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Monday, October 17, 2011

Joy's of Sunday!

Without (much) much of a hitch.  Yesterday was a good day.  The kids were on their best behavior (granted there "best" loosely translates into "nothing was detonated, leveled or transported by emergency vehicle).  We hit Downtown Dunedin, garnering the usual looks from passerby, you know the whole "are they all your kids?" And first thing hit the "Boxcar" for a couple coffee's.  It is called the "Boxcar" as it is a coffee shop IN an actual boxcar.  Sits right on the Pinellas trail as it crosses Main street.
Speaking of  crossing Main street, this message goes out to all my fellow cyclist's who frequent the trail.  SOME of you are the reason why cyclists on the trail get a bad rep!  Yes, I usually ball out autoist's, but today, my's your turn!  The Trail is not just for cyclist's, there are pedestrians as well, and as a car travels faster then a bike, a bike travels faster then a walker.  So it behooves you, upon descending into a populated downtown SUCH as Dunedin, to pay attention and SLOW DOWN!  Upon reaching the cafe, I sat the wife and kids on one of the adjoining benches and proceeded to turn around to go into the place when some middle age spandex clad die hard almost sheared off my nose as they whizzed by, STRAIGHT through the stop sign without so much as a tap on the brakes.   I have ridden the trail, many times from end to end.  There are MANY long stretches where you could open up your 8 gram ten million dollar carbon fibre wafer thin mint, but through a densely populated, and much traversed area such as Dunedin...not so much.  I fully endorse Chip's attempts to lower the posted speed limit (yes there IS one) and truly think there should be bike mounted cops out there to endorse it! 
Once acquiring our caffeine we proceeded to the park.  This one's well equipped for family, and since right on the water.  Cool breezes all day and had fun playing with the little guys.
Oddly, was not difficult to monitor where they were and what they were doing for two reasons.  1:  Our kids are the tallest in their age groups, by at least a full head. 2; Our kids are the loudest in their age groups, by at least a full octave.
And they are quite social.  They get that from their mom...not me!  Upon arriving they asked "can we go make friends?"  Sure, why not.  Better then being an awkward social leper (HI OH!) like their father.  Well after lunch, angi and I were sitting  watching them all play, when Owen walked up with a new friend.  Roughly the same age (a head and a half shorter) and introduced us.  This child was clearly an adrenaline match for Owen as he too, was slightly vibrating with thinly disguised hyper energy.  When I was introduced, he looked at me oddly then quickly remarked "Wow, HE'S your dad?  He looks just like my Grandfather!"
Well at least it gave Angi a good chuckle.
Me...I was attempting to calculated the necessary force required to catapult the young man  some thirty yards into the waters inlet.  And contemplating the possible likely hood of a shark presence.
Justin did real well his first solo trip.  The shop was surprisingly cleaned and organized when I arrived this morning.  He was doing mainly repairs as well keeping everyone rolling.
Today I tackle the Panasonic, and from there?  Well, wherever the wheels take me!
See you all soon!

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