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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my lovely wife is...... something years old!  Of course it was a Twilight themed birthday party.  All the wonderful fangirl goodies we could find her (that she didn't already have!   Right down to their own line of perfume!
Hey, don't ask me...they never had Star Trek Cologne.
Not a darn thing got done today!  As fate would have it, what I was feeling is NOT a sinus infection.  Full blown flu!
So my lovely wife sacrificed her day to run the shop today, in part because I had to bring Kaleb to his hearing.  I gotta give props to Judge Day.  He's a real good sort and remembered our family.  He was the residing judge in our debacle from three years ago, and he's the one who LAMBASTED the other parties involved for their failure to do their job, and their treatment of our family.  He agreed with the defense's recommendations for probation with the possibility of early release as he said "I agree with the defenses recommendation as I know that Kaleb has  STRONG parental supervision and guidance"
A wonderful closing vindication.
After the two hour trip home (PSTA...yay) I stumbled into bed, at Angies insistence, and Kaleb helped her at the shop while Elijah took care of the babes.  Surprisingly they were respectable enough to keep it down so I could rest.
Wow.  Sometimes these kids surprise me!
Anyway.  I'm cuttin' out early to rest, Hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My head id stubed ub....

Ah the joys of cold and flu season.  I do so hope this is nothing more then a minor sinus infection  (Occupational hazard)  and not the onset of the ickies.  I did my damnedest to mottle through with it and managed to put out two more goodies!  The manly Trek 7000, 21 speed and ANOTHER Schwinn S-25 (these are some sweet riding bikes) Damnedest thing too!  I was about 2/3 the way through a FULL tear down and clean on her when I realized just how dry rotted the tires were, and the fact that there were more then a few rusty spokes on the wheels.  I was somewhat beside myself as we have a REAL shortage on both wheels and tires for 26"ers.  Well always the "Sally Forth" type (the expression NOT the comic strip) I figured, I'm this far into it, at least get the cleaning and assembly done down to the wheels, and worse comes to worse I'll leave it up for a later day.  Lo and behold a scant few moments later, as if in response to an unspoken wish, one of my scrappers showed up curbside on his moped, and strapped to the back?  Well none other then an almost new set of Schwinn wheels and tires!  Sometimes my good fortune astounds me!
So here are today's contribution to the Veloist world!
Now, I'm gonna take some Nyquil and pass out.
ONLY $90.00

ONLY $190.00!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deja Vu, Too.

The Mind is a glorious machination of bio-chemical engineering!  I put it as the second most important part of the human body
Way to go, God! 
Now with minimal argument it is true that humans (reportedly) only use about 10% of it's capacity, the other 90%, presumably remains dormant.
In other words it allows a great deal of room for error when it comes to psychiatry (all due props to my sis for her choice of vocation) The phenomena that perplexed me most for the better part of my youth was that of Deja Vu.  I need not go into a definitive description as I can assume that most folks have encountered this at one time or another.  It was not until later in life I veered away from the more fantastical version of lore and superstition regarding it origins, instead choosing to embrace a more analytical, scientific synopsis.
In brief:  The brain, functioning as a biochemical computer has ways in which it stores and processes information accumulated throughout the waking day.  Hence, in part dreams, which utilize the most basic of human communication, symbolics to store necessary information.  (remember the old memory trick, where your taught to associated the desired memory with odd concepts or imagery) So in effect, when you dream, your watching a memory download.
As you are interacting  daily with all sorts of stimuli, your brain is constantly processing data.  Normally it stores it in the part of the brain that holds short term memories, later to be processed as long term, filtering out the unnecessary information (like your spouse's conversations, or conservative talk radio).  Instead when you experience Deja Vu, your mind is downloading directly into you long term memory, NOT filtering out the info, kind of like "real time video", so in effect, the triggering sensation one encounters, say like a smell or sound that triggers a long term memory relapse is the same sensation you encounter with Deja Vu.  It is, realistically speaking a "false" long term memory of familiarity with a wholly new encounter.
In short...
This was my day. 
I don't know (and wish I had the resources to run extensive studies) if electrical discharge and barometric pressure has any effect on this effect, but as today was downcast and rainy it seemed to only exhasberate the feelings.  So if anyone was talking with me today and I had an odd look on my face (even for me) I apologize!
On to a more familiar rant!
That is the existence of "planned Obsolescence"!  As much as I've bitc...complained about it, I feel this bears mentioning.  As I was digging through the Dungeon today, trying desperately to find a fender for the SWEET Schwinn Stingray replica shown below, I stumbled upon another box of goodies in the rafters, on a shelf precariously close to the heap O' metal passing as "organized" fenders.  As I rifled through the twisted pile of metal that bears a striking resemblance to that pile of metal coat hangers in your coat closet, I accidentally bumped the box, which unceremoniously tumbled several feet to the edge of the loft, then of course instead of just landing there, blew open scattering it's contents higgley piggley to the hard concrete below.  With the usual calm, reserved demeanor I continually display I proceeded to pick up the debris.  What struck me as odd, and forced me to briefly ponder for a moment the backslide we, as a population have underwent, was the relative unmolested condition of all the items.  The items in this particular box were a variety of "vintage" items.  Headlamps, taillights, a little (gaudy red and yellow 70's kitch am/fm bike radio) et all!  Had I dropped any of today's plastic paraphernalia simply from my hand to the floor, it would have shattered.  But not this stuff!  As a child I had always thought that the future would hold wonders of technological advances of a much higher standard (I'm still waiting on the flying cars) Never would I have guessed that the item we used then, would not only NOT have changed much, but would instead be made shoddier and of cheaper stock!
Here's a thought, next time you have to buy a household item, or clothes or what have you, find a second hand vintage shop to do your shopping!
Leave Wal-Mart in your rear view mirror!
Managed to put out four more today, with a fifth all but done on the rack (that one a SWEET Trek men's hybrid!) Re-did the Kool Kustom Low rider we "finished" about a month ago, thanks to Chip for restringing a GOOD 24" coaster wheel for it.  I  do not posses the patience for that task.  Also re-did the Race Inc 24" cruiser BMX.  It had come with a five speed, but it NEVER worked right.  And I can safely say, it was of no fault of ours, it was just a real design failure on their part, so I turned it back into a single speed.  Also put out a GREAT scrap truck find, a real trick Pacific Schwinn Sting Ray replica.  Was a true rust bucket when we got it but  worth the time!  Also squeezed out a real nice Ladies 26" MTB DBS!
All right, I've rambled enough and gonna do the downtime thing!


ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $115.00!!!!

