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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't you hate it when your cables not long enough?

I mean you finally guide it through the hole stretch it as far as you can and it's still not enough!  Had that problem three time yesterday!  And didn't have enough snap to check the length first.
Was working a Schwinn Clear Creek hybrid. Down to the final touches and as we have been out of new shifter cables have  been having to reuse good old ones (until they FINALLY have the new ones).  Well it never fails you get them within an inch to short!  Makes a 10 minute job an hour one.
What did you think I was talking about?
ANYWAY!  Today is SATURDAY!  It's gorgeous out (although bring a light wind breaker) get up, get out and come on by!  Put out two new treats yesterday and almost done with the aforementioned Schwinn!  Have a sweet LIKE NEW ladies "Body Glove" cruiser (thanks Adrianne!) fully stripped down and re-furbed, as well as an awesome lightweight Raleigh m55 MTB!  WOW!!!  And we have another three wheeler in the works as well!! 
I know, not much more to say, for now!  Please come on in and visit and give me material for tonight!
ONLY $80.00

ONLY $140.00!!

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