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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ahh the beginning of the Holidays is upon us!  Yes many mark the season on Thanksgiving but when the chill is in the air and you have a household of little ghoulies THIS is the mark!
Twas the traditional Halloween prep when I got home.  Children running about in a variety of dress (or undress) with Momma prepping the makeup.  Audrey was by with our adopted grandson Aidan for his first Halloween and we hit the streets!
Well several full bags of candy later and the sugar crashes fully in effect, Mamma and Dad are settling down to watch scary movies.  So without further adieu I present the latest goodies prepared today for your fancy!
Have a good night!
ONLY $95.00!!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $70.00!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birds of A Feather.

I knew it!
There are other people out there with the same brilliant idea we fell prey to!
 I mean......
The same brilliant idea we were inspired to bring to fruition.
Yea.'That's what I meant.
A gent by the name a Gil was refereed to us by another shop in town as he was visiting the area and interested in some deals on used bikes and parts.
See he does the same shtick as us but up in Indiana.  We had a good long visit and exchanged war stories.  He poked around the Dungeon and ended up buying all three of the vintage Raleigh Twenty's we had.  At least I know they will be going to someone who can appreciate them for what they are.  A fellow lover of the classics!  look forward to seeing you again sir.
Also thanks to the dad in the process of fixing up his daughters bike that her Mom "killed".  Believe me, given the shape of the rear wheel (think a big soft pretzel), and the crank arm (sheared in half) it was a horribly violent death.  Must have gotten stuck in the crank shaft of the truck and spit out after dragging for a few miles. Anyway.  It's real fun when they come in for one thing and start poking around and end up thrilled at just how low the prices are around here.  He ended up picking up two more kiddo's BMX for his other kids just 'cause they were so cheap.  Thanks for your continued patronage sir!  Look forward to your continued business.
Oh and while I'm thanking I should give condolences.  A young man came in last night (forgot to mention yesterday) to pick think it was a tube.  Apparently he has been reading the blog for awhile and much to his regret as he stood at the counter a slight knowing grin crept over him and he asked " I read your who are you going to vote for and why?"
I went "ahem". Straighten my collar.  Rubbed my hands vigorously.  And proceeded to go in a rambling rant about just what I thought about current governmental policies, the economy, the fear of returning to what was before in the guise of Romney-omics and just kept going.'
Until I caught the glazed, empty desperate gaze in the poor unfortunate man's eyes as he tenuously glanced towards the door and blessed freedom.
So I wrapped it up quickly.
OK, so it wasn't that bad.  But it was a good conversation and I think he was surprised that we shared many of the same opinions when it came to the necessity of streamlining some of our social policies and expenses of entitlement programs.
Yes.  If I haven't made it clear I am a overzealous conservative independent.
Suffice to say, Minnesota has the right idea.  Work for welfare!  ALSO.  Invest in viable green energy and stop wondering if global warming is real and accept it as a reality!  Cut out deficit spending.  Streamline the military. dare I say...broad tax.  Start at the top and lower the rate as you go down.  More support for education and small business.  Employ a "pay as you work" policy for student loans. Directly deducting from their paycheck at a reasonable rate to allow a decent living wage.  Raise minimum wage.  Amnesty for all eligible aliens with proof of residency in the US for five or more years (think of the taxes that can be raised) legalize marijuana...
OK.  Hold on.  Let me explain that last one before I get my PTA membership revoked! I am not a user or promoter for the product.  Just a realist.  Put simply the War on Drugs is a failed policy.  Period.  Look at the amount of cash we spend everyday across the spectrum to stop the importation and/or distribution of a flower.  It's OBSCENE!  The amount of lives lost not because of  any ill effects of the drug, but because of the war. The amount of young men who's lives are ruined because of being caught in possession of less then an ounce of the stuff?!
Nah!  Grow it.  Package it, slap a federal stamp on it, collect 170% in fed and state taxes on the sale of it.  Then grow hemp, save a BUTT load of trees and use it for everything we currently use trees for.  Well maybe not lumber.  Could you imagine a house fire with a house made of hemp?
Bet no one would be to upset standing in that smoke talking to the news crew!
I digress.
Where was I.  Oh yea.  Stop wasting money on surveillance of American citizens when you are supposed to be looking for terrorists....
I think you get my point.  If for a moment all the schmucks in office could stop thinking about special interests  and just work for the people they are SUPPOSED to be working for.
Ah yes.  As the great John Lennon once said "you may think I'm a dreamer"  but honestly...
I'm not the only one.
So until tomorrow folks!
See ya at the shop!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hate To Make Lite....

