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Friday, January 16, 2015

Good Samaritans? Choose WISELY!!!

OK, OK..Look, I am SO not being unappreciative but really!?
SO, I have to thank the folks who have the false impression that just because we have a large family we must, of COURSE, need charity!  First, we have a lovely neighbor, bless her heart, that has adopted our family.  She works in catering, and occasionally brings us the overflow.  But the bulk of the overflow is pastries, cakes, cookies and pies.  And I mean BIG boxes of the stuff! I went to put away the leftovers from last nights dinner and there was NO room in the fridge OR freezer!  The one upshot is, NOW the kids clean their plate because they KNOW there is going to be dessert!  HEE, HEE!  Brussle sprouts anyone? 
Then yesterday, Rozy brought home a bag of clothes from one of her teachers at school.  Now THAT is a donations I can REALLY appreciate, as these kiddo's are growing like weeds, especially Rozlynd, although she is getting REAL close to THAT point in her life and I am SOOOOO stocking up on Pamprin!  WOOF!  I have FOUR women in my life, I LOVE to death, but the three younger ones feel it's their responsibility to tell me how things are going to be!
Anyway...I digress.
So, she brings the bag home, and Momma is sorting through them.  Now mind you, Rozy is 11 years old.  Still, a little girl!  With a look of vile disgust Angi pulled from the bag three pairs of HOOKER SHORTS!  Now, I am SO not hip on todays fashion trends but at WHAT point did the industry think it would be appropriate to produce a pair of butt cheek showing, ride up the crotch, low slung, belly exposing shorts that would make a veteran porn star blush, FOR LITTLE GIRLS!?!?!
Is the ENTIRETY of the children's fashion industry populated by PEDOPHILES!?!?
I mean GOD!  And EACTLY what kind of sick, twisted parent is trying to prepare their young daughters for a career in prostitution, pole dancing or the adult film industries!?!  I mean, shouldn't we be teaching our young women about self respect, decency and self reliance and NOT the use of their bodies as an OBJECT!?!  Come ON people!  Wake the fudge UP!!
OK, I'm going to step down off THAT soapbox, and with a twinge of ironic humor, step up on the next one!
I know, my mode of dress, when coming to work, is less then pristine.  I am WAY dirty and greasy by noon time around here, and when I do MY laundry, we have to run an empty load afterwards just to wash out the washer!  And YES, I DO ride a bicycle...everywhere. But lovely people, that does NOT mean I am homeless!
After opening this morning I made my daily run to the bank to make a deposit....of money...from my I can help pay for my I can feed my FAMILY.  On the way back, as I neared the parking lot...where the business we OWN is... I noticed someone had pulled over to the side of the road and was waving me over.  It's fine, lots of people in this town know who I am so I figured it was a customer with a question.  As I approached the car, the gentleman in the car, altruistically handed me a McDonalds gift card.  He stated, "Here, this is for you.  Please get yourself a meal and something hot to drink"  LOL!  I thought, briefly, of correcting his erroneous assumptions, but realized he was just being nice and charitable, and did not want to come off as rude or unappreciative, so I simply said "thank you very much" with a warm smile.  Then, as he sat in his car at the edge of the parking lot, waiting to merge back into traffic, I pulled up to the bike rack out front, parked, stepped up to the door of the shop, that we OWN, pulled out MY key, unlocked and opened the door, switched on the OPEN sign and holding up the gift card, waved to the perplexed gentleman, staring at me incredulously and mouthed the word "THANKS!"
And I didn't have the heart to tell him that there is NO way I would EVER eat at McDonalds! Seriously, their French fries DO NOT biodegrade!!  They're not even ORGANIC MATTER!!!
So yesterday was another busy, busy day!  Thank you all SO very much for keeping me from being homeless (LOL!  OK, OK....I'll stop!).  Repairs were non-stop and aside from a couple quickie tube changes, I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding that I was not going to be able to get to them that day.  At this point, if you inhale, you're going to bump into a bike!  WAY tightly packed in here right now!  I needed to get through some of the rides!  As it turned out, was only able to build two!  Partially, because I was on the computer and phone until one pm doing not only the morning routine, but taxes as well!  Ugh. 
But today, I will pound out the repairs and go back to newbies!
So, without further adieu, I'll put my Hobo sack away and get to work!
Ok, Ok (*chuckle*)...that was the last one!
See ya!

image 1
ONLY $90.00!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!

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