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Friday, January 23, 2015

Kiss Me In The Morning, And Walk Away!

The veil of sickies has been slowly lifting around the old homestead.  Angela is still feeling the deleterious effects, but the girls fevers finally broke last night, and they are quickly returning to their normal chipper (albeit tenacious) selves.  I still feel terrible for Angi though, as not only is she dealing with the sickness, but right in the heart of it, when she contacted her doctor to renew her prescription for pain meds, they cut her off.  No "How-do-you-do" or warning, or slow weaning, just severe the tap, telling her to take Ibuprophen?  Like THAT is going to help manage the pain of such a severe break!  She is handling it well enough, without complaint, but it's still stupid.  She goes in for her next appointment next week and may have to go in for surgery.  I'll tell you this, if they only give her Advil after that....well, they may need to write a pain prescription for themselves!
Yesterday, was again, dedicated to repairs, mainly, but I did manage to finish up the Dutch three speed!  Of course, it sold about an hour before I finished, but I'm going to show you a pic of it anyway, as it came out REAL pretty! 
ALSO, seems like the "NEW" bikes are a wee bit of a hit!  The pink low step over sold first thing in the AM, AND we had three more people come in to look at it!  NO WORRIES though, we have another one on order PLUS a red one, AND a silver 6 speed!  Hopefully, they will be in either later today or Monday!  Still got the blue one though.  But, that one is a standard frame, and I think we are going to have way more demand for the LOW step through model!  PLUS they come with the real sweet detail package, with fenders for only $20.00 more! 
Today, I have finally bit the bullet, and am in the process of turning a GMC Denali Road bike into a single speed!  See, the GMC Denali is Wal-Marts version of a road bike.  In a word, "junk".  The components that is!  The frame is an ultra light alloy, but the garbage, low end drive train, handle bars, neck etc, just suck.  SOOOOO, I have stripped one down that was donated to us, and will be fabricating a tensioner for the rear (it's a QR drop, therefore, cannot pull back on wheel to tighten chain).  I've been wanting to try tis for some time, but didn't want to BUY a tensioner, as they are, like, $40.00!  I was thinking about how to do it last night and I THINK I have it figured out!  We'll see, as I already have someone wanting to buy it!
Speaking of which!  Just had a couple come in, just arrived from Scotland, and we were one of the first places on their list to visit!  WOW!  Friends of theirs IN SCOTLAND told them they HAD to come here!  Color me Humble!  Thanks so much for remembering us to your friends!  They just picked up two rides from Bone Row...OUTSIDE.  I mean, you REALLY have to be able to see the diamond in the rough when you're buying from THAT pile!  WOOF!  SO, I have my day planned out for me!   Best get a hoppin'! 
See ya all soon! 

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