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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh Yes Please! MORE!!!

Well I am happier then a puppy with two peters!  It doesn't happen TOO often, but we got in a TRAILER FULL of newbies yesterday!  WEE-HOO!! And I'm not talking junk!  WOWZERS 4, count 'em FOUR classic J.C. Higgens cruisers!!!  A Tandem, three road bikes (a real SWEET Raleigh AND Schwinn Travler in the mix) A VERY unique Dutch Inova Union 3 speed with front and rear drum brakes, THAT WORK!!!  Not to mention some newer material for bangers AND TWO classic cruiser, that sadly are a little to far gone to bring back but will make GORGEOUS Art Bikes!  A little project I have been dying to do for out front of the store (Imagine The Muppet Movie and Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem's Bus!) but just didn't have the right vintage bikes!  OH yes, I DO have my work cut out for me on some of these!  They have sat, some for over 70 years, piled in the recesses of a hoarders barn!  Oh the stories the gent told me of what was found when cleaning this joint out!  WOW!!!  "One's man trash" and all that!  Sadly, he stated they ended up scrapping another 60 bikes on top off what they brought to us.  *sad face*!  I just hate thinking that many rides went to their final reward without at least a chance of revival!  
Moving on...
Yesterday was comprised primarily of repairs, then the swell of newbies came in, and I was occupied until the end of the day sorting, and tearing a few done that just didn't make the cut.  Well, not my WHOLE day doing repairs.  No, I spent the morning dealing with banks, crooks (is there a difference between those two?) credit card company, Ebay and UPS!  WOOF!  How multi gagillion dollar companies can be THAT inept, escapes me!  They are about as annoying as someone simultaneously squeaking their fingers across Styrofoam, while dragging a garden rake across a chalk board as you use a huge razor blade as a water slide into a pool of alcohol! 
Time's TEN!
Today, almost done with my morning chores, and I am going all gang busters on these goodies!  Gonna pop in some more (you guessed it) MST3K, and have a building party!  But as I'm alone, I guess that means I have to play with myself!
Wait....what?  That doesn't sound right!
Oh, yea, on the home front....
Well, the empty nest syndrome was short lived.  Unfortunately, Elijah's brief bout of independence with his girlfriend sadly did not pan out.  My heart goes out to the young man, he's really having a tough time of it.  But, his siblings are responding quite supportively and are happy to have him back. 
OK, Now, I gotta beat feet!  See ya soon!!



  1. Alas, last item first:

    My sympathy to Elijah, but make sure he knows: T'is better to have loved and lost, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT, than to never have loved at all.

    And I may have to pencil in a ride up to the shop to check out the new stuff, huh?

    Let's see what tomorrow's weather brings...

  2. I've got my eye out for a lady's cruiser so I check your site often. Love the blog!

  3. Thanks for chiming in, Carrie! Keep an eye peeled, I'm not sure what kind of cruiser you may be searching for, but I have a decent ladies 24" cruiser in my rack now, almost done, and 24's are WAY hard to come by! ALSO, I have several of CLASSIC ladies cruiser's I will be diving into over the next few days! So keep on reading!