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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All the Fear, With 50% Less Panic!

So, most important thing first, Angela is OK.  Well, OK being a relative term.  She still is suffering from ill effects, but it turns out, that after all the fear the doctors instilled in us as far as what it COULD be, turns out to be a low grade flu, with respiratory problems!  Like, WHY did it take THREE days to figure that out!?!  I'd rather they have just told us "we're running test's" then try and impress us with their medical knowledge! 
But in the end, its a blessing that nothing more serious is going on, and she is back in the house, where she belongs with all of us!  Of course, she is still recovering and on four different mediations, but I do hope she comes out of it soon, and pass the discomfort and suffering. 
Yesterday was also a blessing of BUSY!!! WOOF!!  Sent four to new homes, thanks all for coming in!  AND a plethora of repairs came in!  Not to mention, that in the early part of the day we OWNED the parking lot!  WOW!  Had three vans, a car and three trailers taking up residence as I bopped about buying a STASH of newbies!!!  WHOA!  Lots and LOTS of projects to choose from!  Put out FIVE yesterday!  Check out the pic's below!  The highlights of these new ones is a soon to be SWEET vintage Schwinn men's three speed cruiser, and a classic Big Boy Diamondback Cross!  Not to mention ANOTHER Cannondale!  This one was converted to a single speed. Haven't decided if I'm going to bring it back to a 24 speed or just leave it alone.  The conversion IS a professional one!
OK, I really gotta jam, as I have SOOOO much to do!
See ya soon!

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