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Saturday, August 30, 2014

What Tie Is It!?

This will be brief!  Sorry for not touching base earlier!  Been busy since the doors open, tons of repairs, just now getting a break to eat third meal!  Yesterday was WOW!  Sold a total of even, so we have SO little left! Hope to get some of the gems put together if time allows but now I have a full refurb in the rack, sooooo maybe not! 
Any who, like I said, brief!  Talk to you soon!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Merrily We Creep Along....

OK!  So NOT as much done as I had hoped!  Put one out, a REALLY nice Ladies Trek 7200 Hybrid, and got the ladies Giant hybrid almost there!  Just gotta run cables and replace seat!  So tat will be going out shortly.  No, spent the better part of the day again doing repairs.  And thanks to all the looky lo' coming in (the impetus for getting some bloody bikes built!) Had a few sellers too, but unfortunately, there was not much there of any use.  I understand some folks desire to recover their investment in a bike, but if it has sat for three years outside, unused, the likelihood of getting back close to what they paid for it isn't good. 
Had an appointment last night at 6.30, so had to usher out some last minute shoppers unfortunately, but as it turned out after a fast paced half our ride in some major sweaty conditions, only to find that the doctor had a death in the family and had to leave quickly.  Very sorry for her and hope she is OK.  At that point I trudged to the house.  Today, being a new day will hopefully bring some respite, and get some stuff done!  All right, with that, going to cut this short and get o with things!  See ya soon!!

image 1
ONLY $185.00!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men!

So, what's that old saying about "the best made intentions...."?
Started the day out yesterday filled with vim and vigor to get some new rides built!  Quickly (yet professionally and very expertly) finished up the repairs, then put a really sharp looking ( will be when I am done with it) Ladies Giant Hybrid in the rack, got it stripped down and was starting to clean the parts gleefully, when the NEXT batch of repairs started coming in!  Now PLEASE, believe me, I have NO problem with getting the work!  Our desire is always to finish the repair that day and for the customer to come back in and pick it up same day.  We have REAL issues with storage space!  As it turned out. most were relatively easy fixes so most folks just hung out and chatted with me as I worked.  Very fine! Blissfully, it was very steady.  Before I knew it, it was 5.30!!!  SOOOOO, never got the Giant finished, but am bound and determined to get through it (and hopefully many more) today!! 
Last night was hilarious!!  As "working out" is new to me, like anything else that requires effort, you have to be in the right frame of mind.  I don't have an instructor anymore. Come to find out, having one costs $40.00 a session!  NO THANK YOU!!!  I paid my dues to get into the place, I'll figure out what works for me on my own!  Well, as I was saying, I have the desire to do it....generally, but some nights as I'm riding there, I get that occasional "do I REALLY want to do this tonight?"  That was last night!  BUT I got up the courage and pushed forward!  Before you start your workout, they suggest you war up on the stationary, or treadmill.  I pick the stationary first.  Not just for the ease of it (even on the highest setting, as a bike rider exclusively for over ten years...piece of cake!) but because they come complete with a TV!!!  Well, flicking through the channels, I discovered TV Land was playing the Andy Griffith Show!  GOODIE!!  Well, before I knew it, peddling away on ten, I had watched almost TWO full episodes!!  I looked down, I had rode 32 miles at an average speed of 28 MPH!!!!  LOL!!  SO, getting off that went to the treadmill...that TV was on COPS!!  Walked over 5 miles, as this episode was real interesting as well!!!  Once I did my "warm up" (SHEESH!) I hit the "fat burning" exercises for the next 20 mins.   Once all was said and done, and I went next door and got my ice coffee and sat a spell, I got up to ride back, and my legs all of a sudden took on the consistency of jello!!   Now I needed to head to the house!  OUCH!!  Surprisingly, NO soreness this morning!!!  Way cool!
Tonight, have to skip it, as I have appointments once we close, but will be at it again tomorrow!
All right!  I'd best get my jiggy on and get these bikes built!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


WA-HOOO!!  Got in another truck  load of rides (to be) yesterday!  The cleanouts begin for the new year!  This is when storage facilities, retirement villages, apartment complexes all start to empty out their holds of unclaimed rides.  They end up in one of two places, scrap yards (not good) and HERE!  (VERY good!)  ALSO, got in a few donations yesterday as well (thank you very much!)  So I got goodie a plenty to work on!  THANKS to the flood of repairs that have been coming in!  PLEASE keep up the bread and butter folks! HAVE to make up for a lackluster summer!  Coming out of it was touch and go....but can see the clearing through the tree line!  With a little strength and perseverance, we all hope to survive! 
As I mentioned yesterday, was running about to get stuff done, by the time I got back, and got caught up, we had taken in several repairs so that was the remainder of my day.  Unfortunately, I did not get to dig into the new goodies...yet!  Got about three more bikes to fix, then on to the newbies!
I would like to say a sad, and forlorn goodbye to our Neighbor, "The Wren's Nest"  Today is there last day in operation, just got the word over my morning coffee. I really hate to see them go for they are REALLY good people!  Our best wishes for you and your family, and our prayers are with you!
Yes, folks, sadly things are tough all over!  But I have to believe when one door closes, another one opens.  The only problem is just how long and dark the hallway may be between them!
Yes, I know, a tad maudlin for first thing in the morning, but it always saddens me when something good has to come to an end!
SO, on that somber note, I best avert my attentions elsewhere and hope that productivity lessons the impact!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


