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Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Popping In!

Thanks to all the visitors yesterday!  We sent the sweet 4" cruiser to a happy home, and she was a returner!  She was the middle man (er...lady) for a friend from New York coming down this week who snatched up the ladies Trek we had, and now she needed one for herself.  Had a lot of folks checking out the wares, and several were referrals, down for a visit, and informed THIS was the place to visit for a ride!  Speaking of which, after so many years of doing our "Vacation Special Rentals" the program seems to be REALLY kicking in this year!  It's simple, you buy a bike, ride it as long as you want, then return it for half your money back (minus any serious repairs of course!) Seriously, every where else you can rent a bike it costs from $20-$40 a DAY!  You do the math.  Most of our rides are under $100.00, so, keep it for three days, and you're saving money!  Well, not only are the visitors themselves coming in, but we have had a few calls from hotel's, travel agents and seasonal rentals for permission to include a description of our service in their listings!  Way Cool! 
I managed to get out one newbie yesterday and another fully stripped down and cleaned. The older Raleigh road bike, which I had wanted to do a single with, until I realized it was a Quick Release rear drops.  Sadly no way to set the tension, but that's cool!  She's a real sweet looking ten speed anyway, and I'm going to get on it, post haste!  In other words, this is a short entry as I have a dead line for myself today and need to get jumping!
See ya soon!!

image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

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