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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oh, we LOVE Freebies!  Thanks so MUCH to Marty for the awesome donations yesterday!  Frames and buckets of parts!  LOVE IT!!  Already have both donated bikes (almost) done!  You know what THAT means!!!  Awesome bikes at an AWESOME price! 
While we are making thanks, I want to mention all the other folks who made yesterday a GREAT Day! 
Joni, and her husband who after checking out a few rides wisely settled on the ladies GT, which of course they did some fancy horsetrading on!  Actually they gave me a reasonable counter offer and I took it!  Hey!  The only thing written in stone is the Ten Commandments!  And to Nicholas, for picking up the smooooooth Schwinn Clear Creek.  A little more horse trading on that one, but we came to an amiable price, and as his dad's a regular we were willing to bend a wee bit more!  And to Cody, a last minute "tired of walking" sale on the men's Cruiser.  Yes, horse traded on that one as well!  I was a wheelin' dealin' fool yesterday!
Now on to the "Tum, DUm,DAHHH!"
Yes folks this is the point in the program where I put on my "Grumpy Old Man" hat, pull up my tattered lawn chair and yell at those damn kids to "get the HELL off my LAWN!"
Ever heard the adage "Mean People Suck" ?  Well, as much as it is  hip new age simplistic drivel, it's true.  And aside from working at the DMV, or Lost Baggage Department, retail has to be a magnet for them.  Now mind you, we don't have a problem around here...usually.  Most people coming here "GET" the laid back atmosphere, the chilled Aura and the almost COMPLETE lack of professionalism (definition: Bike snobbery) This shop is merely an extension of our garage.  You come here, you're walking into a part of our home.  I know it sounds corny, but given the box of toy's, the movie selection (countless pieces of clothing, and used coffee cups which I SERIOUSLY have NO idea how they got here!)   It's home.
ANYWAY. We have no prejudice against anyone who visits, but some folks, well they have an.....air about them.  They are the folks used to visiting the "upscale" bike boutiques.
Now I'll stop here to reiterate:  A while back I had stated that I had come to amends with some of those shops that originally had issues with us.  Apparently, once we became "legit" a sort of silent detante' was reached.  So much so that one in particular began to refer customers to us that fit our target audience (that's the 85% of folk who can't afford $500+ for a bike) So we have grown to appreciate their presence and are just as likely to refer folks to them looking for an item we may not carry.
So, OK.  That being said.  We have had, over the last two days, an odd string of rudeness not accustomed to around here.  Case in point.  If a customer is not clear on exactly what they need, we may be required to ask a few questions to figure out exactly what they need.  Getting frustrated when asking "do you have that thing, that does the thing?" and we have to try to acquire specifics?  Getting angry and walking out isn't the best solution.  If they are looking for a specific seat and we can not materialize it from thin air, and have to take a moment to look?  Again, walking out angry, not the best solution.  If they, after three times fail to follow a recommendation to prevent getting a flat tire.  Like NOT riding on the sidewalk in a residential area to avoid running over sand spurs?  And they get a flat tire, even if it's two day's after they had the last one fixed, and we pull several sand spurs out of your tire?  It's probably NOT a faulty tube.  If they change a tube and decide not to take the mechanics suggestion to change the excessively worn and thread barren tire, chance are they will get another flat (especially if we pull a staple out of it).
We, like the majority of working folk go to work each morning with the best of intentions, and the brightest of hopes.  We try very hard to not let the occasional set back to get us down.  But in any conflict or disagreement it is sometimes best to take a step back, rethink your approach and look at the problem from a dispassionate, logical perspective.  There's no way that pissing in someones post toasties to ever going to make the situation better.
Putting the lawn chair away.
Thanks to Serkan for bringing in an AWESOME consignment piece!  This one is a 2011 Schwinn Avenue Hybrid!  Barely ridden, he paid $294.33 for it on 6/11/11, we have ALL the paperwork, and receipt, PLUS a lock, and an extend two year service contract.  He's only asking $180.00 for the whole kit and kaboodle.  As he is moving out of state he's looking to move it fast.  This is more than your average Wal-Mart Schwinn!  Come on in and check it out!
Well, now I best get back to work on the awesome Cannondale re-paint/ re-furb I left last night!
Hope to see ya soon!
ONLY $180.00!!


  1. Blog looks great but is a bit disorganized. So all the bikes pictured on the left are still available? I'm specifically interested in the ladies GT Timberline.

  2. Yes, under the heading "What's Still Here" is the bike we still have. Although I'm just sitting down to update it (try and do that at the end of the day) So unfortunately the GT is no longer available. Although we do have new ones coming out.