After three LONG arduous, frustrating, painful, humiliating years, IT IS OVER!!!  I FINALLY got my ID Back!!  May not seem like such a big thing to those of you lucky ones, but NOT being able prove you are who you SAY you are, it is a very big deal!  My problem was, three years go I left my binder at the tax office, with BOTH my SS card and my ID.  This was in Feb. In Jan of that same year, they passed an anti terrorism law that stated you could not get an ID without a SS card, and you could not get a SS car without an ID.  Unfortunately, as they learned, most BAD people don't go to the DMV to get an ID, they already have pretty good fake ones! It's the real Americans, who have the misfortune of losing or having both stolen, that get screwed!  SO, after calling and begging every other month for three years Last week I discovered they had in fact, loosened the restrictions!  I am now the proud owner of a sparkly new ID!!
Thanks to my son Elijah and his girlfriend Jessie, for watching the shop while I did my running around.  Well, it's not like he volunteered readily, took a wee bit of arm twisting, I think when I said Jessie could come along he was OK.
Needless to say, did not build anything yet,  but got one in my rack.  SO!!  Thanks to all for making yesterday a better day AND the folks coming in this morning.  Now, back to work!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Technology Run AMUCK!!

OK, talk about a mind numbingly frustrating week, technology wise!  Let me spell it wise.  Internet connection, for some reason has been sketchy at best.  Computer went down three times, having caught a very vicious series of "viruses".  Cell phone, while working as a phone, unable to save pictures I took for almost a week, then started working again today!  SO, at least I can show you pic's of the last remaining three bikes we built last week.. Although they are a tad grainy...sorry, because of the phones OTHER problem!  The battery is a piece of garbage and won't hold a charge for more then five minuets.  If I forget to leave it plugged in, it goes poop.  SO, had to plug it in to the other side of the shop where the closest plug is!  ARRGH!!!  SO, needless to say, the Blog is out of date as well as our Facebook page!  We will keep plugging though, hopefully this will see print! 
HA, HA!!
Speaking of Technology.  One rule we put forth for the kids this school year was focus on classwork, homework and activities not derived from hand held's.  It has not gone over well!  Both Logan and Kaleb, dependent on them, have been fighting tooth and nail over the Mandate.  Had to confiscate another one from Logan this morning we had forgotten even existed, that he was trying to smuggle to school.  Didn't go over without a fight of tears and tantrums.  But we both feel they need to focus this year, especially as Logan is now in middle school!
Well, this post has taken a bit to get finished since starting this morning as I have quite a bit to work on, so I need to sign off, but look forward t seeing you all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!!
image 1
20" HARO BMX!!!
ONLY $95.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

About Bloody Time!!!

I FINALLY DID IT!!! My Long awaited STEP 1  I JOINED THE GYM!!!! YAY!!! Thanks to Angela and our son Elijah for being able to come up with the cash for the membership fees! I gotta tell you NOW after about a half hour ride to the shop, I am REALLY feeling it!!! OUCH!! I took MANY pictures, and will denote the machines I LOVED and those....not so much!!!  I set out with the goal of two hours...ENH, not so much! Did it in an hour and a half. When I joined I was assigned a trainer (oh this is Anytime Fitness by the way) Chase. He was AWESOME!!! I told him my goal. Basically put, I want to look like the actor who portrayed the most recent incarnation of Captain America.... (yes, there have actually been THREE captains before the most recent. That's if you count the original way back in the forties from the old serials) WELL, anyway, continuing the film references, my trainer has the body of Vin Diesel (ok ladies put your tounge back in your heads) but the face of Billy Mumy! If you don't know who THAT is, he played Will Robinson from "Lost in space" and if you want to get technical, he also played Lanier in "Babylon Five" a doomed lieutenant in one episode of Deep Space Nine, and a kid who could control EVERYTHING and kill with his mind in the famous episode of the Twilight Zone, which for some reason the name escapes me! But I digress.  I had started working out but kept staring at a guy I saw when I came in.   No, don't get all homophobic on me, I was admiring the way his body was built. BIG!!! He was a VERY mean looking black guy, and I hesitated, but wanting to document my transformation, I took pictures. SOOOO, I went up, introduced myself and told him just a  smattering of my story, or actually a "PLAN". He warmed up quickly. He gave me some VERY good advice. "don't plan, do" At first he gave me a very suspicious eye when I asked. I think he thought I was hitting on him! LOL! Anyway. He agreed to let me take his picture. NOW look at his picture and tell me how old you THINK he is. When I told him MY age, 47 he grinned REAL big and said, pointing to himself...48!!! HOLY SPIT!!! HE looked 20 if not day more! HE is my new goal!! With all due respect to the star spangled patriot. OBVIOUSLY it took him a while longer then six months, but I WILL do the work!!! And he also told me he is starting his OWN fitness and nutrition Plan. SIGN ME UP!! ANYWAY! SO here are the pictures. And I'm going to do a VERY rare selfie, to show you all what I am up against.  WELL SHOOT!!! The problems continue! I thought I took care of it, but now ANOTHER glitch in my computer persists. I CAN NOT down load the pics from my camera phone!!!!  I will have to take more tomorrow, however, I will try and send them to my email. Sometimes that works! Jeez!
So that was my night!  Here it's morning, and after opening up I a surprisingly not ore, I did low weights in ten reps on each machine.  Although I did do a lap on both the treadmill, the rower and the stairs.  And of course, the stationary bike!  I like those machines, they have TV's!!  I go back this evening, if I can keep my energy level up!  WOOF!  I was so bloody tired by the tie I got home, but I could not fall asleep to save myself!  Also had one other problem I had forgotten all about!  Ten years or so ago Angela put me on as strict diet that help me loose 50 pounds, but with the riding ad exercise, I was still smoking at the time. Trouble is, when you have been o bloody unhealthy for o long, and you finally get your body doing what it is suppose to do, it wants to force out all the smoke and gunk in your lungs.  This results in a lot of coughing!  ESPECIALLY at night when you are trying to sleep.  After falling asleep around one am, I was forced to wake up around three and clean out my lungs.  YUCK!!  Lots, and lots of phlegm!  BUT, it is what needs to be done!  I' not going to be around much longer if I o not get into shape!
SO!  Yesterday at the shop we managed to get out a real sharp looking Haro BMX!  I would show you a picture but unfortunately, I can not get the pics to download to the camera.  Jut take my word for it, it is sharp looking!
Today, I have some more pickings to dig through and hope to have more to talk about later!  See ya soon!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Next Day....