Monday Rush

Lord.  the worst thing about school vacations is the impact on a parents schedule.  I get SO use to being able to sleep in those extra two hours.  This morning back up at 7 am!  EUCH! Well i need to make this brief as I am off to open up, and am leaving the laptop with Momma as she now has kid free time to catch up on "Vampire Diaries"!  Don't ask me, she loves it.  It's like Gothic soap operas.  I leave you with the gems we put out this weekend, and will bring you up to date tonight!
G' Day!
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stepping Cautiously to The Fringe of Hope

I do so hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day!  Ah yes, the "Anglo Saxon Commandeered from Pagan ceremony despite the treatment of the Native American" Holiday!
Opps!  Too negative?
Well, with all due respect to my Blackfoot (and wife's Cherokee) Heritage, we do the whole "Feast 'till you hyper extend" thing like everyone else...thing.  And, man  I'll tell ya, Having an actual working kitchen is SO the bomb!  Last year, living at the old ramshackle homestead cooking such a large meal with a partially functioning stove and no counter space (I don't mean little, I mean NO counter all) was a challenge!  This year?  BOOYA!  Four burners and two ovens!  NO WAITING!  Angi cooked up a 20 pounder, with all the trimmings...and I HELPED! 
 My job?
Yes, it will be a while before we have real mashed potatoes again.  but at least this year I was able to find the peeler AND the masher!  Usually to find utensils we have to check the bathroom or the backyard.  No I understand the masher makes a good garden trowel...But I have NO idea what they do with the peeler in the bathroom!
I don't think I want to.
After the feast of course, comes the sampling of the Holiday pies.
5 different kinds.
I stick with apple, and Logan sticks with pumpkin, but everyone else had a little (in the case of Elijah and Kaleb A LOT) of each, complete with a BIG dollop of whip cream, so needless to say there was a TAD bit of hyper energy to burn of.
It's surprising how much damage and physical injury can be caused by a plastic whiffle bat.
Well, the good news is that the front room furniture was not permanently damaged in the ensuing melee.  Elijah, feeling rather pumped up on sugar once again choose to challenge for the position of Alpha Male.  Such a challenge can not go unanswered.  And yes, wet Willy's and a couple of well place boogers (sorry if you're eating) were the catalyst.  Granted the boy is solid, but easily thrown off balance, and pinned, although he did get in a real good whack with the whiffle bat.
'sucker stings!
Well needless to say the little guys got involved and burned some calories at dad's expense, as mom stood on the periphery keeping Izzy at bay.
Ahhh, good times.  Good times.
Once the Hullabaloo ended we sat down to perform a new tradition, the making out a letter to Santa.  As they are getting older Mom and Dad really didn't want to guess.  We gave them each three choices as this year we are keeping it low key.  Most years we go overboard at the last minute, but not anymore.  They surprisingly took it very well, and weren't greedy (although Elijah's request for a computer may be a stretch).  Also, as is the custom, got calls from the family (and an E-mail from mom).  The reaction to the resent press release regarding Angela's "condition" has gone rather well.  By "Well" I mean, my sister politely extended her love and hopes that Angie remains well, My father and Stepmother merely glazed over and abruptly changed the subject, and my Mom's e-mail made no mention whatsoever.  Oh, but don't think badly of them, trust me!  I prefer these reaction to the ones we got with the announcement of the birth of Rozlynd!  Trust me!  THAT was mistake that NONE of our family would choose to make again.  But my best to my sister, who is now happily living on her own in what sounds like an ultra cool pad in Dover, NH, as my mother prepares to move on to her new life with her recently discovered soul mate, proving that love is ageless and good things do come to the faithful.
And speaking of faith!  I had some of mine restored!  As some may recall, recently we had a reunion, of source with our estranged elder daughter.  To recap, she had a falling out with us after she turned 18 (well, truth be told she never responded well to living with rules since she was 12) and moved to Missouri and promptly dropped off the radar.  We tried in vain to locate her, until she was discovered by her Granddad, quite by accident.  Unfortunately, she was not in a good way.  Angi and I put her and her "fiance" up in a hotel down there for a couple of weeks under the proviso that she get back on her Epilepsy medicine, get a job and get housing for herself.  There was a deadline.  For all appearances when the deadline came to pass (which I tenuously extend for another weekend) she had not full filled her end of the bargain.  With no other recourse I had to stop footing the bill and wished her the best.  Thinking she and her beau had just hit the streets again, I was pleasantly surprised that we got a call from her last night, from the self same hotel.  Apparently she and her man found jobs, and were taking care of business on their own!  They have joined a local church, and are involved in a drug rehabilitation program.  On top of all that, she is in the process of mending fences with Angela's folks (she stayed with them for two months to disastrous results) She sounds good, healthy and I think the old adage "you have to hit rock bottom" applies.  It's good to know that our efforts didn't go unrewarded and she has (tentatively) seen the light.
OK, sorry....getting a little misty eyed.
For me, i look forward to the day when Momma can welcome her back to the fold. LOTS of damage there that will take time to heal.  But it's a start.
On to business (my moment of weepy eyed sentimentality over) I have LOADS of bikes to put out as I have done an inordinate amount of buying over the last three days!  And just in time as today has already seen Julio buying up the GORGEOUS Trek 330, and a nice couple from Minnesota snatched up the men's GT, AND sweet Schwinn Aluminum Comp! 
So we hope in your "Black Friday" travels you pop on in and say "hey"!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Funny Story.
Two years ago, roughly this time of year, it was much colder outside and i was on my bike, with bag slung over shoulder doing a supply run East on Sunset point road.  As I was passing a residential area a police car traveling in the opposing direction passed me, slowed down banked a youee and pulled in, abruptly a side street up from me and the officer stepped out of the car, looking at me as I came up on him.
As any red blooded, law abiding American would do I came to a stop and thought "Oh crap!  What did I do NOW?"
The officer, cautiously with arms slightly outstretched, palms flat out approached me, as one would approach a wounded, yet not unconscious dangerous animal.
I made no sudden, unnecessary movements.
With slow, clearly enunciated tones he asked me if I was OK.  Furthermore he asked if I had a warm place to spend the night, and enough food.
I will pause to explain that given my appearance I suppose, in retrospect I could understand.  For those who don't know me I look like a cross between Frank Miller, and Charles Manson (with a passing resemblance to the 50's B-Movie favorite "The Blob") and given my choice of vocation I am hard pressed to find an item in my wardrobe that's NOT heavily stained with grease, that when washed just looks like dirt.   So even though at the time I was somewhat offended, and compelled to assure him that I not only had a three bedroom home, but a family as well, and that riding a bike was a CHOICE not a necessity, later was touched by his concern.
Now, I told you that story to tel you this one.
Given my physical appearance, proclivities and attire I can understand what some folks unfamiliar with me may think.  But as the old saying goes "you can't judge a book by it's cover" applies.
So you'll understand where the following sentiments may seem somewhat out of character.
I oft time speak of my family and children especially with a certain degree of...sardonisism.  And even though there is truth in the telling, the emotion is more akin to humorous annoyance, then anger.  See, i have embraced the curse placed upon me by my mother so many years ago to wit: "I hope you have children who act like you some day!"
And I do.
In Spades.
Oddly enough...I love it!  Perhaps the masochist in me thrives on the chaos and revelry inherent in children.  Not unlike Gomez Adams watching Tuesday try to disembowel Pugsly with beaming pride.
When my day of work ends I close up shop, walk the two blocks home and as i come up to the front (Brady Bunch double) door inevitably I see Izabella standing on the chair looking out the little side window, and when she sees me she shrieks in delight, jumping up and down.  As I open the door Logan, Rozy and Owen are hiding behind it to scare me (which I do the appropriate "AAAHHHHH!" they then laugh and attack me at once nearly knocking me to the floor with hugs and hellos and all talking at once wanting to tell me their day.  Kaleb gives me a "hey, Dad" and a sideways hug, while Elijah gives me a bear hug lifting me from the floor as I dangle briefly while being crushed.  At that point Momma gets her turn to give me a warm hug and kisses.
I'm home.
With slight variation, it's that way each night.  After my shower, we eat dinner, sit and talk or play with the kids until bedtime, then hunker down for quiet time and bed.
Contentment.  And to all those naysayers who crave excitement and adventure, have at it.  I happy home bound.  And with all that joy, why would we deprive ourselves more?
We are expecting our tenth child in May.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rubble and Debris.

