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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


These are the folks you see when you walk the mall, shop for dinner, pick your kids up from school, or straighten your hair in the mirror.  They are fighting for all of us. 
And it seems (perhaps I'm a tad bit behind on the times) that where the general media will not give it much more then a cursory glimpse, certain venues have been left open online for the novice journalist and anchorman to post their perspectives and reports for all to see.  Check out  the clip I caught that only reinforces my belief that something substantial is over the horizon.

Now of course it comes as no great surprise that when the common man (and woman) stands up to fight for what they believe in you can rest assured that some bureaucrat will find a way to take credit for it.  Such is the case of  Elizabeth Warren.  Liberal democrat, she not only spoke up in support of OWS, but stated  "I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do," .
Hmmm.  I think I would have just stated my support and regardless of my involvement left that last part out.  As she is in competition for election to the senate.
Of course, Republicans were quick to lash back with the usual rhetoric and diatribes.  Doing their gosh-darnedest whilst in the spotlight, to point out what a mistake it is to ally oneself with their  "impolite manners and more extreme tactics as the Occupiers veer deeper into rowdy class warfare"
Hold on!  "Class warfare?"  History lesson!  That was the Revolutionary war, dude! 
And of course, wanting  to further ostracize the unruly rabble, Brian Walsh of the National Republican Senatorial Committee cited a news report that two Occupy Boston protesters living in the camp have been arrested and charged with dealing heroin, in the company of a six-year-old child.
OK, hold on!  Let it be stated that in NO way do I condone what these individuals did, but playing the devils advocate here....FIRST, in such economic hardships I would have to say, that where as I would not be caught dead doing something like that, in or out of the presence of a child, this only helps to spotlight the desperation some folks will to sink to when they cannot find a real job.
SECOND!  Whereas that may be taking financial advantage of a bad situation, could the same thing not be said for the "Executive Security" firms now descending in droves on Wall street, praying on the fears of CEO's and the like.  Charging increased fees based on increased fears? 
OK, maybe not a bad thing.  But, if the owners of those firms are smart, they should be making big time contributions to the folks in the park to keep them there! 
Heh, heh....good for long time business!
OH COME ON!  Like you weren't thinking the same thing!
THIRD.  Is pointing out the sporadic bad apple in a very LARGE group indicative of the group as a whole?  Is that the point that the republicans are trying to point out?  and if that is the case then would not the same rule apply to the republican politicians?  So in effect, does that mean that all republican politicians engage in sexually explicit exploits with gay prostitutes in bathrooms while their wives watch?
Food for thought.
hmmm, maybe that was not the right words.
Just in a particularly political mood this morning.  Now that it's out of my system, I'll get to work!

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