WELL!  Thanks to ALL the folks visiting us yesterday!  Feels ALMOST normal around here again!  Well, except for the huge gaping holes in our stock. 
(Isn't that funny...Hole and Whole sound exactly alike, but mean TOTALLY different things!)
But I AM working on that!  Put THREE out yesterday and already have had a flood of texts and calls about them!  And they are JUST your run of the mill Mountain Bikes!!  Guess the populace has been STARVING for fresh meat!  NO WORRIES!  Will have more soon!  Not only has the flood gates opened for buyers, once again, but folks are starting to SELL again!  I suppose that's due to the HEFTY cost of buying supplies for the school kids!  Remember when WE were kids!  Your supplies consisted of a Lunch Box (My fave was Looney Tunes and Schmoo) a couple pencils and a gummy eraser.  NOW, you have to buy out an office supply store for each kid!  HOORAY for the education budget!  And MIND you, back then we did NOT have computers, laptops or IPAD's as part of our curriculum!  So WHY all the freaking PAPER stuff!?  No, the best WE got was an OCCASIONAL slide show Or the once a semester "educational" film with the guy that TRIED to sound like he was really interested in what he was talking about!  Now a days when I ask my kids what they learned today, they tell me what "cool, fun" MOVIE they watched in class!  I mean...REALLY?  Last year it was a string of Disney DVD'S!?  What the heck is EDUCATIONAL about THAT!?
HOPEFULLY with not having to deal with FCAT our kids may ACTUALLY LEARN something this year!!
Now...back to ANYWAY!
Thanks to Uncle Chippie for visiting this morning and making sure all were well.  Again, Yep, we are pressing on! 
Got in SEVERAL repairs yesterday, finished MOST.  Couple last minuter's hanging on, but will get to them Post haste! 
We are ALL getting used to "ONCE AGAIN" the new school year.  With Kaleb in High School now, he has to get up at 5 am (ouch) and Angi is his alarm clock!  I DO hope she does not have to do that ALL year, and the boy will start waking up on his own!  At least, riding his bike to school, he seems to be awake once he get's there!  Owen and Rozy are still in elementary.  Feels REAL good that for at least these children we have been able, for the last eight years, to remain stable in at least the same school zone, so they have gone to the same school since Kindergarten!  What we always wanted, stability for them!!  HUZZAH!!  And folks, you all, and your continued patronage of our little shop are the reason WHY we have been able to KEEP that stability!  DO NOT think for  second we don't recognize that! 
Speaking of shop, forgot to mention on Monday (and I am making all the notifications today) that our "WINTER HOURS" have kicked in at the start of the new school year.  Yes, from now until next summer we are open M-F 9am-6pm, and Sat 9am-5pm!  This way, I can get the little guys home, and we get them fed, bathed dressed and settled in before ten pm!!
Adjust your clocks accordingly!
Just had a couple, regulars of ours, come back in and say Hi.  He's originally from NH as well, up in Goram, and they just get back from a month up there.  Lucky Bastards!!!  They raved about how beautiful it is (I know) and how much FUN it is (I KNOW!!!)  and how much they REALLY wanted to STAY up there (I BLOODY KNOW!!!)  I'm just funnin'!  I really enjoyed revisiting the complete beauty and majesty of home! 
ALSO, speaking of "Holiday Folks"  Two of the bikes you see below came from the same source yesterday.  They are basically BRAND NEW, only two months Old.  Seems a couple came down to Florida IN THE SUMMERTIME for a vacation (Snowbirds in reverse) and had ordered these two bikes online to be delivered to their condo and have them there when they came in.  The had heard how much FUN it is to ride a bike in Florida.  Don't get me wrong, it IS nice.....October thru April!  They came in in the evening (much cooler in the evening in the beginning of July) and put the bikes together that night with the intent of taking a morning ride to explore.  They came out of their AC at around 9 am and were Like "WHAT THE F.....?!?!)  They NEVER got to ride the bloody things!  Two months of nothing but stifling heat, OPPRESSIVE humidity and DAILY torrential rains!  YES, for those of you reading this that DON'T live in Florida, they really need to put a HAZMAT Quarantine sign on the borders leading to Florida between June and September! 
All right!  Now, I best get at it!  Check out the goodies from yesterday and will see you later!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dawn Of A New Day!

