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Thursday, January 8, 2015

In The Not To Distant Future, Somewhere In Time Or Space....

Ooooooo!  Like a kid in a candy store! 
Recently, for my viewing pleasure, I had the thrill of acquiring several selections of one of the most all time BRILLIANT comedic shows, Mystery Science Theatre 3000!  Needless to say, on a day such as this, as I will be banging around on several new builds (all the repairs being caught up with!  Thanks to all for thinking of us and continuing to visit!) I have a plethora of new material to listen too!  SAH-WEET!  I think viewing "Manos: The Hands Of Fate" continuously, while hilarious, is wearing out my copy! 
Yesterday, while not as busy, visitor wise, kept me jumping none the less!  Tore down the Fila for  rebuild, which, due to my anal retentive eye for detail, became a re-paint.  Just not up to snuff without it!  Uncle Chippie was in earlier, saw the frame and had no idea it was the same bike.  ALSO, got in a Electra cruiser, that too, has been tore down and cleaned up and will be reassembled while the next coat of paint dries on the Fila. 
Did manage to get one out, after the rush.  This one is a nice looking ladies 26" Trek Antelope 800, check out the pic below.
I send a shout out to Angi and Elijah, who were kind enough to give me a break from Daddy Day Care, and let the girls hang at the house today so I can get some work done.  Speaking of which, just got a truck load of repairs in from The Sea Captain down on Clearwater Beach, so I need to get them assessed. 
Will talk to you later!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!

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