Given the oncoming storm crawling it's way to folks up North I would hate to make any comments that would trivialize the potential damage that my kinfolk may have to endure, especially as I still have a lot of family up there but don't you think, given the severity of some of these storms that maybe the weather bureau  could come up with some names that more fit the profile.
Look, when I think of the name (given the over exposer I have to kids programming) I think of Spongebob's friend Sandy the Squirrel. Not what I would consider threatening.
But that being said, please be careful y'all!  And if they tell you to go.
Don't play.  I got a nasty feeling this is not going to end well.
And.  To any of the naysayers on the denial side of the Global Warming scenario...
Open a #)$!ing window!!!  And tell me you don't think the planets getting a little weirder!
On to the lighter side!  This storm front has brought us some genuine October weather! This of course has the pleasant side effect of reasserting the belief in everyone that bike riding weather is here to stay!  That being said thanks to all the folks paying us visits today.  The ladies cruiser went first thing this morning to a couple coming back for their third time.  I gotta say I was real honored for this one.  They came in a little over a year ago looking to pick up a cruiser.  We didn't have one at the time so they said they'd come back later.  Well back in Feb they came in but we were in the middle of the remodel and stock was low, so they said they'd come back.  And they did.  Thanks for the incredible patience and patronage.  Also sold the dual shock MTB to a returning customer for number two bike!  And just before close a very dapper dressed young man fresh from the office came in and snatched up the Trek 950.  I KNEW that one wouldn't last!
Well, finally got the Specialized done!  YAY!!! This one is sweet, but it really could use a set of road slicks.  Wish I had a good pair.
All right, tomorrow got an Avalon in the works then I'm going to dress out ANOTHER '67 Raleigh Twenty!  This one is a non-folding one, pretty cool too!
And then after that....
Any ones guess!
That's the fun thing about this job.  Always a surprise around every corner!
Night y'all!
ONLY $125.00!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Life Returns To least on Saturdays