My sincerest apologies!  Some of you may be under the impression we fell off the Earth, or even worse, Closed!  I assure you that is NOT the case!  No, the silence is in reverence to personal issues.  Having been going through some serious problems in our lives, we have come through twists and turns and out the other side in a direction wholly unexpected.  Everyone is still breathing but just a little battered and worse for the wear. Trouble is, I have always FIRMLY believed that you never bring your personal life to work.  But when both your work and your personal life are SO tightly intermingled, it is just damn hard not to!   But, like with so many other peoples lives, we will persevere!  We MUST!
SO, with that in mind, I am once again refocusing my energies on getting this place back up and running!  My sincerest apologies go out to any and all who may have come in over the last month and been LESS then impressed with what they have found!  Sadly, my attention to detail had waned dramatically.  I spent last night doing some much needed cleaning and got up bright and early this morning, took the kiddos to school (2nd day!  YAY) and got an early start on things!  Already gotten in a couple of repairs, so from what came in yesterday, I look to have a pretty full day!  I did manage to put out ONE new ride yesterday (it has been SLOW on the buying front as well) a REALLY sharp looking ladies 7 speed comfort cruiser, after all the repairs that had been piling up!  Sorry for THAT too!  You know things are REALLY bad when I can't get through repairs in ONE DAY!! 
ALL that is water under the bridge at this point.  Better to have dealt with everything in the summer time, anyway, as things are slow already!  But NOW we are entering the FALL season!!  HUZZAH!!!  This is the time of year we LIVE for!  Here's hoping it is a GOOD one!!!  Shout out to those of you who HAVE been bringing us goodies! Most people want nothing to do with leaning out garages, back yards or sheds in the heat of a Florida summer, so "bless you" to the brave ones that did!  One of our regulars came in last week and dropped off two dozen old hulks he had been storing in his Mom's backyard, for whatever.  She got fed up and told him to make them disappear. Not wanting to just throw them away, he brought them to us for salvage.  Unfortunately, only got three potential rebuilds out of them, but at LEAST they won't be part of a landfill!!  The others has SOME usable parts, and the reminder went to the scrap yard to be recycled that very day! 
On my 2do list today are the repairs, then digging through the pile for something to rebuild!  BEST get to it!  See y'all very soon!!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


This is that time of year again, IN SPADES!!!
The time of year where every parent (and there are a lot of us) that go into panic mode! 
"HOLY SPIT!!!  School starts WHEN!!"
Yes, the kiddos are going back to school in  little more then a week and everyone is scrambling to get the things that they need for the new year.  THANK YOU so much to our kiddo's school, for thinking of us this year.  We are on their "help" list, and they brought three back packs chock full of the necessary supplies to the house yesterday!  Angi was quick thinking, and thankful for the delivery, and quick in ensuring that tehy got put away safely, hidden in our room, as the kiddo's, grabbing them up, had begun to decimate them looking for what treasures they withheld!  Trust me, she hid them where they cannot find them!
Of course, the mad rush focus on the needed items for all families has left the hop, hell, the whole plaza, DEAD!  NO ONE thinks of their kiddos transportation until the very last minute.  Quite frankly, it's the same thing EVERY year!  The night before Christmas, and the day before the first school day, we get flooded by folks having just remembered
"OH CRIPES!  How is little Johnny/Jane going to GET to school!?!?"
Yes, you ALL know this is going to be a factor, folks, so before you are forced to miss work, or be late for that days appointment, best to get on down here and pick up a ride,, while they last! 
LORD KNOWS it will help alleviate a LOT of stresses!
SO, yesterday, that was what we were up against.  D...E....A.....D!
Was our first day really BACK to work, unfortunately, it was a day of false starts.  The three bikes I started to strip down for rebuilds turned out to have insurmountable problems, and now sit semi deconstructed in the scrap pile. The FOURTH one, having gone all the way to frame is in my rack, ready to be put back together!  And that's what I am about to do!
KEEP IN MIND!!!  You have us over a barrel head!  We ARE willing to deal with WHATEVER we have in stock left!  As it has been SO slow, there has been no cash to BUY!  And let me tell you, a LOT of people are looking to sell!  Help us get some fresh meat in hear, and COME ON DOWN!!!
See ya soon!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Horse Lattitudes!

