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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.

Hit it.
Nope. No significance to today's meanderings, just in a particularly jaunty mood!
Perhaps being punch drunk is due to ignoring my own proclamation last night that I was "Going to bed EARLY!".  Yes, once home, with dinner cooking I answered several children's inquiries regarding the evening plans with the identical response (I have to answer several of the same question EVERY evening SIX times!  "What's for dinner being the most popular"!) "Daddy's tired, I'm going to bed early!"  But, in their normal fashion, they always make the final plans.  Miranda fell asleep in her chair just before dinner, had a power nap, and awoke with renewed vigor!  OY!  Nothing would sway her determination to stay awake and wreak havoc in the household.  Dozer, as she has become known as, was her standard "tenacious" self, bound and determined to get into everything.  So, with Wa Wa Wubsie on in the boys room (do NOT ask me!  This show looks like a cross between a bad dream and a Pink Floyd acid trip!) the rest of us tried our best to keep busy, and stay awake.  After cleaning, and meandering about, Angi was poking around on her IPhone, and I took over control of the Wii (NO zombies that night!) and played Olympic sports. Yes...that's the closest I'LL ever get to competition!  I don't think they have an "Overweight Middle Age" classification of athletes at the Winter Games.  Eventually (about 1 am) Miranda gave up the ghost...But I STILL continued to play until 2.30!
Angi's last comedic question as we shuffled off to bed was "I thought you were going to bed early?" with her best faux look of impish curiosity!
My wife...EVER the comedian!
Yesterday was another humdinger of a hoot a nanny!  Sold two right off the bat with another three smattered throughout the day!  Not to mention all the blessings of repairs.  I did manage to squeeze in one ride, finished just before closing.  And this one is a DANDY!!  In eight years we NEVER had one of these, and now, in the past four months, we have TWO!  Yes folks, ANOTHER three wheel recumbent!!!  SAH-WEEEEEEEET!
This morning is off to another good start (regardless of the fact that a real nippy cold front blew in last night!) with the Schwinn Aluminum Comp mountain bike FINALLY finding a new home!  Any bike here after a week is WAY old!  This gorgeous ride took close to two weeks to go bye, bye.  No idea why, she was a peach!  BUT, it went to one of our oldest customers, with this making the eighth ride he has bought so far (no, the others didn't break down, he and his wife would buy rides to donate to school kids who needed transportation.  They are crossing guards) and this one was for his son to replace the other one that was unfortunately stolen. 
Today, I have a couple kiddo rides to put together, and that cruiser, then time permitting, I'm going to do a little redecorating.  All the chotskies and pictures on the wall need a good cleaning and switching around.  Some additions will be coming in, as I have been digging through some of the stuff at the house I'd like to find room to put up.  Anyone a fan of Smurfs?
 Hee, hee! 
OK, so I best get at it! 
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $725.00!!!

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