all that much more effective.  Not to mention, the chilling effect of the incidental music and sound effects of "The Ghost of Christmas Future"  *SHUDDER!* 

And the BEST Christmas move that epitomizes the true meaning of Christmas!

What's more Christmassy then a dysfunctional family, constant fighting, marital strife, infidelity, delinquent children, the pursuit of ill gotten wealth and being forced to spend time with family you really can't stand? Cap it off with the angry humor of Dennis Leary, and you CAN NOT go wrong!  Make's me smile every time! 

So there you have it! 
OK, so now, I'll leave you with our latest addition up for sale, and I'm gonna get back at it!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Obligatory Holiday Greetings

Well, another year winding down to a close and I have tried my very best to get into the holiday spirit.
Enh, not so much!
This has been a HELL of year!  And I don't mean that in the "winning team player exclaims, "That
 was a HELL of a game!" sort of way, more like the "middle age marathon runner who had a coronary half way through the 5K, but still managed to finish, three day's later" sort of "HELL of  year"! 
Now believe me, as much as I have every right to pitch camp in a clock tower, my only companion a sniper rifle and a weeks worth of rations and ammunition and start pecking off "all those who have wronged me" I ain't that way.  No, I have sighed MANY a sigh of relief and that's what I'm sticking with!  Many good folks (and you KNOW who you are) have come to the aid of both myself personally, and my family at large, and that alone has given me the strength to sally forth!  I will take from all of this, a learning experience.  There have been mistakes and missteps made, that will NOT be repeated.  I've forged stronger armor, polished it, and wear it proudly into the battles to come.  I can only hope, that with hard work, next year will be better, for all of us!
Yesterday, was as expected, a bluster of activity early on, then flattening out as folks hustled about in the last mad dash to finish up preparations for family coming in, or them going out.  HECK of a lot of fun riding home last night! 
Sent a couple rides home to await there time in the sun under the tree, and managed to build three more (which I featured yesterday afternoon) and two of them already went to thrill two little girls, this morning!  I have a what will be a pretty sweet Raleigh MTB in my bay, as we speak.  Another frame up rebuild I'm still digging for the remainder of the needed parts, which I will get back to shortly!
After work, Angi and I did the last little run for a few more trinkets (and the rest of the Holiday meal)  then home, scary ghost show, and passed out!
Today, we will most likely be closing around three, unless folks are giving me a reason to stay later (HINT, HINT!!!) So we'll see how it goes!
Now, back to work!  If I don't see ya, have a wonderful holiday and gird your loins for '15!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


What a difference lights make!!  Now customers won't have to shop using the brail method!  Can't believe those lights were up there this whole time!  SHEESH!!
Well, I made my goal of getting those BMX'ers done, and still have enough time to start another project!  SAH-WEET!  Now...if I can just find something to work on!
Oh well!
Check out these gems just in time for the final Christmas push tomorrow!  Best hurry in first thing (or in the final 1.5 hours today!  AWESOME deals on these rides!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!

Pass The Ham! There Is A Santa Clause!

Kudos to our folks for pitching in again this year!  We were actually able to afford to buy a few things for the kiddos to put under the tree!  YAY!  Suffice to say, I got no shame, this white knuckle summer we endured left us in the red...BIG time!  Twer' it not for benevolent landlords, we would have been spending the holiday season in a church basement or something!  But, thanks to the milder climate over the last couple of months we are starting to come out of it!  Unfortunately, it didn't leave us anything for merry making this season!  Thankfully, we are blessed with children who don't do the whole "is that ALL I get?" thing.  No, we are fortunate that they (for the most part) appreciate what they get.  Angela and I hit the Wal-mart (DON'T JUDGE ME!) yesterday (after some feverish Amazon shopping, of course!) and picked them all out some goodies.  Yes, I know, WAL-MART?  As much as I chide them, they're still the only real option you have for folks on a tight budget (sad face). 
Yesterday was a whiz bang of activity, thank you all so very much!  A whole heap of repairs came in, and was humming away on them!  Managed to get them all done, so that was sweet!  ALSO,  put out THREE new sweeties!  That flub I started on Saturday got finished up, and was WELL worth the effort!  A sweet looking and even sweeter riding "Scratch Build"!  Also. we had a ladies Trek 700 Multitrack kicking around the back for sometime, waiting for a set of wheels!  So, with the flub being a 26", we used the wheel to get that one up and running.  Was going to use them on the Peugeot, but it didn't work out.  It needs a set of 27 1/4, and a three speed to boot.  Spacing was all wrong.  Then, managed to throw together what turned out to be a pretty sharp looking "Daily Banger Special" in the guise of a 26" dual shock MTB! 
SO, anyone who has visited us knows that this place is a little like a cave.  For some ungodly reason when we first moved in, we recognized that there were NO lights in the front half of the shop.  Don't ask me why.  I went out and picked up some clip on drop lights to help, but not by much.  Well, when I came in this morning I noticed that the light over the video section was out. In fumbling around with the light cover, I had to pop up the adjacent celling tile and in poking my head up there (and getting that bloody insulation down the back of my shirt) lo and behold I noticed there were THREE light boxes up there!  Now curious, I had to test whether they worked or not.  After some shifting around, I discovered, THEY DID!!  So now, waiting on Kaleb to head to the hardware store and get me some light tubes, this place may actually be brightened up!!!  HUZZAH!!!  Angela was quick to point out that they were my Christmas Present! HA! 
Got some more repairs in first thing and three more BMX'ers in trade for my troubles!  SOOOOO, got me some work ta do!
OH, by the by, yes we ARE open tomorrow, but will be closing at 5pm (or earlier if the muse is upon us)  We don't do a heck of a lot the night before, other then the traditional reading of the "Tomten" before tuck in's.  Then, begins the mad rush of filling up the bottom of the tree, the eating of the cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (ghastly combination) and Mom and Dad sigh a heavy relief, flop in bed and pass out, awaiting the mad early morning rush!
SO, without further adieu, I'd best get to crackin'!
Special shout out to my buddy Dan.  Ain't seen him in sometime, but always good to BS with a fellow Yankee.  And he's way the "nahthanah" (pronounce it just the way it's spelt), a Southy'!  Now Angela is probably cringing, as a few minutes with someone from up there brings out the "Masshole" in me BIG TIME! 
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!
image 1
ONLY $115.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Woof!  I haven't done that in a LONG time!
Apparently, I was tired yesterday! 
Got home from the shop around 3.30 pm yesterday.  Had Owen, Izzy and Rozy with me, and on the trek to the house we got caught in a downpour.  Sent them to the showers, post haste, as they always get QUITE dirty when they come here (go figure) and hung out on the porch, a drowned rat, until they shower was free.  Of course, being filthy myself, it is imperative I clean up, as welcome home kisses are minimal until I unstinkafy myself.  Once out of the shower, I lay down on the bed to stretch my back, and apparently the last few weeks caught up with me, as I promptly passed out, and didn't wake up until 11.30 pm!  Angela, apparently kept the kids quite quiet, as there was no noise to rouse me.  Either that, or I was so out of it, it didn't matter.  I got up, had a quick bite to eat, watched the rest of "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", with Angela and the boys, then we went right back to sleep.  All in all, I had almost 18 hours of sleep last night! 
And obviously, I needed it, considering the boneheaded, rookie, novice screw-ups I made yesterday!  Oh, curious as to my depths of stupidity? 
OK, I have no shame!
Saturday, got in a rough frame with a few parts still on it.  Was lightweight cro-moly, so worth some effort, and possibly, looks to be an old school GT hybrid.  Or I THOUGHT it was a hybrid!  One of the few remaining parts it had was a 700c rear wheel.  It fit the frame, so I didn't think twice to check!  The front fork was shot, so I dug through our pile to find another 700 fork, and here's where I made my FIRST mistake! 
I didn't check the length of the steering tube!
Oh yes.  After cleaning, sanding, priming, painting and clear coating it, I mounted it in the bike only to find it was FOUR inches TOO LONG!!!! 
OK...moving on!  Went back to formula, found ANOTHER 700 fork (with the correct length tube) cleaned, sanded, primed, painted and clear coated it, mounted it and it fit PERFECTLY!!!
Now, on to the remainder of the bike!  This should be a piece of cake!
Mounted the now cleaned, repacked rear wheel, then, digging through a couple parts bucket found a really nice looking set of alloy, center pull brakes, mounted them, then went to line up the pads on the rim....
and they were three inches too LOW!!
It took a few minuets of incredulous fumbling for my brain to finally register...
removing the very nice and clean rear wheel, and the beautifully prepped and painted front 700 fork (third generation) I dug through the bins and found an appropriate 26" fork.
And yes, I ALMOST DID forget to check the length of the steering tube, BUT at least I had enough snap to relize that.  All in all, a bike that should have only taken a day, is now going on three days!
Serves me right! 
Yesterday was almost a bust, twer it not for the gent that came in looking for a road bike, and discovering the SWEET trek hybrid, might have been a forlorn day!  BUT, a promise has now been completely fulfilled.  The Trek has now gone on to a third generation of riders, and they were quite smitten with it!
TODAY, aside from finishing up my SNAFU, I have to do the EBay (*shudder*) then on to...I'm not sure!  I have a few frames I may do another Scratch build.  Come to think of it....I have that sweet vintage Peugeot Mixie frame, and now that I have a prepped set of 700's...hmmmmmm?  That may hit the rack today!
All right, I must press on! 
See y'all soon!! 
OH, and by the way, for anyone interested, I FINNALLY found out the skinny on a couple of the "Easter Egg's" from this summers blockbuster "Guardians of the Galaxy".  Two things that had me perplexed were first, why Stan Lee had a cameo in it.  The basic wisdom behind his appearances was they were always in movies based on characters he and Jack Kirby created. hence why no cameo's in Ghost Rider, Blade or Man-Thing (yes...there was a Man-Thing movie.  If you didn't see didn't miss much)  Well, he had no "official" involvement in the creation of the Guardians. BUT (and I SHOULD have known this one) if you pay attention, his cameo is at the exact same moment in the movie as when we are introduced to Groot.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Groot, the sentient tree creature WAY back in November 1960 "Tales to Astonish" #13. 