What a weird week! 
With the tropical storms looming off the coast, and gray clouds, wind and the occasional rain storms, it has been DEAD!  Yesterday, we had few visits, even less then Monday!  Thanks to the few brave souls willing to come out in the sunny skies, and to Uncle Chippie and Joanne for coming to visit!  SO, needless to say, as I took it very easy for the day, and had no repairs to do, I didn't build anything either.  Just hovered around the desk, playing on the 'puter!  Today will be a different story, though, s we still have several rides needing fixing up!
So with that, I bid you a good day, and please, if you are out and about, pay us a call!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

THE Comedian Is Gone

Was shown sad news yesterday.  By now, I am sure the whole world knows that yesterday we lost Robin Williams.  In a purported suicide, the inspiration for three generations and more is gone.  I feel privileged he was there in my life, from the very first moment they premiered the character of "Mork From Ork" on "Happy Day's" pitting his magic finger against the Fonz's "Cool"!  I was enthralled, and thrilled they gave him his own show.  His humor was inspirational, and only much later through interviews and some of his stand up (most notably the impossible to find "Live at the Met") was it alluded to just how many demons he fought on a day to day basis.
Last night, after Angela, tears rolling down her cheeks, brought in her phone, grabbed my hand and with a great deal of regret, showed me the news report.  At first, she thought it was one of her online friends pulling a very sick joke, but the wires lit up with the news.  After all was said and done, she fervently requested that we lay in bed, hold one another and watch his masterful film "What Dreams May Come".  How prophetic that movie was.
Ironically enough, this news came at a time of our own personal traumas.
This past Friday was my 47th birthday.  While out for an enjoyable evening of dinner, a movie and a drink, I didn't feel right.  Somewhat...disconnected.  Unreal.  We have been going through a lot of stress over the last few months.  Work, home, name it.  Something went "Pop!"  Saturday morning, still feeling somewhat short winded and dizzy, it being a Saturday, I needed to go in.  Although, Kaleb did open and I went in late.  At this point, whatever was going on, I thought I could just work it out.  I extend my apologies, to anyone coming in the store or whom I may have talked to, if I seems a little "Strange".  I have vague recollection of talking to a few folks and Uncle Chip coming in to give me a belated present.  Yes, I confirmed this morning that he did indeed do that.  Around noon, whatever was going on, became to much and I was near collapse.  I had Kaleb call me a cab and rushed me to the Emergency room, where I subsequently collapsed.
In technical terms, it was a stress related anxiety attack bringing on an acute "Cardiac Event".  Apparently, while in somewhat of a stupor, I babbled on incoherently, lost all sense of time and made some odd statements.  This ended up having me transferred to a recovery center in Lutz.  I came to, around 5pm, wondering were I was, they filled me in and said I was being sent out for observation.  By Sunday morning, having rested, I felt OK, just very sore and tired.  It took them until seeing the doctor there, to determine I was OK to go home and discharged me at one pm.  However, as I was in LUTZ, an hour or so from home, they needed to call and pay for a cab to bring me home.  Of course, as a final stress inducing indignity, they lost ALL my personal belongings!  Yes.  Shoes, socks, smokes, lighter and $510.90 in cash!!!  They were apologetic, but not to concerned enough to find me another pair of shoes, as I had to go home in green hospital socks!  And of course, at their persistence, they said to call yesterday morning to find out if they located anything, to which several calls were made by me, to no avail, and no return call.  In a word, we are screwed! 
A long way around the facts, but I tell you this story to say, that were it not for humor like Robin Williams, an event like this may have really pushed me over the edge, but his irreverent humor, (as well as words of wisdom from my Father) has kept a strong sense of sardonic humor in me, so I can look at an event like this, laugh and say "figures!"
Ironically enough, prior to this event, dealing with issues, on my Facebook page last week I shared a song from "Mork and Mindy" sung by Robin, entitled "This Heart Is Closed, For Alterations" as a way to cope. 
We briefly turned on the TV last night, getting ready for the movie, and of course all the pretty people were speculating and rumor mongering over whys and what's, all grabbing a moment of air time, furthering their own agenda, over the loss of an Icon.  Angela came out of the bathroom, disgusted and said "Turn it off!" 
See, it doesn't really matter why, or what.  He's gone.  That's all that matters.  A strong man, fighting for so long and so hard, lost his battle.  A final lesson, taught, that we NEED to hold on to what we have!
I've read all the messages, heard all the well wishing, and people offering up their most favorite Robin Williams moments.  All, very good examples of the man and his frenetic energy for delivering humor!  But the one thing he did, the one movie no one expected, that holds the MOST reverence to me would HAVE to be "One Hour Photo".  One of his few dramatic roles, the movie spoke to me in ways very personal.  Here he portrays a very unsuspecting, docile "Every man" operating the photo counter at a local supermarket.  He BRILLIANTLY shows the manic, obsessiveness with a young family, husband, wife and son.  You think it borders on murderous intent, but merely the protectiveness of a man who has become personally, deeply involved in their lives through the photo's they take.  Once he discovers the husband is having an affair, it pushes him over the brink of sanity, as he wants to protect and "save" his "family"!  THIS is an idea I can REALLY wrap my hands around!  If you have not seen it, watch it with a careful eye for subtlety!
Mister Williams, thank you from the deepest of my heart for all you gave ALL of our lives of yourself, and your talent!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Accursed Day!

