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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Entering the Ranks!

OK, at this point I sound like a broken record,  a broken record I LIKE!  We were WAY busy once again, yesterday!  We send out many a heartfelt thanks to all the fine folks who paid us a visit yesterday and helped to further empty the place out! HEE, HEE!  Spent the better part of the day, though doing up repairs so I only managed to get one newbie out but this one was a bear but SO worth it!  I didn't know at the time I got it, but it is in fact, a rare automatic two speed tandem.  Well, I knew it was a tandem, but not that it was an automatic!  SAH-WEET!  She's all refurbed and looking shiny!
Speaking of "Shiny", we now can show off our true "Browncoat" colors as my OFFICIAL Independents Flag finally came in!  Check out the pic below, and if you are a lover of freedom in the 'Verse, gice her a salute when you come in!
OK, that is about it for today, as I am WAY behind schedule (another WAY busy morning!) and I need to get on to newbies!

See ya soon!!
image 1

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