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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Color Me Embarrassed...Yet Relieved!

OK, so Angela and I headed out last night to do a little shopping.  We have grown tired of looking at the same Orange Creamcicle, and canary yellow walls festooning our home after three years and desire a change.  Not to mention the fact that she came up with the very WISE choice of switching the two main room's in their purpose.  We have always used the smaller back room (which is a renovated sunroom) as the Living room and the front larger room as a sort of ersatz dinning room.  So in effect, the much larger room has little more then the table and chairs and a couple scattered pieces here and there, but a LOT of wasted space.  WELL, having acquired a replacement sectional (our other one had to be discarded, because...well, having lived through two newborns and several filthy teenagers, it was beyond cleaning!) and realizing it was just NOT going to fit in the back. Thus, a switch was needed, and quite frankly I think it makes a LOT more sense!  SOOOO, before anything else is done, we have to repaint, and Angi has picked out a GORGEOUS color scheme!  No worries, I'll share before and after pic's tomorrow. 
Anyway, we headed out to Lowes last night, did all the shopping, mixed the paints, got the needed accoutrements, and headed for the check out.  Having finished just before close, it was a tad bit embarrassing, when they scanned my bank card, that it came up as declined!  After a couple of tries I was incensed, as I accessed my bank account on my pocket computer and showed them that YES the balance WAS there. Well, it not being THEIR fault, I couldn't get mad at them, so we left the order there, with the understanding I'd come in and grab it this morning.  Shame, as I had wanted to start painting last night.  Once home, I called the banks 866 number, only to find out, my debit card has a daily limit, and the trip to Kmart before, in conjunction with the total at Lowes exceeded it, thereby locking out my card.  Oh well!
As it turns out, like so many things in life, what appeared to be an inconvenience and frustration turned out to be a blessing!  When I returned to Lowes this morning, they had to rescan all the items and it turned out the check out from last night had over charged us by almost DOUBLE!!!   The scary part was, I had NOT been paying attention to prices, and would have not questioned the total at all, and probably just discarded the receipt! WOOF! 
ANYWHO!  I have my afternoon planned, anyway!  Angi and the boys are going to move and stage everything this morning so all I have to do is come in and paint!  I can't WAIT to see the colors on the wall!  It's going to be FABULOUS!!!  (oh.... I said that a LITTLE to fem!)
BUT, today, I am going to continue in the vein I worked in yesterday and continue to pound out some more rides!  And SPEAKING of rides, another coincidence that occurred yesterday is going to make a young couple who visited yesterday VERY happy!  Carrie, the type of cruiser your hubby was looking for, that I said was going to be coming back in on a "Vacation Program" return, well....returned! TWO of them, both perfect for his height!  And they came in FIVE minuets after you guys left with the ladies cruiser! LOL!  SOOOO, best to get on back down here, like, TODAY and pick one out! 
And, on a more personally challenging note, after Angi's recent return from the hospital, she has wisely chosen to renew her commitment to quitting smoking.  I, having started up again last year, am, somewhat reluctantly, throwing in my hat and in a show of support and solidarity, will be attempting to do the same!  Perhaps, less for my health, and more for the fact that because the smell and taste now disgust her, makes getting kisses a little less plausible!  And frankly, it would be a lot easier to quit smoking then to quit smooching with my darlin'! 
Wish me luck (and in advance forgive any sudden bouts of homicidal tendencies on my part!)
OKEY DOKEY!  I am BACK to work! 
See ya all soon!

Here's what we did yesterday!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!
image 1
ONLY $155.00!!
image 1

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