47 years ago, on this date a great evil entered this world.  On a stormy night, the pains began and after hours of suffering, the ground shook, the very bowels of hell shuddered, thankful to be rid of the most vile of demons.  Today, as I sit looking out the window, at the most violent of storms, I can not help but be reminded of the curse brought forth on this unsuspecting world, and that the very Heavens weeps for that curse to still walk among their favored humans.
Had ya's goin' there for a second!
Yesterday was a busy one so we thank you for that!  Maybe we can squirrel away a few bucks, as Angi and My present to me is a light dinner and a movie!  Guardians of the Galaxy!!!  YAY!!!
We managed to get out SEVEN new rides yesterday, with one more in the rack!  I only have pics of one though, five of the others are under 20" kiddo bikes, and the other, a men's MTB that sold still in the rack.
Today, after finishing the cruiser, I hope to empty out the rest of Bone Row!  Getting ready for Saturday!
Now, mind you, if you got plans to visit us after six pm tonight, please call first.  If the afternoon is slow we will be closing at six, so I can get home, chill, take a shower and get out early!
So, without further adieu...
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $55.00!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To Reap....Or To Sow!

Angela has a very interesting cliché that is quite apropos for time's like this.  Suffice to say the last few weeks have been a chaotic mish mash of stressors and coincidences, driving us both to the brink of madness!  I'm sure many of you out there have been through the same thing at some point in your life.  Through it all she seems to gain a sense of calm and reiterates the line (while I slowly am pulling my hair out) "There are times we reap and times we sow".  I try very hard to embrace that philosophy, but when you're digging for couch change because the Electric company screwed up your bank account and the baby needs's HARD!!!  So I am eternally grateful for the regular who came in to grab a couple new rides and paid with cash!  YAY!  Now te bank account is balanced!
Yesterday was....a Tuesday!  That means a chorus of bored crickets!  Managed to gwt out two new rides though, so HOO-RAY for us!  With another in the rack no less!
Well, sadly, I have nothing eciting to report so I best end it here before I start to ramble...
Too late!
See ya!

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ONLY $65.00!!
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ONLY $80.00!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