It's weird the path the mind takes.  As today treaded along, and we amassed more and more bikes (yes, a buyers blitz)  2 18" little boy's bikes, 2 20' BMXer's, a GORGEOUS Schwinn aluminum Comp ATB (see below) another big framed Raliegh Road Bike, a 70's "Box Store" Brand ladies cruiser, a ladies 24" Giant (for parts only, sadly as the body is just to far gone) a 24" "DBS" fodder mtb, and a couple more I can't remember I found myself tripping as I tried to walk through the front of the shop (sorry to all visiting today who met the same fate)  And as the Dungeon and store room are just as packed I couldn't help but find myself muttering under my breath about (expletive) rubble and debris.  Which got me thinking about my days in the construction industry doing tear outs which began a path of  disjointed remembrances which eventually led to....Mork and Mindy.
Yep!  Such is the magic of my brain!
I couldn't help but recall the little diddy aforementioned via You tube!  Wow!  they have EVERYTHING!
So I decided to share with you a glimpse into my cluttered mind.
Ever seen "Being john Malkovich"?
Aside from the Schwinn we put out, also finished up the GT, but that was at the last moment before closing, and as I have to give it a GOOD bath, i'll have pic's tomorrow.
Well with that, I bid you goodnight!
2011 Schwinn Aluminum Comp ATB
ONLY $100.00!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Timing Is Everything!

So true in this biz! 
Finally finished the Lemond!  Was walking it through the shop after giving her a bath when the phone rang.  Bike leaning against my hip I greeted an inquisitive young gent inquiring as to whether or not the Lemond was done.  Seems he had been in on Sunday after reading me rant about it in this blog, wanting to see if it was done.  Obviously not, as I took time off working on it to build up a Specialized for my father.  Well after learning it was done he made a B-line for the shop in ten minutes, and after a quick test drive, we were packing it up in the back of his Mustang. 
As I said, timing is everything!
But have no fear!  managed to put out three more sweethearts today!  A NICE trek 800 Multitrak.  A hard to find Jamis "Big Boy". and another "Daily Banger Special" Dual Shock MTB! 
Apparently word got out to the local avian population that we had an abundance of bird feed in the shop, because we had another visitor wing in the shop for a while today.  Thankfully he didn't buzz bomb anyone while he was there!
Well, tomorrow we have the nice GT donation in the rack with all parts cleaned and will have it up and running in the late AM, then onto more goodies we amassed today.  I was a buying fool!
Now, I'm beat and gonna chill for a wee, 'till bed.

ONLY $155.00!!!

ONLY $145.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!!

Someone Slipped Us A Holiday Mickey!

What the....?!!?
it's almost THANKSGIVING?!!
Where the heck did the year go! 
This is the pitfall of living in the Southern territories.  My body, even after 15 years still runs on Northern time.  When the winter holidays approach I should be wrapped in a parka and those ugly green rubber boots with the removable black insulated lining hat makes your feet sweat!  NOT t-shirts and shorts!  At least then I knew the Holidays of family angst were upon us.  Ah yes!  Time for excessive work in the kitchen, long hours of food prep.  Ever increasing familial tension, fielding the inevitable "Is it ready, yet?!'
 Good times. Good times.
But seriously.  I had no idea until yesterday as my Dad and step-mom were visiting (back to FLA in seasonal preparation for the inevitable "permanent" Florida retirement) that my eldest announced they were off this week for Thanksgiving! 
ARRGGHH!  We are SO not prepared!  We haven't even had our shots!
I'm kidding.
Shot's wouldn't help against child venom.  They get you, you die.
Needless to say...PLEASE give me a reason to work overtime!
I'm kidding.
Where was I....
OH yes...
We had NO idea the Holidays were upon us.  The kids and I are trying to convince Angi to streamline her Holiday preparations.  She usually goes whole hog with, like Thirty or more side dishes, and I end up having to clean out the fridge in preparation for all the leftovers.  So this year we suggested "Buy a pre-cooked Turkey breast and a few sides, no fuss no muss!  I think we have her on the ropes on this one! 
I remember as a child going to Grandmas each year for the Thanksgiving feast, and she would get up at like 4 am to start cooking.  Crazy!  GREAT food, but CRAZY!
Back at it again today!  The Lemond (yes...still obsessing on that one) is all but built!  Just have to get tubes and cables, which Kaleb is going to get as we speak!  Then on to the GT! 
See ya in a little while. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nostalgic Musings On The Value of Fatherhood