 Some have said "if it's too loud, your to old".  Apparently I am not as old as I thought I was!
Anyone reading this blog may recall about a year and a half ago we had a young man working for us by the name of River.  We just referred to him as "Puddles".  After a brief tour he decided to forgo a paying occupation and concentrate on his music.  Well as he has kept in touch with us via Facebook, Angela was aware of his goings on and last week heard he was playing a gig at a place referred to as the "Candy Factory" in downtown Clearwater.  I'd never heard of the place but then I am not to hip on the local hot spots.  As it turns out at 701 Lakeview rd in Downtown sits "The Candy Factory".  It is, in fact a candy factory.  Or it was...or is.  I'm not to sure.  As we arrived the actual factory was closed, and to look into the window it was hard to tell if it was in fact still in operation but as it turns out, it wasn't our actual destination.  Point in fact it was the large warehouse right next door at 699.  A nondescript white corrugated structure, in a small park of a few more such buildings.  The only sign or marker of any distinction was a large "For Lease" sign screwed to the street front face.  A tad perplexed as we arrived anticipating vehicles, lights, music we were met with darkness and silence.  As our cab pulled into the parking lot behind to turn around we saw a small group of people standing and milling about.  Angela took a look around and spotted River.  We'd found it.  In the rear of the common structure in a broken paved parking lot, in a large bay door akin to a "you store it" service/storage bay surrounded by a sagging chain link fence sat a cluster of "young" folk.
Upon seeing the sliced jeans, and spiky Mohawks and leather...
I paused.
Angela did not.
She's much more comfortable in these surroundings.
Throwing caution to the wind I joined her in greetings.
As I looked around I began to notice there was in fact a much more diverse group of attendees, some surpassing me in age and some kids in ages in the single digits.  As it turns out the place was an indoor skate park.  No not the disco ball, slap wheels on your feet and do it to an Abba medley but an "Extreme Sports" skateboard park.
Seems a group a gents got together and rented out this old warehouse and through some good old fashion elbow grease and sweat equity built themselves a pretty "rad" (to quote the out of date vernacular) skate park.  Complete with two half pipes, various rails, a couple of humpy looking things, a high wall I saw only one guy get up, and a couple mobile ramps.
Now to put an even more Serendipitous slant on it one of the gents responsible for the build was our next door neighbor from the house we rented in Dunedin when we first moved to Pinellas county about 7 years ago.  His son was the star of the park hands down!
What a trip.  I remember when the kid was four and his Daddy brought home his first board.  He had banged around on my boy Elijah's board briefly and seemed interested in it so his dad went out and bought him one.
As my boys outgrew the fad quickly this young man stuck to it!  Hard to describe watching him move as I know little to nothing about the names for the moves he was doing but be secure in the fact that some humans CAN defy gravity!  He made it look effortless!  He had his spills, but few and far between and he got right up and moved on.  As many young men ranging in ages from 8 to 40 were zipping about having a blast showing off I was struck by the genuine sense of comradeship between them all.
River and his band played three sets, it was a small crowd and the amps were up so high as to drown out his vocals but it was a garage band a group of friends jamming to a group of friends.  Several folks were coming in and out decked out in their Halloween costumes lending a festive feel to the whole thing, as a few guys played a casual game of hoops in front of the band as they played.  I took a couple shots myself until one errant throw ricochet off the back board veering into one of the bands guitars on it's stand.  I thought better of continuing, as quite frankly I am no sportsman.
I got to talk with the head honcho after awhile that's when he filled me in on all the history.  They charge nothing for folks to use the park and have no posted hours.  They serve refreshments and sell chotsky's to help pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the place, but just want to keep it casual and for folks to have fun.
My kind of business ethic!
So as they have more events I told them to send me flyer's and I'd help them solicit.  I'm a firm believer in like business's supporting each other.
So look to be hearing more about them in the future.
Thanks to the folks keeping me jumping on Friday and Saturday.  4X4 Friday was a resounding success as we sold the four by 11.00 am and two more after. Three of them I'd just finished!
We do have a few new goodies though worthy of checking out tomorrow!  A sweet Trek 950 and a real quick Iron Horse MTB that hauls!
Alright, check them out and check us out tomorrow!
TREK 950
ONLY $110.00!!


ONLY $200.00!!

20" BMX
ONLY $35.00!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wow....Go Figure...

I know, I'm beating a dead horse on this one (sorry sis) but as the election grows nearer, and I hear conflicting numbers from the polls (ominously Romney appears to be closing up gaps....*shudder*) I can't help but feel an impending sense of doom.  Not just from his standpoint on international issues (he thinks Russia is our biggest International threat?) his standpoint on future college tuition's (his plan "ask your parents for help"?) his support for senate and congressional candidates such as "legitimate rape" and "god's plan" men, or his wonderful way of questioning the validity or existence of Global warming but now someone over at the "Tax Policy Center" a non-partisan think tank working on tax issues had the bright idea to break through the hoop-la, rhetoric and partisan bickering about Romney's "brilliant" (by the way...unless I'm directly quoting someone when I use " " around a word...I'm being sarcastic) financial plan to save our countries failing economy (although since Obama took office all the numbers have gone up) and actually EVALUATE his plan.
Here, in a nutshell is what they came up with...
That study found, in short, that Mr. Romney could not keep all of the promises he had made on individual tax reform: including cutting marginal tax rates by 20 percent, keeping protections for investment income, not widening the deficit and not increasing the tax burden on the poor or middle class. It concluded that Mr. Romney’s plan, on its face, would cut taxes for rich families and raise them for everyone else.
Does anyone really believe it would do anything else!?
Have we not learned ANYTHING  from past presidents!?
Plain and simple, I know things haven't been great, but they have been getting better.  Just look at all the REAL numbers of late.
We should have known going into this that it was not going to be a quick fix.  And who do we have to thank for that?
8 years of policies that Romney wants to bring us back to.  Don't be fooled by any fancy spin put on it.  They get fat and richer and WE pay the check!
Personally I'm tired of buying the dinner and not even getting the pleasure of a brief reach around!!
I'd like to thank all the fine folks for coming in to visit today!  Sold the Fuji to a gent who caught it on the web site and rushed down as in his words he was tired of seeing something cool on our blog and missing out on it because he waited to long.  Glad we could finally hook you up.
And to the couple who were just walking by and saw the little 18" BMX and just stopped to check it out then finding out it was only $55.00 snatched it right up!  I love it when folks eyes go wide and say something like that's ALL you're asking for it?!
And not to toot our own horn...
But we hear that A LOT!
Wonder if I should raise prices?
Just foolin'!
Speaking of cheap...
Tomorrow is....
Ta dum DAH!
4 X 4 FRIDAY!!!!
Remember, be there at 9 am to get your fair shot at major discounts on ANY bike purchase!  First four sold save some major cash!
I remember I promised to premier the sweet Specialized I've been working on but had to put it on the back burner for a day.  The sealed bottom bracket was no good and had to order another.
But picked up a sweet older Iron Horse and got that about 95% together.  Also another men's cruiser came in and that'll be going out tomorrow.
Alright, that should cover all the basis so I'm gonna sign off and play some "angry birds"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That's no Lady...That's My SON!!!!

