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Saturday, January 24, 2015

WHOA! Piece of CANDY!!!

OK, that's not literal. It's a saying, or exclamation that Elijah came up with some time ago, and it is meant to exclaim happy surprise when you find something, or gain something you were not expecting!  I got a couple of them this morning!  First, was when I went into the boys room to wake up Logan this morning (as he has prep at school for testing coming up) I had the rare opportunity to get a picture worthy of severely embarrassing BOTH Kaleb and Elijah!  Although I didn't get the EXACT picture I was greeted with, the one I was able to snap was close enough.  Kaleb sleeps on the bottom bunk of the older boys bunk beds, while Elijah has the couch, which comes off the beds in an L shape (don't ask me WHY they are not back on their normal bunks, as the top bunk is currently being used for electronics and bicycle parts storage!) and when I came in, they were both, for some reason, sharing the same pillow, with their heads laying against each other!  It was SOOOOOO cute!  Here ya go.....

HEH, HEH!!!  Elijah awoke just before I snapped the picture and tried to hide his shame!  But now I have this for proof!  They really DO love each other!!!
The second treat I got was when I came in this morning and was sorting through a box of videos (VHS) I got last night in trade, just before close,  I found a film I haven't seen in FOREVER, but LOVED as a child!  I didn't even realize, when I got the box, it was in there!  Anyone from my generation will remember this as a somewhat scary and disturbing film.  An allegory of the human condition, survival and the dangers of a totalitarian state resound through this animated classic.  Not unlike George Orwell's "Animal Farm", Richard Adams "Watership Down" will really make you look at our own society through a different light! 

Well, yesterday was blissfully more of the same, with the addition of a LOT of phone traffic!  WOOF!  Lot's a folks with a multitude of questions and trying to locate us, and thankfully they all found us.  Sent the Raleigh Road bike to a new home with a gent quite excited about how much of the original hardware was still there and that it all worked top notch!  ALSO, sold the other NEW three wheeler, but have no fear, got in another one just like it and this one has the full detail package, including rear fenders!  Going to get in another two to three next week as well!  However, I have nothing new to show!  Sadly!  Well, OK, not so sad as I DID build three, but they were all, already sold!  No, I'm not even bothering going through the trouble of posting pics.  I don't want to make anyone jealous.  Today, is going to be more of the same as I have a plethora of repairs to do, AND a couple more special orders!  I hope I can hump them out post haste, as I REALLY want to get some more newbies out!
So, going to pop in another of one of the MST3K tapes I acquired and get 'er done!
See ya soon!  No Excuse today folks!  Gray clouds clearing up, and sun bursting through!

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