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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wash, Rinse....Repeat

No, no seriously!  Is Allen Funt just waiting to pop out, when I am at my wits end to shout "You're on Candid Camera!"?  (for those born after the 70's, I'll refer to Ashton Kutcher shouting "You've Been Punk'd!)
Coming in this morning expecting the financial troubles to be solved after all my diligence, I was not wholly surprised to discover NOTHING had been done!  Oh, I was aggravated, but at this point, not at all surprised.  First, the credit card company did in fact NOT send the request for a release on Monday, as I was informed, but instead, it went through YESTERDAY.  So supposedly the funds will be in there tomorrow.  Well, not ALL the funds, as their records show only roughly HALF of what SHOULD be going in!  Once again "they're looking into it".
On the OTHER end, the refund that supposedly had been put in on Monday, did in fact get returned to them having been refused by my bank?!?
ONCE AGAIN, back on the phone to the bank, holds...pauses....transfers....check with "other" department specialists only to come to the conclusion after almost an hour....
(are you READY for this?!)
No folks, I am NOT kidding!  You couldn't make this stuff up!! I didn't catch it before, because I never write checks!  I do all my banking and bill paying on line except our rent!  SOOOOOO, now, I have to send out ANOTHER check to our landlord!
I mean REALLY!  I just want to be able to open shop, build bikes do repairs and pay my bills.  It's a small dream, one I don't feel is unreasonable.  Does it have to be THIS difficult!
I am shifting attentions now, and going to get onto the fun side!  Yesterday, was a beautiful day, weather wise, and several folks took advantage of it!  The majority of repairs were hungrily snatched up as folks were dying to get out and take advantage of the fine day.  Terry brought the repairs back to the Sea Captain Hotel as they had a line of folks dying to get out and ride!  One of the Cannondale's found an appreciative new home, and one more cruiser is on it's way to explore the sands! 
I also managed to get out two more newbies!  One of them is a perfect fit "urban" hybrid, just right for someone 5"-5.5"!  ALSO, out of the batch of rides we picked up on Saturday, was a MTB.  This one had a "homemade" paint job on it, "Rojo Red" ($1.19 a can at Dollar General) and even though they made a real good attempt, they didn't sand it all that well.  I was about to scrap it but when I picked it up I realized how lightweight it was!  This IS a nice frame!  And whoever did the work, put some REALLY nice components on it!  Shimano Deore, 24 speed, Quick release front and back alloy rims with DX hubs, integrated shifters (THAT WORK!!)  I just didn't have the heart to relegate this piece to the scrap pile!  SOOOO, here's a RARE opportunity to do a higher end "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Given the components this bike should be up around $200.00, but because I didn't pay all that much for it, and the work it needed was minimal, we put it out for ONLY $95.00!!!  Someone is going to get one sweet ride!  I also put an older 5 speed "BIG BOY" in the rack, stripped it down and have cleaned all the parts and it's ready for reassembly!  We've already had a couple nibbles on it!  These rides are VERY popular around here! 
And by popular demand, several folks have inquired about our redecorating venture this last weekend.  Some of course are out of state (not to mention out of country) and would enjoy a view!  So here ya go, a few pics of our decorations (thus far...eventually we will get around to the other wall) that reflect a slight glimpse into the recesses of our psyches!  And pay attention to the close up of the "Blues Brothers"!  Yes, if you pay us a visit and can CORRECTLY describe the joke (NO HINTS) you get 10% of your purchase!  Good Luck! 
OK, so here are the newbies, now I'm going to go make some more!
See ya!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONY $130.00!!

Angela felt we needed a "greater" at the door!

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