All right, let's begin!
First things first.  I'm going to touch on a sensitive subject but one I feel must be broached. And I mean no disrespect but I feel the following must be made perfectly clear.  Any woman voting Republican this year must have a very low self esteem.
I said it.
Let the hate mail begin.
Why do I feel this way.
A few reasons, not including the obvious that would apply to both male and female voters that voting that way this year will only bring about old, obsolete proven failures of fiscal, social and foreign policies throwing us right back into ruin.
But no I'm speaking more plainly about the several republican comments regarding abortion and a woman's right to self determination.  The most grievous of which being the comments "women can't get pregnant due to legitimate rape" and on the heels of that career harpooning tongue slip comes most recently the comments by Republican Richard Mourdock “I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God,” he said. “And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”
So according to some senate hopefuls God is in the business of sanctioning rape in the pursuit of the continuance of life.
I was under the impression that rape was not only a sin but a pretty grievous one at that.  So not only are they looking to rewrite the constitution but it sounds like they want to do some editing chores on the Bible as well! 
Seriously, maybe your fond of the Rights stance on economics or military strength or social programs but hey, we can all come a little left or a little right and get things to work better (take a hint Congress!) but when it comes to our bodies and our children...
Hands off!
Gonna totally switch gears now and do something I haven't in a while and regale you with a TV review!  
As a pleasant by product of the digital age when folks have "Shows on Demand" and a slew of choice sights online via Netflix and Hulu to name a few, some TV producers are figuring out that the old methodology of episodic television having a core plot line but heavy on stand alone shows isn't always the only way to go.  Now that folks have the availability to call up entire season of a show as to not be lost, some shows are delving heavily into character driven shows steeped in  continuity.  Often times having a current episode draw heavily or in part to something that had happened many episode before.
Such is my newest fave show that began last season "Once Upon A Time".
ABC, owned by parent company Disney has delved into the well stock vaults of Walt's Megalithic library of classics and come up with a real unique way of retaining copyrights.  
In the wilderness of Maine, nestled on the fringes of a deep forest sits the picturesque New England town of Storybrooke.
Yes,you read that right.
And here, all the fairy tales you new and loved and the characters held within live and breath in our midst.
Let me explain.
the pilot episode opens at the wedding of Snow White and Prince charming.  All of the magical realm are in attendance for the nuptials and all stand witness to the arrival of the Wicked step mother as she puts forth her foreboding acclimation that "all will suffer"
Snow white and Prince charming attempt to go about their "happily ever after" and end up having a daughter. Emma.  Eventually the curse is unleashed and in an attempt to survive Gippetto and Pinocchio build a magic chest to protect the royal family from the effects, unfortunately there is only room for one.  In traditional parental sacrifice Charming whisks away the just born Emma and place her in the chest, and Whoosh she 's gone!
The  mighty curse then casts all inhabitants to a realm without Magic.
Our realm. or more specifically, Maine.
The engaging storyline intertwines the here and now in Storybrooke (the wicked step Mother is mayor who adopted Snow whites grandson, Snow White is the local school teacher, and Prince Charming is a recently revived amnesiac who is married to someone else but having an affair with Snow White, Jimney Cricket is human and a psychologist, the seven dwarf work in the janitorial services, Granny and Red Riding Hood run the local diner, the Huntsman in Sheriff, and the biggest bad ass is Rumpelstiltskin who runs the local Pawn Shop Oh and did I mention that no one in town except the Mayor, Rumpelstiltskin, the Mad Hatter and Snow's Grandson know that they are from a Fairy tale (or later revealed just another dimension)) and the past in the magical realm!
But the past is not told in chronological order!  It jumps about revealing interesting little tidbits of info about the many players in this ensemble! 
Here's a couple spoilers of interst.
The Wicked Step Mother wasn't allways so...she got it from her overbearing mother who killed her would be husband.
Little Red Riding Hood wasn't chased, and Grandma wasn't eaten by the Big Bad Wolf...
THEY were the big Bad Wolf.  Lycanthropy style!
Of course there are sly references to a variety of other Disney classics and makes for fun watching when you can pick 'em out!
Check it out on Netflix, they got the whole first season!
And Last but not least!
School was alot different when I went.  Nowadays, seems every week they have some sort of goings on, or special days or dress ups or what have you.  Well as this week at Elijahs High School there having something of a "doubles" day, where apparently you dress to match a friend.  Now as the bulk of Elijahs friends are females...
Oh yea.  I'm not kidding.  Now whereas I would never have considered dolling myself to attend school he apparently has no apprehension of attending school dressed like this...