OK, sit down, strap yourself in...this is going to be a long one!
So this weekend saw a WHIRLWIND of activity in both work and home, actually stretching in to yesterday, so I have a lot to cover.
Went into Saturday, semi full up, and it paid off.  But again, in a most odd of ways.  The morning was very still, but between two and three PM we moved out seven rides to new homes!  And one of them was a triple "ten minute rule"!  And yes, the first two folks to "wait and think about it" came back in later only to question why it wasn't still here!  Never ceases to amaze me!
Sunday was the kicker!
A few years back we had a young gent, River, who worked for us for a time, but was always an aspiring musician.  He left our employee, in further pursuit of this dream, but Angela never lost touch.  We were able to see him play a small gig at a skate park last year, that had it's troubles.  Band drama, bad sound tech, the like.  But his passion and enthusiasm continued to drive him.  Through a series of events he ended up moving to Hudson last year, and he and a friend underwent an endeavor to build their own recording studio.  I casually followed it's progress through Angela, who really kept up to date with it.  Having worked on it since October of last year, and seeing only a few pictures he posted, I was expecting a rough hewed "sound room". 
Well, Sunday was the "Big Reveal" as they sent out invites to family and friends to come and see the finished product.
Well, being in Hudson (about an hour away) this had it's own challenges.  As many of you know, we do not OWN a vehicle, and as a cab would be WAY to expensive, Terry, our scrap guy, was gracious enough to lend us his truck for the day. 
Oh boy.
Come Sunday morning, color me frantic!  Riddled with anxiety, we set out around 2 pm for the trip north on US 19.  Yes, the crazy road, littered with construction.  Mind you, I have not driven in over two years, and then only 2 mile jaunts back and forth between the old and new shop.  This was FAR different.  Angela was very supportive, grasping my hand from time to time, saying in soothing tones "it's OK" as we came up on a rapidly moving cluster of traffic.  Eventually, around New Port Richey my "Boston" kicked in, and I was relatively relaxed.  Although at one point, turning into a convenience store, having the car in front of me stop unexpectedly,  causing me to swerve, just as a police car was sitting by the road side, I had another brief moment of heart failure.  But we made it! 
I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, when we got to the turn off, leading us onto a two lane road leading into "cow country". 
Mind you, I had NO idea what to expect, but this was NOT it.  Standing alone on the side of the road, were two run down looking warehouse's, with a faded hand painted "you store it" type sign.  Within, were housed a smattering of small utility and repair shops, with no sign of a studio.  At first, I thought I might have gotten it wrong, but at the end of the drive stood a lone figure, looking somewhat like a valet, in black slacks and a red short sleeved polo shirt.  Pulling up, we announced our destination, he directed us to park in the "yard" behind the facility.  Of course, Angela, having worn a comfortable pair of open toed Roman type sandals, was forced to walk through the sand. 
Again, having NO idea what we would find when entering, we opened the door, and stepped into a small entry hall.  There at the door stood River's younger sister, no longer the little girl I had met once, but now dressed a tad bit to.....hmmmmm... adult?  She bid us welcome and opened the door to the right and......HOLY SPIT!  What they built!!!!  Words can not describe the amazing work they did!  Unfortunately, we were told explicitly NO pictures, as they had a professional photographer documenting the day.  At this point...I became a tad bit curious, but I'll get there later.  BUT WHAT THEY BUILT!!!  Mind you, except for help on the carpet and a little electric expertise, these two boys (with help from family) did EVERYTHING!!!  From electric, to plumbing, ac, professional stage lighting, sound equipment EVERYTHING!  And almost ALL from recycled materials!  The shower in the men's bathroom was an old fiberglass stall they found in a field!  A completely professional suite of offices, lounge, two bathrooms, a dressing room a full stage, sound booth and recording studio!!!  AMAZING!
Now, here's our qualms and reservations, but with full credit to Angela for picking up on it first, given her propensity for reading people, and being far more observant then I for such things.  I was far to interested in the craftsmanship to pick up on it at first. 
The whole day was far to contrived, staged, coached and professional.  Apparently, a little while back River and his band mate had met their "benefactors".  A couple, seemingly knowledgeable of the industry, had offered to help make their dream a reality.  Now, perhaps I am overly suspicious, but as a relative outsider, with little to no prior involvement in the evolution, I was a tad bit skeptical of what followed.  First tip off, was after arriving, having drove for over an hour, Angela inquired at the door where the bathrooms were, and was informed "there were none"?  This struck me as odd.  In the middle of the boondocks, to have a professional studio...with no bathrooms.  As we went outside, waiting on the music to start, and have a smoke, I inquired of the lot attendant, if there was a bathroom in the facility.  He directed us to the front of the units, but before we could go, the sound man from inside bid us return as they were fixing to start.  Not wanting to miss their music, Angi said "don't worry about it" and we went in.  Well, as it turns out, it was not the band that started it, but the couple coming to the stage, in a sort of "Q and A" session, that sounded more like a time share seminar.  Yes, they did speak of River and Matt and the work they had done and a little of their history, not to mention the families involvement, but more time was spent talking about them, their history in the entertainment industry, why they moved to Florida, how they met Matt etc, etc.  Once their schpelle was finished, they invited everyone to enjoy refreshments and "use the bathrooms" if they needed too?!  In effect, like a time share seminar, the audience was intended on being "there" for the whole thing!  At this point they invited the boys to the stage, who came out in a very contrived "rock star" fashion.  They then played one song (while at this point being joined on stage by the same couple singing harmony and he accompanying them on acoustic guitar) which Angi almost missed for the sake of her back teeth floating!  Later it was told to her that they didn't want to "ruin the reveal" by allowing anyone into the office area before they were ready!  After playing the one song they have on their web site and everyone has already heard, we were ushered into the offices, where we were treated to a slide show of the progression of the work they did, and it was amazing, but again, narrated by the same gentleman, their manager. 
Angela, having tried to find out if she could purchase a copy of the new CD, or a T-Shirt, or ANY kind of merchandise to help support the band, was rebuffed by the managers wife, being told that all their expenses were handled.
This...left me wondering.  Just who will be benefiting from all this in the near future. 
As the slide show, dragged on, we went into the studio area, bid our respects to River and made a hasty departure.
I hope we are wrong, and these boys get everything their hard work desires! 
At this point we made the journey home.  As I had allotted enough money for Angela to get some merchandise, which did not come to fruition, I opted to take her to dinner at our favorite spot, Flanagan's Pub, in downtown Dunedin.  Unfortunately, ever since the owner, Noelle suffered a stroke, he has been somewhat unable to spend any length of time there.  The last two visit we have made there, have not been up to it's regular pleasant experience.  This time around, as we entered, there was a VERY loud, obnoxious, unruly group of drinkers at the bar, obviously having come in inebriated, and were SO loud, we were unable to carry on a conversation, even being seated at the farthest point from the bar!  As we sat, waiting to be noticed, a few other groups came in, heard the noise and left.  The bartender and wait staff didn't seem intent on quieting them down.  We ordered a drink and our meal, as we loudly joked with the group sitting next to us, about the noise.  The drunken idiots didn't get it. 
FINALLY they left, just as we finished our meal and were prepared to have another round, when they started up Karaoke?!?! 
OH no, that was the final nail in the coffin, we had to leave the caterwauling! 
We choose to call it a night and settle down to a flick Angi picked out.  "Winter's Tale".  I'd seen the previews, and thought it a "chick flick" but as it was her evenings choice, I was happy to sit and watch.  And MAN was I EVER impressed!  Not only a killer cast but one of the most IMAGINATIVE films I have seen in a LONG time!!!!  Definitely one to check out!
Then we made it to Monday!  Still somewhat shaken from Sunday, I got to the store, doing damage control on a few things, then went to work and was able to put out one new ride!  The Trek road bike we got in went to a happy new home, as did one of the "As Is" specials to the "Key Man" having FINALLY retired his well worn and dilapidated cruiser!
Now, Monday was also the day we got to meet Elijah's new girlfriend.  Uncle Chippie hooked the two up, noticing that they both had a lot in common in the personality part.  But THAT is about where the similarities end. 
Backing up for half a mo.  Elijah, like most of our kids, did the whole "playing the parents" to get the whole evening underway.  True, I suggested, once we found out he WAS dating and wanted to introduce her to us, and suggested dinner Monday.  But that was the extant of it.  He concocted a scheme in his head to have her come over in the afternoon and have her "sleep over" as she had no way to get back home (to Holiday) in the evening.  He asked me, and I said "no" but you will have to clear it with your Mom, who he then went to and asked, saying that "Dad said to talk to you".  She then stated we would have to discuss it, but this never came to pass in time until yesterday when I called him to find out when she would be there for dinner, at 1 pm, to which he responded, "I'm at the mall now picking her up."  When pressed, he stated that he had not heard any different and thought it was OK she spend the night.  Obviously praying on the fact that we are not cruel people to deny it this far into the game.
ANYWAY, she did in fact spend the evening on the couch. 
As mentioned, the similarity were outwardly, limited.  Now what they share in person is currently known to them, Elijah being rather tight lipped, but the pairing is ODD.  Elijah is 6'3" weighing about 260, and she is roughly  the same height and weight of our nine year old daughter Rozlynd! 
BUT, he seems GENUINELY happy, so all my best wishes!
ALL RIGHT!  Now THAT brings you up to date!  And at the behest of my boss who has told me to get offline and get some bikes built, I'm gone!
See ya soon!!

