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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Day, Another Four Bits!

Yesterday was another traditionally busy Saturday!  Thanks to ALL the folks for coming in and checking out our wares!  We sent three to new homes.  The Gary Fisher commuter is headed back to Gainesville, as a visitor to our end just couldn't pass up the beauty!  The Big Boy 5 speed, will HOPEFULLY remain for sometime with it's new owner as he has unfortunately had two bikes stolen from him in short order! The Daily Banger Special Road Bike went out just before close to someone who recognized a GREAT deal!  That's what we're all about, trying to save you some cash, but not by putting you on a lemon.  WAY to much of that going on around here, and BOY can I tell you stories! 
Of course, the day was also comprised of several repairs, and we can NEVER get enough of those blessings granted us!  As always, we LOVE IT when we get the same reaction each time we tell folks, regardless of how big the repair may seem, that they'll have their ride back that day!  HEY!  We want to keep you riding!  PLUS, we have MORE then enough bikes to trip over around here!  HA HA!  Seriously, I'm going to give away a trade secret!  If you have ever gone into another one of those "boutique bike shops" for repairs, let's say, a tune up and tube change, and they tell you it will take them three or more days to finish them, it's NOT because they are THAT busy, or because the work takes THAT long!  Oh Nay, Nay!  It's because, as consumers, we associated "value" with either content, time or effort.  When they tell you it will cost $65.00 for a tune up and $20.00 for a tube change, if they told you in the same breath that they would have it back to you in a couple of hours your mind will think "if it takes so little time, why am I paying so much!?"  SOOOO, they stretch out the return time to give the ILLUSION of value!  Not here.  $25.00 is a fair price for and hour and a half MAX, and materials to get your ride up and running, and you don't hardly miss half a day of riding!  No brainer!
Speaking of which!  Making head way in the influx we received last week!  Put out two more, with a third stripped down and cleaned and waiting to be reassembled, which I will get back to post haste!  Once that one is done, I am giving SERIOUS consideration to taking the older Raleigh road bike (SWEET lug work!) down to frame and rebuilding as a single speed!  I almost have the ones IN the shop finished, then it's on to the ones out back!
Last night, once home, was a little bit of a hullaballoo.  Got home a wee bit later, as I had to physically remove Izzy from the computer where she was playing "Team Umizoomie" (don't ask) and the ride home was sloooooow.  I was moving furiously yesterday, and these old bones were cursing me all evening.  Once home, had to prepare for dinner, and sent Kaleb to get the fixings.  I had the brilliant idea (much to the cautionary warnings from Angela) to do a roasted dinner.  Meat and veggies and such.  I'm getting kind of tired of "quick and easy" and wanted everyone to eat REAL food.  Well, once again, Angela was right, and once the ingredients arrived, were prepped and put in the oven...well...we didn't eat until around nine pm! 
My Bad!  Of course, after digestion, baths, bedroom prep and tuck in, Mom and Dad date night didn't hit until around 11.30!  I am SOOOO going to have to make up for that tonight!  But we DID get to watch a movie all the way through!  This night was Dads pick, and I went with a totally GUY film (although Angi get's a kick out of this franchise too)  "Expendables 3"!  Oh, these films have been a hoot and a half!  To see so many of the "Action Heroes" from films when I was growing up ALL on the screen together!  WOW!  It's a dream come true.  LATE, but true!  And they never fail to have in jokes referring back to each actors hey day's!  LOVE 'EM!  Sure, they are graphically violent (although, this one, while the body count was WAY high, was not as graphically gory as the previous ones) and almost every scene is filled with some impossible feat of human endurance and ability, not to mention the occasional defiance of physics!  BUT, either Hollywood's wire work has gotten way better, or a couple of these actors can REALLY kick some major butt in their moves!  If you watch it, you'll agree the actress Ronda Rousey (or her stunt double) should have been the "Black Widow"!  And... CAUTION: SPOILER ALERT!!!!
Wesley Snipes is in this one!  At the beginning of the film, the Expendables break him out of a maximum security prison, and while on the escape plane one of the crew ask him what they got him for, and Wesley grins and says "Tax Evasion!"  PRICELESS!!!!! And if that ain't funny enough, at the end of the movie you find out that Arnold Schwarzenegger's, and Jet Li's characters are gay lovers!   NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!
Seriously, your next day off, if you haven't seen them already, rent all three and watch them back to back.  You'll thank me!
OK, I have babbled enough, now I'm going to get on to what I came here for!
Nice day out today folks!  Pay us a visit and RIDE!!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!

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