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Friday, January 9, 2015


What I want to know is, exactly why is it, when you are under a deadline to accomplish something, do all the twists and turns and malicious humor of fate throw every nagging obstacle at you along the way?  Case in point.  In trying to rectify a snafu at our bank (don't EVER let your account number get onine!) and get certain funds refunded to or account, I have had to jump through a myriad of hoops.  I finally thought I had it rectified yesterday, the culprits falsely collecting a "fee" from a service we were merely inquiring about, online, admitted the "error" (yea RIGHT!) and would refund the amount.
When I called back yesterday (and endured the prerequisite holds, delays and transfers) I was informed that an email had been sent out earlier that day requested "bank verification" of my account and routing number.  Oh, they had no problem taking the money OUT of our account, but they were experiencing difficulty putting it back IN!  Of course, I did not get the E-Mail (not even in SPAM) and did not get through to them until 3 minuets before the bank closed in the afternoon! 
SOOOO, this morning, had to rush to the bank to get the info, then rush back, email it in, and am waiting STILL to find out of it has been processed yet!  And of course, the Internet and my computer seem to be susceptible to the cold, and choose to run REALLY slow!
I either need Advil or a bullet!
ANYWHO!  Speaking of cold, I hear The Devil himself is practicing for the Winter Games!
Of course, in Florida, any climate change plus or minus ten degrees of 78 sends it's inhabitants scurrying for climate controlled comfort, refusing to leave their Bio Domes.  This, needless to say, slows our days down somewhat.  Not too many worries, though, as I have plenty to keep me busy in catching up.  Not to mention a day long MST3K marathon (and I just got their riff on "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians!"  No...I'm not's a REAL movie!)
After all the repairs, I got through the full rebuild on the Fila, she came out looking really sweet, and moved on to the tear down and cleaning on a soon to be GORGEOUS Trek 7000 MTB!  This thing is super light, and is going to be a monster in the dirt!
SO, I am going to jump back on it.  Got one repair to bang out then onto the goodies!
Special shout out to Marcus for the generous tip this morning when he came in for his repairs.  A little something to get a treat for the girl.  However, he forgot to put on his glasses and handed me 2 20's and three one's!  He seemed perplexed at my surprise until I pointed out he gave me nearly $60.00 for a ten dollar repair! 
See ya soon!

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