makes a father so proud...
All right, I'm going to go and review all the wrong choices I've made in life.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well...odd's were we get ONE right!

With 9 kids, varying in age from 22 to 4 months my wife and I have pretty much been through the gambit of child rearing from teething to bailing out but something recently occurred that has shaken me to my very core.  Something so unexpected and completely out of left field I'm not sure how to deal with it as it is not what I have prepared for in reference to any of our kids.
Rozlynd, our first grader has been asked to enroll in the schools "gifted student" program!
What is a father to do!!
I would never in a million years (given the preceding students progression through school) guessed one of our kids would be an over achieving straight A student!
Further proof that not all my kids share all my genetic markers.
Another brisk day of scrambling to get repairs up and out (thanks for the support!) so only managed to get one newbie out (sorry) but it's a sweet ladies single speed cruiser fully refurbed!  Also am including pics of the Fuji we put out a couple days ago.  For some strange reason for two days straight couldn't send pic to my computer.
Go figure.
SO tomorrow I'll be getting to the Specialized...promise.
Well, that's about it, so I'll see ya'll tomorrow!
ONLY $65.00!!!

ONLY $90.00!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Even After 20 Years...Still Learning

Even after 20 years being together I am still learning things about my wife.  And I don't know whether I should find this humorous, adoring or disturbing.
Being an Irish Catholic my wife possesses some of this religions sacraments and baubles.  Aside from the impressive antique bible prominently displayed in the center of the living room, some psalms and a crucifix she has her rosary beads.  This past Sunday as we were doing our regular house cleaning, I noticed Miranda was playing with them as she sat in her saucers and moved to retrieve them.  Angela stopped me and said "It's alright, I let her hold them. I've let all the kids hold them when they were babies. Want to make sure they don't burn them."
I had to pause and try and determined whether she was being sardonic....or prophetic.
Thanks to the gent for grabbin' up the sweet Mongoose "Old School" BMX today and the returning customer for a cruiser I'd JUST built.  Good timing on his part!  I show the pic of the beauty below.  Also put together a real sweet Trek Navigator 200.  this one is CHERRY!
And of course, as always thank you for all the trust and faith so many folks put into us bringing us their repairs.  Bless you!
So tomorrow,we begin work on the Specialized we picked up Saturday.
Night for now!

ONLY $240.00!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Holy Flaming Banana's!!