The second thing that, while his appearance made me squeal with delight (yes, like a schoolgirl) I could not understand why Howard the Duck appeared in the film (OH, pay REAL close attention, he does not only appear at the END of the film, but when you first meet the Collector, you can see Howard in a cage, when they pan out, over the collectors right shoulder in the back).  WELL, while investigating the origins and history of the Guardians in the comic books (I never really read them in my heyday) it turns out, that their adventures were not well received, as they were out of the Marvel Mainstream, and it was not until the works of a few creators, did they develop any kind of following.  One of the most influential in their resurgence was Steve Gerber, best known for the creation (and controversy) of Howard the Duck.  SO there ya go!  Questions answered!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up!

OK, so it has been a few days.  Sorry.  It's been "come through the door, clean and get to work" for the last few days.
Part of the time constraints stemming from getting back into EBay!  WOOF!  Could there BE a WORSE web site!?  It's so overloaded with sponsor advertising, that it takes up to ten minuets a page, because they have to upload all the bloody moving ads and what have you!  SO many slow downs, it's almost a full time job in itself to keep it up! 
First, on the home front, contrary to her doctors advice, Angela isn't taking it all that easy, as she has been insistent on getting the house (inside and out) decorated to make it WAY Christmasy!  She has succeeded beautifully, I may add, as her work has paid off. Of course, the outside is trimmed with our own personal flair!  Check out the pictures below!  They are very stunning at night!  And pay extra attention to her hand made wreath and see if you can guess what it's base is made from!  And what makes it all so much more impressive is in response to our limited (or shall we say, NON EXISTANT) holiday budget, ALL the decorations were created using recycled materials!  She is VERY resourceful! 
On to work! 
Thursday we were bestowed a very wonderful honor of obtaining a sweet Trek 700 multitrack! The special factor being it had gone through two generations of riders in one family, until coming to rest in the garage.  Over a few years it, sadly, accumulated rust, dry rot and a lot of grime.  Finally, after a purge of the garage, they decided it was time to get rid of it, but were sad to contemplate throwing it away.  Then they were told about us by a friend, and brought it in, with the caveat, that we NOT scrap it, but give it new life.  Like we would even THINK of disposing of such a gem!  After several hours of scrubbing, cleaning, rusticating and a few replacement parts, we got one GORGEOUS old school hybrid!  Check it out below!
With the brief cold snap that came through at the tail end of the week, had some spare time to get some work done!  Yesterday, thanks to Angi, our friend Terry, and the boys, I FINALLY broke down and cleaned out the shed!  YES!  ALL the bikes that have been crammed in there for some time (these are the several rides that our kids have "killed" over the last couple of years, that never made it back up to the shop to either be rebuilt or scrapped) were dropped in the parking lot yesterday (TWO TRIPS!!!) and summarily dismantled (well, I DID save and rebuild two!) and now the carcasses sit piled in the back awaiting their final trip to the scrap yard!
Have managed to put out SEVERAL new rides in the last few days as well, the few that remain are pic'd down below for your perusal!
Today, I have a couple left to work on, but am hoping that many a folk will take advantage of the day and get on down here to get riding!
All right, now you're all up to date!  Now I best get to work!
See y'all soon!!
image 1
ONLY $125.00!!
image 1
ONY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $170.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Ingenuity Of Youth

