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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

To Speak, Or Not To Speak.

So, this happens often, but oddly enough it came to pass yesterday that we were struck thrice with the same odd happenstance.
From time to time, amongst all our looky loo's we have someone come in looking for that "just right" bike.  Strangely enough, the ratio of those folks leaving with the bike the wanted or not is about 50/50,  What strikes me as peculiar, is sometimes, the person is genuinely thrilled that we had their "perfect" bike, but leave with the assumption it will here when they choose to come back.  Such was the case yesterday.  Three times some nice folks came in, giddy with the discovery that we had exactly what they were looking for, perfect size, style, accoutrement's and in two cases, the perfect color.  But, after asking the prerequisite questions, and each one expressing delight over the low price, they happily stated they'd be back this weekend or next week to pick it up.  Now, believe me, I understand budgets and waiting for paychecks, but I always feel a sense of sadness when I know, someone so excited about a bike is, in most cases, going to be disappointed when they come back.  Bottom line is, as has been mentioned before, the majority of all bikes we put out, will sell in 48 hours.  So how to bring that up to the ecstatic customer.  We are a firm believer in the bicycle will pick the owner, but it's a lot like passing the woman of your dreams on the street and not introducing yourself! 
Out of a sense of foreboding, I do mention, passively "Well, I'm sure when you come in we will be able to find something you like" The response, to which is a reaction of cynicism and disbelief, as if my words are meant as a last ditch sales pitch, or  the occasional moment of double take, where they ask me to clarify the statement.  I guess what it boils down to is, any regret, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, is not a good feeling to live with.
Sent the Diamondback Outlook to a new home yesterday and I do hope the young man remembers to lock this one up!  Although, being  teenager, I'm not hedging my bets!
Thankfully, in response to the higher demand from folks, we put out two "Cheapie Cheaps" yesterday!  The much coveted "DAILY BANGER SPECIALS!  A fully refurbed (but somewhat less the perfect paint) 26" MTB, and a SWEET 29" Men's cruiser!  And we have another of the same cruiser that we will be putting out today! 
Last night was another weird one.  Two nights in a row now that sleep has been denied.  Well, uninterrupted sleep that is.  First, Miranda is in one of her "up every couple of hours" shtick, requiring a diaper change, cuddle and a bottle.  Then, of course, Suzanne, thankfully not barking, but still requiring my early morning attention, was licking my hand and face, continuously, until I took her out for a potty break.  Then, around five am, the storm that came in actually woke me up.  I usually sleep a lot harder then that!  I stood outside and watched the rain bands swishing down the street, and the high winds for any sign that they may turn violent.  Turned out to be but a brief moment, petering off to nothing.
Angi got up in the earlier am for the next bottle and diaper change, sending Kaleb off to open up in a sweet attempt to allow me more sleep, but once she informed me that coffee had been made....well that rolled me out of bed!
SO, with no more preamble, I'd best get my REAL job going! 
See y'all soon!

image 1
Men's 26" MTB!
only $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!!

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  1. Stopped by for a looky-loo myself this morning, I did, and I must say, that Fuji "Fast Commuter" looks like a sweet ride. Quite sleek. Gotta be quick. My advice to anyone looking for the quick way to work: Buy that one. Today.