I must say I am VERY touched.
At times I question the value of what we do.  It's strange, as we are blessed with wonderful patrons who remind us from time to time of the importance of what we are a part of (humbly, a small part) in our effort to try and "pay it forward" to Mother Nature.
But seldom am I honored with both reverence for our efforts to conserve but also given a part to play in honoring fatherhood.
Such is the case of Lucky.
Lucky is a sweet unassuming man of advanced years, whom we first encountered a couple of months back when he came in to inquire about acquiring a vintage Schwinn.  And he was very specific of it being a Schwinn.  At the time we had not had a chance to excavate the garage, so with a grin we parted ways.  We saw him again two days ago when he came in for a set of vintage wide fenders.  Seems he had found his Schwinn and was undergoing a full restoration.
Here's where it gets personal.
Seems when he was in the shop the first time he was intrigued by the vintage bikes we had.  It started him thinking.  Some time ago in his youth he and his father had customized a Schwinn for him.  It was a long father and son project.  Nights and weekends spent isolated together in their garage pounding on metal and bonding.  he had remembered that time as a simpler, happy time.  So in his twilight years, as I assume a way to rekindle his youth and in his own words "pay homage to his father" he decided to build an "as close as possible" recreation of that self same bike.
We've seen him again to help custom fit, cut and tool the fenders, and as corny as it sounds it's real sweet to see an almost childlike glint in his eyes.  That self same excitement I myself experience in anticipation of the finish project.
I feel very honored that he has allowed us to be a part of his nostalgic journey.
I also must thank all the folks who took advantage of the gorgeous day to come out and visit.  As always thanks for the trust in choosing us to handle your re-pairs, and all the glowing flattery!  We never get tired of hearing it!  (again...I'm a Leo)
Thanks to Billy and his buds for picking up the Magna BMX as well as the Sweet Diamondback BMX that we had just put out.  Also to Chris for jumping on the "DBS" men's MTB, and Scott for knowing a good thing with the Murray MTB.  Thanks to Spanky (yes...that's his REAL name) for letting us do the upgrade on his already sweet Cignal!  And to the anonymous donor/ musician for the SWEET (albeit somewhat rusty) Old School GT mountain bike!  She will DEFINITELY see a FULL refurb!
All in all, met alot of cool folks today!  Thanks for visiting!
See ya on the morn'!

the Things we do for love!

Last night was opening night for the global phenomenon "Twilight" latest installment!
How did i like it? ain't Star Trek!
Nah I'm kidding! (and I value my life) The way I see it is Angie has sat through COUNTLESS hours of Star Trek and the like for me, the least  I can do is fully support her obsessive addiction to Mrs Myers "Twilight" Saga.  Hey, at least I wasn't as bad as the husband who sat in front of us and dozed off during the previews, and slept through the whole flick!  (At least he didn't snore)
In all seriousness (as much as I can muster) It was really quite good.  This one was not bogged down with countless repetitious scenes of the two main protagonists laying around in a field staring longingly at each other.  They really did tell a much better story, and the pain Charlie (Bella's father) showed in giving her away at the wedding?  Well for a Dad I can empathize with him whole heartily! 
Now God forbid, I would (rarely) dane to cast aspersions on this Megalith of a Hollywood Powerhouse (at least not where Angi could hear me) But sometimes the smart ass Leo in me just can't help itself!  Your talking to someone who was a card carrying, script reading interactive member of Halloween showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (and yes, I brought toast, rice and toilet paper!) so in any movie when the opportunity arises...I interact!
And last night was NO exception.  But hey in my defence, it was the PERFECT FREAKIN' SETUP!!!!
About a third way through the movie, just after (WHOOPS, SPOILER ALERT!) the honeymoon scene where Bella and Edward finally get busy (Oh yes the tittering and cheers from a gaggle of tweenagers was a thick heavy din)  they show the Morning after, where Bella awakens in the wreckage of their Honeymoon Sweet (and oh yes, to make EVERY man in America look like a TOTAL unromantic Schmuck!  There Honeymoon took place on a PRIVATE island in a gloriously appointed beach bungalow sitting with a bed side view of the ocean just off the mainland of Rio Dijenero!)  feathers from the downy pillows fluttering around, the bed destroyed (Edward is a vampire.  Doing the Horizontal mambo with one of them can KILL a mortal) she gets up to share afterglow with Edward (who is now sullen because he hurt her) and at THAT moment the entire theatre AND screen went dark!!
YEP!  As the packed theatre became a jumble of disgruntled murmuring the intercom came on and announced apologies for the inconvenience and assurance that the film would continue momentarily, and as the entire audience was hushed at the moment that the announcement ended, it was at that precise moment that the ugly head of sarcastic wit that quivers menacingly just beneath my human veneer decided t pounce and announce loudly in the momentary silence...
"GREAT!  First they break the bed!  Then they break the movie!"
Surprisingly I got a uproarious round of laughter and applause, and to my lovely brides credit she took no offence and laughed right along with them.
Shocking, quite frankly as poking fun at the genre in a room full of Twihards is usually akin to walking into the Vatican at Christmas Mass and question the existence of God!
All in all though, it was a real fun time!
As it is Saturday, I will be pouncing on all the projects i have started in the last couple of days, as i have had to waylay them for the sake of customer repairs (thank you all so much!)  I really want to get the Lemond finished, and move on to a custom commuter I think I have finally amassed all the parts for! So with that, It's a LOVELY day, get off your tucass and get on in here!
Peace out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lemon D, Very Pretty, and the flowers smell so sweet, but the fruit of the poor Lemon is a pain in the tush!

Set about working on the Lemond this morning after a full tear down last night.  This bike is sweet! 56cm and LIGHT!  OK, maybe not the featherweight of today's class of bikes, but for it's time it had to have been slick.  nice components she'll be a great catch for the wizened eye of a true believer.
there's one problem.
After finishing the tear down, took the frame out to clean off.  She was a "back of the garage" clean out.  Someone had pitched her to the curb, minus her wheel set and one of my crew snatched her up.  So scuffed and dirty I tried to bring about her inner (and outer) beauty. Unfortunately much of her paint was chipped, sadly, so after spot sanding went about the touch up.  And here's the rub..
She'd yellow.
I HATE yellow.
Two reasons.  1.  yellow is probably the least popular color for a bike.  I don't know why, but it's true, 2nd It takes MANY coats to cover properly and takes FOREVER to dry!  And, when the painting is performed by an incompetent moron who forgets to wash the grease of his hands, spot's TERRIBLY!
I'd fire me, if I didn't need me so much so if I get back before I get in tell me to wait for myself because I have to talk to myself.
Wow.  And they said the medication would help!
While the coats were drying I have also begun working on another Mongoose dual shock banger, which too has proven to require more work then originally accessed.
Yes, it's been one of those days.
Thanks to the folks for bringing in their re-pairs today, and many the interested looky loo's and re-ferrals!  Always nice to see new faces!  Not that there's anything wrong with the old faces mind you.
So tonight it's early to bed, so you all have a great night!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Psychadelic Turnips.

Couldn't resist checking this one out after that catchy title, Hunh?
Seriously though a cricket convention told me they couldn't hang with me 'cause it was just TOO quiet today.  I'll have to right it off to odd weather.  Awoke this morning to gray looming clouds and high humidity that just looked like it would rip open at any minute but ended up not doing squat.  Was OK though as I got two more beauts done and started on our Lemon'D.  OK, it's pronounced Lemond, but the other sounds so much more street it makes me think I'm hip!  Did manage to pick up more goodies though.  Got a couple old Western Flyers in.  They need A lot of work, but will mean more cruisers out.  COOL!  So check out the newbies below, and the three from yesterday (for some reason I couldn't upload the pics)
We'll see ya'll tomorrow!

