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Monday, January 26, 2015

You'll Forgive Me If I Don't Stand Up

Not many in the household got all that much sleep last night, at least not the big people.  The bug Angi caught from the kiddo's did the rounds in her body and took up residence in the lungs.  SO, she is once again back in the hospital.  Going into the emergency room yesterday, in hopes of a breathing treatment and a refill on her inhaler, they did a barrage of tests and due to the spontaneous rupture she suffered a few years back, they recommended she stay there for observation and further medication, and to await the test results to see what's going on, as the X-rays and such were inconclusive.  Poor thing!  She was not at all thrilled with the prospects of another hospital stay, but when the Doctor was talking all the "potentials" she recognized the look in my eyes, and realized she wasn't going to be going home that evening.  I hated to have to leave and stayed as long as I could, but around midnight we both realized I had to get home and make sure all the night time stuff had been done properly for the kiddos (sadly, not as well as they should have) and try and get some sleep to start a new day.  Elijah and Kaleb were helpful, though, having both done runs back to the hospital to bring Mom some things she needed (having forgotten a few the first trip) and by 2- 2.30 am, everyone back in the house, we all tried to get some rest.  For me, it took the positioning and repositioning of Angi's pillows around me, so I could at least be smelling her when I tried to fall asleep.  Yes, color me strange, but it's the only way I can fall asleep!
I talked to her first thing this morning for about an hour and a half, and she is in good spirits, and hopefully will be seeing the doctor soon, and we can find out what is going on! 
OK, in order to sway the more incessant worried voices in my head, I am going to switch my attention to work.
Yesterday was a busy one, and I managed to get through all but one of the repairs AND build up one newbie!  This one is a really clean looking 26" dual shock MTB that we got from a gent a wee bit to big for it, so it got very little road time!  Today, after I finish the wave of repairs that have already come in (thanks OH so much for the continued trust!) I am going to hit me some newbies HARD!  I literally have been continually amassing quite a back log in, and before my landlord (or neighbors) get peeved, I have GOT to get through them!)
SOOOO, without further adieu....
See ya soon!

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ONLY $80.00!!!

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