Thanks to all for making yesterday another RESOUNDING success!  Sent home four rides to new homes, and two, going to "multiple return" customers made it all that much sweeter!  And thanks to them as well for being harbingers of referrals!  They themselves have, in the past, sent many others our way fully expecting we will make them JUST as satisfied! 
We do (he says patting himself on the back!)
Of course, as always, many repairs coming in as well!  Thanks to all for your continued trust!  Not to mention they very wonderful (and understanding) grandmother who brought in her grandsons heavily damaged MTB, after his older brother had a field day with it!  The thing was only a few months old, but given everything that had been trashed on it, may as well been a hundred years! 
Ah yes!  The GREAT riding weather is here!  I LOVE this time of year in Florida!  We have a few months ahead of us of quality "get off your butt, and ride" sunny skies ahead of us!  Just remember, summer, and the ickyness is not so far off! Enjoy this time while you can!
We managed to put out one really FINE looking ride yesterday!  WOOF!  Got in half of a 1999 K2 1000.  Gorgeous machine! By half, I mean, she was stripped, most components had been removed.  This was one of those "project" bikes a gent had, but just could never find the time to work on it.  Having recently cleaned out his garage, he needed to downsize, and this beauty had to go!  LUCKY US!!  Now tricked out with a set of Rock Shox forks, Front disc brakes, a NEW set of double wall alloy, 6 bolt disc brake rims, wrapped in an extra thick set of Bonterragger tires, she is ready to hit some SERIOUS off road!!
Also got in, on consignment, a FLAWLESS 2015 Windsor Essex single speed city bike!  This is a PEACH!!  And JUST in time to make a welcome addition to ANY Christmas tree!  Trust me, ladies if your husband or boyfriend TRULY  loves you, he WILL get this bike for you this year!  If not...well, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your relationship, and update your Facebook "relationship status!" 
(heh, heh)
SO, anyone reading this blog over the last few weeks (or who has visited our shop) will be aware of the fact that due to Angela's recent accident, and the resulting injuries, she is quite limited in what she can do (although she has been pushing herself a little TOO much to heal faster!) but, as with so much in life, you just can't keep her down for too long!  Anywho, as a result, the little ones come with me to the shop in the morning until Kaleb gets out of school then takes them home to keep an "eye" on them.  And I use the term "monitoring" loosely as far as he's concerned! 
It has been, illuminating and educating to say the least!  And with no small sense of begrudging respect, I relate the following.  They of course have most of the comforts of home, but they are confined to a small space.  Out of a sense of safety, I cannot give them free run of the shop, but keep them entertained in the back.  As a precaution, I have one of the baby gates from home placed firmly in the door way, and elevated to keep Izzy from constantly climbing over.  Well, that's the idea anyway.  Quickly she discovered, slide the chair over, help Miranda out and then herself and they are soon standing next to me grinning.  My solution?  Remove the chair, and elevate the gate higher.  This action lasted for less then a day.  They quickly discovered, working together, if each one pushed down on either side of the gate, they could then make it low enough to successfully climb over.  The first time, was quiet, so having been lulled into a false sense of security, I was unaware of their success until they walked up to the counter!  ARRGH!! NOW, I have the gate, and an elaborate construct of fenders hanging from the door in the hope that the resulting calamitous noise will alert me to their escape!  Well, that and having regrettably, shut and bolted the back door.  No breezeway for us!!
ANYWHO, I best get a move on.  Has been quite busy this AM, and has taken far to long to get todays update entered.  I have thus far accumulated four more rides this morning (one being an awesome Trek 700 "BIG BOY" framed Cross!) and I want to get 'em done!
See ya all soon!

*OK!  This is NOT fair!!!  These girls are smarter then me!!!  My homemade alarm was NO MATCH for their intuitive little brains!  Had I not been standing near the door, I would have NEVER believed it!  They quickly realized, if they opened the door just enough to get their little hands through they could quietly lift the fenders off the door knob, then sneak out!!!  Next step, DUCT TAPE THEM TO THE WALL!!! 
Just kidding!
image 1
ONLY $240.00!!!!

image 1
1999 K2 1000!!!
ONLY $210.00!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jump and Jive!

Thanks to all the folks for making yesterday such a RESOUNDING success!!!  I was jumping from the get go and it hardly let up before closing!  SAH-WEEEEEET!  THAT is the kind of day we LOVE!  Especially the several folks who brought in their older, more "well loved" rides not wanting to give up on the ghost!  Of course, we were regaled with all too familiar tales of harrowing experiences with some of those "other" bike shops in town.  You know, the ones that snicker and turn up their noses at your choice of rides because you don't own a 5 gajillion dollar carbonanium framed, platinum plated road bike, and your not wearing head to toe spandex emblazoned in bright, neon colors, plastered with sponsor logo's (who don't really sponsor you but you feel "special" because you're wearing them). 
Sorry, do I sound jaded?
THANKFULLY, a few, before jettisoning their rides in a stream of refuse, prior to making the jump to light speed... (sorry, watched the Star Wars trilogy the other day...) heard about us from a benevolent friend, and brought them here in a last ditch effort to keep them rolling.  Thankfully we could help them all with a minimum cash output! 
And a shout out to some visiting folk from Texas (the good parts, NOT Houston!) who have a friend up there that does the same gig we do, as they happened to be riding by and were just curious as to see what we were all about!  I always love the opportunity to rail on about my favorite subject, ME!  No, just kidding, but it did give me another opportunity to tell the tale of how our family got into the schtick!  They were equally surprised as I was when we first started doing this that there wasn't anyone else around Florida that does what we do.  Not on a shop level that is.  Plenty of folks doing it out of their garage (and most are very fair and respectable folks, just watch out for the sharks!) but so far, we're the only ones to buck the nay sayers, and do it "SHOP STYLE!"
Also moved out several rides as well!  The custom Rat Rod, a couple hybrids and one other that escapes me now but I'll remember...OH YEA...the custom coaster-fixie "Alley Cat".  Although I support a persons right to customize a bike to their needs, they had me replace the straight bar with "cruiser" bars?  Enh!  Kind of messed up the look, BUT it's not my bike! 
Also got in a few newbies that I'm headed to work on now.  One, a REALLY nice looking K2!  That's gonna be SWEEEET when she's done!
Also, put out another of everyone's favorites...A "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!"  Check it out below!
OK folks, gotta git and make some more magic!  See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho (Said Santa On A Bender)