ONLY $55.00

ONLY $75.00

ONLY $50.00!!

ONLY $55.00
ONLY $45.00

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nocturnal Visitors

Not to uncommon as Daylight Savings kick into high gear, and twilight befalls us sooner and sooner.  Although had a few visitors during daylight mind you, but that was more in my guise as public servant.  Explanation.  When the misfortune of bike theft befalls one of our neighbors they know to contact the police, then us.  We take copies of the police reports, and serial numbers in the chance that they pass through here.  Mind you, not so much lately as most of the local cretins know that we report to the police, so they don't so much bother anyway.  I will however pass a little bit of info on to those in our general area.  We received a total of 9 stolen bike reports today alone. 6 form the same condo development! Some report seeing a strange late model white panel van in the vicinity right around the time of the thefts.  One lady told me her bike appeared on Craigslist the same day it was stolen!  So PLEASE make sure whenever possible, bring your bike inside!  They ARE cutting the cables, and apparently are quite organized as some bikes have been stolen from alcoves outside of direct line of sight, or when people have just gone inside for a moment.  It's November and as we get closer to the Holidays, thefts increase, sadly enough.
As always, if the unfortunate happens, let us know.
Managed to get out four new ones today, although once again didn't manage to get a pic of one as it sold within ten minutes of finish.  A real nice looking Mongoose XR-75.  But still have two more stylin' BMX'ers, and a nice ladies "Daily banger Special"! 
The Men's DBS from last night sold first thing this morning as quick as can be!  The Schwinn Skyliner didn't last much longer. 
Managed to get a few more goodies into today, as well as some sweet parts 9couple of the BIG comfy cruiser seat too!
All right, it has been a busy day and we need some downtime!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bonus Features! or "Hidden treasures!"

I can pretty much pin it down to an approximate date.  It would have been roughly the fall of 1973.  What red letter day in global history would that be, you ask?  Well that's the day I developed an affinity for refuse.  Oh yes.  At the tender age of five my parents were visiting a family that resided at the end of Haige street, on rt 111A in Brentwood NH.  The house looks a lot different now (I peaked on Google "Walking" maps (NEAT feature))  As they were socializing with the family that resided there (I have NO idea their name) I was left to my own vices and began to wander.  Where now stands an enormous barn of a garage once stood an old garden shed. this was back when a kid of five COULD be left alone to explore)  In the garden shed which once held tools for the estate, was instead a plethora of old office equipment.  Big bulky things, from what i can recall, along with boxes upon boxes of old paper.  The Gentleman of the house told me to feel free to help myself to all I could carry.  Even at five I could carry ALOT when it came to "Free"!  My parents, however reigned in my enthusiasm, wondering what i would do with it all, so my final catch was somewhat limited.
This passion grew, and as I got older I would spend my summers and weekends hanging out at the old junkyard a little ways past Pick pocket Road.  There in exchange for salvage rights (left behind keys, auto medallions and the occasional keyboard, or McDonalds Fryalator Alarms (they were cool!  Lot's of switches and lights) and at one time a wheelchair, I would strip copper from starters, alternators and radiators (wow..lots of 'ators!) It kept me out of trouble.  See, this was back before a lot of paranoid parents started suing everyone under the sun, and all the fun things kids could do for free were outlawed due to hefty insurance premiums!  But OH the joy I had climbing atop smashed cars stacked 4 high! 
As I grew older I never seemed to loose the love for all things discarded and unwanted.  Trust me, my steady stream of rolling wrecks for cars in my youth can attest to that!  Just ask my Mom or the Exeter police Department about my '71 Ford Pinto!  Three different colored body panels and one headlight! (the right one had a tendency to pop out when you hit a bump)
This attachment never left me, and in turn served well a few years back, when to supplement out dwindling income we would trash pick for scrap metal and anything we could fix up and sell at weekend yard sales.  Made a good penny!
Which brings us full circle to what we do today!  It is that desire to give the unwanted a second try (a trait which is all to apparent in my offspring, much to my chagrin as I have at times several TV's in my garage that Elijah SWEARS he can make work!  Not to mention Owens "treasures" *shudder*) that drives us.
No truer then today!
(long segue)
Had finally got the 69 Schwinn cleaned up and was cleaning off the chain guard when I got a sweet bonus!  As i was slowly removing the coats of crappy paint stuck to the metal i discovered the original graphics were still in relatively good shape!  So with a little parts cleaner and elbow grease was able to bring most of it back.  So masking it off gave it fresh coats of paint and clear coat.  But that's not even the best part!  Started digging around in some of my "What-Not" boxes to see if I had any cool baubles to dress it up with when I stumbled on an old time Bullet lamp.  Well, we usually don't have much luck with the old bulbs, but thought I'd pop some batteries and test my luck.  Lo and WORKED!  But even better still...It also had an electric horn!  WOW!  So sweet!  And I had NO idea I had it, nor where it came from.  Oddly enough, the bike had a stem mount bracket on it that was the EXACT same counter bracket needed to mount it!  What are the odds?!  So this gem, no fully re-furbed and decked out in cast gray, with Dark Cherry accents comes complete with a color matched Light Horn!
I do so LOVE my job!
thanks to Laura for her diligence and tenacity.  She finally came across the ride shes been looking for in the Raleigh 7-speed we put out Sunday. 
And met a great lady as well today looking for a total of five for her family and states that she only wants to do business with us!  I'm VERY flattered.
Oh yes, also managed to put out another "Daily Banger Special" as well.  Nice looking men's 26" MTB.
All right, the family is giving me the stink eye, so I better get a move on!
Ya'll have a great night!
ONLY $175.00!!!



ONLY $65.00!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"We'll Talk Ta Bob."

Another obscure movie quote.  OK, not to obscure if your a fan of cool music and awesome car chases.

That's your only hint.
Seriously though.  Had a nice conversation with a new friend, Bob today at the shop.  He's looking to fix his current ride and up grade to a "Weekend Bike" as well.  Looking for speed, he had many an astute question.  We were more then happy to give him our limited insight.
Heh.  That and a buck fifty get ya a cup of coffee.
Today was another quiet Sunday, but we managed to get two more out, which was the goal.  Well...wanted to do more actually, but the SWEET Schwinn Skyliner needed A LOT of work.  But well worth it!  Body is SUPER nice, but mechanically?  Well, suffice to say most components were replaced.  The previous owner handled it with less then kit gloves.  But now she's as good as new.  Also put out a real cute banger BMX...clean!  And fought a glorious fight with a VERY rusted, but well worth it Vintage Schwinn MEN'S cruiser!
Yes folks, that's right!  Straight out of the final scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" we broke the mystic seal of the mysterious "Garage" and have delved into the dusty recesses, scouring the endless piles of forgotten bikes and dug out some more "needs-a-heck-of-alot-of-work" gems!  This one, a 26" men's 1969 Schwinn Cruiser!!!  Now, after a heated, exhaustive (and laden with "Daddy Language") battled, all bolts were freed!  (OK...some had to be cut) She now sits, fully repainted (in a way cool cast gray) and ready for reassembly tomorrow!  So to all the folks who have been cruising our joint looking for a nice men's cruiser...CALL EARLY!  You WILL NOT be dissatisfied!
OK, Now it's time to close another chapter in the exciting saga "As The Stomach Turns".
ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

"I love It When A Plan Come's Together!"

