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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Another Day, Another String Of No-Prizes!!

The little engine that could keeps on a pluggin'! 
Yesterday, no surprise, saw more fun!  Not surprisingly, the Specialized Carmel left out of here first thing in the AM, no fuss no muss.  I have to chuckle at it, actually.  No, not the very wise gent who snagged it up, but the one potential buyer who gave a jingle the night I listed it, offering up $200.00 for it, cash as if it was a huge benevolent gesture.  He was doing me a favor taking it off my hands, as in his opinion we would never sell it for our asking price.
Well, given the fact that this is Florida and it is a hybrid, I was quite comfortable with the more then reasonable price we were asking for (not to mention how much work went into it!)  Obviously, several folks thought the same way, as after sending her home with a very enthusiastic customer, I got another five calls wanting it before I had the time to take it off Craigslist.
Also, sent the Sun Bicycle BIG BOY cruiser out pub crawling (...he took the red one.. ANOTHER No-Prize to anyone who gets THAT reference!) with an overjoyed gent.  I really thought the black one would go first.  No worries, I am sure that one won't last either.
After the morning chores were done (and the war waged with a stubborn computer and an even more tenacious EBay) I got on the repairs, banged them out (thanks, as always to ALL the fine folks for their unflinching faith!) then went on to builds. I managed to get one out.  Now before I hear an audible "Booooooo, hissssssss" this one needed a LOT of TLC!  But was SOOOOOOOO worth it!  A GORGEOUS Del Sol Low Boy three speed, pedal forward stretch cruiser!  "Oh Joy of Joys" (yep... another "no-Prize" if you can pin THAT one down) Yes, if Pub Crawling or cruising the Pinellas Trail is in your future, THIS is the ride for you!
ALSO, got many more newbies in for the full work up, so I have plenty to keep me jumping for the next couple of days.  But don't let that stop you from bringing me more!  "So much time, so little to do" (oh this is fun...ANOTHER no-prize if you get that one!)
I also have a "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL" in my rack, almost done!  And this is gonna be a bargain for someone, considering the fact I didn't pay TO much attention to it when it came in on a trade.  I flubbed and missed a few critical things, so I have ended up putting more into it then I had originally anticipated.  Oh well!  Live and learn!
SO, without further adieu, I'd best get at it! 
"Heavy chores to do!"  (yep...that's a no prize quote TOO!)


* Kevin Smiths lovable character "Silent Bob" from a slew of awesome movies!

image 1
ONLY $260.00!!!

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