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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Ah yes, the true sign of the season!  Drunks being poured out of bars and labored home by reluctant, angry loved ones! 
As you can see I have little tolerance for this holiday as well.
Got in this morning, and unlocking the door, some poor elder father, still looking as if he was in his PJ's was picking up his VERY inebriated son from the bar down the way. By the toxic smell he expelled, an open flame would have been a BAD idea!   The son then had the brilliant idea that it was a good day to go bicycle shopping.
yay for me.
Thankfully, the father, exasperated, grasped his elbow, redirected him and stuffed him into the passengers seat of his car, not unlike a police officer would.
No, for what it's worth, my opinion of this day is, it's just that, another day.  I've never seen the appeal, and would rather quickly scurry home and seclude myself from the dangers.  I will admit though, that last year, Angi and I went to Flanagan's pub downtown for the celebrations and I enjoyed my time with her, but this year, considering her injury, it would NOT have been good idea to have her sandwiched in an over capacity bar, rubbing elbows with slightly tipsy, and unwittingly clumsy people!  Hopefully she will be able to attend the Saint Patties Day celebrations when it comes around!
Yesterday was another whiz bang of a thriller!  Sent another four gems to new homes!  The three wheel recumbent did not make it past 10 AM before a gent from somewhere an hour and half away came into snatch it up!  And Golly Bob Howdy did we have fun trying to get it to fit on their bike rack!  There was the aforementioned Schwinn Aluminum Comp that went out first thing, and the Iron Horse went with a trade in of a "well loved" Jamis Boss Cruiser.  That one needed a LOT of work, and still sits in my rack half done.  But don't get TOO excited, it already sold first thing this morning now I just have to get it finished!  ALSO, after listing several bikes on Angi's new venue "Offer Up", we sent the Nishiki Colorado home with  visiting vacationer from....Colorado!  Although, I have to ponder,  with the legalization of Mary Jane there, how can the  residents even FIND their way out to go on vacation!
This morning, aside from the Jamis selling, we also sent the "Scratch Built" home with one of our regulars.  He too, brought in a trade in, this one a "PRE-Walmart" Schwinn Frontier.  I do like these rides as they were a less expensive alternative to a Specialized Crossroads or Trek 800, but built just a well! 
NEEDLESS to say, my decorating plan of yesterday had to go by the wayside, as it was Jump Jolt and Jive all day!  But there's "NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!" 
Yes, of course, several repairs cam in and we say thank you and bless you all for your continued trust! 
So, in conclusion...nothing new built. ARRGH!!  And we are once again WAY light!  But have NO fear, I'm jumping right on that problem and am going to try and pound out more pretty!
See ya soon! 

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