Thanks to all for a fantabulous Saturday!
Met many new folks today and a hearty thanks for all the wonderful comments and well wishers!
Sold the Men's Schwinn 7 speed to a boisterous group of gents!  By the by they had me in stitches with a hilarious gag.
One gent asked me if I heard about the actress that stabbed herself with her knife
"her name was Reece......oh what 'sher last name?"
to which I responded "Witherspoon?"
"No...with her knife!"
Ah yes!  I love stupid humor!
Which reminds me heard a tidbit of news on NPR this afternoon which much to my shame and self deprivation made me laugh hysterically for the immediate visual it brought about.  Seems that the Suntan lotion company Banana Boat has made a recall of several of its spray on lotions, especially the ultra mist due to the fact that some who have used it have burst into flames.
This is not a joke.
Very true.
And when I heard it I had the sudden image of a family arriving at the beach setting up their umbrella as the kiddos ran about and as mom and dad settle into their beach chairs all of sudden...
All around them sunbathers start going up like a marshmallow dropped into the campfire, and the husband casually turns to the wife and says "Sun seems a tad bit intense today"
I'm sorry (chuckle) so sorry (*snort*) so sorry (GUFAW!)
I am such a bad man.
Also sold the Bauer AND Peugeot Road bike to a cycling aficionado. (this will make seven for him) and we sold the Redline BMX to a mom and dad for sons Birthday.  And I am SO sorry to hear about the treatment they got at that "OTHER" bike shop.  Can't believe they were charged $65.00 to replace a set of crank bearings.
And on top of that to be charged daily storage until they could come up with the money to pay for it?!
ALSO!  did some MAD buying today!  LOVE IT!  Got a sweet Fuji 7 speed, a Trek MTB 21 speed, a Specialized 24 speed MTB, another classic '67 Raleigh Twenty, a (soon to be) sweet men's cruiser, and a few more candidates for the Banger class!
Gonna have some real sweet rides for next week folks, so stay tuned to check 'em out!
Alright, best sign off for now, but check ya'll on Monday!
And here's the pics I promised you of whats left!
ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $100.00!!

ONLY $60.00!!

ONLY $120.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $110.00!!

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $95.00!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Twinge of Guilt

Any native Floridians (or those transplanted for at least a few seasons) cyclists can back me up on the following sentiments.
Every year right around the later half of September beginning of October their is one special day that gives us hope.  That allows us to shed our protective air conditioned cocoon and surreptitiously step forward in the promise of unfettered abandoned.  We never now when it will for sure happen but when it does a tingle of joy fills us as we revel in  it's loving caress.
Of course I am speaking of the first day of fall.
Unlike up north we see it's approach in the brilliant canvas of fall colors gradually blossoming across the landscape.  No, down here it comes in the subtle guise of awaking one morning and stepping out into an unsuspected rush of crisp cool air. At that moment you cannot resist the impulse to inhale deeply.  Taking in the heady scent, indescribable but distinct.
Bicycle riding weather is HERE!
Now truthfully, it doesn't last.  It's for one day, a prelude to joys to come as in a scant few weeks, increasingly more and more you will be greeted daily with such delight.
It was on just such a day two weeks ago I was met with this bliss as I rode with the children to school and upon arriving at the shop was met at the door by a young gentleman casually standing at the door patiently awaiting my arrival with a slightly dirty and dusty Diamondback.  He of course was there to figuratively and literally to "dust of the bike" in preparation for riding season.
And it wasn't just him.
In that day, not only did we take in six such tune-up's but sold nine bikes as well.
Ah yes.  Fall IS here.
And it has been pretty much that way every day for the last two weeks.
When not elbow deep in re-furbs and re-pairs we have been busily pounding out as many (to the point of almost depleting the "needs-way-to-much-work" stock in the back room) new rides as we can.  And buying just about every ride that we can lay our greedy little hands on!
Now I know, I should have been keeping you all up to date with the goings on, but truthfully by the end of the day (some being longer then others) getting home, scouring of the accumulated filth, and eating dinner I've pretty much fallen into bed.  I have every night intended on updating our stock on line, or dropping some salutations but alas have not.  So to all checking in only to find out dated information I beseech your forgiveness.  I will try my very best to not fall prey to my own human frailty again.
How's been tricks?
I will update our inventory list tomorrow as I have to take all new pics.  Obviously, the stock has turned over several times and everything I have pics of is out of date.
So until tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Slight Error On Our Part...Somewhat.

