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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Flustery, Blustery Day...

During my regular morning routine, after rousing the little ones to get them motivated, to get woken up to get ready to get out of bed to get ready to get ready to be ready for school, and after stumbling to the coffee pot, prior to preparing my days wardrobe I stuck my head out the door to check the temp.  I was met with heat and humidity.  Wisely I opted for shorts and a tee.  Well, after being at the shop for a couple hours I was preparing to bring Angi her breakfast and step out into a rather windy, oncoming cold!  Oh, it felt so good!  And by the time night fell, it was downright cold!  Blessed be the saints of Autumn!
Apparently I was not the only soul inspired by the wonderful weather (albeit overcast) to brave the day.  Got a "where are you" phone call from a get newly arrived from North Dakota eagerly desiring to get "back on two wheels" and once I redirected him from the church at 1893 South Highland (thanks SO much Google!) he came in and fell in love with the brightly colored Condor, so it has finally found a very enthusiastic home.  Roughly the same time we sold the Roadmaster quick as a blink to a wonderful couple looking for a replacement ride.  The Mongoose Thruster BMX sold to returning customer who rediscovered us from the old "Garage Days"!  Now her little boy is a big man and on his own to school!
Picked up, re-furbed and put out a Dual Shock MTB today.  Real sharp looking!  Justin is almost done with his hot classic Mongoose BMX.  And the Schwinn World we picked up yesterday is almost ready to go.  What a peach!  Also got a few more bangers from our scrappers, so will have more goodies to show off tomorrow!
And as always, THANKS for all the re-pairs keeping us plugging!
ONLY $70.00!!

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