For those under the age of thirty, that quote may be unfamiliar.  However, truer words  were never spoken. 
One of the ways we come up with some of the rides we do is the inspiration of a single part.  With all the buying we do we have a plethora of goodies occupying just about every nook and cranny of our little corner of the universe.  And whereas we may not use them right when we get them, they stay lodged in our collective conscious, filed away for later consideration.  There have been fender sets, wheels, reflectors, tires you name it that have been the catalyst for some future bike.  A recent acquisition of a set of black and red Micheline tires was just such a thing.  We picked them up about three months ago in a batch of parts dropped off by a local supporter who was cleaning out his garage and sat waiting for the right muse.
the Trek 330 we got in a pile of scrap last week was just such a one!  Sweet lug work, stamped frame and clean head badge, not to mention full compliment of Suntour/Diacomp components just BEGGED to be cleaned and rejuvenated, and was the corner stone of yesterdays production.
The Morning was a busy one!  Several repairs came and went (thank you all for your re-ferrals and trust!) Not to mention the Giant Yukon went out to Susan and her Beau who only came looking for a banger but couldn't pass up the ride,  No worries though, I cut them a REAL good deal!  We also found a new home in Steven, for the awesome Iron Horse!  He's looking to get back into f=riding after a long absence, and couldn't have picked a nicer way to do it!  Also had many a looky loo, but as stock is going as quickly as we can produce, we didn't have much to show.  But thanks to all the die hards who keep coming back looking for that special ride!  And congrats to KiKi.  She had had her newly purchased bike stolen the same day after she left the shop, and although she was unable to recover it, a very nice neighbor of hers heard about her misfortune and gave her one of their old bikes.  We gave it the once over, gratis, and sent her happy on her way ( a lock was her first purchase after getting the new ride!) We also got to meet Laura and her husband who are purchasing ten bikes for a local Christmas charity, we put aside four and are putting together the remaining six before Christmas.  God bless them for their contributions! 
After the rush died down I hunkered down to getting some more rides out to fill the need.  The Trek was the first, then stayed late to put out a cool 7 speed Raleigh commuter, another "Daily Banger Special" in the way of a 26" men's MTB, and a cool looking little Schwinn 20" BMX. 
As the season has begun and we are running a little light on stock, I'll be going back in this afternoon to put a few more out and will feature them this evening!
So, cheers!  As I toast you with my eye opening cup o' Joe!~
See ya soon!
ONLY $190.00


ONLY $95.00

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Product Placement

Hollywood and the media would have us think that the process of "Product placement" is a wholly new concept greedily pursued by manufacturers and add people alike.  Casually popping a peek of the desired item to hock into the hands and background of our favorite actors and movie sets.  Well, not so much.  My first memorable exposer to this premise was WAY back in my child like years when watching re-runs of Star Trek (TOS respectively)  Spock dons a neckless with the Vulcan symbol for IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" in the episode  "Is Their No Truth In Beauty" in honor of Dr. Jones and her achievements with the Medusans.  Arguably the final scene was originally rebuffed by William Shatner as it had less to do with the story and everything to do with Gene Roddenberry planning on mass producing the bauble for merchandising, using the whole episode as an hour long commercial for the trinket.
Well thankfully this kind of blatant capitalism has been sparse in the television landscape (Saturday morning cartoons not-withstanding)
Until recently.
For the past couple of weeks Angi and I have been marathoning "Castle" as it stars one of our favorite actors (Nathan Fillion form "Firefly" fame).  I cast no aspersions towards the quality of this show, OH NO!  It is by far one of the more engaging (albeit FRUSTRATING in regards to the "almost there..." love affairs between the shows leads) shows we've seen in a while.  Finally have watched the first three seasons and started on season 4 (and MAN!  My applause to the writers for the INTENSE plot twist and daring risks they took in the story!)
HOWEVER!  Jump to point.
In 2009 Disney Meglomaniacalmulticorp bought out Marvel comics for a whopping 4 bill. and MANY  a Fan boy CRINGED!  Having bought ABC (the network that brings us "Castle") back in 1995, it was only a matter of time before an unholy alliance was formed.  Perhaps it has been done before (hey i don't watch THAT much network TV) but last night's episode "Heroes and Villains" was the first time in a LONG time I have seen such a blatant cross-product episodisement.  In the show, Castle and Beckett are pursuing a killer dressing up as a costume vigilante.  Here's the rub!  In their pursuit of the fiend (who vertically bisects his victim in a single stroke of a Samurai Sword?  Hey.  I have watched "Myth Busters...I don't think that this is AT ALL possible!) you are witness to the investigative process and Castle, in his conspiracy minding "outside the box" thinking showcases (on the murder board) the inspiration for the killers costume by way of neatly displayed "Marvel" comics.  Spider man, Daredevil, Iron Man...etc)  furthermore the Killer (who's exploits are being depicted in an online comic book who's creator uses an anagram of "Stan Lee" (he created most of the major Marvel heroes...keep up))
During the investigation the detectives visit a comic shop, conveniently displaying Castle's current creation, a Graphic Novel featuring his fictional character Derrick Storm.  Yes folks, no lie this graphic Novel (published by Marvel) is IN FACT really being published.
I've peeked at some preliminary art and it looks just like any other Movie or TV tie in "Comic Adaptation" I've seen before.  Not awe-inspiring.
Don't get me wrong, anytime "comic-books (the bastard child of the entertainment industry) receives ANY kind of "Main-stream media attention, I'm all for it.  But it begs the question of just how much incursion for product sake will there be?  And more importantly, I can't decide if this is a good thing...or bad?
WOW, i haven't gone on like THAT for a while!  Well, yesterday was DEFIANTELY the coldest one yet!  So winter is here.  However that does not exclude you from your bicycle buying duties!  OH NO! 
Got a call yesterday that reminded me Christmas is around the corner!  One of the local "toy for kids" charities put in an order for 9 bikes, and this is only the start!  If there's a bike on your wish list PLEASE let us know ahead of time! 
As has become the norm once again, the Blue Pacific MTB I put out day before sold first thing yesterday (thanks Brian!) I probably should have focused on more "Bangers" in my building but I SO wanted to get that '78 Schwinn breeze done and out.  Ended up taking all day yesterday (WOW!  What grime!) but now she is truly SHINY!  This peach is loaded with all original "Schwinn-approved" extra!  Front Hollywood basket, rear folding paperboy basket and dyno-light kit, THAT WORKS!  So nice!
Today, I have thew Trek 330 in the rack with parts clean so she'll be going together in a few.  As well as a plethora of other bikes to choose from!
So with that...I'm Off!
(Now...if someone would just come up with a show about a family that runs a second hand bike shop.....)