Now that's what a Sunday SHOULD be like!!!
We was a hoppin' from the get go!  Actually ended up staying almost an hour later as the folks just kept coming in!  Many Sunday strollers, and casual enquiries, but we did send home two of the kiddo bikes we had just put together!  And to two GREAT causes to boot!  The simple black 18" was picked up by a wonderful lady, fully embracing the Holiday spirit, in order to replace a neighbors boy who had his stolen!  The 20" Next BMX went home with two wonderful and VERY compassionate grandparents, who were replacing the one their grandson had stolen.  And THAT was a SAD story, but in respect to their privacy, I won't go into it, suffice to say, Karma did strike and the sleazy culprit now sits behind bars! 
Also had a slew of Parts shoppers!  SAH-WEET!  Anytime I can lighten my load of overstock, I am a happy camper!  Also, the act of digging through the mish mashed HUGE buckets of fenders and chain guards inspired me to reorganize them and take them out from behind my work station!  No more poking my shins on errant fenders!  YAY!
ALSO managed to put out two new beauties!  The first was a gimmie, or rather taken in trade for a small repair I did!  This one is a true GEM!  It was beat up and rough when we got it, but after a couple of hours of a full tear down, a vigorous scrubbing with steel wool AND a few replacement parts, we got ourselves one awesome looking 20" Free Agent Mini!  RAD!  Also, one of our regulars brought us in a Ladies Giant Cypress Hybrid!  A few tweaks and again, a few parts, and here's another welcome addition to the RE-Cycle Lexicon!  (I like that word..."Lexicon", don't use it hardly enough!)
After the close of the day, and our return home, a quick shower and Angi and I were off on a little walk.  It's been a while since she braved such a sojourn, as she still is suffering from the accident.  But she is trying her best to heal as quick as possible.  Went to grab dinner stuffs, made "Bubble and Squeak".  Don't know if y'all are familiar with that down here, but it's sausage, potatoes and cabbage.  A New England tradition!  As is the "musical program" that follows.
I'll give you a minute to figure that out....
(hint) the music has it's own pungent aroma!
After dinner, and the kiddos were washed and stacked in bed, Angi put the finishing touches on the Holiday decorations.  Well, I say "finishing touches" tongue and cheekly as I am SURE she will continue to tweak it throughout today!  Thanks to our buddy Daniel for supplying us with a tree this year (would NOT have had one had he had not) and this year it's a real one!  Angela has trimmed it out very beautifully.  Now I can only hope we may be able to put a few presents under it! 
TODAY, the repairs are already filing in, so I have to get to them right quick!  Bills to pay and all that!  Then...well...working seven days a week has left me on top of the ball, so I will have to REALLY dig to find something to do!  \
ALTHOUGH... The more folks who bring me stuff to do....(HINT HINT) will keep me from having to do.....
I hate busy work!
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONY $145.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Off with a BANG!

So, today marks our second official Sunday open!
....where are YOU!?
In our normal lucky fashion NO day can go off without a hitch!  Today was especially startling!  With Logan in tow, we came in to set up shop.  He, of course, disappeared post haste into the back room, cell phone clutched passionately in two hands, eye's transfixed on the tiny screen, oblivious to all around him.  I brought out the outdoor trimmings, and when done returned to the shop.  there I began the process of flicking on the lights, first the sign then the overhead and finally the drop light in my bay. It was at THIS point, at EXACTLY the moment I snapped the push button, there was a LOUD explosion out back as the transformer blew! 
Yes, apparently the neighborhood transformer could not handle the burden of a 75 watt LIGHT BULB!!! 
Unfortunately, this happens FAR to often around here!  At least three times a month, for as long as WE have been here, that bloody thing keeps popping!  Exactly WHY do the citizens of Florida pay SOOOOO much for their electric bill?!  I mean, it CAN NOT be to help maintain the fine quality of service and equipment!  Nor the JOY of their WONDERFUL staff! (please note: capitalization denotes sarcasm.  Ok...moving on.) No, methinks with all their lobbying and back room bribes, and payola gracing the palms of all our erstwhile elected officials it may just have to do with the tried and true backbone of ALL Western Democracy.  GREED and the personal satisfaction of screwing the little guy!  US!  HOO-RAY Capitalism! 
OK, OK...Tirade over.
Yesterday, was a good day for looky loo's, who we always welcome!  If they don't find something the first time they come in, most will come back again and again until they do.  Managed several repairs, which are always a blessed event, even put out a few!  SAH-WEET!  Check 'em out below!  Yes, getting mighty FULL in here! If you didn't see the two B-E-A-YOUTIFULL Giant Suedes I got in, I'm gonna show 'em off again! 
YAY!!!  Powers on again!!!
Thanks to our new friend Robert for ALL the referrals!!  Several folks have been coming in the last couple days scrounging for parts!  Our buckets are ALWAYS open!  Just mind the grease! 
OK, well, now that I completely tore apart the bucket of fenders and chain guards for the last gentleman, I think I may just FINNALY do something to display them! 
.....he said with a grin.
So COME ON DOWN and pay us a visit today!  What else do you have to do on a gorgeous, sunny, mild Sunday?
Don't answer that.  Just get down here!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $60.00!!
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

OO...OO...OOOOOO! MIstah Cottah!

JUST got these in!  You HAVE to check them out!  His and hers Giant Suede's in LIKE NEW condition!  If you are looking for a comfort hybrid THESE are the rides for you!  The highly coveted "Pedal Forward" design!  GORGEOUS!!!

image 1image 1


OK, so I really do hate sounding like a used car salesman!  Sometimes though, when someone comes in to check out a bike, and you can see that look in their eye's, like "WOW!  This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!" but then some small voice in the back of their head urges them to frugality and to take time to "think about it"?  I feel like plucking the little angel conscience from their shoulder, tell them to mind their own business, and let the folk have what they want.
But....I don't.
Yesterday was a Quattro ten Minuet rule!  In retrospect, was a tad humorous.  In the span of about two hours I had four separate persons visit, and each one gravitated to the SWEET Men's three speed we had.  Yes, the one donated by Uncle Chippie, which had both an interesting back story AND needed some tweaking.  Each person expressing a great deal of satisfaction with the look and feel of the ride, but on their own accord, opted to "check out a few more places" or "think about it".  Now first (and I always ask) I have to wonder what "other places" are there?  I mean, I am not trying to float our boat here (...ok...maybe a little!) but, to the best of my knowledge, there are only three other places in the area where you can buy a used bike.  HOWEVER, again, to my knowledge (because we have serviced MANY of these so called, bargain bikes here, to the tune of about two times what they would have paid, in total, had they just bought one here!) the majority of these rides are barely serviced at all!  I guess that's why most people come back here. Hee, hee. 
ANYWAYS,  the fifth gent to come in looking for a ride fell in love with the three speed's simplicity  and snatched it right up. THEN, the other four started to trickle back in, regrettably NOT finding the ride they coveted.  One gent, did in fact end up buying the Hunter seven speed we had JUST put out, which had a similar frame, but not the simplicity.  He was happy though, so all's well!
Today, with a few repairs to do, my morning is occupied, but then I am REALLY going to try and get the rest of the kiddo bikes done and out!
I'm hoping we get in some more goodies today, as I NEED something to work on tomorrow! 
Everything is relatively sane on the home front.  Angela is healing nicely, the bruising around her eye and face have all but gone away, and she is mending, but still very limited in her movements.  Even though she keeps trying to push herself.  But as she is succumbing to cabin fever, suggesting limitations is not a good idea! 
Allrighty!  I'd best get a movin'! 
It is a REALLY nice, clear day out there folks!  Better get out and enjoy it!  And if you need a bike to ride.....
Well, you get the point!

Friday, December 12, 2014 ain't moring!

