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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Well, today is going to be a whirlwind of activity!!  Angela was kind enough to let me fly solo today, sans kiddo's, as yesterday was a bit of a challenge with the wee ones  Not to mention the grade schoolers who came in the afternoon, wreaking havoc.  So, today I have my hands free to get some REAL work done!  Oh, that's not to say I was completely stagnant yesterday, oh nay, nay! Put out three newbies and a couple are REAL gems!  We'll get to that in a half a mo'! Had the regular slew of repairs to get caught up on, and of course, the moment I get my hands REALLY dirty, the girls would need me, so I had to "work smart" so as to not get greasy hand prints all over them!   I dedicated the morning to computer work (hey, it takes a LOT of time to update all our listings on an archaic laptop who's A,E,X and R buttons stick!) then once Kaleb had picked them up, dove in hard to pumping out some rides!  Got in a sweet older Trek 7000 ZX mountain bike!  Needed A LOT of work, but the paint was in good shape and this is a LIGHT one!  WOOF!  No heavy shocks to weigh you done!  LOVE the wide bars on it!  Also got in an Elektra "Swing" cruiser.  Nice Big Boy frame, and a classic look!  And rounded out the batch with a low price "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" in the way of a clean looking ladies 24" MTB!  Also, managed to get an older Huffy cruiser down to frame and cleaned up, and will be finishing it shortly (you have NO idea how difficult that sentence was, having to retype "A" a dozen times!!!)
After that, I hope to bang out a few more before day's end.  Tomorrow I have set aside the dream of FINALLY doing some serious cleaning,  little paint touch up on the now two year old grimy walls, and switch around some of the chotskies, as I have been accumulating quite a bit more. Winter time has always been our "Spring Cleaning" and I am behind schedule and tripping over a lot of sh...tuff!
ANYWHO, best get back at it!
Remember...It IS Saturday!  Weekend riding IS here! 

image 1
ONLY $125.00!!
image 1
ONLY $55.00!!
image 1
ONLY $210.00
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!

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