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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's About Bloody Time!

During my normal morning ritual, we came in this morning, opened, cleaned, then I shuffled down to the corner store to say my good mornings to the neighbors at our local "Quick Stop" (someday I'm going to put on a trench coat and baseball cap on backwards with a Bat Man logo T-shirt and hang out against the wall,   Special no-prize to anyone who get's THAT reference!) grabbing my morning coffee (and breakfast for the kiddo's in occupation) I always take a glance at the newspaper headlines on the way out.  I don't actually READ the paper (no time for that) but it gives me a small glimpse into the greater world outside my 3 mile radius comfort zone.  This morning gave me a moments pause to smile.  Seems that Florida has finally got it's thumb out of its patootey and joined the ranks of more enlightened states and legalized same sex marriages!  Now of course, there is going to be some folks out there with alum up their back sides who are going to contest this, and I'm sure we are going to hear more about court cases fighting the fighting (which of course is going to tie up the courts needlessly and cost the taxpayers money all because some Neanderthals just can't get with the times and give up the ghosts of bigotry) but all in all this is another victory for common sense and decency.  In short, just because YOU wouldn't, does not mean you get the right to deny others happiness!  Hey, like the song goes "any love is good love"!
And if they are reading, Angi and I have some friends down in Saint Pete that best get their keisters to the alter!  You know who you are!  Time to make an honest man out of him!
As expected, the "day after" was slow.  Oh, we still managed to send another two to good homes!  The sweet Scratch Build went out with a regular of ours, with his old Schwinn Frontier as a trade.  That old ride has carried him about for more then thirty years, but it was time to switch.  She just needed more work then he could see fit to put into her.  No worries though, we are going to do the job and she'll be ready for another thirty by the end of today! ALSO, as mentioned yesterday, the old school Jamis we got in trade the day before sold in the rack (and I had three other people in who would have done the same had it not already been claimed!) I'm gonna throw a pic of it at you, just so you know how sweet it was!  AND as if the Holy Ghost himself heard our prayers, we got a BEVY of newbies in to boot!  And I am talking SAH-WEEEEET!  Three of them (pic below) are already done and out, and have received NUMEROUS calls about (up until 11:30 last night and starting at 7 am this morning!  WOOF!  Folks, let an old man sleep, please) (just kidding, I don't go to bed much before 1 am anyway!) These rides, believe it or not, had just been sitting in one of our regulars back yard for some time!  They needed a great deal of tender loving care but are SOOOOO worth it!  The first is a Large framed Specialized Carmel Hybrid!  I LOVE THE COLOR!  And MAN does she ride smooooooooooooth!   Then a pair of Sun Bicycle BIG BOY cruisers!  We hardly EVER get ones like this, and we get two in one shot!!  The ones that are not done (YET!) are a very (soon to be) gorgeous Del Sol 3 speed, pedal forward comfort cruiser stretch!  OH MAN!  This thing is going to be "wipe the drool from your chin" AWESOME!!! As mentioned we got the Schwinn Frontier (which already has a waiting list of folks that want to see what it looks like when it's done!  As if we wouldn't make it look anything but PRIME!) Also a small frame hybrid mountain bike that needs a bit of work, but is going to make someone 5'-5'6" VERY happy!  Also, an older ladies cruiser, that needs the "George Romero" special treatment (get it...Romero...Zombies....raised from the dead?  JEEZ!  If I gotta explain it, it aint' funny!) and two more kiddo bikes!  Needless to say, I am going to be a busy blistered baby today!
Last night was tear down!  The OFFICIAL end to another holiday season!  YAY!!! I was getting real tired of sweeping up pine needles and chasing Miranda around the house to wrestle pilfered Christmas tree bulbs and baubles from her, and washing her up after she devoured another heisted candy cane!  I....DON'T.....LIKE.....STICKY!!!!
I know, it's bizarre.  I have done a lot of gross jobs in my day, have stood waste deep in the filth of busted sewer pipes, crawled through insulation in attics, shoveled manure, even cleaned up after dead people but I cannot handle having anything "sticky" on me! 
With the help of a couple kiddos (and the constant insistence that Angela stop pushing herself) we got it down and done in record time.  Of course, at that point, faced with bare walls and door jams, Angela brought out her totes of silk flowers and decorations and got that intense gleam of contemplative creativity in her eye's.  That moment where she pauses, slowly scans the room, glancing occasionally at the materials before her, and you can almost hear the audible clicking of the gears in her brain.  At this point, I glanced at my clock, and realizing it was past midnight, gently prodded her to "wait until tomorrow".  Had I not, she would probably be still arranging things now! 
The one thing we did realize (with all the wall's clear and having recently disposed of the living room couch...with six kids still in residence, the likelihood we are going to keep a piece of furniture past two years, is slim!) was that we are going to have to repaint...AGAIN!  Our Miss Miranda is a bit of an artist, her medium being Sharpies (supplied by her absent minded sibling who keep leaving them about) and walls!  ARRGH!  "Magic Erasers" and elbow grease only goes so far!!! 
I am rambling at this point (like THAT'S anything new) and I REALLY need to get at it!  The Specialized I put out last night has already sold this morning, and I need to get out more goodies STAT!
See ya'll soon!

image 1
ONLY $155.00!!!
image 1
image 1
ONLY $115.00!!!

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