Setting a precedence!  I normally do this in the morning (an excuse to milk my coffee) but today, I got right to work as soon as I came in.  A surprising feat, considering I still have the baby girls with me in the AM, but I REALLY wanted to get out some new rides before I got to busy with repairs and the throngs of excited bicycle buyers!
Wishful thinking considering the fear that temperatures below 75 put into Floridians! 
Managed to get out three new goodies so far!  I say so far, as the repairs have started to trickle in, so I am jumping on them in a short few.  But as the girls have headed home with Kaleb, and the next wave of kiddo's have not struck yet, I am sitting down for a few to update y'all on what's new before I tackle them!
First up, a real sweet and simple ladies three speed!  FULLY re-furbed!  Then a GORGEOUS "Basic Black" Iron Horse MTB!  A CLASSIC!  then one of my FAVORITES, a Hunter "Big Boy" cruiser converted to a seven speed with all the trimmings!  NICE!  These and MANY MORE can be yours...
IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT!   And trust me!  For what we put into them the price IS right!!
NOW, it's off to get the repairs banged out and hopefully, before the end of the day I can get through the batch of kiddo bikes that came in!

We'll see.....
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!


Well, yesterday was another day of ample "work time"!  We did manage to find a home for the sweet ladies 7 speed Cruiser, at about ten minuets to close, but other then that 'twas a day of "me" time to get stuff done.  Got a little farther on the ladies three speed, but as I forgot to bring in the black paint to redo the fenders (two days in a row, unfortunately) and this stuff dries Sloooooooow!  So, hopefully I will have it finished up today!  Also had a drop off of several kiddo bikes, so those managed to keep me occupied.  In the AM, I broke down, and finally got around to doing something I have been meaning to get accomplished for some time, and get some stuff back up and running on EBay.  Yes, we were hot and heavy on there for awhile, but the last several sales we did were a MAJOR pain.  A combination of underestimated shipping costs (the computer is SUPPOSED to figure that stuff out!) and a few folks who didn't bother to read the items description, and once they got the items, realized it, and wanted returns.  Then of course, against the rules of EBay, wanted ME to pay the return postage!  Needless to say, I escaped the aggravation, and took a hiatus from it!  BUT, it's a handy way to move some stuff, so I'm back at it again! 
On to today!
As mentioned, the three speed up first, then the remainder of the kiddo bikes.  And through an anicient series of chants, prayers, and wishfull thinking I hope to inspire the Veloist in many folks so they feel compelled to come and visit us.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Well, a partially gray, cold and misty Tuesday could only mean ONE thing! Had a LOT of spare time to work on projects!
Finally got up the gumption to finish up the two wheel recumbent! As to be expected it WAS a LOT of work!  But the effort was DEFINATELY worth it!  Sad, really, that someone could let a machine like this one go to pot so bad!  I mean, once it was tore, cleaned, and I'm talking a serious clean!  I thought there was dried muck in the gears of the rear derailleur.  I sprayed it to brake it up, but it was SOLID, so I started picking at it, and only then realized it was remnants of the CHAIN stuck in the cogs!  So rusted, it didn't even LOOK like a chain anymore!  SHEESH!  Needless to say, I had to replace that derailleur!   And, as it turns out, several more parts just needed to be scrapped.  But once all was said and done, and put back together, she ran like a champ!  Gearing as smooth as silk, and brakes SPOT ON!!  A real gem!  Also, put out the 3 speed Men's "Big Boy" cruiser Uncle Chippie brought in!  This one is REALLY sharp!  Needed some clean up and replaced the front wheel (spokes were beyond help!) But in the end got a really nice, low cost, three speed!  And I'll tell you a Men's three speed is about as rare as Morality in politics!   Also tore down the ladies three speed, and will be doing the reassemble today.
Beyond that....not really sure!  No more projects in the wings, nor repairs.  Perhaps some of YOU folk out there have something for me to do?  HINT, HINT! 
Anywho!  Gonna git onto workin'!  See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $450.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bringing Families Closer Together!

Nothing like a power outage to bring out the creativity in folks!
Yes, lost a transformer earlier last night, so it was sandwich night!  Surprisingly, the kids did not whine (too much) at not being able to use the TV or their devices, but instead went right into finding something else to entertain themselves.  It was at this point we discovered just how smart Rozlynd REALLY is!  They started up a game of Hangman, and I joined in, being appointed as game master.  I started off with easy ones, but they proved to be too elementary for Rozy, as she would guess the one or two word challenges after only a couple of letters.  Angi joined in, and started coming up with some more challenging entries.  At one point she suggested "To kill a Mockingbird".  We figured that would have her stumped, but SOMEHOW she guessed it after only the VOWELS had been guessed!  I have NO idea where she has even HEARD of that title!  I finally got them with  "May the Wind Be At Your Back" , took almost ALL the letters to get that one.  Even Izzy helped guess!  Truly, was a lot more fun then everyone droning out to their own personal entertainment!
Well, the weather man lied once again!  Yesterday was supposed to be partly sunny, but we got nothing but gray skies and rain.  This IS NOT conducive to good business!  We did get a few repairs in, but other then that it was FLAT!  It did give me time, however, to finish what turned out to be a SWEET single speed/coaster brake urban "Alley Cat".  OK, not a 100% TRUE alley cat (not a fixie) but it does have the FEEL of one!  The folks who donated this old, decrepit ride, said they are regular readers of the blog, so folks, thanks for the diamond in the rough!  Check out the pic below to see the new life bestowed on your old chunk of steel!  Granted, just about the only original piece's left are the frame, and crank arms, but you get the picture!
I also had enough time to get the second recumbent tore down (to frame) and will begin the arduous task of cleaning (and/or replacing) the parts. 
Uncle Chippie just stopped by and dropped of some goodies in time for Christmas!  Two, soon to be, SAH-WEET 3 speeds!  Need some cleaning but otherwise really awesome looking rides!  Thank you sir, and Merry Christmas!
So, I have my day planned out for me!  Hope you folks will ignore those nasty cloudy skies and come pay us a visit!
Look forward to seeing you!

image 1
ONLY $120.00!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

God Uses Coincidences To Make His Presence Known.