ONLY $190.00!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The White Zone Is For Loading and Unloading...

Well today was the day of buying!  Had the scrap trucks lined up! SWEET!  Got a couple more bangers, 3 BMXer's and the creme De la creme... a diamond in the rough pair of road bikes!  An older light weight Schwinn And a vintage Trek 330!!! Drool, baby drool!  I'm gonna have afield day with them!  Finished up 2 rides today, but again only have one pic to offer up.  I kid you not, finished up a nice men's 26" "Daily Banger Special" and after washing it in the back was wheeling it out to take a pic when a gent and his mom walked in looking for a ride for him to get to and fro work and he asked if the one I had was for sale!  Cha-CHING!  But have no fear, plenty more where they came from.  The dungeon's becoming quite full.  Started the tear down on the ladies vintage Schwinn, and she'll be out late tomorrow morning as I RALLY have to step up production.  Have had many re-visiting folks!  I am really honored that I have seen many familiar faces coming in frequently to check out what's new as they are looking for that something special.  Love the fact that they are coming to see us for their choice.  And as always thanks for the trust with all the re-pairs keeping me hopping! 
Well, we once again step further into the techno-world as we are now Twittering (or is it tweeting?) so as time passes we will start to actually just give updates instead of just transferring the blog to it.  Give it time.
Alright as I'm sure you have already surmise I don't have much of anything "insightful" to put forth.  It was one of those "normal" days where I blithely went through the rudimentary functions of my vocation while partially zoning out to a "Friends" marathon on the boob tube. 
So with that, i leave you for the night..
and settle down for a "Castle" marathon.
HURRAH for "Megavideo"!
MENS 26" MTB ONLY $60.00!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Day Is It?

Naps are a blessing and a curse.  After coming home from Kaleb court this morning my lovely wife had already gone to open the shop, and our oldest boy had stayed home today to help keep an eye on Izzy, as I had NO idea how long I was going to be at court this morn (luckily he was the first one seen) upon returning I sat down to update the blog, while Elijah had gone up to the shop to help mom with a couple re-pairs.  As Izzy was down for her morning nap I promptly passed out on the couch (it's not often this house is quiet)  With Mommas blessing a took a two hour nap.  Upon waking to Izzy stirring I had to ask myself where I was and what day it was.  That moment of confusion is strangely intriguing.
Managed to finish up a real sweet ladies Schwinn today and about 80% done on another men's "Daily Banger" then it's on to a SWEET late 60's early 70's ladies Schwinn 3-speed.  This one is choice!  it comes complete with a rear folding paperboy basket, front basket, bell, Dynamo light kit and the paint is kickin"!
Also picked up several more goodies today, a regular shmaorgasbored! 
A very nice gent and his wife came in from Sarasota to pick up the three wheeler, in their words "The best one they've seen, and the cheapest!"  NICE!  Also the aforementioned ladies MTB sold about 3 minutes after being put out, so I am definitely going to have to step up production!
With that...It's late and we are tired so...

November, November the Curse of November!

It is a family truism that the month of November is a double edged sword.  We are blessed with fortune as November marks four births in our family (three of four of the ladies were born this month) but in the past decade it has also marked the Ill's of misfortune.  Specifically, Ill's for Kaleb.  For some unknown reason this month brings grave tidings to the boy as something monumentally tragic happens to him.  As stated each year for ten of his fourteen years he has suffered such injury's as, a bruised spleen, facial abrasions and a broken tooth, an 8" gash on his calf requiring 34 stitches, a broken ankle, an exploded pinkie and this November was NO exception.  HOWEVER this time it did not come in the form of grievous injury. OH NO, it came in the form of a heavily tattooed police officer.  Now before we go any further, he did not in fact do anything wrong, this time.  His bad luck stems from having gone to pick up something for mom at the grocery store last night, and lingered to long in the parking lot, apparently,  At which the officer in question stopped and asked for his name and address as there have been a rash of vehicle break In's there.  Originally releasing him, he headed back home when his name flashed the screen with a "pick-up order" for his arrest.  The officer pulled him back over, then brought him to me at the shop to inform me of the situation.  It all stems from Kaleb's run in with the law last year when he was messing with his friends outside of school, and rather then staying and telling the officer what he was doing there, ran.  Well do to some "glitch" in the system ("glitch" is code for some moron didn't dot an I or cross a T) the fact that the case was dropped was never denoted,  So Kaleb was forced to spend the night at JAC, and go in front of Judge Gross (we like Judge Gross) who promptly read the file, question why Kaleb was even THERE and rather then have us wait for Kaleb to be returned to JAC and be processed out, had them IMMEDIATELY release him into my custody.  At which point we had to walk back over to JAC and wait for them to scratch there bottoms and try to figure out what they were supposed to do.  Finally they figured out that I had to sign a release form, and let us go. 
OH!  and they "LOST" his belt and shoelaces.
So that's how I spent my morning.
Now you know why I didn't blog last night!
Traditional Tuesday!  A little quite on the western front, but managed to get caught up on the re-pairs (except those awaiting parts) and put out two more beaUties!  As well as prep two more. 
Jen came in and gave the lonely ladies Schwinn a good home, as well as picked up the 12" Tonka bike for her little brother.  That little thing weighed more then the Schwinn! 
We would like to send our condolences to KiKi.  She had bought the ladies 24" on Monday, and while parked in front of another store had it stolen,  Again, we are very sorry for your misfortune.
Today should be filled with excitement as the phone has not stop ringing all morning!  Allways the hallmark of a busy day.  So I'd best get my hiney in gear and head off to work.
See ya soon!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $45.00!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At Work Working On the Workman: Part two

