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Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Aint your Grandads Future!

SO yesterday was more of the same, which ain't a bad thing!  The shift back to cold seems to have kept some folks away, but that's not too much of a worry as I ALWAYS have something to do!  Again, a wee bit low on production as the project I started the day took a LOT of cleaning!  About six hours worth!  WOOF!!  But this gem was SOOOO worth it!  I'm talking SWEET 1975 Schwinn three speed "Speedster" cruiser!  AWESOME!  ANd this baby is ALL original (except new brake shoes, cables, tires and tubes.)  Took a lot of hand cleaning, especially the wheels, as this one had a couple decades of grime and surface rust on her, but I WAY love the old chrome!  You would never know this was a caked on rust bucket when she came in!  But I saw the diamond under it all!  Also, picked up (and put out) another "LIKE NEW" men's 26" cruiser!  This one was funny, the grandmother who brought it in stated "I bought it for the grandkids but they never get off their damn cell phones!"  OH preach it to the rafters!  I am SOOOO there with you on THAT one!
I engage in MANY a conversation regarding the deterioration of western society due to the advent of "Technological Addiction" that is plaguing our youth.  Not to mention the dim prospects for a productive future with an entire generation of "entitlement" instilled in them by every aspect of our culture.  When twenty something's cannot be bothered to put down the PS4 controller and get a freaking job, but have NO problem demanding dinner from their parents? I weep for our future!  Social Security is NOT the problem to come, it's the fact that an entire generation will be incapable of acquiring, securing and KEEPING a job, not to mention PERFORM it! They're supposed to take care of US when we get older?!  Think again folks.....think again! If it were not for this shop, I would wholly expect to be a greeter at Wal-Mart well into my 90's just so I can bring a couple potatoes home to roast over an open fire in a trash bin, under a bridge, in front of our double wide cardboard box!
WOOF!  That was a GOOD rant!  I feel somewhat fulfilled.
OK, moving on!
Today, have a real sweet Schwinn ladies Hybrid in my rack, stripped, and cleaned and will start the assembly toot sweet! 
Come on down and check out the wares as we are sarting to really stock up again (FINALLY!!)
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $145.00!!!

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