Well, I'd love to say that our first official Sunday open went off like the maiden voyage of the Concord or QE2, but it was more akin to that of the Hindenburg or Titanic.  And Leo wasn't even around to offer me a floating door!  We had a couple looky loo's and a drop off for repairs, but other then that I was left alone to my own vices!  It's OK, though.  First, I realize the first few Sundays will be slow until folks realize that we are open (I have to say I think we are the ONLY bike shop in town open on Sunday's!) and second, I got bitten by the motivation bug, as Momma kept all the little ones with her, giving me an opportunity to focus on work, and I put that time to good use!  Cleaned my bay, reorganized both stock and overstock (FINALLY got all the wheels on the wall organized by size, and also found several that should never have been put up there (beyond repair)) having time to actually sort and put away FOUR bins of spare parts!  UGH!  I hate doing that, but as always found many pieces that made me do a "V-8 head slap" and exclaim "GOSH!  I really could have used that (insert date here!)" I then proceeded to clean the store room, the bathroom (ICK!  Mechanics bath room!  Do not try this at home!) and finally the kids play room!  It was at that point I filled up a trash bag with laundry!  Yes, ALL the jackets, shirts and pant's (?????  Did someone go home naked?) that the kiddo's swore they didn't know WHERE they were, have been found!  NOW I just have to figure out how to get the bag home!  I also had the time to finally get MY bike serviced!  I have been running on one good brake (remember when Suzanne broke my rear brake taking off after a squirrelle?) and of course two slightly out of true wheels, oddly enough, that occurred on the occasions when I let Kaleb and Elijah use it!  This was all done by about 1.30 and with nothing left to do, I started to meander about, looking.  At this point, I got a call from a nice gent stating he had an old, decrepit bike that he was either throwing away or giving away, and do we take donation!  Never one to pass up free stuff (hence all the debris on the hidden side of our house!) I said "SURE".  He brought it in post haste, and sure enough, it was decrepit.  BUT, I saw potential!  An older standard diamond frame, I saw a sweet single speed lurking under the failing components, and faded, scratched paint!  SO, with no preamble, I tore it down (scrapping MOST parts), sanded, primed and painted the frame (matte black!) Then, while drying, dug through all our goodies, and found some candy to dress it up!  Which I will be getting to, post haste!  Bringing me to the end of my work day, I closed up and headed home, at which point I stretched my organization muscles once again, and had the kiddo's help with picking up the homestead (all kids home for a day is akin to a remake of "Twister!").  As Angi is keen to get the house dressed up for the Holidays (which, sadly are going to be REALLY light this year due to the poor showing this past summer!  We don't even have a TREE as the artificial one we have been using has somehow lost it's top AND base!) I braved the unknown and waded into the storeroom to find all the decorations.  I say waded as Owen is an even WORSE pack rat then his old man, and the storeroom has become his defacto play room.  Or, as we lovingly refer to it, an "Owen Nest".  This is a remnant of when he was younger and would literally "nest" at various places in the house.  No kidding, he'd stuff blankets, clothes, toys, books, canned food...whatever, into corners or  closets and there he would hang out, at times throwing fits if he couldn't sleep there! 
But, I digress.  After emptying out the debris (he finds stuff EVERYWHERE and brings it home) and locating the goodies, Angi went about directing the decorating.  The whole house was in a blur preparing for the trimmings.  Eventually though, as her eye for perfection drove her to "do it herself" I had to insist she stop pushing herself, especially when she climbed up on the chair!  At this point we retired decorating for the day, to the porch for a coffee and down time, joined by the  two Kaleb's. 
Now here I pause, to preface the story.
Saturday night, during relax time on the porch, the two Kaleb's in attendance, the conversations weaved in and out of several subjects, until focusing on living in our particular neighborhood.  The visiting Kaleb, having grown up in the area, told tales of Coyote's that roam the neighborhoods (in reference to the stray cat we had adopted, safety).  Angela stated she had had no idea about that, and I laughed, stating "I doubt it!" and that Coyote's were small animals ANYWAY and would pose no threat against us. (my conception of coyote's being based on the Roadrunner's nemesis)
Apparently someone REALLY wanted to prove us WRONG!!!
As we sat on the porch last night, enjoying the peace of most children in bed, Suzanne rushed up to the door, hackles up, head down, growling and barking.  She does NOT do that, unless there is a problem.  We shushed her, as the girls were in bed, and settled back down into are chairs.  At that moment, from the far corner of the adjacent house to ours, the figure of a dog appeared from the dark.
A very...BIG dog.
Angi noticed it first, and as the animal strutted across the yard, still slightly shadowed in the evening, she said "Oh look, a puppy" and clicked her tongue and in a sing song voice said "come here puppy".  The creature paused, turned to look at us, it's eyes glinting in the low light, to which we both stated "that's...not...a DOG!"
Now clearly, it was skittish around human's, as when we stood to get a closer look, it picked up the pace and disappeared through the neighbors yard.  HOWEVER, by the look and size of this animal, even from the distance, if push came to shove, it clearly could have made short work of ANY of us!  Of course, the two Kaleb's wanted to pursue it for a better look.  Their teenage bravado and "invincibility" far outweighed any common sense!
Needless to say, we let our adopted cat sleep inside for the night!
SO, today, having already treated the frame to a final coat of paint, once dried, will be assembled.  In the meantime, I'll finish up the repair and move on to the two wheel recumbent I have been avoiding for a couple of weeks now!
And don't let the gray skies and mist deter you from getting out there! 
Just imagine your on the front end of the Titanic!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

"And isn't it a LOVELY morning?"

Well, if things weren't interesting enough, we have a new addition to the family!
Now before members of our extended family have simultaneous heart attacks, NO Angela did NOT have another baby!  No, we have taken in a waif.  A mutual friend of Elijah and Kalebs, who, shall we say, has not had an easy life, recently found himself homeless.  Having recently lost his Mother in "questionable" circumstances, he was unceremoniously booted from his lodgings.  With no were else to go he asked Angela if he could perhaps spend the evening to get his bearings straight.  It only took her mentioning he had lost his home, that I just stated "tell him to come here".  Well, that and te fact I could tell by the look in Angela's eyes that it was going to happen, regardless.  Yes, the young man was a tad bit surprised by that statement, as I am usually a genuine hard ass when it comes to visitors at the house.  I am a dominant Leo!  HA!  My Hutch, my brood sort of thing.  Truth is, although he has had some "problems" in the past, I have to chock up his younger, rebellious nature as a product of having to endure a really screwed up life.  It wasn't his fault.  All in all he's a good kid, courteous, respectful and conscientious.  He's still in school, trying to make up for the years he screwed around and wants to get his education and diploma, although he is of age and could drop out, he's making a go of it as well as trying diligently to find a job so he can stand on his own.  With that kind of drive and ambition I have no qualms about housing and feeding him for the time being.  People make mistakes in life, but they should be afforded the opportunity to make amends for it, sometimes all they need is a leg up, and a solid place to put it!  The only trouble is, his name is Kaleb as well. Get's a tad bit confusing from time to time!
Angela has hit the "annoyed" part of healing, wanting desperately just to be done with it, better and able to do her own thing again!  Sick and tired of just "resting".  We're going to try and get her out and about this evening (have to get a new Christmas tree...have NO idea what happened to the old one!) and see how she handles it!
So, yesterday was a wee bit of fun.  Yes, I did in fact get an opportunity to finally reorganize (most) of the videos, although I have to do the DVD's today!  As well as managing to put out a sweet looking "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Once again, the day was absorbed doing repairs (thank you, thank you, thank you!) with a shout out from our Maine-ard friends for not giving up on their three wheeler.  She's running true once again! 
It being Saturday, the baby girls are hanging at home, as the older kids can help keep an eye on them.  Of course, Owen is here with me, as, well, he proves to be the biggest handful and instigator, so I'm helping keep the peace!  HA!
Picked up a few newbies yesterday, so I'm going to dive into them right quick, so my day should be a productive one!
Hope to see you all soon, and remember we are NOW open on Sundays as well! 
DO NOT make me regret it!  LOL!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

'Tis The Season!