Sorry to any regular readers who picked up on the erroneous posting of the same name.  After our day i settled down at the house and proceeded to update Craigslist and blog.  Well....To say the least the effort was frustrating.  First, once again we have become a flagging target on Craigslist.  Seems after "someones" little temper tantrum online they have begun a mission to wipe the "scourge" from the site.  Oh well.  Second, as I work from the sitting room at home the kids were running amuck and I accidentally dropped the laptop.  Of course the battery pack jettisoned and all of what was a well thought out and expertly written (*cough, cough*) blog was lost.  Except for the one word, "finally".  At this point I acquiesced and decided to pack it in for the night.
"Finally" was in reference to the Workman Three Wheeler Justin (his last project) and I had been working on.  She came in a MAJOR wreck having sat in the back of Chips house for nigh on an eon and was an experiment in rustication.  WELL!  Even though I had all but given up hope she could be revived a regular of ours offered to put her into his sand blaster and see what happened.  Surprisingly, although she needed some fill (and bondo) she turned out to be a real gem!  In preparation for the convergence I had taken several pics of the "before" with the intention of providing an excellent example of what we do around here...
As I use the shops cell phone as a camera and had not yet transferred the contents to the computer, they were vulnerable.  Vulnerable to a well meaning yet ill advised teenager who thought he should "lessen" the phones "overloaded" memory.  Oh yes, they all, save one are gone.  So much for the plans of mice and men.  Well at least you can get a general idea of what it looked like before (somewhat).
On to the day.
Sunday and Monday carried the momentum from Saturday and have left us a LITTLE light in the stock department.   NOT a bad thing!  We love to keep things fresh!  Angi found homes for both of  the "Old School" Mongoose BMXer's, as Jason KNEW a good thing when he saw it!  As well as the beginner BMX for KiKi who needs to get back and forth to work.  Yesterday, Scott visited and picked up the sweet "Classic: Roadmaster MTB "Daily Banger Special" for his brother, and drooled briefly over the Giant.  Jorge got a "I'm tired of walking" deal with the Huffy MTB as well!  And KiKi returned, realizing that the BMX was a tad bit to small for her long legs, and picked up the ladies "Daily Banger Special" I had put out Saturday.  And as always, the repairs continue to come in and we thank you all TREMENDOUSLY for your continued trust!
I'd like to end today with a cute little story that truly, beyond a shadow of a doubt proves how inept I am.
I am oft times, in small ways reminded how out of sync I am with the rapid changes in technology.  As I'm sure my father and mothers generation, having grown up in the days of reverse engineering of the flying saucers at Roswell, were swept away, I to suffer the same indignity.  Where as a youth I had to demonstrate to my mother how to not only program a VCR, but also to set it's clock, I have no been out shadowed by my own children.  But from a surprisingly unexpected source.
Several months ago Angela bought this stereo speaker tower thing where you can plug your MP3 player, or cell phone or other electronic doomahickey into it and listen to your music in stereo surround.  I'll admit it's great to plug in and listen to Pandora, as I can not STAND commercial radio!
I usually have to have Angi or the boys set it up, as it's technology is beyond me.
Well last night I was shown just HOW FAR it is beyond me, but in effect just child's play. 
As we sat down after our dinner (and just before the whole computer debacle) to have our coffee and chill the kids of course joined us.  Our little 1 and a half year old Izzy, does not speak yet, but with so many interpreters in the house, she has now need.  As Angi and I were discussing the day Izzy walked up to Angi, held out her hand and went "Enh!" Without batting an eye Angi looked at her and asked "music?"
Izzy just smiled and did a little dance.  At this point Angi looked at me and said "watch this." and  handed Izzy her MP3 player.  I am glad i had my camera in my hand because what I saw FLOORED me.  Without missing a beat, Izzy did her little beebop scoot across the floor, climbed up the chair, leaned over the tower, inserted the player into the jack (you have to put it in the right direction) hit the mode selector (there are four color coded that I can never get right) hit start, and adjusted the volume, sat down in the chair folded her arms...and smiled at me.
Yep.  It's official.  I'm an idiot.
Don't believe?  Check out the pics!

Sorry, cameras a little dark.
Angi informs me that she never showed her how to do it, she just watched and learned.

you can KIND of see the rust and decay on this one!

ONLY $180.00!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sign of the Season!

As with most business's (what is the plural?) in Florida the Snow Birds are a staple of our customers.  And as well we await their migratory return with eager anticipation.  For us at RE-Cycle this moment is epitomized with the return of David and Carrol.  Yesterday was that day!
A little background.  When we first started working out of our garage, we were only selling bikes.  Ones that we had from our kids outgrowing them, or those we picked from the trash on scrap runs and eventually we started buying as demand grew.  However..we hadn't started doing repairs for customers until David.  It was his inquiry that led us to do it and we never looked back.  He began to refer us to his community and was personally responsible for a tremendous part of our business.  Not to mention designing and circulating our first flyer.  Not only did he and his lovely wife help our business, but they became familiar with our family and during the "Dark Times" was a voice of comfort and support, as well as bringing us HUGE trays of food and sundries donated from his fellow Snow Birds.  Truly, it was this lovely couple who helped us grow tremendously!
So it was with no level of subdued joy that Angela and I welcomed his return yesterday.
And yesterday had many more high points as well!  Not just the flood of "referral" repairs and wonderful words of praise (thank you so much) but our list of thanks!  Bernie came in and with many intelligent questions got back into the joy of cycling after a long absence with the purchase of the Mongoos MTB.  Stewart (visiting from Ireland...Oh Angela was beaming from a visit of a fellow Irishman) picked up the Men's Magna on our "Vacation Rental".  Ken not only brought in a cool looking Mongoose Hybrid for a tune up but picked up the Ladies Schwinn cruiser for a friend in Sarasota a she was having trouble finding such a ride in her neck of the woods.  Kim was our first of the day as she had snatched up the Schwinn Skyliner shortly after opening.  And I am so happy she finally found one she liked, as she has been in many times before looking.
On the New Frontier, I was only able to finish one.  Another 24" banger for the ladies, however i didn't get a chance to snap a pic. Sorry.  But was also working on our next three wheeler as well as two other rebuilds in various stages of build, so there will be more to see on Monday.
And with that I will bid you farewell as I need to finish getting the house cleaned for my Dad has returned to the Florida region on his vagabond wanderings.
G' day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Floridian Weather Reaction.

I got a tid bit of techno-news today I found quite fascinating!  It seems that Japanese technicians have developed a new camera with a shutter speed of incredible almost instantaneous speed!  It's SO fast that it is actually able to take a photo of a woman closing her mouth.
The guy at the auto part store told me that one.
Well, now that i have alienated all the feminine readers....
Today saw winter SWOOP in, and in normal Floridian fashion everyone hid inside.  It happens every time there is a 10 degree shift either way.  But once the shock wears off everyone will come out to enjoy the rescue from summer!
We were blissfully busy besides!  With "Dirty Jobs" on constant stream, I managed to put out four more treasures today!  Another earlier Schwinn Cruiser, two men's bangers and a Schwinn Hybrid (that took some....coaxing) and even though the Dungeon looks like a bomb went off, it was a satisfyingly productive day!  Thanks to the kind folk coming in today to check out the operation.  A special shout out to the gent who is planning a cross country bike trip and want's us to build him his bike!  That is an AWESOME honor!  So we are undergoing a garage search for the right frame! 
All right, once again the end of the week and it's MOVIE NIGHT!!  Tonight....Cars 2!!
Can't wait to see the kids excitement!
ONLY $55.00!!

ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $60.00

ONLY $70.00