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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Internal Clock Be Damned!!

UGH!  Routines can be killers sometimes! 
Woke up this morning, ten minuets to seven, staggered out, made the coffee, meandered about, changed Miranda and gave her a fresh Ba-doo, then made Daddies cup of motivation, sat on the porch sipping the life giving nectar as I played a few rounds of online billiards, until finally around 7.40 am was conscious enough to realize "IT'S FREAKIN' SATURDAY!!"  What the heck am I doing UP so early!?!?! 
Now, too late in the game, and fully awake, the sad realization crept in, that going back in and snuggling with Angi would not be nearly as calming as it sounded, as I would just have to roll right back out and start the whole process over again!  *Sad Face*!
Needless to say, arrived a wee bit earlier today.  Izzy is in tow, as the three middle ones are hanging with the grandparents today.  The older boys were trying to connive their way out for the day, but they were informed last night that if they wanted the day they best get their chores done last night.  Well, as that action would interfere with their text time, Facebook time, and video game time, they never even got started on them last night. SO, all's the worse for them, especially as for some ungodly reason, they actually thought that I was kidding, and awoke to prepare themselves to head out (they will only EVER get up on time if it's for something THEY want to do) only to be unceremoniously shot down for their erroneous assumption!
Seriously, they don't think we are serious the majority of the time, then give us that dumfounded look of incredulity when they are informed "no"!
Yesterday, was a day once again, of repairs.  Several to finish first thing, then I dove into a rebuild (a real sweet Gary Fisher city bike) only to have to switch gears on several more fix-'em-ups that came in!  It's cool though, NO PROBLEM!  That's are bread and butter folks!  Once they were caught up, went back and finished it up, and also managed to put a ladies 24" cruiser in the rack and get it stripped down, cleaned and mostly reassembled.  I say "mostly" as about a half an hour before close a new wave of repairs came in, and I had to get them set up for today.
SOOOO, I'll be starting of with repairs, first thing!  Well, no, scratch that, I'll finish the cruiser first!
ALLRIGHT, I best get a move on, as I really NEED to get through some of these rides!
See ya soon!!
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ONLY $125.00!!!


  1. Oh man, that Fisher is GORGEOUS! (Good thing I don't need another bike, huh?) Of course, if it were a GF Gemini, I'd be in real trouble...

    Plan to take Iggy (My wonderous Giant green Iguana) around the Lake Tarpon Loop on Monday, leading a tour of the thing. Bragging rights, anyone?

  2. Yes, your opinion was shared by many. It wasn't even ten am yesterday before she found a new home!