Yes, we LOVE this time of year!  And for one most marvelous reason!
Heh, heh!
It's the time of year when friends and family gather together for parties, get together's, luncheons etc., all resulting in ONE thing.  TONS of leftovers!!'
As it has been LONG established, our family is the local charity case!  Whenever any of our good RE-Cycle friends get together, it's pretty much guaranteed that within a day or two, someone is dropping off a plethora of goodies at the house!  We send a big shout out to Joe from Boston, who treated us to a variety of Italian inspired treats yesterday.  Twas a good, minimal input dinner for the family last night of stuffed Manicotti and chicken drumsticks!  Not to mention a spicy sauce of sausage and meatballs! YUM!  As well as a bevy of snack foods, that will be devoured tonight, I'm sure, for "Family Movie Night".  I do have to pause, though, and extend our sympathy for what he is currently having to endure.  I hope it is peaceful, Joe. Truly.
OK, so on to work!
Yesterday was another Odd Bird!  We had a rush first thing, several repairs came and went within the first couple hour, then relatively quite.  A good thing, in retrospect, as the girls start to get yancy toward early afternoon, bored with watching movies and playing with toys and coloring books, they want to come out and "help" Daddy.  Oh boy!  And I'll tell you, Miranda has a REAL talent for destruction!  Seriously, demolition could be her calling.  Both her and Izabella were given a new coloring book and crayons, bestowed upon them when we arrived yesterday.  About 15 minuets later I poked my head in the back to check on them, and she had reduced her box of 24 to crumbs!  I mean, I have NO idea how she pulverized them without the benefit of a hammer!  She's good!
They stayed a little later then usual, as Kaleb had to pick up more supplies for the shop.
Finally got out the SWEET vintage Schwinn World Tourer (try finding "Tourer" on spell check!) and she is a beaut!  Paint is a little rough, but it's all original!
Then as the day wore down, the sun set and as the lights outside came on, we were once again swamped with repairs in the last half hour of the day.  Thankfully, managed to get them all done as the customers waited, and sent one more ride home with a very excited young man!
On to today!  Picked up a couple more goodies yesterday, although one may just be a parts ride, at least got a potentially good men's 26" cruiser out of the deal! 
Needless to say, never got around to the videos yesterday, but perhaps I'll find the time to get them organized today.
Hey, stranger things can happen!
Hope to see you soon!

image 1
ONLY $140.00!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Hands On Deck!!!

I must be getting better or just acceptant.
We have settled into a new routine around the house, in the absence of Mommy's mobility and dexterity.  Owen, surprisingly, has taken more of an active role in helping out and ensuring that the necessary chores are accomplished, going so far as learning, quite quickly, how to do laundry as well as helping with the dishes (although that did take a little bit of a tutorial from Dad).  Logan, is always quick to respond to requests for assistance, and has even overcome his squeamishness of changing a diaper now and then for Miranda.  Rozlynd...enh.  Getting her to do anything, and do it competently is akin to removing a wisdom tooth with a rusty, inadequate pair of broken pliers,  "Painful and pointless".  As she FULLY embraces her heritage of Yankee and ornery Irish woman, she possesses NO qualms at telling me EXACTLY what she thinks about ANYTHING.
However, much to the chagrin of Angela, who is quite prim and proper when it comes to etiquette, and how children should talk to their parents, I cannot help but get a twinge of pride each time Rozy "sounds off" about any perceived injustice.  She's growing into a strong, opinionated young woman who does NOT shy away from confrontation.  Yes, it may be a pain from time to time to have to bang your head against a wall when you ask her to do something, but the strength of character she is developing is absolutely what a young lady needs.
Momma is showing some signs of improvement, thankfully.  Less pain (even without the pain killers) and a slight bit more mobility in her arm.  Still, she cannot perform tasks that require two hands, such as pick up a child or change a diaper...hence why...Izzy and Miranda are hanging with Daddy this morning!
HOWEVER, very shockingly, last time went off with very minimal hitches!  Will wonders never cease.  I think it helps that they have their own room to hang out and a plethora of NEW movies they have never seen on VHS!  See honey, I KNEW it was a good idea to start carrying movies here!
Hee hee.
OK, on to work!
Yesterday was an odd bird.  Sold the three wheel recumbent right off the bat. Well, a deposit anyway, as they need to come back with a truck next week to retrieve it, then a couple repairs first thing then the day all but died!  A couple looky loo's and a few conversations, but nothing else. I managed to put out a really sharp looking Schwinn Aluminum Comp Mountain bike, but then only had a couple tear downs and thought I had run out of things to do, until , quite by accident, discovered that I did in fact have a decent set of road bike tires so I could build up the REALLY sweet older Schwinn road bike!  So, now tore down, cleaned and partially assembled she's gonna be ready to go shortly!
Then I will REALLY be out of goodies to build!
ALTHOUGH, I have sworn myself to motivation, and I am GOING TO reorganize the video section today!
Lot's of folks have rediscovered the majesty that IS VHS, and have been perusing our selection quite regularly.  However, NOT always putting them away in order. 
So, that's on my "Honey-Do" list for today.
OK, so on with the day! 
See ya soon!

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ONLY $110.00!!!!
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ONLY $95.00!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Excuse me, doctor, but shouldn't you at least buy me dinner BEFORE you do that to me?!"

OK, so yesterday was a bit of a wash around here.  Oh, we were busy, don't get me wrong, but I didn't come in until early afternoon.  Kaleb minded the store while I took Angela to her doctors appointment.  We had to go to Safety Harbor at the Mease Medical Arts place.  MAN!  Talk about a busy joint!  There were more cars in the parking lot then in Walmart during Black Friday!  WOW!  As we stood outside waiting for our ride, I commented on the thought that if you counted all the cars in that HUGE lot and multiplied that number by the cost of a standard specialists fee's.....?  You'd have A LOT of money! 
ANYWHO!  Angi is healing as to be expected, still with pain and discomfort but at least now she can get her pain meds without a hassle.  Oh, don't get me started on the state of medication nowadays!  We had to take her into the ER again last week and have her "re-evaluated" because the original script was only enough for about four days of pain meds, and she had to wait almost two weeks to see the doctor because of the holiday week.  They drilled her with all sorts of questions regarding her "need" for pain meds, basically treating her as if she was a drug addict "shopping" for doctors!  JEEZ!  CLEARLY, you take one look at the X-Rays and you can see WHY she is in pain!  Then, even knowing how far off her doctors appointment was, they still only gave her enough for three days, which she had to economize, in effect, really not helping subside the pain all that much.  Of course, going to the doctor, we find out our medical insurance did NOT cover the cost, so it was out of pocket.
I wish I had a job where I made THAT much cash for a 3 minute visit! 
Kind of put a dent in holiday plans, I tell you that!
BUT, I lament, and I completely understand that it must be done.  She cannot remain in the kind of agony she has been having to endure.
Got in a UNIQUE challenge yesterday.  Someone bought a cargo bike online and brought it in for assembly.  WOOF!  So, it was clearly slightly used BUT the real issue is NO assembly instructions!  They gave me a link on you tube for instructional videos, however the guy doing it is using a hand held cell phone camera as he works, it's a lot like watching a really bad home made movie, and he rarely focuses the camera on what he's working on!  ARRGH!  I can't even find a picture of the finished bicycle!  This is going to be fun! 
And, so I don't fail to mention, thanks to all the repairs coming in yesterday and for extending patience to me until I could get to them! VERY sweet of you all!  Thankfully, I was able to get them all done before the end of the day!  Also managed to put out a newbie as well.  Actually, TWO newbies, but the SWEEET Mongoose MTB sold just as I put it out, so no point in teasing you good folk with a pic!
Allrighty!  I best get at it, as I need to finish up the equally SWEEET Schwinn MTB I started on last night then I am cracking open the BOXES (notice the plural) for the cargo bike and diving in!
See y'all soon!

