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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Blustery Day, Pooh!

What a whiz bang Hullaballoo of a Hootenanny!
Yesterday was just CAH-RAZY busy!!! 
Thanks to ALL the great folks that kept me running!  Back to back repairs, and as a sign of just HOW busy, I actually have FIVE sitting here I could not get to yesterday!  But, in my defense, those all came in the last hour of the day!  ALSO managed to build and put out FIVE newbies!  And not a moment to soon as we sold FIVE to boot!  Only three went home, as two were sold out of Bone Row pre-rebuild!  Yes, Uncle Chippie, the Fila was one of the two!  That one is going home (when I get it DONE) with a very tenacious young lass who has visited us four time in the last two weeks looking for the perfect commuter back and forth to work! YAY!  Another success at weaning someone from the petroleum teet!  WA-HOOOO!! 
What turned out to be a gorgeous Schwinn Frontier Cross sold seven minuets after completion in the AM yesterday.  Didn't even get a chance to show it off on Craigslist!  The Nishiki Colorado didn't last long either, and went home with a very unlikely gent!  Shows me not to judge a book by it's cover!  A young man who kind of hangs out around the plaza, has been in to chat many a time, but never much an interest in bikes.  More DVD's then anything.  Quite frankly, had the bearings of today's "lost" youth.  No apparent drive or ambition's.  Seems something has changed that as he now needs a ride to get around and look for a job!  Good on ya, mate!  One of the rides from Bone Row (the MTB donated by the lady who didn't want to "feel like a criminal"!) was rebuilt in record time as the young man picking it out needed it to get to his new job he starts today, and came in only around five pm! UGH!  luckily, she didn't need all that much to get up and running! 
And there was one more that went to a new home, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was!
Brain Fart!
SOOOO, today, with all my little assistants back in school, the little girls are back in Daddy Day Care!  Ohhhh, I gotta share a WAY CUTE picture with you folks!  On Sunday, Miranda came up with Rozlynd to spend the day.  Shortly before closing, I did the whole diaper change thing, gave her a fresh bottle as her and Rozy were watching a movie.  20 minuets later, ready to head out, I went back into their room to get them ready for travel and THIS is how she fell asleep....

ADORABLE!!! My little puddam!
Below are the pic's of what done got built yesterday. 
Now, I need to get rolling, way lot's to do! 
image 1
ONY $65.00!!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!


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  2. WHOOPS!!! Thanks for pointing that out John! No, wasn't on your end! Forgot to check the "shrink to fit" box! LOL! Sometimes I forget to check after I post! The busy life of a jet setter like myself! Again, thanks for letting me know when I have a Brain Fart!