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Monday, January 5, 2015

Here I Go Again, Patting Myself On The Back!

Well isn't amazing what one an get use too!  I spend an inordinate amount of time whining about how much time I spend on the computer each morning (Craigslist, Patch, Offer-up. Ebay and "cooking the books" not to mention this little dalliance here (although THIS one I enjoy! ( Hey, I'm a Leo...I LOVE to hear myself talk!)) But it's getting to the point where my surprisingly nimble fingers can dance across the key board and get it done splickety lick!  Barring any EBay slow downs, of course!  Those REALLY chafe my willy! 
Have managed to not only help several customers already this morning, AND do two repairs, but actually got everything updated (well ALMOST everything, as I type here I'm updating THIS like, right now) BEFORE noon time!  YAY!
So, yesterday was a "bang, bang" day!  Had one of the funniest, if not potentially uncomfortable "ten minute rule" yesterday.  Had a gent call on Saturday inquiring about the Schwinn "Daily Banger Special" we had just put out.  He was very interested, but in Saint Pete, and would not be able to get up until Sunday.  I informed him to call me just before he came to ensure it was still here, and I would hold it long enough for him to come look at it.  He did Sunday morning and said he was on his way.  I went back to work and about a half an hour later a gent came in stating he was here about the Schwinn.  I put on my salesman hat and introduced the two, and he promptly took her for a spin.  Returning, he was smitten.  At that point however, I discovered he was NOT the gent who had called about it, as he walked into the shop announcing himself as the one who called about the Schwinn!
Thankfully, he was quite understanding about the mishap, and as it turns out, like the old school "BIG BOY" ten speed we had put out the day before, and as he was a tall, lanky bloke, it fit him better anyway!  So, two rides went happily to new homes at the same time!  SAH-WEET!
Of course, that was not all for the day.   Had a couple come in, vacationing from Canada, and were told that we were the spot to pick up a couple of good rides for the stay.  As at this point I didn't have much left, so they started to peruse bone row, and picked out a couple (pre-fixers) to have.  She liked the sweet 10 speed city bike (which was half done in the rack) and he's interested in the Schwinn Frontier we'll be getting to shortly. 
Also, of course, were the repairs!  We thank you all so very, very much for not giving me an excuse to play online billiards! 
Even amidst all that activity I still managed to get out a couple more!  One is a sweet men's 26" cruiser!  But please, don't get TOO excited.  it's sold already as I was typing this.  Seems a young lady up in Cleveland, Ohio heard about us from a neighbor up there who vacationed here last year, and told her this was the only place in Florida to get a quality re-furished bike.  Well, literally, that's TRUE! 
Enough shameless, egotistical grand standing!  I got's me work ta do!
See y'all soon!

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