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ONLY $95.00!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Full Plate!

Happy Monday, folks!!
Ooooo, does that much cheeriness disturb you?
So, a very full weekend!
Saturday had us jumping!  Sent home the Schwinn Jaguar to a very appreciative gent, who's friend was doing him a solid by hooking him up with some transport, even going so far as to trade in one of his older rides (what will become a very sharp looking Pre-Walmart Mongoose MTB!  In my rack now!) And the highlight of the day was a HILLARIOUS "ten minute rule"!  Actually, it was more like a 3 second rule!  Had a very nice couple, upper middle class come in looking for a "nice" higher end ride for him.  She has a really sharp Specialized MTB, she wants to make "street" (NO problem!) and they wanted something comparable for him.  As they were eyeing both the SWEET Raleigh MTB and the Schwinn Trailway we just got in (more about that in half a mo) another couple came in, we greeted each other, and as I continued to talk to the first couple, the new arrivals listened in rapt attention.  I spoke of the benefits of both rides (altogether having a different ride feel) and recommended the Raleigh would suit his purposes better (and it was cheaper!).  He really liked it, took both of them for a ride, and stated he did prefer the feel of the Raleigh and was definitely sold on it...
They were going to "think" about it...
The first couple left, and I turned to the patient new arrivals and as I opened my mouth to ask how I could help them, the gent just politely cut me off simply saying "sold".
As it turns out, he had bought a real gem from us about a year ago, a really nice older Specialize "Hard Rock" and stated he KNEW he'd find a real find for his girlfriend who now wanted to ride with him.  He felt the Raleigh was perfect, and was just waiting and hoping the first couple wouldn't buy it.  So in the end, as always, the bike finds the rider.
And, as is customary, thanks to all the repairs that came in and the trust you place in us!  ALWAYS appreciated!  Stayed a little later, as a matter of fact, as three repairs come in, last hour of the day, and really wanted them for Saturday riding.  Who am I to refuse anyone eager to get out and ride!  Especially on such a beautiful day! 
On to Sunday!
Angela's birthday was on Sunday, and she turned.....NAH!  That would be telling!  NEVER discuss a ladies age!  But she still looks damn good for turning......HA!  Thought you had me there, didn't you!?
Sadly, the plans we originally had for her day had to be put on hold.  As is often the case this time of year, money is a wee bit tight.  To further compound the problem, is her recent injuries.  She's healing up rather well, although still in quite a bit of pain and discomfort, especially as she is still having to sleep sitting up, which in turn hurts her back.  But, she is doing the best she can with the hand dealt her.  And as our plans were for her to get more ink, well, the thought of having to lay on her side for three hours on a  padded table having her skin repeatedly scrapped and poked....not so much, even though she insisted she could handle it! 
Instead, I made her and the kiddos a special brunch, then we did the whole party, presents, cards and cake thing.
Of course, earlier in the day after coming back from the shop and shopping...
oh yea, failed to mention, had a gent call on Sunday interested in the Redline Mini, as is often the case on our Sundays off I get several phone calls wondering if we are open (more on THAT in half a mo) and that today was the only day he could get down to grab it.  We obliged by coming in and opening up for about half an hour, and as it turns out had four other folks come in to grab a few things. 
Ok, I know, I'm all over the place today, but it is a WEIRD day! (more on THAT in about a full mo) My brain is going in thirty directions at once.
OK...let me cover the Mo's...
First, yes, picked up a SWEET Schwinn Trailway hybrid on Saturday on consignment.  2014 model only rode once.  Sadly, the gent who owns it has fibro-myalgia.  He thought the exercise may help (I applaud his effort) but after one short ride, realized not.  So it sat for a coupe of months then he decided to just get rid of it.  I mean this is in PRISTINE condition! We also managed to put up another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!" as well!
Second, in response to all the calls we get on Sunday's, starting this coming Sunday we will now be open seven days a week (again) and Sundays will be 9-3, so mark it in your Day minder we'll be here for you!
And third, weird day.  Angela, still recovering, really only has the limited use of one arm.  With all the kiddos back in school, she has no back up with the two little girls still at home, and as our older boy was supposed to be here this morning to help, but in his usual fashion waited until nine O'clock last night to let us know he wouldn't be here until mid afternoon, our only recourse was to have me bring Izzy and Miranda here.
So...ok....I DO love my kids...but...Miranda is a wee bit of a handful!  Thankfully, they seem to have excepted the baby gate on the door of the "Kiddo Klubhouse" and have, for the most part, allowed me to work so far and enjoy some of the plethora of kids movies we got!
As far as the rest of Sunday (see...jumping around again) All the little ones played outside for the majority of the afternoon, EVEN Logan, who more often then not is curled up in a ball with his face two inches from his cell phone screen!  It made me wonder though, as I watched them run about, just when did kid play embrace the care free frivolity intermingling with George Romero? 
See when I was a kid, we did the bikes, climbed trees, played hide and seek....etc.  What do MY kid's play?  "Final Zombie Apocalypse"! 
They picked sides, assigned who was the Zombies and who were the survivors, assigning points for chest shots, limbs lost, and double taps to the head.  And if the Zombie got you, you too became infected, or if they pinned you, you were food.
Oh yea, more and more I come to realize we ARE the "Addams Family"
da-da-da-dump...dump....dump's some picks of the onslaught!

 Even Baby Miranda got in on the action, defending her homestead with her trusty "Ba-Ba"!

And the party....

All in all a really good day!  So, OK, I'm going to see if I can actually get some REAL work done!  I leave you with pics of the two newbies!
See ya soon! 
And don't worry about the girls, they don't bite!

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ONLY $65.00!!
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ONLY $225.00!!!