Have to admit we have had to change a bit of policy on our part because loopholes must be closed.  If any of you may have noticed over our "What's still here" we had a little blurb that said "call to reserve".  Well apparently we weren't to clear.  By "reserve" we meant "to buy".  But the trick was, folks needed to let us know they were coming to buy it, but not "check it out".  Well today tested that distinction in the way of a triple treat.  Earlier in the day had a gent call about the Specialized Hard Rock we had.  Said he was interested in picking it up.  That he would try and get up later on.  Well I said thank you very much and went on about my day.  See, we get calls of this nature all day and some come in but most of the time...not so much . Later that afternoon a man came in looking for a commuter and picked up the Fuji MTB.  As he went to the ATM to get cash another guy came in to pick up the Fuji, that he'd been eyeing for the last few mornings as he passed by, but I had to tell him unfortunately it sold to "that" gentleman.  As he lamented his loss, he checked out the Hard Rock and decided it was a fair alternative.  He made the purchase and as I was helping him install a set of lights on it who should walk in, but the gent who called earlier that day.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I feel bad for him because in his words he drove 45 minutes to get it, but it was never made clear that buying was his intent.  I offered him a discount on any other ride he may be interested in for the trouble, but as there was nothing left similar to the Specialized he declined.  So In due fairness I have removed the "Call to reserve" so as to avoid any more inconvenience to anyone.
Moving On.
Only managed to get one out today, don't ask me how that happened.  I apparently got lazy.  But have no fear I have even more goodies to work through tomorrow.
So alright that's about it for tonight but remember tomorrow is 4 X 4 Friday!  Be there!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'll Just Wait For The Recap.

Many of you are probably already engrossed in the particulars of tonight's presidential debate.  I contemplated watching it but declined.  As interested as I am in finding out what each candidate has to say I believe I will just follow the recaps and highlights tomorrow.  I can only stomach so much contrived congeniality and thinly veiled lies as to run the risk of becoming rather incensed. Yes I've seen some ads and listen to some stump speeches but it becomes rather inane as neither one gets to any meat just incessant  fluff.  I don't know how many elections I have listened to, and promises candidates have made only to follow the course of all politicians and pander to the same old special interest groups in the end.  Whether you choose Red or Blue you still get Purple in the end.
Thanks so much to all the folks braving the stormy weather today and paying us a visit.  Had five repairs come in within the first hour and luckily got them back on their way before the real heavy stuff hit.  Was paid a visit by a very nice lady from North Carolina down visiting friends looking for rides for the week.  Seems a very avid cyclist who's into the little guy shops.  Seems they have several up her way.
Got two more goodies out today!  One is a real sweet ladies Specialized Crossroads 21 speed, and a classic Myata Road bike.  Unfortunately YET AGAIN my bloody phone didn't save the pic's so I'll have to post 'em tomorrow.  I do however have pics from yesterday to share.
Well, as I was rather busy today I don't have much of interest to chatter on, so I'll let ya'll get back to the debate.
ONLY $85.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gene Roddenberry A Prophet?

Mr. Roddenberry epic franchise took place in the far flung future primarily in space on board the many incarnations of the Enterprise (and to extension the whole of the Federation). Amidst all the techno-babble and high tech gizmo's the stories were, broken down to their core, humanistic tales.  Morality tales ranging from racism, overzealous fundamentalism, environmentalism, old age even the taboo of interracial couplings and homosexuality but in all it was laced with the underpinnings of "hey, things WILL get better!"
It is with that same kind of optimism I have been reviewing many of the past and present world events and call me crazy but...I'm excited!  Grant you the unfortunate loss of life is regrettable but in the end I feel the sacrifices will not go unrewarded.  From Egypt and Syria, Libya to Africa and to our own New York and other major cities the "common man (and women)" are saying enough is enough.  Perhaps as a by product of    Globalization and seeing the grass on the other side of the fence, or living for far to long under oppression and tyranny the many uprisings and protests are bearing fruit.  I'm only a tender 45, and truth be told didn't have more then passing knowledge of world events, but I can't quite remember when so much was happening, so many growth pains as it were.  But I feel, well...hopeful.  Like the scene from "a Bugs Life" when Flick reveals to Hopper that there were many more "lowly ant's" then there were domineering grasshoppers the ants are revolting!  It will be tumultuous but in the end our kids may very well be inheriting a VERY different world!
In our little part of the realm today was another busy repair day (thank you ALL so very much!) and managed to find new homes for the men's Schwinn Sidewinder, the Honda racing bike and the "Daily Banger Special) Also put out a classic Fuji "Mt. Fuji" MTB!  Older lugged light weight frame with a way cool head set set up!  (will have pic tomorrow) Picked up a (soon to be) nice Myata road bike and a lovely ladies Specialized hybrid.  As well as a few nice Bangers!  So be working on getting those ready tomorrow.
Alright, I best get a move on as Momma is on her way home from MO tonight!