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Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh Man, It HAS To Be Monday!

Boy, that classic 80's song "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" is ringing in my head....LOUDLY.
Sad reality is, we don't seem to be allowed to hold onto "good" feelings for very long!  Yes, I know, now you are all sighing and saying to yourself "Oh no, here he goes again" but, I am trying to keep smiling!  See, we had a REALLY good day yesterday!  Got the shop all spruced up, went home, did our chores, got the kids fed, clothed and put to bed then hung out for the evening having a grand time!
The reason for my frustration is merely a continuation of last weeks issues regarding the pilfered funds from our account.  They say they deposited it, but the bank has no record of it, but it may still be processing and I have to wait up to two business days to see if it comes through!  Try telling my creditors that!  ON TOP OF THIS, I checked our other account to discover the creit cards have not deposited in five days, upon calling them, they stated there was a hold put on the deposit, but could not tell me why!  Of course, they would relese the funds, but it would take up to two days to deposit!
THIS is why I HATE banks!!!  And people wonder why we held out for six years on the credit card band wagon before we started taking them!  There is NOOOO lag time on CASH!
The wee ones are back in the shop, and surprisingly, being of little trouble.  Well, either that, or I'm just getting used to their brand of behaivior!  LOL! Momma almost had a kid free day to relax, but Logan is home sick with a mild fever and a whopping headache, although I hold true to the fact his headache is caused by hour upon hour of watching videos and playing games on the tiny screen of his cell phone.  Of course, according to him there is NO way that could be the reason!  What do I know!  I'm not a teenager, therefore I don't have a CLUE! 
It was very nice (the brief moment I got to enjoy it) to come into a fresh, relatively clean, spruced up shop this morning!  All my gratitude to Angi for helping me make it so yesterday!
Today, I have to spend the AM banging out some repairs then it's on to NEWBIES!!!  Got in a truckload Saturday just before close, and there are THREE classic BIG BOY ten speeds in it!  SAH-WEEEEET!!!! 
As promised, below are the ones we put out on Saturday, take a long, lustful lingering look at these Lovlies, and TRY and tell me they wouldn't look good underneath you!
....wait, that doesn't sound right...
ANYWAY, I gotta git!
See ya soon!
image 1
ONLY $240.00!!
image 1
ONLY $360.00!!!
image 1
ONY $130.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!!


  1. So... What? No photos of the way cool new wall art? I gotta come visit to see it? In the rain? Fine. I gotta truck, and I know how to use it.

    See you real soon!

  2. I have seen the wall, and it is GOOOOOOOD!