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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grab Your Shield and Lance, It's A New Day!

Don't you just LOVE the demeanor of employees who have no vested interest in your sanity?
So, checked the bank accounts this morning and sure enough, STILL void of what should be there!  Once again, Jonny up on the phone, and after a series of pauses and holds was informed, matter-of-factly (at least by the credit card processors) that the funds had been released, and should be in there tomorrow.  No apologies, no explanations just an audible shrug of the shoulders from their end.  When pressed, they could offer NO reason WHY the funds had been held up, and more alarmingly, had I not called them out on it yesterday, the problem would never have been noticed or rectified.  Of course, after talking to the manager, his only reaction to the glitch was "we'll look into it".  The Universal brush off, tinged with a "don't hold your breath!"
As far as the other matter.  Still a "wait and see" approach to find out if the funds are kicked back to them.  However, I don't think this lot of criminals is used to someone being "persistent".  I can only imagine they utilize the same run around with most folks, and that there are some who get fed up and write the money off as a loss.  Well, not me, if on principle alone I will hunt them down! 
Yesterday was ICKY.  It was as if nature itself felt obligated to frame the dismally frustrating day in an unceasing curtain of torrential rain!  No soul, regardless of how staunch, saw fit to brave the storm and pay us a visit, much less anywhere else.  The plaza was a ghost town, the streets themselves were quite light as well.  I focused my energies on completing the back log of repairs we had but only after the wee ones headed back home.  Thankfully, their return trip was a relatively dry one, as they escaped the confines of the shop in briefly calm skies.  So to, was our return home, thankfully, allowing us a respite in order to make it home, unpruned.  Of course, one saving grace, was the light break in the storm right at twilight allowed for a gorgeous sunset!  Yes, I will forever TRY and see the bright spots in otherwise daunting days!
Today, looks to be  good one, weather wise, and I have high hopes folks will venture out and enjoy the simple pleasures. 
Me?  I'm going to finish up the last repair (a VERY unique looking vintage Schwinn Tandem, that someone had the patience to take the time to individually glue a LARGE collection of faux gems on!  Imagine my trepidation at attempting to clamp the frame in my rack!) then get busy with the newbies!  We SOOOO need some "under $100.00 bikes in the line! 
So, with that, chin up, chest out, deep breath and Suck it up and press on!!

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