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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Which Way But Loose!

Fun day!  Busy, busy, busy!  Would like to thank everyone who came in to check us out and for the wonderful folks taking home a ride today!  I do usually thank them by name, but ended up working late. And to tell a secret, I'm so lousy at remembering names, I refer to the receipt book.  Hey don't feel to bad, whenever I call my kids I usually start with the eldest name first and work my way down the list until I get the right one!  Wanted to put the finishing touches on a ladies cruiser, and had a gent call from Tarpon Springs just before close who wanted to pick up the Daily banger we put out yesterday, so I waited, no prob!  The Specialized Hard Rock went out to a very astute gent.  The Next Chaos went to a young man who, well lets just say, it appears that ALL 8 year old boys are a tad bit...hyper.  Also sent home the Ravage for a young mans birthday present.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  The Murray Daily banger went for another young man's transportation.  Had many nibbles at the three wheeler but she has yet to find residence.
Managed to get the Cannondale project done.  Well it's more a mutt then a project.  When we inherited her she was nothing more then a frame (no fork) and a kool whip container of parts.  So she's some what of a Frankenstein...but in a good way!  Also put out ANOTHER Next chaos, as well as the cruiser, which is NOT pictured below as it still needs a bath, as the paint is drying, and will be ready in the AM.
So here we go...
Have a great night!
ONLY $45.00!!

ONLY $165.00!!

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