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ONLY $90.00!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Early Morning Rise!

This has to be the earliest I've gotten up, on my own accord, in like, forever!  Waking around six am I discovered, while trying to go back to sleep in vain, that I was WIDE awake.  With nothing left to do, I took an early morning ride.  SOOOO much nicer that time of day!  Not to hot, low humidity, I was able to get in a good hour before arriving at the shop.  Now, all clean and outside goodies out, I find myself twiddling my thumbs. 
Yesterday was an ODD bird!  Oh, PLEASE don't get me wrong, I was very thankful for the busyness, but it was weird.  The day started off with a minor repair, then it got REAL quite for the whole morning and early afternoon.  Then, around two PM, BOOM!!  We had a rush of folks come in on top of each other and sent four bikes to new homes in less then ten minuets!  It was wicked!  To watch them all in the parking lot, at the same time stuffing their new rides into their cars. Well, three of them.  One guy rode his home! 
As far as new builds?  enh?  THAT'S a different story!  Started THREE!  Of course, forgetting the cardinal rule "Check to make sure you have all the parts BEFORE you start the work" left me with three half to three quarter builds, stymied on each!  ARRGH!  I hate the thought of having to pick up NEW parts, as it adds WAY to much to the price!  So, mayhaps we see what today brings, and if we are lucky, we won't have to go that direction!
Well, I have hit a turning point, and made a commitment yesterday, I hope I have the will power to keep!  I have signed myself up at the local gym.  Reality of my current physical condition has nagged at me for sometime, but one real good look in the mirror the other night made me say "DAMN!" and quickly grab a full size towel to cover up.  Yes.  The effects of the last eight years of working on bikes, has been about 100 pounds of weight gain, because I barely ride bikes anymore!  Oh, sure, I ride to work each morning and home each evening but it's barely 2.5 miles! I have a dog on a tether riding slowly, and with a kid most times, the majority of whom try to even coast UP hills.  So I am NOT really working myself out! 
I hope for a change!
OK, enough blabbering for a while, best get back at it!
Gorgeous day outside, HINT,HINT, hope to see y'all soon!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Something NEW has been added!!!

What a week.  Ever have one of those string of days you come out the other end, dazed, confused and shell shocked?   But, as has been my motto for some time "Suck it up, and press on!" 
So that's what I am here to do!
Yesterday brought in several folks looking for the perfect ride and we sent two too new homes yesterday!  One of them being a really FUN sale!  See, I LOVE to see the expression on folks faces when they get the kind of service they do not expect when going into a bike shop. Had a couple come in yesterday, who have been in a few times before to see if we had a ride in that they BOTH could USE.  Here's the dilemma.  He is about 6'2" and she about 5'4".  A hard fit.  She needed a low step over, but he needed something "not to girly"  They looked at three of the rides we had here.  The Raleigh hybrid, the Diamondback Outlook and the Nishiki.  They were having a difficult time deciding, as he liked the Diamondback but it was a tad bit to tall for her.  Eventually they gave up trying to choose and asked my opinion.  They were visibly shocked, when I weighed the options and pointed them to the Nishiki, the least expensive one of the three!  It was low enough for her to get over and sit comfortable, but had a high enough handlebar position, and a long enough seat post for his height, and even though the frame was a girls, it was black, a decidedly masculine color.  They left some VERY happy campers! 
Also started something NEW yesterday!  We have had a LOT of folks coming in over the last few weeks looking for cheapie cheap rides.  I mean, cheaper then a DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!  SO, in response, whenever possible we will be producing AS IS SPECIALS!!!  These are bikes, while not the prettiest ones around, are mechanically sound.  And the best part of is, they will ALL be UNDER $60.00!!!!!!  Now, here's the trade off, AS IS means just that, NO warranty applies. Yes, there is always a catch!  So check the two below, as prime examples!
Today, with all repairs up to date, going to dig through the bone yard for some goodies to work on.  Hope you all have a great day, and we will see you soon!!!

image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!!!!