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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Wheel Nirvana.

Or at least the annex, next to Nirvana where they hold all the bicycles in need of resurrection.
So, the last couple of days has brought in a swarm of new material to bang on!  Got in a couple real gems in trade yesterday, and already processed one of them out.  This one is a really gorgeous ('s gorgeous NOW after all the work!) 2007 Trek 200SU.  SWEET!  Love the Matte paint and Bonteragger slicks!  Also managed to put out a FULL rebuild on a classic Giant "Big Boy" hybrid AND what turned out to be a fantastic ladies 26" 7 speed Sun Cycle comfort cruiser!  Shocking, really, considering how rough the components were!  True, we had to replace a lot, but the body was still looking sharp after a full tear/clean down!
A lucky gent from Sarasota snagged up the vintage Mercier.  Yes, there are some out there who really know a once in a lifetime opportunity!  Just think, the rear derailleur alone is worth more then we were asking for the ENTIRE bike!!!
Also!  Another FUN 10 minute rule!!  Had a couple come in the  looking for a couple of rides.  She liked the ladies 24" cruiser, he, the vintage Puch three speed.  They hemmed and hawed, road tested, then even after asking me how long it takes bikes to sell, opted to "think about it".
....eight minuets later....
The gent with the trailer load had his keen eye on the quality of the Puch, and we wheeled and dealed to get it done!
The couple came back in later that afternoon realizing the sweetness of the deal, but alas...too late.
The young sir had missed out on his ride, and clearly there was regret in his eyes, and guilt in hers for insisting they "think about it". 
Again, when it come to the ten minute rule..."If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'!"
And, as always, our extreme gratitude extended to...REFERRALS!!!
Had a gent bring in his Gary Fisher for a FULL drive train replacement, tune and some upgrades, as he wants to rely on it for work commuting (WELCOME TO THE GREEN WORLD!!!) and he had been shopping it around for quotes, got some ludicrous prices, then was told about us!  Turns out, all the work he needed (and then some) HERE was less then HALF of the next lowest quote!  AND the real shocker was...we are using all NEW parts...just like the other guys!  HA HA!!! He was so thrilled he came back later that day with his girlfriends bike to have us do several modifications and upgrades to that one as well!
Allrighty!  I best get at it because it aint' gonna' git' any thinner in her 'till I do!

ONLY $120.00!!!
ONLY $190.00!!
ONLY $145.00!!

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