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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back To (what poses for) Normal!

Ah yes, the true sign of the end of the Holiday season.  Cranky children being awoke early in the AM, being forced to clean and dress themselves in appropriate clothing.  The resounding "Whack, whack, whack" of Dad slapping a teenagers thighs as he refuses to roll out of bed.  The grumbles, and mumbled curses under their breaths as they are forced to motivate themselves to animation.  Then, at the last possible minute, the hurried dash for the door, the arguing over who's bike is who's, then the wave of the hand, the heart felt "have a good day" and the deep exhale of an audible sigh! 
Yes, school is back in session, the shop is relatively void of the low incessant drone of bickering voices.  Gone, are the constant whiney demands for "drinks or snacks!".  Non present is the need to repeat the mantra "stop screaming, leave him/her alone!"
Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll be able to get something done today!
Speaking of "done", put out a SAH-WEET Nishiki Colorado MTB yesterday!  Light weight alloy frame, full frame up rebuild!  NICE!  Got in several more gems as well!  Thanks to Uncle Chippie for the donation of the old Fila ten speed!  This one need's a whole mess of work, but it's similar in style and size to the Jamis "BIG BOY" Boss Cruiser!  She gonna be NIIIICE when she done! Also, had another odd donation.  Young lady came in to sell an older mountain bike, but asked me quite pointedly, "Do I HAVE to give you my ID and leave a finger print to sell this bike?"  Well, when someone asks that, red flags go up, and the first thing I think is "STOLEN!"  Of course, we do the whole DOR registration which requires ID and fingerprint.  She was, in a word, annoyed.  Seems she had gone to the pawn shop, and got the same response.  Not wanting to feel like a "criminal" she asked if we took donations.  SURE! 
I spent the majority of the day, yesterday, on EBay (Monday's are RE-new day!) and repairs.  Got around to builds about 1 pm and started on the old school Schwinn Frontier.  Surprisingly, given the state it was in, she's cleaning up real nice!  Had to replace a few parts, but we're going to have a sweet looking Cross bike when she's through.
As much as I'd love to visit more, I really have to get in gear and get things built! 
Talk at ya lattah!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!!

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